They won't make it a regular thing because you get all the champs, hence hampering potential $$$.
: Bring back dominion
That would cost money and make none, so don't hold your breath man
: You're kinda half-missing the point of the Runes system. The pure and simple stats are only half the story, the ones from the Keystones and Minor rune choices are typically just a form of extra stats meant to influence your playstyle. What's the difference between AS runes and Lethal Tempo? Lethal Tempo only works against Champions (or procs off champions) instead of 24/7.
A mod trying to white knight rito??? Quick someone take a picture!
pwc2016 (NA)
: WTF can you even do as ADC if every other lane feeds?
SirEnds (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=xelaker,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aJ6KLgcQ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-12-06T16:26:29.787+0000) > > Or take out both of those cancer items... I dont think Riot wants less item diversity lol
All riot wants is money, they'll do anything to meet that goal. They both make for big lcs plays, so they stay.
: I mean when your jg locks in teemo and doesn't pick up flash. Or your adc locks in something stupid like braum and he isn't duo'd with the support. Or someone deciding they want to jg Sona. Theres points when its more likely you will lose than them being a off meta smurf.
These are some obvious trolly picks, a lot of these guys dodge if you have a winrate below 100% percent because you were totally gonna lose them the game.
waypist (NA)
: i hate how useful dodging is
It's why the dodge should have a nice beefy lp loss
: We just ignoring how anyone with higher range can just kill him with no retaliation?
We just ignoring how Ryze can outscale and outfarm anyone with higher range at ~900 gold?
Morglics (EUNE)
: you play pyke , probably you are just a bad player as every other pyke player, btw 2.2 kda seems very low imho mine is 3+ and i dont care at all about it
Nothing screams desperate tryhard more than "I don't care"
SirEnds (NA)
: Adding an AD Zhonyah's Hourglass item and an AP Guardian Angel Item to the game?
CMOSnana (NA)
: the new client doesn't have animate
Making animated screens cuts into how much $$$ they make, so yea, gone.
: 2 Q 1 E 1 Electrocute 1 auto 1 R 1 ignite 1 E 1 Q 1 AA the issue here is "Ahri didnt die"
That was an absolutely awful zed lmao
Crashyy (EUW)
: Resolve rune tree "Durability and crowd control", seems to do more damage than both of those traits
It's almost like Riot isn't trying to balance literally anything, but really just wants flashy lcs because they are in bed with tencent...
Verxint (NA)
: I'd accept this if my opponents ever got ganked when they pushed without wards.
You should play against me then, I'm a magnet for the tunnel vision pushy boys on my team.
: Exceeding a certain number of Armor/MR as a tank
Or they could stop overloading bursty champs, items, and keystones. Or not be utter shit at balance but...
Rioter Comments
: What do you like and dislike about this year's Preseason?
Like: Dragons do map stuff. It's not the greatest but it's neat Dislikes: everything else
Sirsir (NA)
: The Ryze Problem
I have 0 sympathy for a champ that hits full build at sub 900 gold
: Lets add some jungle diversity
Or drag could actually be a threat and require help from a lane, instead of being another jungle camp...
: I Hate Vayne Top
low pick and winrates...
Saezio (EUNE)
: When was the last time a DoT effect was introduced to the game?
: Bruiser Support Meta
as long as they have cc or kill potential you can bring anything to support, new or old items. bot lane is a cluster fudge, but tops act like vayne going there is sacrilege...
mack9112 (NA)
: The no mana regen was a needed nerf to lane poke supports. Previously I could literally spam q with velkoz whenever off cooldown now I have to be more methodical.
except most poke lanes can drop a kill before they run out of mana...
: Well they had to remove mana regen cause bot lane is everything goes meta. What mage u want to play? Bot or supp? Yes :) ??? ok just play mage anywere bot. So due to that the enchanters gets cucked because mages are strong bot
these item changes don't fix that... why on earth would I bring someone to give the carry a weaksauce buff when I can just nuke someone from the face of the earth?
: Nor the matchmaker. What's left on the approved topics list?
"How fun the game is to play because it's 100% totally balanced, only adding to how fun loot-boxes and micro-transactions are" is still left.
Zullar (NA)
: Apparently Discussing Burst and Mobility Isn't "Gameplay"
Not if you do it in a negative manner it's not! Riot does no wrong.
: Idk, I feel new Urgot does a great job of having the same core apeal of old Urgot without being aids, which I didnt think was possible b4 he was released. I just wish his shield would go back on his W.
new urgot feels absolutely nothing like the old one...
: Can anyone explain how tanks can actually be tanks.
Get fed and build damage, then your natural tanky stats will make you survive slightly longer. Bam, "tank". You aren't gonna last long against anything in the damage meta, just gotta hope to outlast their damage while yours gets em
: I Feel Guilt When Not Playing Main Role
It won't matter if you broke any rules if the mods/riot doesn't like what you say... Anyways... Riot doesn't give enough shits to make a decent matchmaking/role queue system so for now you'll just have to cross fingers and ask for a swap if you get autofilled.
: As a 600k Soraka main the very existence of Senna is just a slap in the face
: > [{quoted}](name=xelaker,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AEARrLw0,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-12-01T00:59:08.701+0000) > > He can drop several hundred hp with pretty long range before human beings can react with 0 kills at lvl 6... WTF are you talking about, his ult pretty much warns you of what he's about to do, get by a turret or prepare summons/CC chains. He evendoes a whole yelling animation as he's about to land, which you can Zhonyas. He also becomes sueless the moment anyone buys GA as he doesn't last at all in the frontlines as a squishy assassin while you rez from GA. Stop trying to farm side lanes alone and you'll be fine.
must be hard being this in denial
: He's a feast or famine champ. If one of the morons in your team gets him fed by hanging around bushes, not much you can do but build tank and rush GA/Zhonyas. If he doesn't get kills rolling from inting morons, he's a worse version of Khazix.
He can drop several hundred hp with pretty long range before human beings can react with 0 kills at lvl 6...
: Senna NEEDS to be given a HARSH choice. DAMAGE or UTILITY.
Another champ that is given way to much and, of course, excels just about anywhere because of it. And riot over here is just like, "yes, but her skin still generates sales revenue and hype".
Bârd (NA)
: The old Rune System wasn't perfect, but it was better than this.
They should drop all the super damage bs and just have the + adaptive damage, + armor, +magic resist, and low % utilities options.
: The real problem with Senna ADC is her SUPPORTS.
Short time to kill and cc is obviously gonna be a match made in heaven...
: Auto-filled Players playing roles they're bad at isn't a new problem.
Why on earth people do act like you should be able to play at your level in all roles? Why on earth isn't there just an option to deal with queue times to guarantee your role? Why on earth do we bother complaining when Riot could **literally** not give a shit about the player-base beyond being whales? also, massive surprise here the riot mod squad rolling in with, "oh and game's totally ok and you guys are just being silly"
: Time to stop pretending Senna is balanced?
Riot doesn't care and she just got a skin so Riot EXTRA doesn't care.
: Yeah, they said they did it so you don't have to invest money in upgrading your support item but also make supports weaker early but now supports feel weak early, and weak later and after earning enough gold for a third of an item, the gold generation shuts off, but you keep the poaching debuff so then you get punished if you decide to split push I'm sure I'll make it work eventually but it does feel way worse playing bottom lane
But you have the same number of items, just one of them has less stats now...
Zeyphel (NA)
: Why? Because they made 1 mistake? Oh, and then you realize enemy team has made 10+ mistakes but it is okay if they win the game just because they were lucky enough to steal elder dragon, right? Someone give this man an award. His logic is '_unique_'.
The "1 mistake" was MASSIVE! They not only didn't just finish the game, they lost elder to an enemy team down 20+ kills, and were apparently winning teamfights by the skin on their teeth because the eldar execute lost them the teamfight AND had lost enough turrets/inhibs that a single respawn timer was enough to lose the match. And of course this isn't the account he plays on anymore so you can't even see what exactly what going on. I'm sorry if you feel that making mistakes shouldn't matter, but some of us don't spam ff at 15 because we are down a kill...
: Can Ryze only be balanced when he sits at 43% winrate?
It's almost like you can't design a champ with good scaling, damage, wave clear, hard cc, range, a good ult, and first items that are cheaper than everyone else's, but still let you outscale them in lane without him being a balancing nightmare.
: Senna needs nerfs
Her range and solid ms makes her awful to try and fight in lane. I'd also like ghosty peeps to be able to be attacked and targeted normally, just unidentified.
: Riot, you've destroyed Coop-mode.
Riot doesn't care about bots of smurf accounts. They have a potential to make more money and obviously don't make people quit often enough to offset the $$$.
: How am I supposed to deal with Heimer?
: I have been begging to lose procs for a long-ass time. Trying to convince my teammates to let me use those was always HELL. Granted, that does *not* mean that the gold gen on the current items is alright. I haven't played enough to make a decision on that. But I'm glad the quest is gone, for sure.
Surprise, surprise the Riot lackey is ok with the awful changes to the game...
: Elder Dragon Unnecessary
You guys didn't finish and lost elder to a team "25-30" kills below you. You 100% deserved to lose there.
: man this means i need friends lmao XD but yeah the meta is as I would title it "Who has the most CC and Burst Meta" although I've seen some people who would probably argue its "whoever has the most of the new op champs wins meta"
: revert malzahar (and aurelion sol) I
oh no a champ that can't 100-0 someone at lvl 2! Change him!!!!!
: The assassin update introduced longer burst windows. The buffs and overall meta shift that followed said fuck those windows. Those burst windows still exist, they were good reworks, but they are just blatantly ignored because it only takes half of an assassins kit to blow someone up right now. Also imo revert these reverts or rework them properly {{champion:7}} {{champion:107}} .
The fuck do I care about burst windows if I die in .79 seconds?
: Nobodu actually wants to build team comps. They all want to go Camille, K6, Trist Mid, Kaisa, Pyke and then wonder why every game feels like a stomp. But Riot is at fault too. Because all they do is overbuff these selfish picks who should never EVER be the core of any meta. Like K6, Eve.
who the hell wants to be the punching bag in the burst meta?
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