Fishlord (NA)
: Got a 14 day suspension for no reason, can someone tell me what I did to deserve it?
> Fishl0rd: kys Now don't act innocent. Three words are enough to get you banned. Lucky you didn't get a permaban.
Kídá (NA)
: I believe they use C++ for the game. In case your interested, here is riots tech blog Also I saw in one of your comments, you want to prepare for the real world. I have a master's degree in CS and this is some of the stuff I saw a lot in job requirements. 1. C#/Java: Lots of companies have this as a basic requirement for back end development, They are similar so its not that difficult to learn C# if you already know Java or vice versa. Think of them like {{item:3074}} and {{item:3748}}. Both are similar but have their strengths and weakness depending on the situation. 2. SQL: Another basic requirement, knowing how to query a database is important specially since you don't want to be the guy who deleted important tables form the database. Basic query knowledge is fine and just learn more advance concepts if the job requires you too. 3. HTML/CSS/JS: This is for front end development. If your more interested in designing web pages and the like, then this is a must. But the best advice I can give you is to learn a popular programming language at an advance level and to save all your projects, so when you get an interview, your not all talk and actually have something to show the recruiters.
Late reply: SQL is probably used to keep track of the accounts and store the information in their database. Thanks Im not as smart as you lol im only going to a bachelors.
: >we use at least the following languages here C++ (the core game is written in this) Lua (core game) C# (game tools) ActionScript (game hud and Java (platform servers) Erlang (platform servers) Php/sql (web team / platform) Source: The post is pretty old tho and things may have changed, but I would assume it's similar for the most part. New client uses C++ and JS I believe Python is mostly used in web applications and databasing stuff so it's not really a language used for video games. C++ and Java are definitely the way to go if you wanna go into video games. Python and Javascript are good to go into if you wanna go into web design and things similar to that.
I'm mostly going for the popular programming languages, to ensure when I graduate Computer Science, I have a job ready in the real world. But yeah Video game development jobs aren't easy. Ubisoft, EA doesn't seem like they need anyone anytime soon. But thanks, that was pretty helpful. At least I got a basic idea of what types of programming languages are for video games.
: Virtually no modern day games are written in C. C is great for many things, but lacks object oriented support, so it is very difficult to use for game development.
: Python and Javascript are fine. Probably want to add at least C++ to that list. SQL for database work. There's one thing about programing for video games: you really, really need to know the game in and out, the system you are programming for in and out, and how to optimize stuff.
I'm currently focusing on Python. But most games are written in C++ so il probably get into that later on.
: I'm pretty sure most games are coded in C++
That's what I was thinking. But there are C and C#.
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Abibyama (EUW)
: hmm I dunno {{champion:154}} being able to engage from afar and bring enemy team to your team is pretty unique but his kit is pretty toxic and need some work. could use some partial revert {{champion:113}} Slavewhipping and the ''Leader'' theme is pretty unique, although it needs more work. like if I'm a leader then I should charge in and inspire my team to fight and summon an ice storm from my ult. not waiting for {{champion:58}} to auto-empowered w and I press e ez pz. {{champion:57}} He's fine. being able to scout the jungle with saplings has always been his thing. Ult while might be similar to {{champion:267}}'s wave is pretty unique in itself. Potentially rooting all 5 champs with lane wide ultimate Class reworks were hit and miss and it's better for Riot to spend more time on champs individually. I'm pumped for {{champion:5}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:266}} reworks
Im talking about the item build. {{champion:113}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:154}} - Build the exact same.
: Buy Championship Ashe and raise money for charity
I donated enough. I spent 200+ on RP that should be able to fund you guys.
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: damn nice 20%wr on him. 10/10 keep up the good work. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thankyou (Sarcasm)
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La Bello (NA)
: These Refund numbers are DISGUSTING
You do realize prices go down eventually? Remember the Iphone? It was 600+ dollars now its like 50 bucks now.
: After 5 years of League, I am calling it quits at the end of the season.
I feel you, Season 5 was that last season that was ever fun for me ever since I started playing league.
: What if critical strike damage was reduced to 150% from 200%
Nah, I like one shotting people with lethality Gangplank
: Minions can smite?
It was a bug, but now its fixed. but most of these comments are just sarcasm.
: Why tho? I've changed my name about 5 times, would be a little bit of a middle finger to me if I didn't get refunded for half of it. Renaming an account tbh shouldn't be that free to do. I can't think of another game that offers account name changes without spending money for them. (steam excluded)
People make mistakes with their names you know? Also I never said "Free" I said 6500 IP half of 13000 IP. Also you can't get mad because prices decrease over time. Remember Kayn? 7800 IP now hes 6300 IP, are you also going to stick the middle finger up to Riot because they didn't refund back your 1500 IP?
Kissie (NA)
: ***
RP? Im talking about IP, but sure they should lower that. Also you shouldn't expect half rp back, its like saying a 2017 phone today should still sell for the same amount in the next 20 years.
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: Why does deactivating Yasuo's shield not give me a kill?
I think its a bug if it wasn't, riot would have removed it long ago.
: Will Teemo ever get reworked into something good? He brings nothing to the team.
It doesn't really matter if he brings something or nothing to the team. His role is a 1v1 split pusher. I have no real problems with him. He is strong in a respectable way, not like back then where he was hell if he got fed.
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: Please reduce the punishment for dodging
Then don't dodge? Asking for free dodges is so dumb it can easily be abused. The Dodge system seems about right.
: Banned
You deserve it. Next time mute everyone.
Nubulas (NA)
: 14 day ban
You clearly were toxic. Telling someone to fuck-off is bannable and isn't tolerated in LOL
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Áery (NA)
: "We want URF!!"
U-Ultra This is AR-Urf R-Rapid F-Fire
: When you get Grey Warwick in a Capsule
wtf how? Im trying to get traditional trundle
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: Can we get this small QOL change for Sion?
Rioter Comments
: Oh my fucking _god_. Because **NOBODY'S EVER MADE THIS THREAD BEFORE, OP! NOT A SINGLE PERSON ON BOARDS!** And then regular URF comes out, and you people go play it while the people who hate it come back from ARURF. Sound familiar? This is literally just switching who complains if you just shoehorn one mode out. I'm sorry you don't like ARURF. Do you want a lollipop and a band-aid? I don't know why each group thinks the other game has no players. Go queue up and tell me your queue time since there's 'no players' and 'nobody likes it.' Someone likes it. You know what, man? It doesn't fuckin' have to be you, so making these garbage threads just encourages the viewpoint that Gameplay has nothing useful to say as a collective board and just wants Riot to pander to their individual feelings and opinions. People wanted ARURF and they got it and they're playing. **YOU'RE** the ones here crying, **YOU'RE** the ones flooding Gameplay with bullshit threads that have nothing to do with actual play of the game, and **YOU'RE** the ones shutting down any arguments because they don't fit your useless 'Riot should pamper me!' mindsets. Instead of doing anything constructive, you come here and you whine about other people enjoying a perfectly valid, perfectly acceptable game mode. **IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE GAME MODE, DON'T PLAY IT.** Go the hell outside, or play ARAM, or play Ranked, who cares. The RGM will be the one you want eventually. URF will come back and you can play it instead of ARURF. Don't just deny ARURF fans what they want because it's not what _you_ want. These threads, every one like them, need to be purged because they're no longer constructive criticisms, they're just people who don't like the mode and don't want it (despite it having a fanbase and players). That doesn't contribute anything and it isn't a discussion. People are calling ARURF advocates 'forum babies' and now you're all just sitting here like a TOTELLY SEKRIT KLUB of jerks who attack and demonize people who would _dare like ARURF._ How dare they! What are you? The social justice warriors of League of Legends? Put your goddam shoes on and see yourselves to the door. If you want to be treated like adults, start acting the part, you puerile dissenters.
Cough, P a s s-t h e *S-a-l-t*
: Id allow it if it was... 10 bans each side.
: RP into IP
That is actually really smart. I have 20RP and I have no Idea what im supposed to do with it either. Honestly they should implement this.
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opïe (EUW)
: Pls ban Trynda from URF
AR is just boring tbh.
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DeathsPoet (EUNE)
: Ban...
+1 like. You deserve the ban but how you expressed your message to everyone made me laugh. xD
Die Alone (EUW)
: Toxicity should be dealt with according to the player's rank/stats
Why should it matter? Thats like saying a rich person has more rights then a poor person. Everyone is equal even in LoL. If you got banned don't expect Riot to unban you.
: Riot - Your Report System - Your Code of Conduct - It's a Joke - And Broken.
Where is your evidence? No chatlogs? If you are truly innocent then you would post your chatlogs for all to see and evaluate.
: {{item:3046}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3072}} can they?
Yes especially in Silver and Gold ELO they can. Not everyone is a Gosu or Imaqtipie.
Salron (NA)
: It used to always show the damage from barrels with the Crit icon whether it was a crit or not This was fixed a long time ago
Oh. lol I wish they kept that. The crit icon fitted in really well with him even if it isnt a true crit
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: Can I receive a chat restriction?
/mute all. I dont see anything hard about that. You deserve the Ban
Natboy88 (NA)
: Banned for playing Ascension differently?
: Adc's are out of control
ADCS can easily be one shotted
: Crit on ADCs should not feel like burst damage. Crits should apply much more to armored targets.
You can always build armor you know? Oh and the new Guardian angel is cheap now. 2400 Gold.
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