: Why is Vladimir so popular?
Get an Executioner's Calling. It's amazing how 800g can just destroy a champion.
: Now That 10 bans is live , can we please forget ARURF and bring back the original URF ?
Another thing to remember: During ARURF, rerolls are at an increased rate. This increases the odds of a person getting an "OP" champion. Between that and trading, if someone wants to avoid a champion like Yasou, they can. For the casual players trying to play AP J4, this doesn't help much. It does help the tryhard Zed or Fizz every game. URF shouldn't be ruined for everyone, because the people who like ARURF were the ones who created a meta in URF.
: How's vlad as a mid laner?
It's solid. With that said, the higher you go the more likely the enemy buys an executioners calling. Grievous wounds are incredibly easy to itemize for right now, making drain tanks... unimpressive at times.
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: Kennen or Kled for SoloQ and should I spam SoloQ or not
Between the two, I'd suggest Kennen. Kled's an amazing duelist with strong engage, but kennen has better AOE. With that said, it's whichever you feel more comfortable with. Tank vs Mage. Kled builds bruiser, and kennen builds offtanky, but you get the idea. imo, kennen's a better solo carry. Ranked vs Norms is a matter of opinion. You're bronze 4, so you really can't fall much. Ranked tends to offer a higher level of competition then normals. If you have friends, I'd suggest Flex. Better competition, and it helps to have someone else along to teach/learn from. But soloQ isn't bad, easy to climb.
: I am currently in silver 1 facing plats wtf...
It's liable that they were duo'd with someone in gold. I checked your match history, and only found one ranked game with a plat 5 in it, your team also had a plat 5. Beyond that, you're on average going against high silver-mid gold players. With it stating that your MMR is approx. Gold 4, this seems expected.
Cloud273 (NA)
: I love how there's still a poro in the shop, even though the winter map is gone
If memory serves, summoners rift spawns a poro if there's an allied frejlord champion.
: Isn't veigar's stun an objectively better thresh ult?
You also can't dash through Veigar wall. And Veigar wall maintains a stronger threat, since it's a 3s cage that stuns for 2.5s if you try to leave. It's honestly a better J4 ult also.
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: Don't do reworks if you aren't changing anything
Mordekaiser was changed for the better. He used to be a stat check champion, with respectable assassination potential. At least now, he's closer to a tank, or has viable tank builds. I do have to agree on the mage reworks though. They were supposed to change mages, and make them unique/less abusive. - Vladimir got a better early game, more abusive late game. Incredibly abusive healing. They were supposed to do the exact opposite. - Swain. Supposed to be less "Fire and forget." Gives him a crow that he leaves behind to auto-target. - Brand's still AOE, just slightly better at AOE.
: Autofill in bronze 3?
The latest post they had on DynamicQ said that autofill was on in other ques, but it was like .02% in bronze, and .04% in plat. I thought the same, but seems otherwise.
: Honest question, why did Soraka get mistreated with many nerfs?
The healer class is typically overpowered. She got nerfed, because they gave her insane buffs that allowed for her build max Q first, which meant the healer had good poke/self sustain in lane.
: Can We use IP to Acquire More Blue Essence?
You mean, spending 2k IP for a random shard?
Shibaˉ (NA)
: Regarding Fizz Nerfs
I figured the W nerf was to prevent tank Fizz from taking Tankko's spot.
: Shaman is balanced
At least Shaman's have stopped playing the 7/7 for the most part. Thunderbuff Valiant thou. "Oh, you didn't clear my board once? Hur dur 3/6 Savage Roar."
: Am i the only one who hates new Annie?
Instead of Annie just 100-0'ing you, you actually get to kill her now before Tibbers kills you. Seems fair, imo.
: Please update bots
They added new bots semi-recently. Fizz, Irelia, Yasou come to mind. Not sure why they removed Malzahar, but it might be because he didn't understand how to use his new kit, espc. his W.
Poske (EUNE)
: Can we finally acknowledge that supports are underpowered?
You give the new player support, because every other role has a learning curve associated with it. Jungler has to know how to apply pressure, counter enemy movements, gank, ect. Mid lane is basically a secondary jungler that gets lane experience. Top's an island, but knowing how to trade. ADC requires the ability to stutterstep well.
: How would YOU fix Taliya?
She's perfectly fine. The wave clear buffs were insane, she can actually shove waves now. The most annoying part about her, is that her ulti goes on CD after the wall falls, not on cast.
: Just hit lvl 30, first normal game I'm placed with a 4 player premade, 1 diamond 3 gold
This is something I see more consistently then I'd like. A few days ago, I was laning against a level 27. And I'm plat 2. The system is set up to determine if someone is a smurf, and then inflate their mmr to compensate. Effectively, if you have an incredibly high win rate, it places you considerably higher. When I first leveled a smurf, my norms mmr at lvl 30 was high diamond/low masters. Now, the problem is when people are better then average. Old vets, transfers from DotA, ect. They know enough mechanics to be good, but not be on the same level as gold/plat.
: So let me get this straight
Yeah, isn't tank itemization balanced?
: Banning Malz in 6.11
Your definition of "True OP" leaves something to be desired.
Kadavik (NA)
: As someone who never played it, was Solo Queue that good?
It's effectively the same. There aren't any noticeable differences, save for players diamond+. DynamicQ is this boards version of "ELO Hell." If you deserve to climb, you'll climb.
: So when is the Gameplay Board gonna get wiped?
The G5&B board has always been like that though. It's kind of expected.
: Tank Ekko
They nerfed his damage and utility. What else can you nerf about him?
: Define a good team composition and how to form one with random people?
Pick someone who fulfills all of the roles. Generalists. Worst case, pick as much AOE as possible. If you can land a 5- man malphite ulti, or orianna ulti, you can win most fights.
: > [{quoted}](name=xl Kirito lx,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=kiJWNJLA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-06-03T22:35:47.301+0000) > > And Diamond5+ represents... less then 5% of the community. That's probably high. > > You are the minority. Prove that its the majority who likes dynamic queue. Oh wait, you can't. You're an absolute idiot if you think "o its just the vocal minority" is a working argument, especially when you refuse to prove its the vocal minority.
> [{quoted}](name=xXAkali360Elite,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=kiJWNJLA,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-06-03T22:38:48.488+0000) > > Prove that its the majority who likes dynamic queue. > Oh wait, you can't. > You're an absolute idiot if you think "o its just the vocal minority" is a working argument, especially when you refuse to prove its the vocal minority. You're completely correct. Prove that it's the majority who likes SoloQ.
MaddMan (NA)
: "The back lash on DQ is from the Minority in Leagues"
And Diamond5+ represents... less then 5% of the community. That's probably high. You are the minority.
: Riot so what do you have planned for Taliyah?
After the wave clear buffs, she seems fine. 50 mana to clear the casters is kind of good.
Crunktd (NA)
: Give the people what they want, Solo Q and Dyna Q Straw Poll for 24 Hours
Create a poll that gets the opinions of... 300- people? We should balance league off of that.
Tyvan (NA)
: In case you guys didn't know they announced info about the Sun and Moon legendaries
Interesting type coverage. Doesn't Lunala get 4x'd by dark thou?
: Sounds like this auto-fill is already going completely crazy for the pros
SoloQ has trolls. Big surprise. Just report and move on.
: That sad mummy fella that nobody talks about.
He's pretty fun, imo. When I smurf, I tend to take him top lane. Amazing trading potential. As for power, he might be incredibly strong but he feels like he has counterplay. Pre-6, he has to land a long CD skillshot, with a fair delay to gank. Post 6, he either has to flash or land the skillshot. Compared to someone like Sejuani who can throw her AOE stun, seems much stronger.
PyroLux (NA)
: You're not quitting league because of Dynamic Queue...
I'm a plat scrub, and I've seen two 4-man premades since the start of dynamicQ. They didn't say much, but they also worked together, followed up on roams, and didn't rage when someone got caught out.
La Spork (NA)
: It's amazing that Riot has to post on GD now.
I doubt that's the reason. Why would they care about the ignorant circlejerk on the boards? Remember the Tyler1 ban thread? Got downvoted to oblivion, even though it was an incredibly smart, and overdue action.
Jøkèr (NA)
: Attention to All Platinum and Diamond Players.
Riot kind of has to build like that though. If you balance the game around bronze, then every other teir becomes unbalanced due to the skill difference. Take Azir for example. If the system was balanced around bronze, he'd be buffed consistently. Which, when you got past G5&B, would be horrid for balancing.
: you kids realize you make up like .5% of league community, right?
.5% is being incredibly generous. If you combined the boards + reddit + youtube, then maybe.
: Annie Ult range stealth nerfed?
You are completely correct. I'm not sure if it's been called a bug yet, or if it was intended, but Tibbers was nerfed.
: Hold on a second, wasn't Curse Voice banned because it gave players who had it an unfair advantage?
Wasn't Curse Voice banned because it gave players information they wouldn't have without it? If memory serves, it at least gave dragon/buff timers. And I believe it gave other useful timers.
BeeCuz (NA)
: The Chat Box -- Disable Option
/mute all It works wonders. Doesn't deal with people pinging, but it's something.
Kakwane (NA)
: Mortal Reminder should not costs 600G to build
Giant Killer is 1000g, Executioners Culling is 800g. Both LW items cost the same gold, just different build paths... This is bait, isn't it?
SkyfaIl (NA)
: Are there any high ELO players that like Dynamic Queue?
: Never forget when Soraka could go into different lanes :( RIP Soraka
Was that when she had AOE, auto-targeting Q's that reduced resists? And a point and click silence? The champions you listed are nothing next to what Soraka used to be lol.
: Early game lane bully, utility focused, mid game carry, or late game hypercarry
: Welp that put the final nail in the coffin for a lot of players
Yes, since Overwatch has done such a good job at killing League so far.
: If you didn't plan to bring back Solo Queue you should have said it months ago
SoloQ was never going to happen. Splitting ranked ques would be a horrible idea, and realistically destroy league match making.
DJ Sona (EUW)
: "... we've made the decision to not bring back solo queue"
Nothing of value was lost. It wasn't going to come back this season. That much was obvious since the beginning. If anything, hope that they bring it back for S7. S6 is basically going to stay unbalanced, at least until the end.
: Generally speaking, do you prioritize elder dragon or baron?
Typically dragon. Not dealing with the resist shred is insanely nice.
Hòpe (NA)
: How come Aurelion Sol gets nerfed that fast but Lucian and Fizz continue to be fuck boys
If I had to guess, it's perception versus reality. Zed's perceived to be strong, but at a 50% win rate. He has abusive mechanics that make him annoying to lane against, but overall his gameplay is healthy. Somehow. I'm assuming champions that avoid nerfs, such as Fizz, Maokai, and Volibear are actually balanced, while perceived strong. At least in Riot's eyes. Perhaps they just consider the champions to be balanced. Albeit, they do need to look at something when Lucian has a 50%+ pick rate, and Zed has a 90% ban rate. Honestly, there's so much imbalance in the game right now, that's whats keeping it balanced. imo.
Valexfor (EUW)
: Well, since the crafting it's been on for quite a while and A LOT of threads about it have been made (and also riot specified it would disappear) I think that, at this point, people who end up like this just deserve it. If you're not sure about something the internet is a great place, don't just assume something and pretend compensation when there are already tons of threads made about this and riot always stated they would disappear after the trial, I could understand when the system was fresh (first 2 weeks or so), but now it's all your fault, if you weren't sure about it you could've made a google search or searched directly on the boards about it, even asked again and someone would've told you that it would've expired.
Perhaps clarification for people who don't browse the boards often, and take the word "Rental" at face value.
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