: Would you say Varus would need Aatrox level of Improvements (Powershift, Mechanic Changes)?
i hope no champion will get a punishment as cruel as the aatrox rework
Håppy (NA)
: Riot deletes Upvote For threads now
riot: Is this low effort spam?
Zraebiel (NA)
: Bring Bans Back To ARAM (Poll)
No please don't bring back bans in aram, I enjoy facing teams with 2+ poke mages and only have 50% of my health by the time the first team fight starts. I enjoy playing against champions such as Vel'koz, Zyra, Vlad, Lux, and more because I enjoy a swift and quick death every time a get hit by a cc. I hate prolonged fights in aram where players can actually use their abilities before biting the dust. I want to be stuck under tower while pokemages punish me for being the bad summoner I am, only playing aram, even before blackwater bridge event. Please daddy Velkoz, hit me one more time, the pain hurts so good. It is the only motivation I have left to play lol. Please don't take that one thing away from me, my wife has already taken everything else.
: How do YOU prevent from tilting?
go on a spiritual journey of playing 60 aram games back to back to master the art form of 4fun mentality
Rioter Comments
: what your talking about is why Ranked has a Duo que, Make friends.
lol i forgot, now i can effectively flame my support or adc with voice
Rioter Comments
Ragñar (NA)
: Fix your broken client
i remember the one time they had this stupid reward for some event token, where you can ONLY exchange 1 token for 1 blue essence or something. basically, it was a fucking 2 step process-you had to first redeem your 1 token, then you get 1 "blue essence". but instead of giving us 1 actual blue essence the goons at riot made it so this "blue essence" was an inventory item you gotta then redeem, for blue essence. ontop of that your stuck waiting for the stupid hextech loading bs everysingle time you craft the godamn essence.
Vallanos (NA)
: This game is highly unreasonable and it needs to be addressed. The state of ranked at Silver elo:
I cant imagine a game beyond 45 mins, because im constantly gooning out in aram.
: State of the game rant
Summoners rift is for self assuring virgins who hope they can get enough elo in the hopes of getting irl clout. Become a chad and bound yourself with a spiritual fastening of only playing aram games, were the only thing that matters is that you dont get placed against a team with 3+poke mages. Only true maestros of the 4fun mentality are found in aram, there's no flame and no reason not to aram4life.
: Why Riot Dont Accept The Fact That Current MatchMaking is Terrible?
what if you played botlane to make sure botlane doesn't feed it's ass off in your games
Gliave (OCE)
: Never seen this champ?
Swain? You mean worse Vladimir that has a 1.5 second root?
: I'm giving away free gift skins
yo one punch man season 2 is out
Kamille W (EUW)
: Tryna find Vayne when she ult
Rustypug (NA)
: unpopular opinion
give ahri a lore update that makes her a dude and guaranteed half the fan base will bust an {{item:3113}}
interesting, but have you ever thought about dunkmaster eve?
: There's concept art for it, so at least one person wants it.
i guess pumpkins would fit seamlessly in ivern's theme, unlike dunkmaster which is "IVERN TALL SO IVERN DUNKMASTER"
: You can't even call this "games" anymore.
sounds like league is taking a toll on you. maybe you should take a break from the game for a while.
: Devil Ivern Skin Concept IDEA
Maybe in another 3 years, at best, then we can finally get an halloween themed pumpkin skin that nobody wanted for Ivern.
: NERF GRASP to two basic attacks in combat not 4sec pop pop pop gp gun
wouldnt that make grasp crazy for on hit and attack speed champs
Byeul (OCE)
: Banned my account
Same thing happened to my friend, he did extremely well as talon and got banned for it, then he did extremely well as master yi then he got perma banned for the same reason. When he tried to submit a support ticked both those instances, riot wouldn't bother telling him what was the actual reason, or reasoning why he got banned. I guess when you just do too well the game just auto bans you.
Ventace (NA)
: Sylas looks like a lazy mashup of champs.
When there's 140+ champs in the game, champions are bound to be a little redundant. Think of all the support champions that has a long range skill shot that cc's the enemy and brings them closer.
Dad Bods (NA)
: Uninstalling League if my account is not unbanned, and WILL take LEGAL action
good luck suing riot after you accepted the terms of service
: How it feels to play with high ping
playing with high ping feels like king crimson is constantly activating his ability
: send a support ticket. if he really did say to you go kill yourself then he is getting an auto ban big time. while allot of toxic shit gets through such as trolling and sometimes inting, kys does not get by.
As ltg would say, "Get that ass banned"
Nataiop (NA)
: why am i so bad should i just quit leauge
drop league like it's an bad habit because it is.
: Did you try buying a PC?
> [{quoted}](name=1 800 Top Lane,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=3OjZi4AA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-01T09:12:02.266+0000) > > Did you try buying a PC? you just had to go for the low hanging fruit didn't you?
Rioter Comments
Yara0 (NA)
: Some of the shit that i see said to junglers in solo queue is just beyond comprehension.
he was boosted by heisendong tho
swci12 (NA)
: Banning ally's champion is unnecessary and should be prohibited
Bans are used to remove a champion from the game. When a player bans a champion in lol, it means he does not want to see that champion in his game, regardless of the team it is on. Banning an ally's champion intentionally is an dick move, but is a correct use of the banning function.
: I have a few questions about Varus
i also have an question about varus. Why tf havent they given his base skin a vu when they changed his lore from "vengeful archer corrupted from some ancient corruption" to "2 dudes 1 darkin" to make him look more darkin like? like I didnt even know varus was a darkin from looking at him.
: That's actually my point. No matter how I improve, it never seems to be enough and I get stuck with adc's who have 60 cs 25 minutes in, or a group for whom the concept of everyone together or we are all going to die seems wasted on. When the JG,SUP,and MID all have 10+ deaths, it's impossible to carry the game. I had a Jax game where I managed a kda of 30/7/3 and we still lost cause I was the only one with kills and everyone else had died more than I had.
dunno about that one chief, your match history tells me your part of the problem most games
: Toxic Ivern
And thus, {{champion:57}} was born.
: I Don't Know What To Do With Matchmaking Anymore.
Paroe (NA)
: Vayne is a massive ball of stats and mobility... Lets rework her?
bro you gotta be high out of your mind with that w change, 25%to45% TOTAL ad as true damage on a 5 sec cooldown, godamn like i know max hp damage is aids but holy shit just imagine a vayne hitting you with 700 ad crit just for half of that damage being true damage. on top of the "layer of skill" you added, congratulations instead of hitting 3 autos for true damage, now vayne just needs to press w and auto you.
: can we get a self improvised ban feature?
just delete league and every time you feel like playing it reinstall it.
: Looking for advice from bard players.
only roam as bard when your adc can cs safely, and is at no threat of dying.
: Why League doesn't ban people with negative behavior?
video games are made for trash talking and aggressive language, its like shit talking in sports but without the threat of people yelling back
Nhifu (NA)
: Tear of goddess lagging behind all other items
you are comparing an 850 stacking mana item to and 1300 ap mana item. you dont buy tear to waveclear, you buy tear so you can stack it up early and get a archangels or manamune.
Tjkidd30 (NA)
: As a new player and my experience so far.
quit now, your experience with the lol community is only going to get worse
: Riot VS Community
creative gameplay is only allowed if its on level/worse then bland uncreative gameplay.
: "Sex sells" is legitimate as long as it does not hinder character identity/theme/coherence
>Making a champion attractive for no particular reason is fine. {{champion:117}} im calling the police
: If you say "gg" or "its over" mid-game because of a bad play or team fight, you should quit the game
yeah it sucks you had to deal with jax spamming gg in the chat for 40 mins, there was nothing that could've been done about that.
: He literally has no instant skills, though. . . Q has a cast time, then both a travel time for the damage component, and then ANOTHER travel time for the return projectile for the heal. His E cast several (8 iirc) linear skillshots which are briefly delayed, then must travel (and are blocked by the first target struck) Even his W has a cast time as he sinks into the pool (while he gets an 17.5% speed up iirc), and his ult has a cast time, but lands instantly afterwards.
q has a 0.25 cast time, within that time window you could’ve just killed vlad 2 times. I mean come on, the q projectile travels slower then an soraka auto. also the heal on q is instant
Sucction (OCE)
: I don't think a 30 heal every 9 seconds is that tough to deal with. I'm pretty sure Cho gets double that from just csing.
You forgot about the impowered heal every 18 seconds.
Porosus (NA)
: My Beautiful League Fan Art
: I can't stand to play top lane anymore
wow, it seems like you really don’t enjoy playing wukong, maybe you should try playing another champion
: Please nerf Yorick
yeah nerf yorick’s sustain, currently too op sitting at a flat 12-82 health (based on level) and it’s doubled when he’s under 50% hp. imo just give him a nasus passive on his q procs as a nerf.
bbita (EUNE)
: why put 4 noobs and feeders in 1 team
pepega {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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