: Dear Riot, Please buff my favorite champion
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=yZfYArlene,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Iwn9cEtf,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-03-06T20:12:33.246+0000) > > No other ADC has her level of self peel, CC, Safety, and Damage. > > This statement is incorrect. While other ADC's would rise to be more popular. They wouldn't be the straight aids that Tristana is right now Odd, then why she was considered subpar for nearly four seasons until her e change and used less then other adcs during that time?
Because other ADC's were strong and lane bullies actually did their Job. Tristana was never subpar, she has always been a solid pick, but she used to be weak early and hit her pwoer in mid game. Riot nerfed every single lane bully so now Tristana has 0 worries in lane and actually is the bully now. She excels at all stages of the game and she abuses the hell out of the statick RFC combo. She needs nerfed or Lucian, Cait, ETC need some buffs to counteract how absolutely ridiculous she is
Azadethe (NA)
: 1) Champs gain rate traction every time the wind blows, many of the time for no real significant reason. Nothing's changed about Sion since October. He didn't reach this "exhuberance" until the last week or two. The culprit? They changed how minions interact with single target SKILLS (Single target skills now draw aggro). If a change to the behavior of minions can change performance rates 6%, I'll be a monkey's uncle. Sion is just the flavor of the week. I've seen 19 different champs peak at this point since January..... who didn't have any significant changes. 2) I gave a much more nuanced answer than just "dodge the ability." 3) Do a little research into accounts, particularly this one.... I can give you a few hints; a) It only played from September 22 - December 16th this year b) It primarily played 2 champs. You figure its purpose from previous posts, etc. b) Don't make posts that attempt to belittle other people. Riot frowns upon that. Plus, it makes you look like a fool. c) I currently play against Plat III - Diamond III Sions.
1. Champions gain popularity and lose it sure. No champion in the last two seasons outside of Tank ekko has sported this high of a win rate and this high of a pick rate, and Sion is doing it in two different positions. 2. Your answer was he can't hit his other abilities if he misses his E even though his E is virtually impossible to dodge. 3. No you don't. Nobody is buying the "Achtually I am high Diamond hurrrrrr"
Gaberino (NA)
: Like I said. He has a fun and rewarding kit. What was the winrate when his pick rate was that high praytell?
In lower elos it hovered from 46-48%. Another Fun Fact, Lee Sin and Heimerdinger are the only two champions to ever have a 51 percent win Rate or better for two full seasons in Plat Plus and never once drop below that line. Heiemr had a sub 1 percent pick rate. Lee Sin had a 22 percent pick rate Stop being so Biased just because you play him. It is ridiculous. He deserves to be out of Meta for a little while considering HE WAS THE FUCKING META FOR 900 DAYS
Gaberino (NA)
: No he isn't average. He seems average because so many people play him, but that's because he has a very fun and rewarding kit. He was "average" until the trackers removal. With the upcoming duskblade nerfs Lee Sin does need some buffs. Riot has already stated he will be buffed in 8.6. These are just some ideas from a dedicated Lee Sin player.
> He was "average" until the trackers removal. Yes thats why he had the highest pick rate of any champion Plat+ Here is a nice fact for you. 937 That is how many days Lee Sin was the highest pick rate Jungler before that ended a week ago. Why the fuck do lee sin mains need him to be God Tier and ban worthy for him to be playable. He is literally balanced now
: > [{quoted}](name=yZfYArlene,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LjENyP1Q,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-06T22:25:49.430+0000) > > Redemption does not have global range. You cannot cast it from bottom lane to top lane Oh yeah sorry. 5500 cast range. I mean semi global. So basically you can cast it from drake to top lane Fun times, fun times
5500 range isnt even close to top lane lmao
: The point of the nerf is to make her early game weaker, while preserving her late game status, as Trist is a hypercarry. And yeah, that's called balancing. Vary rarely, if ever, do champions need to be just completely nerfed without compensation. You make one thing weaker, but offset it (*balancing* the scales) somewhere else
This is one of the few cases where a champion needs nerfs straight up and no compensation buffs. Not as hard as they hit Zoe, but her Ult base damage needs to be lowered, Her W needs to not reset on E Proc just kills and assists, and her auto range needs nerfed like it was. That would balance her
: Nerf TP
Redemption does not have global range. You cannot cast it from bottom lane to top lane
: *except nothing I said had anything to do with his rank* I'm sorry that I don't believe people that immediately try to back up any claim by saying "oh ackchyually my main is diamond, I just post on this one".
Going back to the original posts. Range nerfs do normally hurt ADC's, however her passive literally makes the nerfs obsolete. Other ADC's don't get that when their range is nerfed. Not to mention she got a buff to compensate for it for no reason
Swheed (NA)
: 96% win rate and I don't skip divisions and only get 26lp per win?
You need an MMR an entire division higher. This means if your MMR on op.gg doesn't say Silver 2 or higher you won't skip
: Bronze ll Support Need Advice
Drop the top 2 and play the bottom 2 on your list
: Fiddlesticks
He needs a full scale rework to be honest. His kit is just outdated unfortunately
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=yZfYArlene,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Iwn9cEtf,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-03-06T20:09:00.560+0000) > > I'm in Plat on my main account so not super high elo but not low elo. This nerf is an actual joke and she will still be God Tier and number one pick or ban ADC. > > Riot slapped the community right in the face with this patch If it wasn’t Tristana, would just be another adc.
No other ADC has her level of self peel, CC, Safety, and Damage. This statement is incorrect. While other ADC's would rise to be more popular. They wouldn't be the straight aids that Tristana is right now
Xagula (EUNE)
: olaf
Olaf has been picked in LCS and just got a giant buff in the next patch
: They hired the only and only Ghostcrawler, the man renowned for destroying World of Warcraft in only its third expansion.
I honestly couldn't help but laugh reading these
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=yZfYArlene,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Iwn9cEtf,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-03-06T20:04:17.330+0000) > > 25 Range is literally nothing. 50 Range maybe. But once she hits level 6 she will still outrange every ADC not named Caitlyn. This nerf will do absolutely nothing and the fact that they had to give a compensation buff is actually disgusting It is actually quite a bit, especially for a ADC, might not be as noticeable in lower ranks but in higher ones and pro play people will abuse that fact.
I'm in Plat on my main account so not super high elo but not low elo. This nerf is an actual joke and she will still be God Tier and number one pick or ban ADC. Riot slapped the community right in the face with this patch
: Ban Ninja Tabi On Ranged Champions
Ninja Tabi's build up to 4-6-8-10-12% Damage reduction vs auto attacks increasing every time they are Auto'd This makes it still good for tanks since they will get auto attacked a lot mroe but will make it worse for ADC's because they buy it to absorb 1-2 things during a fight and aren't being consta DPS'd
: tristana's attack range nerf is actually a bigger blow then you would think early on. since she now has to play closer to the creep wave to farm, shes WAY more open to getting cucked by poke, and instead has to opt in for extended trades or flat out all-ins in twitch's case, remember, they wanted to nerf his early game damage due to the buffs PtA was getting, but it was just a bit too hard, being that its practically his *only* trading tool (q Is just a stealth and a small steroid, w is a slow to apply stacks for his passive to set up his E).
25 Range is literally nothing. 50 Range maybe. But once she hits level 6 she will still outrange every ADC not named Caitlyn. This nerf will do absolutely nothing and the fact that they had to give a compensation buff is actually disgusting
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Azadethe (NA)
: I both play against him and play him. I'd love to know what I said "wrong"
Leveling E does not make him weak in the slightest. Considering the hitbox is literally gigantic it is almost impossible to dodge, but outside of that his base stats and ratios on his other abilities are insane. It doesn't matter if his abilities are telegraphed, he can miss his Q or hit a barely charged one and still out trade you just with brute numbers advantage. He builds straight tank so you can't kill him in lane and his abilities still do like double that of most champs. He sets up ganks amazingly and is hard as hell to gank. He is honestly incredibly broken right now sitting at a 20 percent pick rate and 56% win rate. He needs serious nerfs
Rioter Comments
: A small nerf to Temmo
Ahri's Charm is Hard CC Teemo's isnt
Onotori (NA)
: So, why is Brand a thing?
He has no Mobility which is pretty big negative for him. He relies a decent amount on skillshots His damage is pretty nutty but his 1v1's aren't that good until he gets Rylais
: I think that because out of a sample size of 50 players (5 players x 10 games) I beat 35 gold 5+ players. That's 70%. All 7 wins were in a row. The probability of me doing this is 0.78%. Therefore I think I deserve better than shite Silver 1.
That means you also lost 3 in a row. Streaks affect your MMR a lot. You would have a higher MMR if those 3 losses were spread out instead of backtobacktoback. With that said, Riot intentionally places you lower at the beginning of the season every season to promote people to play ranked. Even Challenger players start the season at Plat 1
: What's the point when I'm still a whole league below where I could be. I don't even wanna play but at the same time I do.
You think you are a league above what you are actually because a website not related to Riot at all, told you so. You need to get that out of your head
: Fantasy Patch Notes v13.3.7
You just lazily added or removed a tiny amount of unit width on 95 percent of champs abilities Jesus dude
: Do need to get this triggered over a game when you pour all your time and energy into it. It's entirely unfair.
I understand the game is frustrating but not every game is winnable. You can't have a 100 percent w/r. It is impossible. Even pros in Silver can't do it. You need to understand some games can't be won and move on to the next game. Analyze the mistakes you made in that game and carry it to your next one
: See now you've taken the time out to type a response that's worth reading you're making more sense. Next time try to do this in the first place to avoid confusion and the now permanent impression that you're struggling with some sort of attention deficit related disability.
You are trying too hard What I said was facts You got super triggered because you didn't agree and now are trying to have some sort of superiority complex by passive aggressively insulting the person you are arguing with. Pretty pathetic dude. Don't need to get this triggered over a game
Vo1tz (NA)
: Nerf Vayne
50 damage is normal for every champion's auto's Her passive did damage? Thats news to me cause the last i checked it just gave her movespeed
: It is an educated guess. It gets everyone else's about 1 division lower or higher than what they are. Not a whole league. Don't reply if all you have to offer is this bullshit, cop-out response. Genuine insight only is welcome. No more trash excuses.
It is exactly that, a guess. Fresh 30's rarely ever get put into Gold. My account on OP.GG said I had gold 2 MMR when I was in Plat 5 even though i was 83-62 and gaining 27 LP a win. Sorry what I stated was a fact and it triggered you kiddo
: So I just finished my placements. Riot are you feeling ok???
MMR is a hidden stat. Any site that tells you what yours is is guessing. You believing them was your own fault
: Swain rework is so misleading
: riot pls fix jax
Did you legit just use hate speech on the boards while shit posting? Delete your account
: Warwick is strong
He's been a top 5 jungle pick since his rework and just because you name the champions counterpick doesn't mean that it is practical in game Warwick currently 1. Extremely Potent Ganks 2. Extremely fast and healthy Jungle clear 3. Best Dueling in Class 4. Good in all Phases of the game 5. Top 5 Damage Potential 6. 2 hard CC's 2/6 have to go to make a balance champ. These are the 6 core things expected of junglers and no champion should have them all
: Tips For Silver Players
>Tips for Silver players from a player stuck in Silver with a Negative W/R Fixed the title for you
Thorn3000 (EUW)
: Kai'sa Duskblade
"This champion isn't viable with every single item" WTF RITO
NeoEñvý (EUW)
: More Like League Of Bad Matchmaking
EUW postings in a nutshell
Sanngriðr (EUNE)
: Then he gets oneshotted or easily peeled off because his ult can be cc'ed unlike {{champion:57}} engage ;)
"gets one shotted" Good one He isn't easy to peel off because his Q is literally an unpeelable ability Also if he E's before he ults then he fears everybody around the target instantly. Hard to peel then. What you said might make sense on paper but it doesn't make sense in game because he has a massive pick rate to go with a massive win rate
AIodia (NA)
: ok how broken CAN you make a champ??? - Kaisa
Passive - Didn't realize her passive now stuns enemies Q - It is consumed by minions. Ahri's is not and her Q doesn't do true damage. Literally 0 comparison here W - has 1/3rd the base and scaling damage a nid spear has E - She can use it once per cooldown, Vayne can go invisible every 2 seconds during her ult. Tristanas attack speed buff is 110 percent, this is half of it R - Yasuo's ult and noc's ult do tons of damage. This abiltiy does 0 damage, she is also an ADC with 0 CC and self peel so she can't just ult into their backline Literally the worst comparisons i have ever seen. This game of "spot the bronze-silver who knows nothing about the game and balance" was over pretty quick
The new keystone requires you to be in combat for 4 seconds beforehand and will be good on bruisers, definitely won't be good on ADC's as they gated it for all ranged champs. Warwick needs a buff ill give you that They lowered Skarners E stun Duration Olaf and Noc definitely needed buffs Not sure the point of this post
: Vi Talk
With how powerful shields and supports are right now, her kit is just not good. She ults a carry and that carry gets a million shields and heals and vi is in the middle of the enemy team getting destroyed. I don't know how they could help her right now
DiPiStyle (EUW)
: Leaked Patch 8.5 Talon changes
This is honestly a really bad shit post. You tried way too hard
: > [{quoted}](name=yZfYArlene,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1c6WZvRK,comment-id=00010001000100000000000000000001000000000000,timestamp=2018-03-01T18:34:03.240+0000) > Your argument is literally that it is more impressive to reach Diamond playing a bunch of Meta Top laners like Maokai, Jayce, and Ornn then it is to reach Diamond with one champ that is weak in High elos. First of all,Are you high or something? I said the exact opposite of that, I can clearly see your flawless logic. Secondly, since you are one of those people who have to seem better then others and check peoples ranks, you should of also seen I've never played a game after reaching silver because it's full of toxic people like you and I just want the border. Thirdly, yes if I played very strong champ I probably could hit diamond, but I'd rather have fun and gain actual skill then just abuse something strong and jerk myself off at others over how "good" I am. In all honesty i don't even think I could hit high plat right now if I don't abuse strong stuff. Also daruis has a 51% win rate with around a 6-10% playdate in games over plat. I got this information from multiple website, I also never said being a 1 trick makes you bad.
Ok cool, Teemo has a 53 percent wi nrate in Plat and above. BETTER ABUSE HIM TO DIAMOND CLEARLY BROKEN Also, I played 64 Jax Games last season as well as 31 Yorick games and 30 Kayle games I just happened to play 360 Darius games. I don't have to seem better then you, I am clearly better then you at this game. That isn't a debate Nobody is abusing Darius lol Nobody in my elo thinks Darius is broken or even a top Meta Pick until his recent buffs and I hit Diamond way before that. The logic you are using is anybody could play an "op" champ and hit diamond, but yet 98 percent of the playerbase isn't in diamond and most of them play those op champs. I have a secondary account in Plat 1 right now where all I play is Yorick top and Kindred Jungle. Still high elo and those are two very out of meta picks. You get to Diamond based off skill, Nobody is in Diamond because they abused a good champ that is absolutely ridiculous. I could easily reach Diamond playing a mixture of Jax, Darius, Kayle, Yorick, and Trundle evenly if I wanted to I beat a majority of players playing one champion I am better then most at so why would I pick other champions Your logic is so far in the trash can I am starting to feel bad that you actually believe what you are saying
: It actually doesn't give you mana back at all; it just makes your spellcasts free. Although getting 20% max mana on cast + free spellcasts sounds strong as hell.
Mansana (NA)
: Can we get the mana restore passive from Morello's back as part of Triumph or a new keystone?
: "Darius requires a lot of skill in higher Elos." "I could take your account right now and get it to plat this week easily." Half the things you said are you talking about how good you are. In some form or another Also if you are such a good player then don't one trick the strongest juggernaut and get to plat
First of all, most Diamond players are one tricks or two tricks. Mastering one champion is better then being good at 5. Secondly, If it is so easy to do then you do it. If it is that easy right? That's right, you can't because you can't even get out of silver. Your argument is literally that it is more impressive to reach Diamond playing a bunch of Meta Top laners like Mao'kai, Jayce, and Ornn then it is to reach Diamond with one champ that is weak in High elos. Solid logic dude. I can clearly tell a debate with you would yield so much potential knowledge. Truly Engaging discussion
Eedat (NA)
: Not really. Level 1-2 Udyr cheese revolves around his double dot. I'll explain. So after activating tiger stance, your next auto applies a DoT. Every fourth auto while not changing stances reapplies the DoT. So the double DoT cheese is when you activate tiger and auto some minions until you have a tiger DoT ready. Then you auto the enemy champion, immediately reactivate tiger, and apply a second DoT on the second auto. They actually stack. If you have a DoT ready and switch to bear, you lose the initial proc. That's why the only way Udyr gets a double DoT is if you literally let him walk up to you with it. This actually works for all of Udyr's stances except Bear.
Alright cocky ass, I have 300 Udyr games this season in Plat. I know how he works. Nobody besides Xin can Fight Tiger Udyr level 2. Double Dot or not
Denizzz69 (EUNE)
: Riot
Quality argument and engaging discussion +1
r3medy (NA)
: Why does riot fk players with legitamate problems.
These are personal problems that aren't Riot's fault. You get a warning the first two times then you get LP Q. If you do it a 3rd time you deserve it idc if your internet went out that is your own problem
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