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: Watching Rengar 100 to 0 my ADC in 0.2 seconds, before my abilities even reach him, feels amazing
Wait why isn't Rengar viable in challenger or competitive? Hmmm. Maybe its because people learn how to position and respect when he's fed and can actually do what he's supposed to do as an ASSASSIN? I mean if you have flash up and he dives into your team like that he's not going to kill anyone he's going to die. The champion is balanced. Quit your crying. If you could heal your brainless ADC in time to survive his bust he's going to die as a result. Thats how the champ works. He one shots or he doesn't and then gets kited out or chased down. ADCs shouldn't have items to combat assassins, do you have any idea how cancerous that would be if an ADC could generally win 1v1s vs assassins. The Rengar is 10-1 and ur 1-7 bow down and accept your death.
: Riot's need for everything to "Feel good" is their biggest design problem.
Welcome to the snowflake mentality affecting a competitive video games prerogative on interactional balance. Its just not two trees of thought that should ever intertwine, and yet they do. Someone wins, and someone loses. Somethings gonna feel like shit, and somethings gonna feel like OP. The main issue to me isn't the game balance, its the attitude of the player base and the unwillingness to let things go. Thats why you have people troll and have hopeless 30min games that your team refuses to surrender and the other team dances around trying to play a game of "look how fast I one shot this guy this time." Move surrender vote down to 10 min, make 15 a 4/1, and for gods sake, stop giving trolling/tilted pre-made duos the ability to say no and it count as two votes. If 3 individuals want out and one trolling duo wants in, its time to gtfo and go next.
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: **Oh wow you conveniently forgot to mention: ** - That 600 health shield is only at lvl 18, which she can only reach if she survives her early game... Its your responsiblity as the opponent to shut down any weak laners. - {{item:3046}} no longer grants damage reduction, has 15% less AS and 5% less crit chance, but only got 100 g cheaper. These are all Stats that {{champion:67}} is gonna miss. - Can no longer buy {{item:3155}} > {{item:3156}} if she goes {{item:3046}}. All-in all a power neutral change that nerfs her ability to duel, but buffs her ability to survive assasssins... but lets be honest here 600 dmg reduction at 18 means very little when you get all-inned by full build: {{champion:107}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:28}} or the likes. So nice try there.
Ya. You're not to smart. 600 dmg reductions isn't anything. Name a champ that can all in unless they have harvest stacks and kill you with a 600 shield. Its not happening. You heal and shield and there is no killing it and then on top of that no staying on top of you with your permanent tumble stealth. The damage reduction on PD is negligible now, and after this its not. The AS and crit chance means nothing. Vayne scales off her w, she doesn't need stats. She's weak in lane already and already a ticking time bomb come 30 min. Now instead of it being a 70/30 maybe in those scenarios its pretty much a 90/10. She's not going to be killable without extreme team fight focus or chained cc. Good luck with that in solo que. The fact that you're actually defending this is disgusting. Btw, I'm playing vayne right now so I'm not biased at all I love playing her but playing against her is not going to be fun.
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