: He shouldn’t go mid. If it’s viable, it’s too toxic to play against.
funny definition of toxic... ezreal is the same in any lane hes played, a poke damage at best who can force an enemy team to gank or lose lane pressure and at worse he is just useless
: The two biggest problems with Swain.
lol his e has a short range and his q even shorter, his ult is low damage until he gathers enough stacks and if by then you havent run away or killed him you really are something swain isnt too bad of a champ sure his numbers could be tweaked i think his q is a bit strong personally but if you think in any way his kit is broken or not balanced you probably just got shafted bcuz u have like no game knowledge
: Why is vlad not a mana champ
lol why are you questioning the balance team at riot when vlad is hardly a problematic champion. you should look at champs like say ryze or aatrox who fall in and out of meta so quickly they're both so dependent on items and other meta champs they both are broken when they're meta or shit when they arent they legit have no in between
: I just bought Project Yi lmao and I couldn't figure out what he was saying
wait a sec... omg AOA lol didnt noice the first time
Beas7ie (NA)
: I agree. It should also be applied to our criminal justice system. So if someone commits a major crime, it can be offset by previous "good behavior". So Mr. Smith you robbed a bank and that was bad. But you spend a lot of weekends volunteering at the homeless shelter so we're gonna let you go this time.
lmao im sorry i shot at my annoying drunk uncle but dont u see how many lives ive saved working as a nurse in the ER?
: I'm pretty sure "Honor only defends against the imprecise" is "ARMOR only defends...". It makes sense since with precision you can find the gaps past armor and also Yi's E ability shreds armor. Also it's pretty obvious that it's "HOW many must pay" not "His many must pay"
whoops those are just small typos but gladd u took the time to read thru all that lmao also this was from a loong af time ago how did u even find this
Håppy (NA)
: PSA: Tryharding in URF
wait but i had fun with a 9 minute game?? it was a stomp and everytime the laner came back to lane my friend and i just cc locked and destroyed them? it isnt really our fault for not needing to back at all and taking all their towers with nobody coming to help
: The coin buffs honestly aren't very good
tbh idek what u use coin for? what champions now take coin over spellthiefs?
KlykPL (EUW)
: Is this gold plays?
i think they just played terribly lol but it was fun to watch i think u were just outlandishly stronger than them and they were bonobos anyway
: looking for friends :(
how old is you irl how can u play everyday lol i envy your freedom but im down to play some games with u add me if u want
: First, no one builds {{item:3800}} ever, but it's a pretty solid item on a lot of the juggernaut/bruiser types. It's boasting around a 0.1% pick rate, with around 60% win rate. Second, W + Deadmans = massive slow, allowing him to position himself between the basically rooted target, and a 2nd target, or pull a 2nd target into position. Third, this game has been designed to be a massive cluster fuck because it's "flashy" and "exciting". Fourth, the ease of gaining his BC move speed, through **all physical damage**, allows him to pretty much always have the move speed buff in a team fight. The one weakness a juggernaut is said to have, he doesn't really suffer from. Though, even then, i think he's been appropriately balanced around that, except for the degree of his heal.
i personally think that you're being picky lol wow im so late on this but srsly darius is fine hes just freelo at low elo
: I get why he needs it, but...
WELL the thing is with Darius u have to hit it on the edge of the blade for him to heal and if u walk clse to him he cant heal... plus he only gets to that power if u let him
Serpz (NA)
: Looking for bronze-silver players for our flex squad
lol add meh I currently main top and jg playing as Shen Maokai Nautilus Poppy Rumble Fiora Darius Kled in top and Lee sin, Elise, Reksai, and sometimes cho gath in the jungle ign: yolohoboswagnoob
: Rito, you wasted the chance to make a one-punch, or possibly one-kick man skin here. :(
his ult has three diff animations, two of which are punches... get it right? (it might be one instead of two punches i am not sure actually lol)
: how can thee be god fist if thou only use feet to fight?.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
you mean how can THOU be god fist if thou only use thy feet to fight AAAND he uses his hands to ult in some animations sooooo :)))
: > [{quoted}](name=yolohoboswagnoob,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pNkB4ylO,comment-id=00000001000000000000,timestamp=2017-04-05T05:23:51.121+0000) > > PLUS its like ryze ulti anyway sooooo > > idg what ur so mad abt But it's not like ryze ult. With ryze ult he's not going back to BASE within 2 seconds. I'm saying that for a champion to get a free recall back to base that's only 1 second long is unhealthy. Ryze can use his ult to run away or engage but he's not going back to fountain from enemys inhibitor in 2 seconds for free
ok its pretty darn close and its basically the same thing... the only thing u can catch the ryze ulti escape is with a tp of your own and tbh i dont think you'd do that unless its their whole team and they're all 100 health anywayi they''ll probably fix it so that the recall must start at like 5 secondes or something idk but it will be shortened for sure
: > [{quoted}](name=TabsDabsBooty420,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pNkB4ylO,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2017-04-05T05:20:33.708+0000) > > It's not an assumption though. I literally saw it on a gameplay redmercy did on pbe and it actually seems cancerous that one can start a recall and the other can go to them and recall in such a short time I'd wait until the official release; the issue could be fixed by then. :)
PLUS its like ryze ulti anyway sooooo idg what ur so mad abt
Terozu (NA)
: It's an April fools day prank, the enemy team is now listed as bots in game and given scripted all chat based on their champs and skins. Now downvoted so others don't see this.
lol i realized after the second game srry
Rioter Comments
: An Accurate Representation of Season 7
lol we got assassins and adc doing this item what next tanks build this shit too?
: Cursor for Warwick's ULT
if the rework is out why is there no update for me... 0_0 spook
: So uh, yeah. Uh, how do I know what rotating game mode is up next?
I feel ya, either its fucking poro king or acenscion and its stupid LOL but there doesnt seem to be a way to find out (les not forget, argueably the most useless game mode: hexakill)
: Thinking about Learning Poppy
add me for a practice 1v1 sesh broo i love top and lol hate me but i play yasuo and gnar alot i also do pretty good with riven if i get a few warm ups in i played poppy jungle before so sure i can help but top is a pretty boring lane just kinda saying... nothing major happens unless u got a playmaking champion that isnt too strong in lane its stupid bcuz the other toplaner either pushes u in forever or u push them in
: Idealogy of the Jungler
Thats not really true. as a season 6 jungler (mostly top and jungle unless im playing with friends) it is true that we (or me at least) do not gank losing lanes. but we dont rlly farm for the whole game and blame the team. usualy in that situation i would try to gank botlane and get them fed so if the losing lane isnt doing so hot we have a good bot to compensate for if its bot that isnt doing good then i would gank another lane EZ
Oglaf (EUNE)
: As a Support main, this brought tears of joy to my eyes!
: Vayne isn't bursty, it's just that she does so much dps that she feels bursty, when in reality, she's always doing that much damage. Lol. She literally has no damage from anything other than her autos.
maybe my ideas are backwards then
: I love all these people talking about how Poppy is supposed to be a hypercarry
to be honest poppy is pretty strong and has decent carry potential. she does shut down alot of engages and if played right, goes ham in lane. she can also just dive their team and if shes fed, come out alive almost unscathed
: Imo, a big problem is that if you don't get full damage on her, catch her in traps, ect, then you pretty much auto lose a fight with her. Cait is bursty, but if you can't pretty much one shot the Vayne then she'll just destroy you. She just has way more dps.
wait lol did u justs say Vayne was dps and cait was bursty? for me, ususally cait is dps and vayne is the assassin dps burst champ able to kill anyone in lane with her ult and two items. idk but i do agree that cait is no longer a counter to vayne anymore. those q buffs man
MrKatastro (EUNE)
: lee gets an auto attack off while being suppressed by warwick
i think u ullted just as his aa damage hit so effectively u died as u ulted. im not sure but ive had these things before usually the aa goes thru if the cc is placed on afterwards so this isnt very surprising to me
: Riot, thank you for making the PBE placeholders hilarious.
AhmCha (NA)
: Can I (a low bronzie) please not get paired with high golds and low plats in my normal games?
Lol i think that its just preseason right now and its too early to be doing any ranked bcuz everyone's rank is reset and shit and like its all messy. i played my ranked placements for season 6 late February and there weren't any golds anymore. (tbh thats a long wait lmao)
: Actually the closest to official weight puts them in at over 2 tons each. The more you know! Also my god, getting punched by 2 tons? JFC.
omg... 2 tons ok. but what about what jinx carries.. like wtf i dont think jinx had a chance then. bcuz like as long as vi can get to jinx (which duh she can, what with the super long range point and click gap closer ult) she wins.
: > [{quoted}](name=Vhan8765,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=1Qr2E2qu,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-11-15T18:36:53.988+0000) > > Jinx is more enjoyable, but I really don't imagine her taking too many hits from Vi to be out for the count. > Jinx is a very small and petite girl, Vi's gauntlets put together are almost the same size. '>.> Small and petite but she's carrying like 200 pounds worth of equipment
but like each hextech fist thingys (apologies for the lack of my knowledge of the name) are probably 150 each... idc how strong jinx is, getting hit with 150 pounds of like hextech gauntlets will crush anyone. the only champs i can imagine surviving that is like Malphite, Aurelion Sol, Zac, Rammus, and a few other tanks. Jinx is at a real disadvantage too bcuz she cant even use her super mega death rocket or they'll both die. Vi can ignore all the traps set up and use her ult (which i dont know the name of either sorry) Lol basically Jinx is screwed
Decrit (EUW)
: Kled also wins every fight he is not in because TRESPASSERS
kled is a god, his rivals include himself like wtf
: It just deleted the shortcut, you can recreate your own shortcut if you dig around in your computer's files. Pretty sure it's somewhere in the Riot Games folder if you can find that. And yeah, new client doesn't allow bots, but at least we have replays... I just hope they're starting to optimize it so it's not so damn laggy for lower end computers during the new champ select (which looks ~amazing~!)
oh thanks man. i wish we could get bots but at least we get replays and practice mode XDD
Rioter Comments
WrÆth (NA)
: It takes 2 days just to update it? Jesus
jk i could do it on wednesday i just meant that the patch usually goes live after tuesday idjk why
: The design of the Loading Screen borders are remaining unchanged since last year. So if you really loved how one looked this past year and got it this year, hell yeah! If you hated how it looked this year and got it again this year...I don't know what to tell you haha
Aeszarck (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Terminus Edge,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=K5Vtw6EG,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2016-10-28T01:11:29.734+0000) > > ...So great, I once again get no ranked border for MY FOURTH SEASON NOW. Playing since season 3, across two different accounts, and I never even got to silver before. > > I FINALLY bothered to get myself to a place where I can FINALLY get a border, but now not only do I have to hate myself for getting a 14-day ban, now I get to hate myself for an entire year for failing to get my border AGAIN. > > I swear to god, if I log in and get treated to an in-game message telling me that I don't get my rewards, I'm done and you can all burn in hell. I don't need to be kicked when I'm already down. I don't need the god damn reminder, I ALREADY KNOW I DON'T GET ANYTHING. > > I AM NOT WAITING ANOTHER YEAR TO TRY AGAIN. I HAVE WAITED LONG ENOUGH TO FINALLY EARN SOME KIND OF RECOGNITION FOR SOMETHING IN MY PATHETIC LIFE, SO I CAN STOP HATING MYSELF AND TAKING IT OUT ON EVERYONE ELSE. I JUST WANT TO FINALLY EARN SOMETHING SO I CAN HAVE A REASON TO NOT HATE MYSELF. > > I won't get my border now, I can't earn S-rank tokens to advance mastery ratings... What am I even supposed to be shooting for when I play now? > > I'm just so angry at myself for failing AGAIN. I'm sick of failure. God damn sick of it. I'm sorry that you feel so poorly. What you need to realize is that you're a wonderful person and you have no reason to be angry at yourself. You've got one life to live, and the goal is to enjoy it as much as possible! Don't bring yourself down by cursing yourself for making poor plays or cursing your teammates for making bad decisions. _"Stay positive, Summoner!"_ Games are a lot more fun when you're being a nice guy (or girl). I get lots of positive replies when I try to start my games off on a friendly note, some jokingly negative replies that still make my day ("Let's have a great game and a fun time!" "report Ashe for flaming"), and then some negative replies that I ignore. No need to get myself frazzled over some guy or girl who can't take a bit of positivity. I'll tell my allies that they did a good job when they get a kill, or when their cs is really high, or when they get an objective, or when we win a teamfight. They might not respond, but getting that kind of encouragement feels good. How do I know that? Because I would feel good if I got my play complimented. We're all human beings here; we're not all that different. Since I like getting compliments, chances are other people like them too. I'd want a positive player in my games, so I _be_ that positive player in others' games. Maybe I'll get some compliments back, and that feels good. Maybe I'll inspire someone else to be a bit more positive in his or her next game. That means I made someone else's day better, and that person made other people's days better. That's the kind of thing that makes me _really_ happy. This applies to toxicity as well. I'm sure you wouldn't like mean people populating your games. So what _you_ need to do is stop being a mean player yourself. You're going to make other people's days better (or at least not make them worse), and they'll act happier towards you. You need to be the positive force in the community, so that others can follow your example. All the power is really in your hands, Terminus Edge. I believe in you. I believe that you can get your ranked rewards next season and get your Hextech loot back in a few months. ##Are you going to let me down?
{{champion:43}} : "I can INSPIRE you to be positive... in kda!" hehe XD kms
Divewing (OCE)
: "Demoralising the enemy team"
Lol in all honesty, being toxic in general, no matter the subject, is bad. i dont care what they did to you or who they are, you dont get to flame no matter what. (while i suck at following this if i have like a troll on my team, i still try to stand by this at much at possible)
WrÆth (NA)
: When will the new patch/season be available for uptdate?
for NA i dont think the patcher will update for you until thursday that usually happens for me
Verns (NA)
: Who is the tankiest champion in league?
: > [{quoted}](name=yolohoboswagnoob,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1EYdK6OP,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-11-03T01:39:40.208+0000) > > heheh > > who told you those guys can be tanky lmao > > you want tankiest champ? > > try ammumu or rammus ok? > > or freaking trundle cuz he steals tank stats from other tanks Seriously though, the tankiest champ is {{champion:31}} Hands down. no questions
true although you would need a shit load of stacks but even trundle can rek a chogath bcuz who cares how much health you have? trundle steals your stats and does percent hp damage with the items he builds
: {{champion:157}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3111}} kappa
thats actually really op (yasuo main hehe XD) i tried everything but nothing works better than this since you still have a shit load of damage
: having damage can be disruptive and most juggernauts seem to be able to tank more then tanks so while your looking at what ever type you have there i'm looking what the hell is happening on the rift so YES juggernauts are tanks thank you for being a riot following idiot have a nice fucking day
ouch... got so triggered from having people say that juggernauts aren't really tanks? XD you need counseling or something
: Leona is a blessing granted unto us by the glorious Sun. Your words shall not guide me from the light, heretic.
logged on just to upvote this crap XD
Verns (NA)
: Who is the tankiest champion in league?
heheh who told you those guys can be tanky lmao you want tankiest champ? try ammumu or rammus ok? or freaking trundle cuz he steals tank stats from other tanks
Ðezi (NA)
: looking for someone to teach me how to play better!
lmao u play all them high ass skill cap champs like lee sin yasuo and zed i like you i play all those champs (other than graves cuz wtf are ranged champs that are ad)
: Should my runepage be full ad or have some resistances.
tbh i dont change my runes to fit meta simplly bcuz a basic rune page works for just about everything. it isnt even that situational anymore just go with ad reds, armor/scaling health yellows, and cdr/MR blues, and (depending on what you play) more ad quints or armor pen quints
Lost R (NA)
: And people in this community are too selfish and kill-centric to consider any champion that can't rack up all the pentakills the fastest. That's what has contributed to this assassin-heavy, 1v9 mentality that plagues League, and one of the reasons why Dynamic Queue and Team Builder both failed.
lol i feel ya though ya cant deny how good it feels to get a penta
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