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: > [{quoted}](name=JuiceBoxP,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qBw4ye0Y,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-27T10:28:04.881+0000) > > The only thing wrong with pyke is the massive amounts of gold he gets from his ultimate. > > Everything else anyone would say on the boards about pyke will be mindlessly upvoted because it's pyke. > > sentences which look like this : "why X gets to do Y" > are inherently stupid because the clear answer is that his designers wanted him to have that. Nah the assassin shouldn't have godlike sustain, idc about not being able to build health, the tradeoff is he already gets bonus damage from it. All in supports main weakness is poking them down, enchanters/healers/pokers is going all-in. Yet, if you go all in on him, he dashes away and heals whatever it was, just to hook you again, all the while building lethality to ignore armor so he does even more damage to the squishies. Stop rewarding bad players with this sustain that he gets, and give him actual costs to fucking up
Except he’s a support and if you continue to ignore that you’ll always wonder why he’s kit is built like this. The whole reason he has his passive is not to give sustain but to prevent him from building Tank. The heal is just something to balance his lack of health. Imagine pyke going full tank, it would be complete cancer. Pyke rn is pretty good but could use some slight nerfs to the extra cut.
: let's get the medicine woman on here from the Simpsons movie. Giant breasts which she can fling around like fried eggs hanging on nails. Good for a...idk. pool party skin for riot's bank. Imagine the cringe on the loading screen....IMAGINE IT. Super old lady, so those people crying for an old lady champion can have their old lady champion and go be an activist for something else. For lore we can make her Nunu's long lost grandmother being an Eskimo and such.
Honestly i think a witch Doctor kind of champ would be great but besides that i dont think a lot of other champs will take off with ugly designs. Just make the Witch somewhat Fat and give her a giant nose mole and people might forget about the "diversity" or awhile.
: First of all, a GOOD MAJORITY of the champions in this game aren't the major money makers. Second of all, Riot is terrified to take risks with their designs for females, and we end up with copy-paste designs either taken from other games, or so safe they should in bubblewrap suits. They don't know what will do well because they're not giving themselves an opportunity to see what can do well. They're just clutching onto the same tired old designs that have sold. As I mentioned, Urgot is a prime example of a character who is hideous, but fairly popular. Thresh is another example. Tahm is another example. Hell, even Jhin is an example of a humanoid who's not conventionally pretty who's MASSIVELY popular. The point here is that Riot takes lots of risks with male characters, but next to none with females. If they're not waifu material, they're either gaggingly cute. The exceptions to this I could probably count on one hand. It's not asking for them to hit a quota at this point in the game's existence, as you're so keen to point out. It's asking them to DO SOMETHING NEW THAT THEY HAVEN'T ALREADY REPEATED 20 TIMES OVER IN THE PAST 10 YEARS. Regarding Qiyana, I never said she needed to look homeless. She just needs to not look like Lady Gaga in her latest music video. The woman supposedly hails from a jungle society of shamans. The teaser flat out shows her people hiding up in trees. It makes NO SENSE IN ANY SOCIETY as to why this queen, who's clearly going to combat and getting gritty with her people, should have _perfect hair_ and _perfect makeup_ and look like she's spent the majority of her life splayed across a pillow while servants drop grapes in her mouth. She looks like a pop idol or a spoiled brat who stole daddy's weapon. What Riot is trying to sell us about this woman versus how she looks is at odds. If they really wanted us to believe that she's some kind of warrior, her hair, and outfit, would project that. Her hair wouldn't be long, fluffy, and billowing in that it'd get tangled in trees as she's nimbly moving about. Her outfit would feature more armoring of SOME SORT across her vulnerable areas, ESPECIALLY HER HIPS, if they're going to have us believe she's slamming a metal hula hoop against her hips with just cloth between the metal and her flesh. And for Kai'Sa, a suit doesn't protect you from malnutrition nor from mental instability, nor from oh, I dunno, not having a personal hygiene kit to keep your hair in perfect, lustrous condition and keep your face equally perfect and your makeup in place. You can explain away some scarring to her body on the suit protecting her, but you can't explain away why some hermit girl who's been living underground for the better part of 10 years looks like a star athlete and is perfectly nourished and is not suffering some kind of mental instability since she's been forced to fight to survive in caves with no companionship other than a bug suit for the bulk of her developed life. And please, claiming that these cat whisker markings on her cheeks are "void corruption" is just absurd. How can you even write that with a serious tone and not realize how absurd it sounds?
See and thats the thing, RIot did take risks with illaio and ended up with nothing in return. they tried it with taliyah and if you check her playrate rn you would laugh. Yall ask for these character designs but when its comes down to it you never touch the champion. Also again we no nothing about the jungle society besideds they live in the jungle and respect nature. Most Queens were very well kept in ancient Civilizations, Cleopatra is a clear example yet you assume that since they live in a jungle there no possible way they can care about hygiene. Thats low key kinda close minded. Also Urgot was dumpster playrate during is originally design until they decided to make a badass looking war machine with shotgun knees. Before that many people complained he was too gross and ugly. Also thresh really can be compared given hes more of a ghost. If you can use thresh then i could use things like yummi and reksai as examples of ugly females. Lastly its pretty much established that Kai'sa is barely human at this point yet you feel the need to place her on human standars. Its not like she had no food in the void given she hunted all the time. Next her hair really wouldn't be a problem given its in a helmet all the time. I agree it might be messed up but its not to the point you're describing. Also you would call the purple marking WHISKERS??? Thats so laughable it hurts. So you're saying that Kai sa went into the void with random purple markings when she was a kid and they have nothing to do with the suit joining with her body. If thats no corruption then what to you call it???
: > [{quoted}](name=youngdrago,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=mNORGcTw,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-06-07T14:51:23.865+0000) > > Yet we have champions like taliyah who have a play rate in the dumpster even thought people championed her "unique" female design. Also have you even seen jinx? Shes legit has nothing but a what i assume is either a bathing suit top or bra and the smallest shorts a girl can wear. He whole character screams the attractive crazy girl and everyone knows it. Taliyah is a way better example or a character that lacks boos or ass and yet he playrate is 0.89. People may want diversity but imagine a company being told to put money into something that wont make money. Oh Taliyah was very popular and if I recall correctly, still is in Pro Play. But she got severly nerfed, due to how strong she can be once you learn her, just like Aurelion Sol. Why would the average League Player play a difficult 'weak' aka nerfed Champion, when you have easier, more broken alternatives.
Except we have Champions like Yasuo or Vayne who are quite difficult to play yet retain a huge popularity. Taliayah Popularity Almost always went alongside her winrate. When she wasn't completly meta she was almost untouched. Same thing with reksai and Lissandra.
: What I dislike is when they make a hot female champs that are just bland, honestly the new champ looks that comes straight from Smite wtf Because it's a cheap move, you can have a beautiful female well designed and that's way different than trying to make interesting a female champ because she's hot so you let the rest of her design be dull and generic
Im not saying the new champion design is somewhat off putting. I agree her splash art leaves a lot to be desired but i see people commenting things like "omg another hot girl champion, when will riot make a ugly champion". This just complety ignores the real problem of the splash art/design. The real problem is that if you showed me the new champion with no context i would never had known that she lived in the jungle or was a queen. He play style isnt even clear in the splash art and that was my main problem. Not thats shes hot or has a cute face which a lot of people are saying. Also the reason you guys keep saying she looks like a smite character is due overall direction the splash art took. The pose and background look very similar to a smite splash art plus a lot of gods in smite have similar skin complexion to the new champion.
: Diverse doesn’t equal ugly. You don’t need to make an old or overweight or hideous or gross character in oder to _not_ make them look like {{champion:145}} or {{champion:39}}. Jinx for example is fairly popular even though she neither has the booty and the boobs nor the Instagram-babe face. I personally don’t complain that Riot’s champions are generally attractive (yes, I’m not ashamed to admit that I like eye candy) nowadays but there’s a whole spectrum of features between “attractive” and “unattractive”. You don’t need to complete 100% of the “attractive checklist” in order to make a character appealing to the masses. Let’s say you line up 50 rl people who are generally seen as attractive. I’m pretty sure they will not look like clones with different hairstyles/clothes but will have different noses, eyes, lips, bodies, jawlines etc. In order for a character to be attractive and popular he/she doesn’t have to be 100% perfect.
Yet we have champions like taliyah who have a play rate in the dumpster even thought people championed her "unique" female design. Also have you even seen jinx? Shes legit has nothing but a what i assume is either a bathing suit top or bra and the smallest shorts a girl can wear. He whole character screams the attractive crazy girl and everyone knows it. Taliyah is a way better example or a character that lacks boos or ass and yet he playrate is 0.89. People may want diversity but imagine a company being told to put money into something that wont make money.
: Because not EVERY SINGLE CHAMPION EVER has to be a gold shitting goose. They've made a ton of champions who are hot sellers, like Ahri, Ezreal, and Lux, even Kai'Sa in recent years. They also specifically stated before Illaoi's launch that they'd be moving towards making females more diverse, as they've been in a rut by making them "pretty girls" and whathaveyou. That lasted for Kalista and Camille, and I guess technically Yuumi, and Neeko straddles that line. Xayah and Kai'Sa were snap backs to that old design they stated they were trying to move away from, as is Qiyana - and a bigger issue, that is also notable with Kai'Sa, is that their perfect beauty doesn't make an ounce of sense given where these people hail from. I'll give Xayah a pass since she's a magical bird, but Kai'Sa and Qiyana BOTH hail from regions that aren't the most forgiving or even tolerable to makeup or perfect hair, yet it appears both of these women have managed to weather the terrors of the night, the lack of proper hair care and makeup, humidity, living butt to butt with the wilderness, tromping through the trees, etc., etc., and walk away looking like they've spent hours perfectly maintaining their looks. It doesn't make any sense. Furthermore, we've got buckets of girls like Kai'Sa and Qiyana. We don't have an old granny character, or any kind of terrifying character like that one lady chembaron who was a hulk because of her mechanical limbs. So while yes, pretty people sell, we've got enough of them, and as has been proven with Kench and Urgot, fat an ugly can be just as popular if their kits are fun and entertaining.
Bro i don't think you understand the amount of time resources put into making a champion. Riot again is not gonna make a champion to fit some kind of quota because that's stupid. Why would a company place time and money into a champion they know is gonna fail. Also I don't understand why you want Qiyana to look like shes a homeless person. Shes a Empress of a new civilization that we have little lore on and you assume since she lives in a jungle she shouldn't have good hygiene??? Also the Kai sa argument is so old and played out its makes me laugh every time i see it. Kai'sa whole design is someone with a suit on her. Nothing more and nothing less. Everything else is flavor text given to expand the lore and add more appeal but when it boils down to its shes suppose to be a Human with a living suit. Shes not some survivor archetype you guys are asking for and she never will be. Also where do you expect to see scars or bruises on her? Her whole body is covered in the suit besides her face and her face has visable marks on it due to void corruption i assume. Shes clearly almost not human at this point and he voice lines make comments on it so im sure she most likely heals a lot better than before like a normal void creature. Again youre asking riot to do something with no gain on there part.
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njrk97 (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=AngusBoomPants,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=GzJwvnWE,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-06-07T01:46:56.214+0000) > > I don't know what people expected from {{champion:145}}. She's wearing a small voidling like the ones {{champion:90}} summons. It's not gonna be some big void dragon with 5 eyes and death spikes. She "killed" it as a child. If it was some mighty warrior like {{champion:266}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:120}} then yeah I could see some big horrific creature. > > {{champion:145}} wants to blend in and be able to hide as a small child, so of course it's going to be slim and focus on blending in, not sticking out. > > I'd expect a guy version of {{champion:145}} to look like this > > Not this As mentioned the issue is, she look like a purple champ, not something that survived in the void. The void is a horrifying and dangerous place that drives people mad simply seeing the portals., you then have Kai Sai waltz out in her tight suit, with immaculate makeup and a perfect little model face, no damage, no scars, no void corruption. She doesn't look traveled or like she has seen so much as a blade her entire life. She looks more like what a fashion show would make 'inspired' by the void. Her attractiveness and her design seems to exist in direct contradiction to everything the void seemed to represent. She feels like they decided to make a sexy champ, then slapped the void theme on after the fact.
I’m kinda confused. Where exactly would you even see the scars? Her whole body is covered in a suit that repairs it’s self I believe so where would you see the scars? Plus she’s had a helmet so of course her face would look fine. I’m pretty sure she’s disfigured Under the suit but how would riot show that given her whole design revolves around d her wearing a suit. Also you guys act like she was in the void it self when the story makes it clear she was at the edge in some cave and shit. If you want a disfigured void character play Kassadin who actually dived into the void
: Lmao he has enough damage already, nerfing his shield hard or completely removing it and then buffing his hp and hp regan shit could bring him back easily. He's not as EXTREMELY reliant on it as Akali with her healing.
: He’s saying to remove shield you’re gonna have to add power to Yasuo’s offensive ability considering his shield is insanely important for him to be able to trade/lane at all. Now I hate yasuo too don’t get me wrong but a more reasonable change imo would be to scrap his double crit, idk what additional changes would need to be made to him but this would allow them to smooth out his power curve cause currently a good yasuo doesn’t have that weak of a lane for how strong he gets with two items(even his current shiv powerspike seems a little too strong)
People need to understand that double crit keeps Yasuo Balanced. Riot uses it to force yasuo into crit builds. If we took it out he would need to be buffed because he’s basically a adc. All his stats are adc stats which is why his shield is also needed. The only ability riot could MAYBE and prob shouldn’t change is his w.
floo (EUW)
: "Wait it out" isn't counterplay. Especially if a Yasuo player knows what he's doing. He'll keep the W until he engages and then have a 360° immunity to projectiles. Counterplay would be, for instance a healthbar for the wall.
Wait so how do you counter Vlad w? Or how do you counter Tariq Ult?
: i understand you do not have an answer and thats why youre trying to not answer. but yasuos w has 0 counter play,
Counter yasuo by letting the wave push into you and have jungle help. All of yasuo mobility comes from his e so with no minions he has zero mobility. When fighting yasuo wiggle so he misses his q’s. Especially early game when he hasn’t finished his shiv the cooldown on his q is pretty high plus he needs the tornado for ult. If he’s really that big of a problem for you in lane take {{summoner:3}} or{{summoner:21}}. Slows reduce the dash time on his e which makes it a lot easier to hit him.
: the problem is, its not the nerf he needed. what he need is his shield removed from the game. just like the -5ms was
Wym that wasn’t the nerf he needed. The whole reason Yasuo I good rn is because of the revert/rework to crit itemization. Beefing the crit damage in his main damage ability makes perfect sense.


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