: Who deserves the ban...?
Not willing to mute at first sight of flame is why you struggle to stop your toxic ways....
Hotarµ (NA)
: I specifically said "in a negative light." Meaning if I said "You're just a dumb fucking e-girl" or "What a braindead e-girl, doesn't even care about League, just wants attention" that would be considered reportable.
but then you take out e-girl and say "you're a dumb fuck" or "what a braindead [insert champ/summoner name]" would still be considered reportable on the same severity scale. The e-girl part probably won't make a difference. "you're a dumb fucking kid" or "what a braindead kid, doesn't even care about League, just wants attention". Same thing.
: > [{quoted}](name=zPOOPz,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=IgRn3xtM,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-21T03:43:33.474+0000) > > how many times have you actually encounter this? Do you know 100% this is premade 4? It's just normal. This isn't the first time. Yes they told me they were premade, which is in the chat logs. "Its just a normal" is a terrible reason to downplay this incredibly toxic behavior.
Then report them and move on. I've had this happened to me once too. I know I won that game. That's all it matters.
: how can I report this
how many times have you actually encounter this? Do you know 100% this is premade 4? It's just normal.
: ARE U FRELLING KIDDING ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: Unpopular opinion: trolling is usually never 100% the troll's fault and can be prevented
This is an unpopular opinion. The act of trolling is 100% a willful act. No one should be able to make you do it with a bit of self-control or at least a sense of accountability when you are caught and not try to find scapegoat.
Hotarµ (NA)
: The PB boards often have separate discussions going on in the comments. It's all contained in one comment thread as well, so it's fine. + I'm still waiting for OP to respond lol He did make his own thread [(found right here.)](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/2uPqbHIJ-a-way-to-deal-with-permanent-suspensions)
I find it pretty rude to the OP to have an entire discussion on different topic and drown out OP's own topic hijacking the thread.
Hotarµ (NA)
: I said "of consistent good behavior" in my comment lol
You realize this is someone else's thread on entirely different topic? Should really stop responding and ask him to make his own thread.
vallieus (NA)
: Its been over a month. my point is that what they were saying which was close to "this r%%%%% has a raging boner for Darius and should shut the fuck up" is nothing compared to idiot. they reward players at the highest level of the game like Hashinshin who said kill yourself riot, and they made him a league partner.
Make your own thread. Don't hijack other people's thread man. That's just rude.
: ***
I can see why your teammates don't like you very much.
: Timely Disconnection and Reconnection. Ironic... isn't it?
> I wish not to be punished just because I can't afford a top notch internet provider The other 9 players that game do not wish to be punished with a shitty game experience just because you can't afford a top notch internet provider either > ....for an unstable free to play game League has player base in the millions and the vast majority of those millions play just fine and quite stable. Maybe the problem is you and your equipment? > Please take care of this or explain to me if somehow I really am the one to blame with cold hard evidence. Have you actually tried submit a support ticket? Uninstalled and re-installed League? Tried the hextech-repair tool? Before creating this thread?
: Is it okay to abandon bot laine?
If mid lane is doing well, going there may not be the best thing to do if your mid laner doesn't want you there. For one, you will eat his xp and possibly cs. For another, you will draw the enemy support and/or jungle to camp his mid lane. Also if mid laner doesn't want you and you go anyway, it may tilt him and cause him to rage. That's not selfish.
: Because .. you were inting. And threatening to int if people didn't give you their role ....
{{summoner:11}} {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:11}}
: Please calm down, it's just a game.
Very true. People seem to forget that this is a GAME to be played for fun. The fun is in the playing, winning or losing is just simply a byproduct of the game. You will lose 40-60% of all games you play. Why care so much about losing one or two game or even a streak of 8-10 games. You'll run into a streak of 8-10 win eventually. Relax. It's just a GAME.
: Got permanently banned for flaming, when I was triggered by a flamer!
It is because you previously had a 14-day ban so this next punishment is a perma
: 3 games trolled out of the last 7, are we serious riot?
You said you got trolled 3 out 5 in the other thread. Now, it's 3 out 7. Toxicity situation much had really improved!
: riot creating a more toxic environment
There is a common factor in all those games... I have played since around middle of Season 3. I have not noticed any increase or decrease in toxicities in any Season. Obviously I have played with many, many trolls, flamers, afk, inter, etc., but they are rare. I have played all game modes (RIP Dominion). Most everyone will have win rates between 40-60% over vast amount of games (and I have played thousands and thousands of games). I am not bothered by trolls, inter, afk, flamer. They are simply part of my 40-60% loss rate. Mute, report, move on.
: I am not sure if the amount of reports matter but if the system can be abused to abuse other players then we should recognize this regardless of the amount of reports sent and step forward so that this type of behavior can be addressed. I will say that I think you are missing the whole picture of the message I am trying to send. Their was and is more to my post then gang reporting as well.
HOW is the system abused?
: No one's complaining. You are just the type of person that would let someone die in their time of need over a damn game.
> Shit outta luck because the system doesn't give a damn. Right... because that's not passive-aggressive complaining..... I am the type who would drop the game for IRL stuffs at a moment notice (in fact, I did afk more than a few times due to IRL emergencies). I am also the type who won't bitch about the consequences afterward.
: They can play they whenever they want it's their account, shit happens. No one ever should commit themselves to this game 100% over family and friends. Especially ones that either need you or wanna spend time with you.
: First of all how was he/she supposed to know that their grandma was gonna call them while in the middle of a game? Second. While i do agree that you need to make more time for yourself if you are gonna play a full game, but that's no excuse to stay in game and keep playing if you got a family emergency. (Knocks on wood) if you suddenly got a phone call that a close family member got in a horrible car accident would you: A. Drop everything and go to the hospital immediately. Or B. Finish the game and then go to the hospital. Think about it.
Then make the sacrifice for his family. Give up League altogether...or accept the consequences.
: I don't think that you understand how 24-hour live-in care works lol I'm on call 100% of my life. Even if I dedicate time to playing, if I'm called I'm called. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
I don't think you understand what i'm saying. You should commit to your family and give up League altogether (as in not playing at all) until such time you are free again. It's called "sacrifice".
: I'm in low-priority queue because I decided to move in with my Grandmother and take care of her.
So...you want your cake and eat it too? Selfish much? We impressed you willing to take care of your family (some people won't). But that's no excuse to do whatever you want (leave games when needed for emergencies). There are plenty of chances already built into LeaveBuster. How about make the real sacrifice and DON'T play the game when your family needs you??? LeaveBuster exists because afk is outside of the functionalities of the IFS. It is simply another system created specifically to deal with afk. Having it automatically detect afk is just a logical step.
: mute notification
That's a terrible idea. If you want to mute, just mute. Why do the people you mute need to know? They will just get more annoyed. You know what happened when people can't get your attention via chat...? They will start to gameplay troll to get your attention.
Unker139 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Battlemaster123,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=cwIOPEbL,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-02-11T21:50:59.249+0000) > > I had a 97% accuracy for both in fact. I'd read all the chat and look into the situation. I honestly did it in free time to be able to read through things carefully. I do understand that not everyone did that and simply voted to fit the needs of the overarching situation, but I still feel as if though the threats of reports in the lower elos, which I'm currently stuck in, makes it harder to get out because of troll behavior due to the fact they don't get their pick, or simply AFK making the round a 4v5. The act of saying "You will be reported after the game for..." doesn't seem to make any difference in the player's attitude or behavior during or after the game, and I've only seen one instance where I got a notification of where my report actually meant something. 97% accuracy really is not that good. That means that 30 people for every 1000 reports are getting incorrectly tagged for toxic behavior. With the number or games played every day, that's an awful lot of incorrect tags.
"tagged for toxic behavior" is based on the player reports. 30 out of 1000 or 500 out of 1000 doesn't mean anything as there is a "review" process (be it Old Tribunal or new IFS) to filter out false reports. His point is most reports are not false (based on the players who participated in old Tribunal as well as the manual Rito review process)
: My clean past is Meaningless
Well yeah. If you had been a good employee for years, one racist comment can still get you fired.
: Bring Back Public Tribunal to a Degree
Old Tribunal was super INefficient. It's one of the primary reason old Tribunal died to begin with. The community had been able to "dish out" punishment since at least Season 3 when I started playing. It's called the report button.
: I just had a twitch in my last game INTENTIONALLY FEED! IN DIAMOND
report post game and submit support ticket if you so incline. No one on this board has the power to do what you seek.
Zonava (EUW)
: My picks in ranked games.
so moral of the story.... don't show your intent pick?
: Will my LP be dropped because of trolls in ranked?
Your timeline is a little off....
: i was perma banned
Very nice example of people can reform! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: > [{quoted}](name=zPOOPz,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=UwPzit1L,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2019-02-11T03:35:51.169+0000) > > And people claim everyone who got banned come back and create new account.... lol, it's only a 10 game chat restriction not a perma ban. I'm just quitting ... (unless a friend wants to play) I'm tired of the unbalanced matchmaking and smurfs in every queue.
The point is that not everyone who got punished will make new account. Most people do simply quit....NOT create new accounts and SPEND money on those new accounts after their main got punished.
: > [{quoted}](name=CharDeeMcDenniz,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=UwPzit1L,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-11T03:14:14.449+0000) > > pretty sure griefing/giving up is listed in the report section 4 out of 5 of us already gave up ... one single person was trolling by saying no. to my knowledge i'm the only one that got banned despite the only one on the team other than top that didnt feed. I honestly don't care I'm done playing this game they took away my only reason to play it.
And people claim everyone who got banned come back and create new account....
Where's Game 1 and possibly 3?
Heretics (EUW)
: Riot filling gaps with bots?
Shouldn't this type of QQ thread be in GD?
harshne (NA)
: Banned even when it's not your fault?
Rito is incredibly secretive about their detection methods (understandable). No one on this board can really help you with this issue because there's no way to verify your story one way or the other. Rito rarely come to this board anymore. Your best hope is to either wait for support to get back with you or catch them in live chat.
: [All]Chaos Anagram: that was the laziest check my buff ever Chaos Anagram: shh Chaos Anagram: why did mf back Chaos Anagram: at all Chaos Anagram: there Chaos Anagram: i dont care what you said Chaos Anagram: im just confused why you did that Chaos Anagram: lol cause your a shit mf Chaos Anagram: k Chaos Anagram: ALL Chaos Anagram: you had to do Chaos Anagram: was E Chaos Anagram: thats it Chaos Anagram: so brand and i just 3v1ed bot lane Chaos Anagram: we didnt lose first tower Chaos Anagram: and i got 2 turret stacks Chaos Anagram: i was back Chaos Anagram: sorry man Chaos Anagram: just got back from base Chaos Anagram: unlucky Chaos Anagram: use wards Chaos Anagram: youre kda score isnt Chaos Anagram: you toxic homie [All]Chaos Anagram: lukcy one Chaos Anagram: glad you died mf Chaos Anagram: btw Chaos Anagram: that was troll as f Chaos Anagram: i hate this mf Chaos Anagram: shove mid Chaos Anagram: get mid twoer Chaos Anagram: dont chase her Chaos Anagram: ward Chaos Anagram: mf Chaos Anagram: they could be doing it Chaos Anagram: MF Chaos Anagram: vayne can solo rn [All]Chaos Anagram: report galio for shit talking all game Chaos Anagram: i can solo baron Chaos Anagram: just bring them all top Chaos Anagram: dont Chaos Anagram: hjit it Chaos Anagram: briong Chaos Anagram: thjem alll Chaos Anagram: time Chaos Anagram: top[ Chaos Anagram: labe Chaos Anagram: oplkase Chaos Anagram: you mopnkeyu Chaos Anagram: im going to solo baron Chaos Anagram: please all 4 of you go top lane Chaos Anagram: thank you Chaos Anagram: or pressure bot Chaos Anagram: but whatever you do Chaos Anagram: dome come to abron pit Chaos Anagram: and bring them there. Chaos Anagram: im gonna solo and throw it then [All]Chaos Anagram: i gave them specific instrustions [All]Chaos Anagram: they didnt listen [All]Chaos Anagram: so they lose. [All]Chaos Anagram: i said bring them all top lane [All]Chaos Anagram: ill solo abron [All]Chaos Anagram: they all made their own call [All]Chaos Anagram: then i said im throwing then [All]Chaos Anagram: they dont deserve to win if they dont listen to the person winning the game [All]Chaos Anagram: for them Chaos Anagram: no Chaos Anagram: you autoed the ward Chaos Anagram: showing them we were there Chaos Anagram: mf back [All]Chaos Anagram: for winning the game for them again [All]Chaos Anagram: getting hibs instead of losing the game [All]Chaos Anagram: is bad [All]Chaos Anagram: apparently. [All]Chaos Anagram: forcing youre team to back [All]Chaos Anagram: is bad [All]Chaos Anagram: next time ill just let them open our base you brain dead galio player [All]Chaos Anagram: youre welcome galio Chaos Anagram: tank tha Chaos Anagram: solo Chaos Anagram: nt [All]Chaos Anagram: ez Game 2942824181: Chaos Anagram: invade Chaos Anagram: im bad Chaos Anagram: i didnt know that meant you hit someone Chaos Anagram: ym b Chaos Anagram: dont hurt my friends Chaos Anagram: wuk started blue Chaos Anagram: or went right to top scuttl Chaos Anagram: GJ Chaos Anagram: red urg Chaos Anagram: blue ori Chaos Anagram: little to late to ping Chaos Anagram: so ping before he is eing on top of us Chaos Anagram: both free buffs are up Chaos Anagram: i guess we just lose Chaos Anagram: everyone on the team is like 20 seconds late every time Chaos Anagram: 1-4-2 Chaos Anagram: youre the issue. Chaos Anagram: every time i do anything Chaos Anagram: mid or bot are there Chaos Anagram: id be fine if it was just wukong Chaos Anagram: but its either mid or bot show up Chaos Anagram: urgot can confirm this Chaos Anagram: its not the jungle difference its the laner difference Chaos Anagram: but please continue to flame me. Chaos Anagram: ezreal just said idk why you pick that champ Chaos Anagram: games over Chaos Anagram: yea your duo is also a horrible orianna js Chaos Anagram: ye Chaos Anagram: she is Chaos Anagram: 2-5 misses every ul;t Chaos Anagram: doesnt call mia or push Chaos Anagram: "fine" Chaos Anagram: you were 70 cs up Chaos Anagram: no excuse to lose lane Chaos Anagram: ffine Chaos Anagram: "fine" Chaos Anagram: oblivion orbs are op Chaos Anagram: this your gf or somethign Chaos Anagram: a1500g mistake Chaos Anagram: next time get bf
If you already had a 14-day ban, you definitely deserve to be perma-banned. If you created this post to ask for help on understanding why you are banned, your toxic insults in THIS thread reveals much. If you created this post in hope a Rito-er will respond and re-consider your ban status, your toxic insults in THIS thread shows how toxic you are and most definitely uphold the ban.
: > [{quoted}](name=Longevity,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=br3BiAFL,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-08T07:56:44.056+0000) > > A majority of the time the Tribunal was flawed banning hundreds/thousands of accounts just because they felt like it. The League of Legends community as a whole was not mature enough for such a system therefor it was removed. I played League since 2010 and yet I'm not aware of widespread banning of accounts during the Tribunal discipline system era. Can I ask you for your source, please > The community is in a worse shape now than it was back then so bringing such a feature would be terrible in today's current state with peoples behavior. Not sure if we are more toxic today than 8 years ago. It's improved maybe a little. People are just toxic in different ways because they can't be toxic in chat anymore. > Personally I'm not saying the current system is flawless because it for sure has tons of them I'm just saying going back to that system would be worse. Eventually Riot gaming may find a better solution but for now the bot/riot team are all we have. I'm not so certain that going back to the Tribunal system would be worse. As it is, we have a bot system that bans without context, and riot support does nothing to help the players who are baited into arguments, who react badly to in game chat, and also a system that does not ban intentional feeders. The current system does nothing to stop players from ruining the outcome of games, which is 1000x worse than anything a player could say in chat, IMO. I would argue that a part of the reason why so many players are punished for chat is because Riot does nothing to punish players who INT and who decide the outcome of games like this.
>I'm not so certain that going back to the Tribunal system would be worse. As it is, we have a bot system that bans without context, and riot support does nothing to help the players who are baited into arguments, who react badly to in game chat, and also a system that does not ban intentional feeders If a player is baited into saying zero-tolerance word (like actual bait "say %%% or I int"), support will likely be willing to reduce or remove those punishments. If a player is not able to control himself because someone is being an asshole and decides to counter-flame, that's on him. Just like in real life, if someone being an asshole either to you or to someone else in a movie theater/park/coffe shop/bar/workplace/super market/etc. and instead of calling the employee/manager of that establishment to take care of it, you bitch the asshole out. Guess what? You both getting thrown out regardless of who started it 95% of the time. Context does not matter. Looking through this Board and the numerous threads of people getting banned for inting (some quite obvious from match history), may I ask for your source on the system not ban intentional feeders? How would Rito stop people from ruining games? They haven't ruined games until they actually do it in-game and by then Rito can only react by punishing those players (again, source on Rito not banning or do nothing on those players please. No system is perfect. Some will slip through the cracks just like any system online and in real life. Saying Rito does nothing is unfair). MatchMaking has no crystal ball or Minority Report system to tell when a player will decide to flame or go afk or int.
: The Suspension for a Splitpushing Duud
I think you forgot to include links to the 2 games mentioned
trinyea (NA)
: Players Ghosting
the term ghosting usually used for sniping streamers, not afk unless someone makes a habit of afk-ing to the point he gets manual review, afk doesn't result in bans. There are legitimate reasons for someone to have to afk. That garen could have a family emeegency for all you know.
: > [{quoted}](name=zPOOPz,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=YnORdFBX,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-07T03:32:52.286+0000) > > I can't imagine every in-game inting report get manually reviewed by Rito. The amount of int report per day probably not much less than the negative attitude one. huh, i always thought thats why either case takes about a week or more to ban an inter
it's because not every true inter is dumb enough to run it down (which is easy to detect). Also people may call a genuinely UNintented feeder an inter and report as such, which will not result in anything. Intent is very difficult to prove.
: > [{quoted}](name=zPOOPz,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=YnORdFBX,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-07T02:52:43.450+0000) > > inting report gets reviewed by feederbuster same as the IFS, not manual review by anyone (there are not enough staffs to manual review the amount of reports for inting, same as IFS). Support ticket may trigger a manual review, same as chat toxicity. iirc they got rid of that tho
I can't imagine every in-game inting report get manually reviewed by Rito. The amount of int report per day probably not much less than the negative attitude one.
: > [{quoted}](name=lunarific,realm=OCE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=YnORdFBX,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-02-07T02:37:33.743+0000) > > So here's a question i was just in a game and i was playing jg and i kept getting killed, so a guy on my team kept calling me out so i got mad. I didnt say anything bad just saying he wasn't doing his job and just to play the game. He was attacking me first. And at the end of the game we lost 3 people on the team said they would report me? For what i didnt do anything. So will i get banned or? Like i bought skins and stuff so i dont want to get banned you didnt break any rules, remember it does not matter what the team says you did, inting reports get manually reviewed by a rioter, so as long as they dont deem it as inting, youre just fine. and you most likely played to win it so dont worry, youre fine.
inting report gets reviewed by feederbuster same as the IFS, not manual review by anyone (there are not enough staffs to manual review the amount of reports for inting, same as IFS). Support ticket may trigger a manual review, same as chat toxicity.
: I was permanently suspended for using 3rd party software and there is no proof.
: > [{quoted}](name=zPOOPz,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=vLlRj4al,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-05T22:58:31.518+0000) > > but he did not forcibly go mid and take over the lane. banning your intent if on purpose is a dick move, but one that is not against the rules. > > i suppose the way to prevent abuse is not to hover your intent I do this to prevent my champ from being banned as some people in the past have, because Ekko "tilts them".
Then it is an unfortunate risk you must take either way. I do not support being unable to ban your teammate intent because it will bring almost as much new problems as it would try to solve your current one. For example, I ban all newly released champ 90% of the time regardless if my teammate intent on him/her. Rito is nortorious for overbuff new champion and then nerf him/her accordingly the next patch. I prefer new champion in my games after at least 1 patch iteration.
: Premade trying to force me out of my role in flex
but he did not forcibly go mid and take over the lane. banning your intent if on purpose is a dick move, but one that is not against the rules. i suppose the way to prevent abuse is not to hover your intent
: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/yZ3mEhPk-i-was-perma-banned-without-warning-or-chat-restriction here's 1 i found
: I've seen people go from 10 game chat restriction to permanent suspension over mild words
so you've "seen people" that basically includes yourself and no one else?
: >Please tell me what the fuccck is wrong with the mental stability of your players rito. I mean, you tell me. Your very first interaction with someone attempting to do something nice for you was to "go nuts" on them because you didn't bother to find out through the lost art of looking at chat. >This guy that picks his champ first on our team pick yoric and after see me pick jax he picks jax and locks in. xD After that enemy first pick is YORIC I go nuts. What is wrong with you, why you did that? Then he tells me to read the chat. And he litterally had a conversation with himself about picking jax for me. xD You later reveal that you had only a few champions to trade with them. Which would have all been avoided if you were paying attention to chat. Is it really surprising that this person was a bit peeved towards you?
If you say in chat "Can I fp Jax for you?" and you don't get a reply, you should not assume non-response is agreement and go ahead and first pick Jax. The golden rule of champ select is if someone doesn't response to your request (e.g. "can I have mid?"), you assume the answer is no, NOT go ahead and take mid champ and go mid. I will say the guy who assume not getting any response to be agreement is at fault. He assume OP wanted to fp Jax (maybe he doesn't want to be countered?) and he assumed OP has any champ he wants. Those are very bad assumption to make for a non-response. I view that as "can I have mid?", not get an answer, and go ahead and pick Syndra, and then flame the mid guy for doing shitty with top Syndra.
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