: Thoughts from the community?
> Game 1 > In-Game > > LegitMelonhead: Jesus. Must have been brain dead in champ select. Banned renekton for some reason. Ah well. > LegitMelonhead: I was on reddit. shit rots your brain. that must be it > LegitMelonhead: why's he still up there? > LegitMelonhead: getting gold > LegitMelonhead: watching the jg take 300g from me > LegitMelonhead: the usual > LegitMelonhead: are you fucking kidding me dude > LegitMelonhead: aight, top lane is yours > LegitMelonhead: top open > LegitMelonhead: root? somethign? > LegitMelonhead: if you take a big wave for no reason, don't dive onto the top laner who's getting krugs to compensate > LegitMelonhead: especially if it's 2 minutes after you miss an E-Q combo > LegitMelonhead: Just giving some common sense pointers to zac > LegitMelonhead: I can dream, no? > LegitMelonhead: man, I went negative > LegitMelonhead: ran there from base why you pinging me? > LegitMelonhead: i cry, so you go 0/1400 > LegitMelonhead: he has rift > LegitMelonhead: lel > LegitMelonhead: Well, I took my spanking. > LegitMelonhead: bruh, zac taxed like 20cs from me wtf are you talking about. then the krugs I was killing > LegitMelonhead: I'm 30 down from where I'd be without jg "help" > LegitMelonhead: besides, you can't bait a trynd with "where's your cs" when half of trynding is dancing and collecting xp in a losing situation then scaling > LegitMelonhead: crying lol > LegitMelonhead: all you two boys can do is try to god mode me b/c your minds are so weak > LegitMelonhead: nah dude, game's a write-off > LegitMelonhead: team toxic af. was over at 14:00 > LegitMelonhead: Zac must be from a coastal state. all his insults begin with attempts to diagnose. lol > LegitMelonhead: I'll agree with that > LegitMelonhead: gg > LegitMelonhead: wp > LegitMelonhead: report trynd for typing > LegitMelonhead: apparently > > Post-Game > LegitMelonhead: np gl > > > Game 2 > > In-Game > LegitMelonhead: lel > LegitMelonhead: instruct about red not typically being a farming tool and lvl 2 ganks too > LegitMelonhead: dang you gonna ks and not even krug me? kay > LegitMelonhead: I didn't think vikings were so fragile > LegitMelonhead: wurf > LegitMelonhead: you have more smite ate the ready, dipshit? > LegitMelonhead: fucking hell guys it's literally 4v5 and you're losing > LegitMelonhead: well step it up! I BELIEEEEEVE IN YOUUUUUU > LegitMelonhead: it ain't easy keeping two jungles clear. I'm busy > LegitMelonhead: not with no essence reaver. you win. with, trynd wins > LegitMelonhead: I'm anti-trolling > LegitMelonhead: yes i am > LegitMelonhead: pls > LegitMelonhead: eh, kayn can carry > LegitMelonhead: Hey. was the race to 0 hp? If so... you won. > LegitMelonhead: :D > LegitMelonhead: 1/6 demon headed yalls way > LegitMelonhead: nah I was actually in a deep phone conversationo I was only a little salty nuts about kayn smiting two jg camps from me > LegitMelonhead: which... you shouldn't do > > Post-Game > LegitMelonhead: hell if I trolled every time a jg was a butt, I'd have a 5% win rate. > LegitMelonhead: kek
: I agree there's light negativity, but this threshold is too low. This is elementary school levels of mommy-state monitoring of what should be a competitive environment. Of course there's got to be a line, sure, but... KYS - way over the line. Are you fucking kidding me, dude? - apparently, also way over the line but I honestly can't imagine this level of fragility in myself so I find it difficult to relate. It is what it is, though. edit What's the odds on the people who said, in chat, they were going to lie about me to get me banned - which btw, WORKED - getting banned, I wonder. 1Million:1?
> What's the odds on the people who said, in chat, they were going to lie about me to get me banned - which btw, WORKED - getting banned, I wonder. 1Million:1? Considering the IFS (automated system) is the one who judged and gave you the punishment, the odd of someone able to lie to the IFS to you get banned is about 1 in LMFAO
: But I didn't get one. I agree, I should get one for that game or at least a honor decrease or a pop up notification that I'm on a road to a ban. But yet.... nothing.... Why 0/20 is not punishable? And now imagine that the guy that carrried said that I'm useless (he stated a fact) and he got permabanned xD This system is a joke. It punishes the good player and rewards trolls. If I would get punished for that 0/20 game I would have since then stop feeding and start playing well. The game would make me to be a good player, else I would get punished, but it didn't..... that means that I can destroy as many games as I can and no punishemnt. For riot destroying a game is somehow something good or neutral, but saying something on chat is banable.... this is not right. That 0/13 yasuo could always mute me, but I couldn't make him stop inting.
> Why 0/20 is not punishable? Did you INTENTIONALLY feed to 0/20 that game?
: banned before 1 year
You are free to create a new account to play this game again. Your banned account are gone. p.s. - nice name btw. I would not recommend using it when asking Rito for redemption
dattista (EUW)
: the shitstorm nb3 drama left behind
there is no such thing as picking a "wrong" champion as far as the rules go. can you clarify something? are they not going to their assigned lanes or are they simplying picking champions you dont want but still go to their assigned lanes? it makes a big difference...
: How do you report an ELO boosted account?
https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us go nuts
: There was once. An experiment of sorts, that I believe was deemed an overall failure. I didn't really follow it too much, but Riot chose a small number of people who were given a permanent ban quite some time ago access to their accounts, on the grounds that if they received *any* disciplinary action thereafter, they'd be re-banned. I know one guy was re-banned relatively quickly after that, and I know their experiment overall is largely avoided as a topic right now, so I'm assuming that it ended with disfavorable results.
Twice. They did the experiment twice. Technically 3 times if you want to arguably count the very old "challenge to 30" where the perma-banned players have to level a new account to 30 without getting any punishment and they will be given their perma-banned account back.
: > [{quoted}](name=S1ckAduCk,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Z79c982n,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-22T12:02:54.922+0000) > > Bro u 100% deserve ur bann id say maybe perma u spam the chat almost every game how do u even play when u type soooo much? And u told the guy “commit falling down stairs” thats perma material ryt there be glad u got 14 u are suuuuper toxic and abusive and im sure the enemy team also reported u for spamming all chat as well asking for reports and flaming ur teamates..... am sure even you would do that when ur top laner is 0/10 5 minutes in and stealing ur camps and flaming you
is 0/10 5 minutes in even possible? I suppose it could happen if an enemy is literally standing in your base and kill your top lane as soon as he spawn....
: I Don't Take Kindly to Threats
what is the discussion point/value of this thread if not a rant?
: exactly what if ur fighting in river as jg and bot is literally 2 sec roam away and does nothing but sit in lane? in gold elo thats a huge lack of map awareness, out of anger i used the word trash would you rather me of used a homo slur.. or threatened to kill the man? jolly gee we gotta get this guy callin people trash off teh rift before someone kills themselves... gimmie a break
you don't have to be either of those 2 choices. You can just not say anything. That's a choice that won't get you punished.
: funneling reported players into their own category in ranked
Just because you are reported for whatever reason does not mean those reports are valid. People will report other people for virtually any reason or no reason at all. Putting people in Prisoner's Island just because they were reported, but not verified is a terrible idea. It unfairly punished innocence people who just happened to get stomped in lane or having a bad game and get reported for "trolling" or "inting" and get put with real trollers/inters. Now the valid/verification part is important. If someone is verified to be trolling/inting, they will be hit with a 14-day ban on the first offense and perma on the 2nd offense. Why the need for Prisoner's Island if there is already a harsh punishment if the reports are verified? If the reports are not verified, that means they are innocence so why the need for Prison's Island if someone got falsely reported? Under your system, every time I want to play say MF support but the adc/team demand I play braum supp and threaten me with report of troll/grief/int the entire range, I either have to play whatever the hell they want or risk going to Prisoner's Island? Your idea gives the real trolls incredible power to punish innocence people with their unlimited reporting power.
: Just got permabanned - the best thing that could have happened to me
> 1)The game is designed and balanced around a strict metagame, however deviating from the metagame is considered acceptable, even though it's only done by trolls. People do get banned for not going to their assigned lane if reported enough times. If you play Blind Pick (which seems like you did), then there is no "assign lane" or "assigned role". People are allowed to play double/triple top, double jungle, abandon a whole lane completely to go 4 mid. That has always been the rules for **Blind Pick**. That's not Rito's fault. Rito already created the Draft mode where there are assigned lane and assigned roles and going outside of that will get you punished. It seems like this one is on you, not Rito, for playing Blind Pick and expects meta. > 2) Players are forced to continue playing un-fun, un-winnable, toxic games, which is why they end up expressing their frustration in the chat, instead of just walking away like they should be able to do. That's because other than the 2 trolls you described, there are also 2 other teammates who will be punished with a 4v5 by you leaving game. You don't get to fight toxic with your own toxicity (going afk is very toxic). And to be completely honest, those 2 double junglers are not trolls by official definition. They purposely played BLIND PICK in other to play such off-meta strategy. They are allowed to because there are no assigned lane/role in Blind Pick. There are no enforced meta in Blind. When you go into Blind Pick, be prepared for such things to happen without people purposely trolling. Go play Draft if you want meta. > 3) This game came out in 2009, and riot STILL has not come up with a solution to the dumb "calling positions" method of getting the position you want. Everyone knows this system is stupid, broken and unfair, and breeds toxicity in itself. Often times this causes players to become toxic before the game even starts, which is a recipe for disaster. Of course everyone knows to steer clear of BLIND PICK. Rito already did came up with a solution to Blind Pick. It's called Draft. Again, this one is on you, not Rito, for going Blind Pick. TeamBuilder and the current version of Draft (a.k.a. "the solution") had been out for years (3 or 4?) now.
: > [{quoted}](name=zPOOPz,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=p6A2UypH,comment-id=000700000000,timestamp=2019-06-20T05:56:52.983+0000) > > It is not a temporary increase. Why go through the extra step of giving toxic players more free time to ruin games for people just to remove them afterward? Why not remove them after the 14-day? You think the temporary increase is based on...faith? Rito based it on reality, cold hard data... It would be a temporary increase as they filter out who goes. I base it off logic, not faith.
Meanwhile, games are being ruined because of this extra chance before Rito system can catch up to them. As have been said so many times in this thread, Rito already did this. They find your logic (e.g. the increase in game play toxicity, be it temporary or otherwise) to be very unacceptable. That's why they stopped the infinitely scaling chat restriction system. You're not really bringing anything new to the table that would change Rito's mind. If this is a fresh new idea, maybe Rito will consider it, maybe not. But not only did they already considered it years ago, they've already implemented it and found it to be a very bad idea. What exactly are you bringing to the table that hasn't been done in the past to make Rito thinks they should try again?
: > [{quoted}](name=zPOOPz,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=p6A2UypH,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-06-20T02:11:08.433+0000) > Besides, why should every single team you'll play with be punished with a teammate who cannot is not allowed to even type a simple "yes" or "no" to "can you first pick Aatrox?" or a teammate who is not allowed to even answer the simple question of "does mid have summ?" (if you pinged your opposing laner summ, is that a yes or no? Are we going to have to go with Morse Code because you can no longer chat?) Why should 4 innocence people be punished with a handicapped teammate? Great questions, they can always implement a quick chat for muted players. And in-game the ping system covers almost any response if you think about it. Character+missing enemy = MIA, though Riot should implement a click option on the "?" in tab section next to each champ to signal that specific champ is missing.. On the way is there, danger is there twice, enemy vision is there, asking for help is there, ult/summoner calls are there. I don't see much missing, as Riot support told me the chat is supposed to be there for a strategic function.. > Why should playerbase suffer an increase in trolling, griefing, inting, afk-ing due to perma chat ban? It's not a hypothetical question. Rito has done it. Rito knows exactly that will happen. If there is an increase it'd be a temporary increase, to remove the players who want to continue to break rules and cause havoc other ways.
> If there is an increase it'd be a temporary increase, to remove the players who want to continue to break rules and cause havoc other ways. It is not a temporary increase. Why go through the extra step of giving toxic players more free time to ruin games for people just to remove them afterward? Why not remove them after the 14-day? You think the temporary increase is based on...faith? Rito based it on reality, cold hard data...
: > [{quoted}](name=Hotarµ,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=p6A2UypH,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-06-20T02:40:55.599+0000) > >most people just see this as you giving toxic players one more chance on top of the four they already receive. You aren't wrong, but a last straw wouldn't hurt for those who can handle it if they have reason and history. Just look at tyler, banned for inting and toxic 24/7, yet Riot unbans him because of the damage it caused them. Dunkey as well, quit right after the League explosion ended, he was suspended for toxic language, which he later dug a deeper hole a year later.. and I imagine that hurt Riot some as he was their #1 promoter for some years amassing 2 million subs ((at the time) he now stands at 5 million) from I believe 400k(?) subs within around 2 years off his League videos. >You might be the exception to the rule but a majority of players will find a way to be toxic even while restricted from using in-game chat. And I hope Riot would see me that way as I continuously have spent a large sum over the years and constantly stayed active. >Overall, it's just not worth it for Riot to implement this system since it'll only benefit a few people out of the hundreds of thousands who get that far in the punishment tiers. And maybe Riot allowing those select few will be a good business and player-base decision. If it doesn't work out for them, that's that.
I was wondering when the t1 going to come out. He was banned as a person, an ID ban, a type of ban that's only a very very few people (you can literally count with your fingers) in the history of League to ever receive. It is one step above perma ban in that you are not even allowed to create new account as a player. It is also the type of ban that's not really feasible to enforce unless you are a stream and Rito can somewhat easily identify which account you are playing on. Rito unban his "ID ban", none of his banned accounts were unbanned. Care to explain what kind of damage t1 ID ban caused Rito? > And maybe Riot allowing those select few will be a good business and player-base decision. If it doesn't work out for them, that's that. Rito also did this already....TWICE. They selectively unbanned perma banned account back to their original owners and gave them a second chance (all in all...the 5th chance?) at League. The first unbanning experiment ended in a disaster with majority of the unbanned account returned to their toxic ways and got perma banned a second time. We're not sure about the status of the 2nd experiment, but I assume it did not go well either since Rito hasn't announced any good news about it or looking like they want to expand that experiment. So yeah...Rito did allowed those select few to be unbanned. They were still toxic. It didn't work out for them. So....that's that as far as faith in the "exceptional few".
: Rules Change Suggestion
Just no. People who cannot chat will inevitably find other ways to "communicate" their displeasure such as trolling, inting, afk-ing. We've already been down this perma chat restriction non-sense. We know what will happen. And the last time Rito tried this, it was a scaling chat RESTRICTION to basically infinite. People troll instead even though they are still allowed some messages at certain point in time. Perma chat BAN would make it even worse. We don't need to go down this road again. If you cannot stop flaming after 3 (1 if ZT) punishment, perma chat ban will just make you "flame" in other much worse ways. Besides, why should every single team you'll play with be punished with a teammate who cannot is not allowed to even type a simple "yes" or "no" to "can you first pick Aatrox?" or a teammate who is not allowed to even answer the simple question of "does mid have summ?" (if you pinged your opposing laner summ, is that a yes or no? Are we going to have to go with Morse Code because you can no longer chat?) Why should 4 innocence people be punished with a handicapped teammate? Why should playerbase suffer an increase in trolling, griefing, inting, afk-ing due to perma chat ban? It's not a hypothetical question. Rito has done it. Rito knows exactly that will happen.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zardo,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=IapEAgpI,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-06-18T23:55:03.187+0000) > > Not positive? Sure. Should it be bannable? IMO no. But Riot punishes for negative chat (according to the wishes of the vast majority of the playerbase), so the ban makes perfect sense.
That and this missing Game 2 log
: How do I know if a certain account has had bans or not?
does the account originally created by you or is it given/gitfted/bought?
: Game 1 In-Game FedZedBread: no feed please FedZedBread: stop FedZedBread: please FedZedBread: stop FedZedBread: i played a 56 minute game FedZedBread: to lose FedZedBread: last game FedZedBread: care FedZedBread: oh my god FedZedBread: stop FedZedBread: noobs FedZedBread: stop please FedZedBread: stop man FedZedBread: wtf FedZedBread: omg FedZedBread: stfu FedZedBread: im trying to focus FedZedBread: because FedZedBread: my jungler FedZedBread: is afk FedZedBread: omfg FedZedBread: muted FedZedBread: omg FedZedBread: gank him FedZedBread: wtf FedZedBread: wow FedZedBread: u suck FedZedBread: what? FedZedBread: omg team FedZedBread: wtf FedZedBread: come FedZedBread: we lost mid lane turret FedZedBread: rip FedZedBread: ff FedZedBread: noobs FedZedBread: sigh FedZedBread: nice ks FedZedBread: reported FedZedBread: this kass FedZedBread: lol FedZedBread: reportd FedZedBread: why do u type like that FedZedBread: is ur caps lock broken FedZedBread: do it FedZedBread: i can reporot FedZedBread: its easy FedZedBread: this team FedZedBread: sigh FedZedBread: this kass FedZedBread: stop typng to me FedZedBread: ure muted FedZedBread: not anymore FedZedBread: cool FedZedBread: report eve FedZedBread: please FedZedBread: ty FedZedBread: i muted u FedZedBread: why are u typing FedZedBread: sih FedZedBread: sigh FedZedBread: 3 mid team afk farming jungle FedZedBread: :/ FedZedBread: sigh FedZedBread: im gonna lose another 1 FedZedBread: eve dies 7 times FedZedBread: lol FedZedBread: ye but it has only been 4v1s FedZedBread: when i die FedZedBread: i have 21 FedZedBread: prob not FedZedBread: i take algebra 1 FedZedBread: no FedZedBread: im 7th grader FedZedBread: oh my god FedZedBread: this team FedZedBread: reported all FedZedBread: afk FedZedBread: please help drag FedZedBread: drag FedZedBread: drag FedZedBread: nvm im lagging FedZedBread: cant FedZedBread: lagging FedZedBread: ez FedZedBread: ff FedZedBread: can we please do FedZedBread: burn buff FedZedBread: and end FedZedBread: ? FedZedBread: okay FedZedBread: dnt tlet them b FedZedBread: dont let them b FedZedBread: im pushing FedZedBread: dont let them b FedZedBread: lucky FedZedBread: help FedZedBread: team FedZedBread: ??? FedZedBread: its on mobafirre lol FedZedBread: after this patch ohmwreckr is op FedZedBread: cant FedZedBread: my youmuus is down right now FedZedBread: later FedZedBread: drag FedZedBread: they are mid FedZedBread: ur base FedZedBread: ur base FedZedBread: easy FedZedBread: in 40 seconds FedZedBread: ill be otw FedZedBread: good kill drake FedZedBread: glad they didnt steal it FedZedBread: B) FedZedBread: stop typing FedZedBread: and play FedZedBread: its been 30 minutes FedZedBread: they scale hard FedZedBread: their team FedZedBread: im dying FedZedBread: heal me FedZedBread: heal FedZedBread: heal FedZedBread: heal FedZedBread: ok FedZedBread: im afk FedZedBread: u cant 2v2 FedZedBread: veigar fed FedZedBread: nevermind FedZedBread: ggez FedZedBread: end FedZedBread: end FedZedBread: end FedZedBread: end FedZedBread: open mid FedZedBread: team trolling/toxic FedZedBread: u already broke it FedZedBread: u mean the fountain? FedZedBread: idiot FedZedBread: ggez Post-Game FedZedBread: veigar u were good early FedZedBread: but i stomped end game FedZedBread: gg
sooo.....where is this alledged BOT game chat log?
kurdt911 (EUW)
: There no reason anymore to complain abount situation with NB3 and Nubrac
Good. As long as we stop hearing all the bitching and whining, don't care what the reason is. If you hate the company so much, just quit. This is a free to play, free to uninstall game.
: Ah good, now 4-man premades can be even more toxic and undesirable.
to be fair, he titled it "in ranked". 4-man premade abuse is not possible.
: what if you could veto a champion pick in ranked
so teams essentially get 6 bans?
: When they refuse the fact that they did something wrong and can't be helped, they deserve flamed.
> they deserve flamed. and this is why you got reported and eventually losing your account if you keep up that attitude. No one deserves flame, at last according to Rtio's rules. Hindsight is 20/20. You are in same mmr as the jinx. Perhaps she thought it was a good call at the time.
: I deserve an apology.
Where are these chat logs we're supposed to read?
: I believe r%%%%% is not a Zero Tolerance word
I've been told it is not a ZT in-game. It is only censored on the board because the mods chose to make it so. Rito, on the other hand, considers it normal flame.
: 14 days ban for talking with premade in another language
Did you used hate speech or racial slur in that log?
: Gift skin not received
This is not a Player Behavior issue. You and your friend should submit a support ticket to get it fixed. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us
: You're Not Entitled to Your Hovered Champion
: ***
You don't need to call anyone trash or dumb or useless to get punished. One of the report option is negative attitude and you've shown plenty in this chatlog. Hell, almost your entire chatlog is negative attitude. It makes for a very unenjoyable gaming experience for your other 2 teammates who were not involved in your pissing contest and just because someone flames you does not give you the right to bitch back at them. You mute and you report them and they will be the one making this thread, not you.
: I got banned from this
You got perma-banned because you previously got 14-day banned due to toxicity and this very negative game. If someone is insulting you, then mute them. There is no reason to take any insult past the first one because mute exists and so too is report option. Mute and report are not mutually exclusive by the way. 90%+ of your chatlog is focused on complaining, flaming, and arguing with the jhin. I don't see a single line where your chat is useful. > God Angol: hope you lose your skins jhin you can diss it, but you can't take it?
BadboyUG (EUW)
: Give an example of a false report. Isn't a report simply a report?
Go into your next game and report all 9 players regardless of what they do. That is an example of false reports. A report by itself does not get anyone punished. There is a review step in between report and punishment. If the review turns out the person who got reported (or those 9 people you reported) did not violate any rules, your report will be deem invalid and nothing will happen. This is not dota 2. Report does not mean automatic punishment where the limitation of reports one can send is a factor to consider. Report = review = punishment. If any of the step is false, then the whole thing is false and nothing will happen.
: Nobody is gonna stop a 20 min queue with 1 min left if they need to take a dump. I think there needs a pause button for queues just in case something last minute happens during queue.
Seems like a personal problem. If nature calls, you'll have to sit for another 20 minutes LPQ then. As I noted, 9 * a lot of games where people have to sit through 20+ minutes of very unfun 4v5 game because you afk A LOT. Why should LPQ be convenience for you and not for those people?
: Option to pause leaverbuster queue
It is supposed to be a punishment. If you got to 20 minutes LPQ, you would had to afk a lot in your leniency games. Then get 5 minutes LPQ off of it. Then afk a few more times. Then get 10 minutes LPQ. Then afk even more times. Then finally arrive at 20 minutes LPQ. That's a lot of games you ruined, intentional or unintentional. Rito is not going to make it barely a convenience for you. Where's the justice for other players who lost their time and LP because of you (you being the general discussion term)? afk is already being punished with less severity than flamer/troll/inter/etc. as it is due to the nature of potential unavoidable emergencies and the lack of methods to differentiate between an intentional and unintentional afk just from player disconnecting from the game. You want to make afk punishment to mean even less severe than someone who runs it down mid or mouthing off to their teammates?
: I'm sure a small minority of players will be affected by that. I believe if 4 individuals do not want to play with you on their team they should have the right to vote you off of it.
ummm nooo....they should not. It creates an environment where players are afraid to even try anything new or fun. This is how the game gets stale.
: if player a is bronze and player b is plat and they are playing together, technically player b is elo boosting it doesn't just refer to what you stated
if player a is bronze and player b is plat, it is not possible for them to play together because you cannot duo ranked with someone 2+ tiers above or below you. if player a is bronze and player b account is bronze or unranked, then they are not elo boosting (as per Rito definition) so long as both players are original owners of their individual accounts even if one of the account is a smurf because smurfing is not against the rules and neither is duo queue ranked. Elo boosting as defined by Rito is player a log in and play ranked using player b's account (also classified under perma-bannable account sharing rule). Duo queue ranked (not against the rules) using a smurf (also not against the rules) with someone in your friend list is not defined as elo boosting by Rito.
LtAdrian (EUNE)
: that 3 letter word isnt a homophobic word so idk
well, unless you purposely typed 3 literal %'s for some reason, that 3 letter word is some kind of ZT
LtAdrian (EUNE)
: Griefing Master Yi and trolling autofill and i still get perma banned for being tilted
Since you know why you got punished, there's no point going into that unless you want me to. To answer your question, nothing can be done about this. This punishment is not an error and Rito does not reduce or reverse a punishment that is not issue in error, especially with the 3-letter word %%% in there I'm assuming is one of those Zero Tolerance word.
Kemdi (NA)
: Intentional Feeder Doesn't get Banned and the Victim Does. Great game.
> He refused to leave bot lane and kept suiciding by shoving into bottom tier 2 turret. Did the enemies forgot to capitalize on his suiciding into bottom tier 2 turret? Death map tells a different story. Also, where are Game 1 and Game 3? All the games contributed to your punishment, not just this Game 2. Yes, badgering your teammates, calling him inting, mentally disabled are perfect evidence for what contributed to your punishment.
: i just got a 14 day ban because all i did was not only focus bot lane.
How do players like this have the authority to ban you?
: Good to know you both treat this board as a joke, how about actually contributing to the discussion? Riot supporting tyler1 and inviting him out to the NA LCS finals really shows riot's stance on toxicity. If you make them enough money it's fine, if not it's a ban.
: We could play Player Behavior Bingo with this entire post.
Lock On (NA)
: ***
doesn't sound like you want a civil discussion. good luck with the thread.
Lock On (NA)
: Your **Punishment System** is a fucking joke
You are right. Tribunal was a joke. That's why it was discontinued more than 4 years ago. What year are you playing in again?
: Reason of "moderation"
so everyone else should learn to tolerate the toxic player, but the toxic player does not need to learn some self control? What's the word for it...? hmm..... entitlement!
: Getting mad a valid reason for a chat restriction
I'm assuming you are asking the board for their opinions on whether or not this is toxic. You should not cherry pick quotes yourself if you want any meaningful discussion. You should post your COMPLETE, UNEDITED chat logs of every games included in your card. There may be things you missed and discussing only your cherry picked quotes would probably not help you much.
Xelithras (EUW)
: harsher punishment for afking
https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4045280328/23129751?tab=overview Is this a bug or you got mad and left? https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4054092647/23129751?tab=overview What about this one? https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4053445790/23129751?tab=overview https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4053406542/23129751?tab=overview https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4048238592/23129751?tab=overview https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4047801683/23129751?tab=overview https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4046241748/23129751?tab=overview https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4046152225/23129751?tab=overview Yeah dude, having afk SUCK! Especially when you look at the EXP over time graph and there are 4+ minutes span where you gained 0 exp. https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4044999761/23129751?tab=overview This is a fun one. afk at 4 minutes after 1 death and this game lasted 26.5 minutes. Must be a really big bug.
: Hippe Game Get rid of Chat Already enough with the free love stuff
: Riot needs to be harsher on AFK players
LeaveBuster does not required ANY report to work. You get hit with LeaveBuster as soon as you afk for more than 5 minutes before anyone even have a chance to report you post game. Reporting post game then would do nothing because the person already got hit with LeaveBuster. If 4+ reports would trigger a manual review, you will see a lot more "report xxx ty" being spammed in chat. It would leads to a negative environment and at worst, get other people punished for report calling. If you want someone manually reviewed, you can already send in a support ticket detailing what happened and call attention to the chat where they said they will intentionally afk. Why create a new redundant system that likely ends in negative "report xxx" chat that potentially gets other people punished for something that required 0 report to work? https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us is here if you want someone manually reviewed without needed 4+ reports. You CANNOT visually see Low Priority Queue from someone's match history. It goes without saying that if you stalk his account for a week, you will be able to detect nothing from it and he would still be playing because LB's highest punishment is 20 minutes LPQ. It does not mean he did not get punished for it though, but you will never know it because LB never send feedback notice and it is not possible to know if someone got LPQ.
: Lock in Lee Sin and you won't have to deal with chat anymore ;)
is that a blind joke? {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Hey Dev Crew
First of all, Rito very rarely participate in this sub-board so the chance of you getting a response on official Rito-er is nill. Your best chance is to make your plea to support. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us As for discussion points, if your account got banned 1.5 years ago, that was well after the inception of the IFS and the 4-tier (2-tier for ZT) punishment ladder we have today. I'm not sure what you based your theory of that period when Rito is more zealous on punishing people. I'd like to see your proof or logic on that one. What got you banned 1.5 years ago by the IFS will get you banned today. Nothing has changed. You had your 4 chances (2 with ZT). Why should you be given even more chances now? Just because you spent so much on the account in term of time and money? It would devalued the weight of a permanent ban. You have your current account now. Rito is allowing you to keep it. That is your rehabilitation and reformation.
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