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Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: I recommend you to send a ticket to riot support They may be able to fix your issue
: Riot is unlikely to be ABLE to fix the game or want to set aside the resources to fix quite a few of their bugs. They probably have a list of 500 bugs in this game, and probably 100 of those are over 3 years old so... It really doesn't feel like bug fixes are a priority for Riot in any degree.
that's a very fair point. I just assumed if enough people are dealing with an issues that literally cause them to lose a game and have a dodge timer they would get to it faster than the kayle rework vfx. but then again kayle skins.
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: Black screen on champ select launch
me too. anyone find fix for this?
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: I'm really tired of how girls are treated in league
considering women are better at multitasking and split second decision making id say that if the ratio of men to women in league were even remotely similar youd be flaming them for being bad. I hope you can take some solace in the fact that im a man and you are admittedly loads better at the game than I am.


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