Kei143 (NA)
: From which era did truck-kun hit Ezreal and which era did he get sent to?
Depends on the skin. I would think that dimensional travel would be policed by Caitlin, and ez is literally just an unwilling isekai protagonist running through dimensions trying to get home.
Ryúga (EUW)
: Anivia isnt a lategame champion, also she's decent there. Also, good players don't find it too hard to punish those champions, so maybe the problem isnt these champs but you and other's, that can't shut them down
Not everyone is high elo. The reason yi and nasus are almost never seen in pro is also the reason they have a stupidity high win rate in iron/bronze. Kit=easy + scaling. For the mages from mid waveclear + decent scaling. And vayne is vayne and actually requires some decent level of skill to play. Less said about vayne the better.
: y thats what i think as well i dont rly want to get 2hit by every single ADC every fucking game currently they need like 3-4 AA to kill someone :O ThAtS sO wEaK! bEtTeR bUfF AdC! tHeY nEeD tO oNeShOt EvErYtHiNg! *buuuh huuu* i FeEl SoOoO wEaK! i think quitting before the ADC buff come is the right move tbh ...
I think adc is a fairly balanced role atm. They get one shot by tanks and do little damage until 25+minutes (except draven) seems balanced to me.


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