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: School's out and so are the epic gamers.
Pretty much this. School's out. Get ready for more feeding and tiltings.
guiiesn (NA)
: Banned for 3rd party? But...huh?
Do you have that custom skins program? That program is banned now.
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Maleke (NA)
: Can we have a way to avoid jerks/trolls even starting in select?
The only thing to do is to dodge the game. If you still choose to continue, then take a snap shot of the champ select chat, and then send a ticket if the player actually trolls or feeds.
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: I was Incorrectly banned for Elo Boosting. What do I do???
I see that you often duo with another person. That may be it. It could have been that you lost too many games with that player and people reported you for boosting.
bokimane (NA)
: Just played a game with Morg Top Trolling and went bot after 1 death, a Swain that DC'd becaus of it
I would send a ticket to support. There's a category for reporting trolls,feeders, and other unsportsmanlike behavior. Link them THAT game history.
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: Why is Lane Stealing Never Punished
You can Take a screen shot. There's a default hotkey for it. It should be the "print screen " button. Paste the pic to the and send in a ticket along with the pic to support.
imsadok (NA)
: Why are people bullying me?
were you playing ranked while testing your new champ?
gostak (EUNE)
: someone help me i just need answer not verbal abuse please.
Both the graphics card and APU suck. I think the APU has the power equal to an old i3. What computer/ laptop is this from? I think the only game it can run is runescape, maybe.
: Playing with new or bad players and being unable to do anything
As a support, i know that i should not try and take cs from my adc. Pro players know it. The only reason i would try and take any cs is if i get relic shield. I can give a couple AA to the minions to speed things up but not try to last hit it. Why are you people shitting on this guy? This community is too damn toxic.
: I work my ass off for 12 hours a day just to play one or two games of this.
Send a ticket with the game history. Shit like this won't get picked up by the system, so a human must review it. Shit like that is why i hate playing with duos in solo queue.
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jaypiff (NA)
: the best advice i can give, if you can stomach playing support it was easier for me to brush off the losses and you can always get fed as a sup or get carried. there are good teams out there too. I was just having a hard time with this feeling, and sort of still am. but i am trying to understand I can definitely get better as well.
i do play supp. it's what i usually main, that and JG.
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: But YOU are the feeder. You consistently have the worst score on the team. You won't stop getting feeders in your games because you are in all of your own games.
My objective is not to take kills idiot. I play support and some jg. Of course I have the lowest scores.
: Have you tried not going 1/14? That might help
I've tried, but feeders on my team will feed and the other people will die a lot.
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Ulanopo (NA)
bring this back.
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: just hard carry them.
not matter how hard i try there's always one or two players that throw the game for the rest of us :(
Eunson (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=zafey,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=whQiNerW,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-07T01:23:29.340+0000) > > I just keep getting placed with a bunch of newbs. You're in Silver V, of course you'll get newbs, that's what this elo is.
i was in S4 but then my losing streak started to kick in. :(
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Ulanopo (NA)
we need death timestamps. It's hard to tell who's dying and how often.
Ulanopo (NA)
is it possible for us to see death time stamps? it would be helpful. also, this is why you don't play with a toaster.
Ulanopo (NA)
we need more info on about the chat log like if it's ranked or unranked, and what game mode. Is it possible for us to see the time stamp when people die? also, can we have a multiple choice on who we can pick that was negative? It seemed like cait support was kind of a troll pick . one more thing, if it's possible, can we know what roll was called for each player?
: What's the problem? His Q gives more movement speed, juggle between the 2. Afaik you can turn both off whenever you want.
if you're too close to the enemy, you'll just knock them back a little and won't be able to escape. most of the time when someone uses W it's useless to escape with Q because like I said above. you're in range of that knock-back.
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: Upcoming Kindred changes, looking for feedback!
could you do something about the JG marks, please? I can't really obtain the marks when they only spawn in the enemy JG. I could get them from enemy champs, but then my teammates get toxic and rant that i kill steal them. The only time I can actually get marks was when the enemy jungler didn't know what kindred's marks are for, so maybe make one spawn in my JG every now and then?
: has this happened to anyone??? help !!
I was having trouble with this too. The background client pops up when the in-game client is in use. like the guy said, I closed the window that forcefully pops open and then click on my game window. after that, everything was o.k.
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: It took you a year and a half to climb to silver? I placed bronze 3 this season and climbed to silver 4 in just 3 months lol.
I don't play all day and everyday. I went from b5 to s5 in a few months. I tried last season but i only got to B1. I was placed at B5 in this season.
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Light Up (NA)
: Blocking Another Player
I found a way. after the game has ended and you are taken to the stats page, right click on the champion icon of the player you wish to block and a droplist will appear where it say "block player".
: L4 anyone to climb with. I need someone to climb out of bronze with
don't listen to this guy ^ look at his profile. His posts are troll. If it is true that he climbed to gold in less than a week than clearly he has no life. something's wrong with his life.
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zafey (NA)
: i can't seem to move up due to people afk'ing feeding.
pretty much. Riot can see my reports. there a few games in there where the player didn't know how to play. pretty much fed early game and gained kills later on, but since the player fed like 3 kills in a span of 8 min it was too late to catch up. last 5 recent games I played as: twitch (normal) : lost because janna afked before we got to the ten min. mark Sona: Lost because the riven fed nasus and afk'ed. ramm:Lost because that gnar (top lane )fed darius because he was a dumbass that kept diving in. Twitch: I won that normal game but not sure how. i played like shiit and was lagging everywhere. and then i played as sona : I lost because of our ADC (MF) afk'ed for like 10 min. She came back but it was too late.
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: Newly Saved Item Sets Aren't Showing up in Legacy Client
open the legacy client in admin mode?
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