: I feel for ya. You won't get a lot of sympathy from the people on these boards, who, when they post, like to act as though sarcasm or jokes do not exist in this world. Hang in there, and probably start a new account just as a precaution, and play a game on it occasionally, building it up from time to time. Once you start getting these automated punishments, things can escalate quickly, and if you won't get off for this, you definitely won't get a permaban overturned on these grounds. The best advice I can give you is to forget league of legends and find a source of enjoyment far away from here...but I'd be giving advice that I myself haven't lived up to. Good luck out there.
Thanks man i appreciate ive been starting to read more and get outside xd (joke). This league of legends is complete bullshit they wont punish the right players who are trash human beings who think its okay to troll and punish people who are just trying to play the damn game lol. Ive gotta be honest i had this account since season 4 I think and this game has evolved into this panzy of a game i cant even say shut up to someone without getting anyone get butt hurt. Fortunately, I have 3 more accounts I could use I'm just trying to get this account to gold for now with its decent mmr. I dont like this game where i cant make a somewhat offensive joke like ''are you gay'' xd???(joke btw)'' and still get reported got chat restricted like this on my other account lmao. Anyways, again I do not like how league turned out to be honest after playing it for so long this game just turned into a shit fest where i cant say anything like a feminist rally. Well enough about me ranting thanks for your advice you rly dont deserve those downvotes for trying to help. These degens would do anything to people who go against their opinion (joke) lmao if i didnt put that i wouldve probably got flamed. I wrote this in about 2 mins sorry for any grammar mistakes <3
rujitra (NA)
: You continually harassed/flamed Tristana. It does not matter what her or anyone else was doing. Your punishment is based on your behavior.
tf how did I harass her i was literally saying what she said to me which was 4x the stuff i was saying
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