CLG ear (NA)
: A hula hoop doesn't seem like that effective of a weapon
Blade hoop was a fun weapon when they added it into soul calibur. Plus a bunch of characters are using water balloons, squirt guns, and even food as a weapon. I think a magical hola hoop is perfectly fine as a weapon.
: What champion mechanics do you find to be annoying to deal with?
CLG ear (NA)
: At work we have a pool going on to see who gets the throne in Game of Thrones and who dies
Its gonna go full Narnia! Turns out everyone actually died in a train crash.
Anaphiel (NA)
: Volatility and League: Why does playing league feel like a coinflip?
Short answer is they sped up the game so much that it's too hard to come back. 40 minute games may have been long but there was a chance for comeback if the enemy didnt close the game out.
MarcReady (EUW)
: Please, do not revert Zac ult
The old.ult was actually more skill intensive and used more thought as to when and how to use it. It was a chase tool, a better engage tool, a disengage tool, a healing tool in fights, and it was a better peel tool to save teammates. It was unpredictable for enemies and allowed for aggresive get in and disrupt the enemy. It also wasn't hard countered by just spreading out a little bit making it a glorified long CD blitz hook. Old ult was better and Zac never needed an ult change.
Ishawnn (NA)
: Guys PLEASE vote for Volibear
He needed work even back when he was released.
Neamean (NA)
: Don't waste your vote on Mundo
I know it's a joke thread but I didn't vote for mundo for one simple reason. Riot won't let Mundo's play theme be good. They don't him go where he pleases anymore and that's just not ok!.
: Riven wastes her damage by gapclosing and then becomes a melee version of a gimp adc
Also add a % HP true damage to her autos Oh oh also at lvl 6 let her straight execute opponents below 75% hp with her q. She should also start the game with the ability to fully build a full item of her choice to...
: Annual Reminder: There is STILL no old-ass grandma champion
There was gonna be one early on in the game but sadly Warwick pulled the ol red riding hood.
: (Skin Idea) Car Salesman Illaoi
This skin idea has been brought up multiple times since the creation of illaoi. The fact that they haven't made it yet is insane imo.
94372148 (NA)
: %HP true damage shouldn't exist, change my mind.
It is ok when it is implemented in a certain way. Like a short range small % over time that you can just move away from. Or if it is on an item that results in giving up power in items in order to counter build a problem on an opposing team. The problem is when they saturate the game with too many sources of it or make too many large % hits that are hard to avoid. It has a place when limited and done within reason. Too bad it went well beyond that point a long time ago.
: Riot games is worse than EA since they got saved by apex legends
Apex doesn't really dismiss the problems at EA. If anything it serves to highlight the quality of product EA could have been producing all along and has chosen, actively chosen, not to in all these years. Tbh it is only a matter of time before someone at EA says "how do we turn apex into FIFA?"
: > [{quoted}](name=zlumpy,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=UQQJjGd0,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-02-28T20:53:36.449+0000) > > Just a very split preferance base. > > Hat they should do is take the top theme winner apply it to trist. Then take the two concepts that lose and apply them to characters with a lack of skins. I bet people would be pleasantly surprised by a space themed stain or a demon themed ornn. Who is stain???
The result of my phones auto correct looks like. Also a character in my hero acadamia.
: > [{quoted}](name=zlumpy,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=UQQJjGd0,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-02-28T20:53:36.449+0000) > > Just a very split preferance base. > > Hat they should do is take the top theme winner apply it to trist. Then take the two concepts that lose and apply them to characters with a lack of skins. I bet people would be pleasantly surprised by a space themed stain or a demon themed ornn. No, I am a Tristana main and I want a demon/space theme for MY champion, not see it handed off to someone else.
Well I voted galactic space skin so did the best I could to help you.
: A very problematic situation with the Tristana voting skinline (maybe a rioter can add their thought
Just a very split preferance base. Hat they should do is take the top theme winner apply it to trist. Then take the two concepts that lose and apply them to characters with a lack of skins. I bet people would be pleasantly surprised by a space themed skin or a demon themed ornn.
: > [{quoted}](name=zlumpy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=p5W3UnNh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-28T18:26:03.614+0000) > > I mean I hate riven also but she isnt really a low skill champ. If anything she is a higher than average skill ceiling champ. Pretty easy to tell when someone plays her randomly and someone knows the in and outs of her kit. I see the Riven tools have come to defend their champion.
94372148 (NA)
: Make the game better and absolutely DUMPSTER the low skill champion Riven.
I mean I hate riven also but she isnt really a low skill champ. If anything she is a higher than average skill ceiling champ. Pretty easy to tell when someone plays her randomly and someone knows the in and outs of her kit.
Better option: make the vote a 3 way tie so the community gets all 3! Everybody wins:D
: Stop Skillshot Reworking.
Targeted cc is the natural counter to mobility. By removing more sure fire cc they just exacerbate the mobility issues in the game.
Too bad we will be getting sugar rush. The galactic gunner looks so cool as a goblin like character. Plus any range attack that's a laser is win in my book.
Moody P (NA)
: What could Malphite be?
The king of the earth elementals. Then they can do a whole elemental themed champ set. They dont even have to return con stories they can just say beings with elemental affinities built up factions of elementals and the build up caused an elemental nation to form out in the ocean or something. I mean if we have literal gods running around this sounds easy enough to implement.
: > [{quoted}](name=zlumpy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HiRLhPEB,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-27T20:17:13.121+0000) > > At this point start over. Make a new game. And don't put flash in the game! I've only scraped the surfaces of things, these changes would keep the game core and just adjust the face
The whole game is just too over the top with things that need change. Pair that with there being people that like the current version and there isnt really a way to win with reworking current league. Too many things have been cut from the game or made pointless. The ever constant trend of making overloaded kits on champs that force old champs to need their own overloaded reworks. Constantly reducing the effect of targeted cc but leaving targeted damage as is (death is the strongest cc). Removal of items because they add too much utility for higher end play or because they dont want people building them at all (gimme back my runic bulwark!) The current game just won't let people who liked the old way enjoy the game. That and flash was admitted by the devs early on that it was a bad idea from balance and design perspective. Imo the best option people who really enjoyed the way things used to be in the long long ago is to hope riot just makes a new game using those mechanics and lessons learned. Then hope they focus on fun gameplay of the general playerbase and not the .1% that makes up the esport crowd. Long story short there is just too much to change that will also infuriate fans of the current play style.
: Ideas on how to fix it... all of it
At this point start over. Make a new game. And don't put flash in the game!
: Kayle + why true damage is a good thing
Flat true is fine and always has been. As far as counter playing true damage the issue is some characters are just as good at mitigating the counter play options available. Vayne is the perfect example of that issue. Kayle meanwhile cant reposition herself and an enemy, drop target ability multiple times, or become a pentakill chase down machine. True damage done right is fine and never was co.plained about. It's when % true damage is a thing that's it is a problem. I mean did anyone ever care back on OG Irelia when she activated her auto attack buff for bonus true dmg and some healing? Nope because it wasnt over the top.
CoraloDy (NA)
: Is Overgrowth supposed to be bad? 300 minions/monsters only = 112.5 HP + 2.5% MaxHP increase?
: Can we corale mages out of the support position
All the comments about supports being the most boring are weird. Support was always my favorite role in the game when I played. The problem was every time supports had good utility or items that allowed macro play everyone else complained and got them removed. Supports are boring now because they have had every advantage and fun aspect pruned away due to pro play balance and people complaining about something preventing them from kill farming.
: I'm not OP but the only thing that upsets me about his q is the fact that casting it 3x in lane = oom. Feels so bad
Yeah that's a hold over from before. Used to be able to offset his mana consumption early with runes or items. I even used to run Clarity on him for a poke lane before they took that away from me :(
: Can someone tell me why Malphite has never been a priority in terms of rework ?
At one point he did get an actual visual update. Current skin is more detailed compared to his original visuals. Also just to clarify about the q are you upset it's a targeted skill still?
: Ashe support and why people hate it
Support is a state of mind and a play style. Just like with anything it can have good and bad matchups. People get so used to not having to think that too many things dont get played enough. Also this mentality people have is part of why supports get nerfed if they ever go to another lane like Ali top.
: Can we bring back tanks? Simple suggestions please guys!
Add about 50 health back onto tank items and maybe make a tank item that says reduce the true damage by 25%. The only problem I could see with the item would be maybe a super fed cho.
Clαps (EUW)
: 1% CRIT CHANCE (only old school players will understand)
That's how I learned so many champs had special crit animations on their auto attacks.
Emo Twink (OCE)
: Can Yasuo Get Some Removals like Irelia/Akali?
Give him a new passive and make him a mana user. Not being able to spam his whole kit wonders for balancing him.
: I know mobility is a sensitive topic, but...
Should make a boot change that gives a bonus to champions without a dash or tele move. Something like Add "X" move speed then if the character performs a coded dash/jump to move it just removes the buff from the boots for 60 seconds so that those characters just dont have access to it while characters that just wanna go faster and have no dash jump moves get full benefit.
AmBraum (NA)
: Dark Harvest balance in aram
Just take the specialty pages out imo. Its urf mode why do people need any additional passive bonuses anyway?
Yenn (NA)
: Watching Rengar 100 to 0 my ADC in 0.2 seconds, before my abilities even reach him, feels amazing
Havent played in forever but I wanted to login for the fun of it. So I remember back in the day when rengar had a targeted shorter range bola and that much better heal he was actually a lot healthier because it was harder to delete people. Why cant we just go back to that and let him be a potential top/mid laner again? Why did he have to get changed and literally forced into the jungle?
: I'm scared for what assassins will become
: Don't buff current Zac; just revert his ult.
The old ult resulted in more healing for him as well allowing him to stay longer in an enemy team and actually tank. The blobs generated from bounce hits added up fast. He also generated them off of jungle objectives meaning if you didnt need his ult for a team fight he could use it on something like dragon for a solo clear if the enemy wasnt paying attention.
: Most retarded Ability Riot ever created... it makes the game so toxic...
Worst ability riot ever made was flash. The entire game is balanced around it and they won't remove it now because of that.
: Can we stop letting CertianlyT make champions?
If they would stop taking all the targeted skills out of the game a lot of these characters would have more inherent counter play in the champion pool. Skill shots may be flashy and oh so cool for viewership aspects of the game but making everythi g a skill shot while pruning out targeted skills and cc removes a core aspect of ANY moba that is required for balance across the game. Obviously that won't help against the akali problem because that was just a dumb idea that requires basically the old version of trundle stacking sun fire capes to counter.
Mob Piru (NA)
: Why are assassins so utterly useless ?
Assassins in general are supposed to be a feast or famine type champ. If they were doing well across the board that would indicate they were having to much of a feast. In general they are supposed to be conterpick type characters, and they shouldn't be generalists. If they are doing badly right now that is probably more based on what your opponents are picking. At the same time they tend to be higher skill floor champs requiring more practice to do well with. It would not be healthy to have high damage, high reward, low skill floor champs, that can be picked well into any enemy comp.
: MF discussion: what does the community want in an Ulti Skin?
1) don't ruin the champ after releasing the skin. What happened with Sona was a nasty bait and switch. 2) Impact on the gameplay experience for team enemy. The large scale graphic change and variety that lux had and the music sona had are great examples. It really feels like a whole different champ even though it isn't. 3) an effect that advances as objectives are met or the game advances. Again lux and Ez are good examples. The udyr skin is cool but it just feels shallow compaired with the rest. (May be a personal opinion though since he kinda fell off for so long) 4) something new would be interesting. Adaptive elements to the game have been added maybe MF could get those visually. As crit/attack damage/attack speed/ etc are added to her via items and leveling maybe she could change visually in ways that show that off. Or her skills can become more visually intense in ways to show it.
: Back to asking for buffs to Sona
Better idea: revert her back to her pre reworked state. It wasn't unhealthy and it wasn't a problem. She had impact at all phases of the game and she was actually FUN to play.
y0r1ck (NA)
: Items like locket and redemption. If supports are made stronger assassins and divers will be useless and so they must be buffed as well.
Locket already got nerfed and redemption isn't nearly as OP as people think it is. And again both sides can build those items evened if they have tanks. Not always the best option but they literally cancel each other out benefit wise when they both go off at the same time. Redemption active can be dodged or even used to your advantage by making the heal zone dangerous. Grievous wounds is still an option for healing like always. I honestly don't see how people can hate these items anymore unless they go pure glass canon assasin. Which this SHOULD counter.
: Yeah let me engage an ADC use half of my cooldowns so I can kill support while enemy ADCs with shields buffs and shit ton of hp is hitting me. Plus nobody above gold is going to get baited so easily.
The shield will be on cooldown or just gone once you focus the support. Then the shield will be pointless because when you go back to the adc it will have worn of or the support will have had to use it on themselves to stay alive. Even if you don't kill anyone but got their summoners and forced a back or a dangerous situation you just won. You now get to control the lanes tempo. You just opened up your top lancers ability to be more aggresive because the enemy jungle has to come babysit. Your mid lane can take a tower if the enemy roams bot lane or they can follow and you can catch them out in the river with a 3 v1. Also a shit ton of hp...really? Even at max health an early level adc dies in like 5 skills. If three people are bottom its a pretty good chance you can just delete them in 4 seconds from full health anyway. Now if your gonna be dumb about it and dive the enemy under tower with no damage and they have lots of mobility and all their summoners up you probably deserve to get wrecked.
y0r1ck (NA)
: Nah. Not only is it easier to nerf one champ instead of buffing a lot, it also avoids power creep. If riot buffed supports to Janna level their items would need to be gutted.
Which items would those be? The ones that make vision? The ones that add negligible survivability stats to themselves because true supports operate via utility and base values? Plus the problem self balances if they do because BOTH teams get a support. The one thing since start of game that has not been power creeped is utility. In fact it has been reduced since the start of the game. That's part of why damage is being power creeped. Because it's counter is being reduced all the time. Plus if bot lane gets more survivability on the defense side via support buffs fewer games will be decided by one pair in bot lane feeding the other. It would discourage junglers away from camping bot lane which will simultaneously improve the top lane situation. All this is within reason obviously. I'm not saying give back soraka's ability to silence and give mana to allies but if her Q is gonna be this shitty maybe she doesn't need to kill herself to marginally heal an ally anymore. Maybe sona doesn't need to be a free lane anymore.
: So Many People Say League Has Become trash
Nah once league becomes less than optimal to make money with they will just make league of legends 2 and start everything over from the beginning.
Escheton (EUW)
: On behalf of ARAM players: We do not appreciate the recent Yi buffs. Dark Harvest Yi is an monster.
Dark harvest on Aram is just a bad idea in general. It allows people to go full tank and hit as hard as a Nasus. And it basically just makes every adc auto a crit at a certain point.
: Open discussion on why you don't ever build Muramana on your champ?
Used to build it on old Yorrick and on jayce. Yorrick became moot because I hate his rework and jayce lost a lot of items I used to use that made it work ok.
: No. Nerf supports. Shield healing supports are an epitome of cancer. Even people with no hands can play them and stop a fed assassins With using one button. This is dumb. There are too many defensive options on supports.
Then swap targets. Seriously have you ever tried baiting out a supports skills and then switching to them? Most supports fall over in a stiff breeze if focused when they can't protect themselves. What good is a lulu ult and shield.gonna do her when you just swap to her and ignore the adc during a 3 man dive. And even if the enemy adc gets a kill the remaining two should be able to take them down so that's still a big gold advantage and probably a tower.
: > [{quoted}](name=zlumpy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EE87bgi9,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-03-01T06:46:21.840+0000) > > Better idea make other supports as good as her. Dunno why supports doing well is a terrible thing. Rather see a Janna support than a Brand any day. Because Janna's entire playstyle is to deny the enemy the ability to play. When Janna is in a game, 5 people don't get to play League that game.
I've never been the best player but since I started back in season 2 I don't think I ever once felt like Janna was unfair. Then again I always played characters that were never really impacted by her. If I couldn't get kills in lane then I just played safe and went for objectives. I honestly don't care if I or anyone on my team ends a game with over 20 plus kills. If defense supports keep.getting nerfs then there is no point to picking them over a fifth damage dealer. I mean if defensive option go away then Zed would make for a better support option. Heck he is probably better than sona at this point.
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