Glory97 (EUW)
: As a veteran player, I feel treated like garbage by riot games.
I hold this game in a special place in my heart ever since my brother showed it to me. I hate seeing the game I once was excited to play every day go to crap. They promised us a rotating game mode. Yep that lasted half a year. They promise alot and dont really deliver and they are becoming worse and worse. I cant believe the amount of broken promises they made. Its like they are a dead beat dad, making promises and not really keeping them. I understand to an extent but this is a gross and blatent push to the side let me watch the game kid. I like that they are comming out with new content but i dont think anyone asked for this we asked for urf (actual urf not arurf). I want to believe things are gonna change for the better but things have been getting worse and worse. No ones online because the toxicity and the client issues. I have a bug with my client thats been going on for 3 patches now and yes i have used the repair tool. Riot may care about thier game but it doesnt seem like it. I loved they were about their client base back in the day rather than money. It seemed like they actually cared. A few people that made riot great have gone to bigger things and great for them but the game they helped create is dying, Rapidly in fact. One issue after another, until the player base is small. Flashy things get temporary players, tried and true things make people stay. The only reason i still play is because my brother gets on every so often and my friends play aram or a rare norms. I want to believe, but I dont know anymore. {{champion:32}}
Zephary (NA)
: [CRASH] Dump file on crash
yup i cant even connect to the game i keep getting an error message and forced back into the game ive been in a tft game for 1 hour. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: PBE Login Queues
relax these things happen just breathe and know that when everyone who plays is trying to play one game on one serer stuff craps itself. with these wait times I'm surprised that the game still runs{{sticker:sg-lulu}}
so just going to give you a bit of tech knowledge. when this volume of people try to get into one thing at a time, (think of it like a door way) things tend to slow down if people start logging in at an unfiltered rate the entire server could crash. I am also stuck in the queue but waiting is all you can do. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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CppL (EUW)
: What champ are you talking about??
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: I played Irelia before that trash rework. Level 6 with 2 level 7 tokens (i haven't been able to play enough to gather them before she was removed). She should be made irrelevant because of her kit.
she is riot made sure of that
: I remember that I was going to main Irelia but then this huge wave of nerfs hit her and I was like lol, but then Riot kept going on with the nerfs to the point that I always feel like dodging whenever the our team has an Irelia in a ranked game, this is one case of " Nerfs Gone Wrong ( Nerfs Gone Se%%%% )"
ageed i was lvl 7 mastery when she was old irellia and her new rw was awesome but broken at this point id rather have the old one back with a different ulty
: Irelia Attack Range
agreed but your champ inst nerfed into the ground rn {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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: so 45 start and 12 is a better but why did they go to that extreme?
i correct my statement they further nerfed her the 45 was to her minion dmg. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: reminder that the 9.3 PBE build will contain the rest of the changes for Irelia, as stated by the balance team themselves.
so 45 start and 12 is a better but why did they go to that extreme?
: She's too offensively powerful early, whilst having almost no risk. If her early game is nerfed but she's a god at 20-25 minutes I'd be fine with that.
i remind you her q currently does 5 base dmg try playing irelia on live patch currently
Syrile (NA)
: See Galio, Azir, Ryze, Vlad (previously, not right now), Kalista (previously) and a vast list of others. This is what the "balance team" does. Add soooo much to a kit that they are ruining the game and then gut the champion and take away everything that made them cool and fun so we have a large generic pool of champions that have hyper mobile, ridiculous damage rather than fun concepts.
and its saddening she ha so much potential if they just made her kits move just do a bit less dmg but instead i just smh you know?{{champion:32}}
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: Well, and where do you see the similarities?
ill just post the site its close to. ill just say there are a lot of similarities that would be a bit too close to the champ at hand{{sticker:sg-lulu}} please understand this is a mobile game and there are only like 3 buttons so some of the abilities here would have been split up it looks like or revamped in someway but reaaaaaallly similar.
: Draugr,the frozen zombie.
This character is already in valor maybe an issue with copyright.{{summoner:13}}
Smawqq (NA)
: The game will never be balanced with how often they make large changes like this.
{{champion:84}} so many noobs will matchmaking ever find true balance?
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: New Rengar
true but its cool and all but i just want the heal kitty w back that would be soo much better than this
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