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Laraso (NA)
: Why is there such a big difference in the reaction to Tyler1's banning between Reddit and the Boards
The boards post had about 30 up votes until Tyler showed it on his stream and his little army downvoted it
: Ban kaycetron and meteos
Can we ban you from ever posting on the boards again?
Zedex (NA)
: the only way i can see you being against having a 4 man on your team is if you hate teamwork and working together to win
> [{quoted}](name=Zedex,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=m3EsOhzb,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-04-24T13:33:29.606+0000) > > the only way i can see you being against having a 4 man on your team is if you hate teamwork and working together to win No, I hate being completely ignored & left out of the loop because the 4mans on Skype & not bothering to type to me, which leads to me always being late to every fight/objective because I don't what the plan is until it's in motion. I hate that the ranked ladder I played on for years went from 4-5 individual players to 1 group can literally control the game and ff on you anytime they want. I hate that 4 players will gang up on you the moment things go bad even if it's one of their faults. I hate that even when winning I feel like I contributed jack shit because my 4mans already spanking the enemy team with coordination before I can even get out of the lane phase. SoloQ wasn't perfect by any means, dynamic without 4mans still won't be perfect either but it'll be a lot better without 4mans.
: > [{quoted}](name=ArlanKels,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=m3EsOhzb,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-04-24T12:28:41.702+0000) > > I don't care if I'm against or with a group of people. > Why? > > Cause I'm there to play the game. If you can't enjoy the challenge of a coordinated group as your opponent why are you playing a team game? > And if you can't stand playing with a group of premades who treat you like crap than you definitely haven't played online games before :P I agree with you I love the challenge of playing against premades and I haven't had a problem playing with them like people supposedly have here. I've never had a premade team that tried to troll me or feed intentionally the worst I get from premades is them not talking to me, in fact I played with some really nice premades one of them even wanted me to join their Skype call.
Ranked has always been about your individual skill and your ability to communicate & work well with 3-4 strangers (atleast that's how I see it). I do enjoy the challenge of playing vs coordinated teams, that's why I played ranked 5's last season when I wanted that challenge. I do play lot of online games where I'm always with groups of people I know or that will "treat you like crap" (WoW & competitive FPS's for example) I enjoy the feeling of balance between being able to listen to music & focus on myself ingame while and working as a team with a group of randoms to achieve personal progression & accomplishments, games with SoloQ ladders like Mobas make this possible.
ff4sk (NA)
: Checking your I can clearly see that you're not a solo player and in fact tend to play with premades quite often. Why do you feel the need to lie to defend your shitty unfair system? your only argument right now is "lmao if u get offended by me insulting you online and trolling then you shouldn't play". thanks for proving that premades are not only toxic and selfish but are also liars.
My recent match history will have a fair few duo/Trio ranked games & a lot of URF groups as I've been doing all nighters at gaming Cafes with friends due to my PC crashing. But apart from that about 95% of ranked games I play on this account are solo. Also I played about 5000 ranked games over the years on my old account (1800gankmylane, if shows old stats) and I'd estermate about 4500 of them were solo games, so I don't think I'm "lying" or doing whatever you're trying to accuse me of with your aggressive comment
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