Ventira (NA)
: If you could manage to still last hit, at that point, and believe me, it was fuckign impossible to last hit at that point, so the minion was pointless.
Yeah but a fully upgraded old relic shield gave you 1g/10sec more than the new one. and old relic shield could kill a melee minion at about 80% hp late game. New support items are basically a way to make a support a minion who is sometimes able to CC the enemy
Ventira (NA)
: Cuz apparently the gp/10 for Tier 3 is roughly equal to the amount of gold generated from the old support items, in mid-game/later, when players usually completed the old t3's. (which makes sense, after a certain point in the game relic shield users were not getting execute gold anymore.) It's also worth remembering that supports do have a grand total of 1500 freed up gold too.
The 1500 saved is offset by the garbage stats you get from the new support items which only work for optimistically 25% of the support champions, and tier 3 gives you 3g/10 seconds while a fully upgraded old relic shield gave you a minion every 20 seconds


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