: If the Sejuani Rework is representative of what Riot thinks a 'leader' should play like
This Sejuani rework is almost the level of fuckery as what ever smartarse twat decided that, after 4 years of people asking for a Pirate Quinn skin, that they turn Valor into an Osprey instead of a Parrot. Like, PEOPLE CLEARLY WANTED A FUCKING PARROT. IF THEY WANTED AN EAGLE THEY WOULD HAVE ASKED FOR A FUCKING 4th OF JULY QUINN SKIN.
LankPants (OCE)
: Fair enough, that wasn't entirely clear though. I still do thing that her ult will be OK if they fix up the other issues though, I just don't have much confidence in that happening.
Well, I mean, the thread title is literally 'RiotSolcrushed You Failed to make Sejuani Feel Like a Leader' which is clearly referring to the upcoming (tbh already completely failed) Sejuani rework.
: The only things I wanted out of Sejuani's rework were: * A faster jungle clear (so Lee Sin/Graves/Ivern don't absolutely out-farm and out-pressure her). * An actual passive We have instead received a butchered gimmick.
I pretty much just wanted tweaks to Sejuani so that you don't have to back after 4 camps. Out of Zac, Amumu, and Sejuani she's the only Champion who actually struggles with her first clear. You could steal Amumu's first blue and he'd still be 50-60% HP after 4 camps and only have to recall for mana. Sejuani's kit is amazing as it is.
: were also getting a double ip weekend to compensate. But yea the timing wasnt ideal
I'm a University Student. I work all weekend and when I'm not working I'm doing assignments.
LankPants (OCE)
: >Her ult is basically "charge!.. guys, we're going in, right?" I get a feeling you don't play with the greatest Sejuani's ever. We're on the same server though, if you want to throw me an add I'll show you what someone component with the champ can do. That's not to say there's not times where you throw a Bola and decide "best not", but the same is true of any champ. Sometimes you Q in as Lee and just need to GTFO flash, it happens. >It's like when you go to throw Empowered Bola as Rengar but you stay out of combat too long and it just becomes a disappointing slow. It's really not on live or the PBE. Rengar's Bola is at best a single target root. Sej's R is at worst an AOE slow of value 80%. Sej's bola is vastly superior, which is good, if it wasn't it would be a very shit ult.
I'm talking new sej ult here. Old (current) sej ult is game-changing. I'm on your server so you can see I'm an Season 6 Plat MR7 Sejuani with something like a *63% win rate on her from about 40 games. I fucking hate the upcoming changes to sej.
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LankPants (OCE)
: @RiotSolcrushed You Failed to make Sejuani Feel Like a Leader
I disagree. Sejuani is a leader. The most hesitant leader ever in the history of everything. Her ult is basically "charge!.. guys, we're going in, right?" It's like when you go to throw Empowered Bola as Rengar but you stay out of combat too long and it just becomes a disappointing slow.
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: Agreed. Their small-scale champions (i.e. Udyr, Nasus) and VGUs (i.e. Warwick, Sion, Poppy) tend to be pretty good. However, major issues seem to arise whenever they split themselves among multiple champions and overreach.
I feel like they have about a 20-30% success rate (for champions - item changes are usually pretty decent) when they do class updates.
: Discussion with a Zac main
Riot shat the bed with these changes. The 'Vanguard Update' will be a massive failure. Best case scenario the new items force the shitty updates to be viable. Worst case scenario the kits are useless even with the new items and the new items get abused by other classes. Riot seriously needs to fuck off and stop trying to cram lots of really shitty changes into so-called 'Class Updates' and start doing small scale tweaks and pseudo reworks to champions that actually need them. I'm starting to lose count of the number of main/favourite/go-to champions of mine have been ruined by these updates. Quinn, Graves, Fizz, Sejuani, Zac. Just to name a few. EDIT: I also hated the Kog'maw changes but I didn't list him because the changes were so stupid that Riot finally reverted them many many months later.
: Congratulations Rito, you finally did it.
Might actually be the patch that forces me to take a break from LoL. Especially if they don't tune down Xayah and Rakar.
: Since when was Rengar an early game jungler though. All those bonus AD ratios point to mid-late game. Just because his early game has been godly in previous patches before nerfs doesn't make him an early game jungler.
He's meant to be able to provide similar early pressure to the likes of Vi and Lee and then somewhat scale into late.
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: Zac's New Ult Will Be Cancer
_Tower aggros enemy tank Enemy team proceeds to dive you for free because Zac used strong counterengage abilities as mediocre engage._
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: Riot stop making people wait 4 mins just to log in because of this...
Riot puts in so much work on Animated Login Splashes and Login Music but doesn't give us a way to select Login Screens. I'll never understand this. At least with the Legacy Client they gave us enough access to the assets to change the login screen ourselves.
: Friendly Reminder about using the Honor System
Not to mention it's based off % of games but you lose your honors while retaining games played when you transfer servers so it's literally impossible to unlock Honor Badges for people like me who moved from NA to OCE.
: Fizz
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: if kog'maw is a late game champion, why does his winrate drop after 35min mark?
Champions don't scale like they used to. You just have Balanced (i.e. balanced amount of Utility, CC/Tankiness and Damage) and Unbalanced Team Comps. Even champions that 'fall off' don't actually fall off at all. Their role in the comp just shifts as the game progresses. If you pick Kog and you have no peel, you lose late because you have an unbalanced comp. Teams don't outscale each other anymore - late game simply reveals which comp is better constructed.
: Why queue times are so high?
I mean, since then Riot has drastically changed the matchmaking system and added servers for Russia and Turkey (I dare say that's at least 1/3rd of the old EUW playerbase right there). Same thing has probably happened since the Latin-America North and South, BR and OCE servers were added (most OCE players used NA initially).
Elohaven (NA)
: People say Shyvana is OP
My last two games on Shyv say otherwise. She is an absurdly strong splitpusher.
Xar77 (EUNE)
: Account banned for Recovery
tbh this sounds like you paid for a boosting service and they took off with your acc.
: "We fixed Nasus taunt spam because it was obnoxious"
Pretty sure most of the guys who worked on Diana are long gone...
: Let me guess, he's a Janna main?
Pretty much any of the Shield/Heal Ward-Bitch Supports. He's pretty pathetic to play with - he just expects to get carried.
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Spïrït (NA)
: A "Friend" you have a pretty shitty idea of what a friend looks like if you think that posting a whole page on the boards basically shit talking them makes you a friend. I wouldn't want to be your friend.
1. 'Luke' is a pseudonym. 2. 'Luke' is technically more of an acquaintance. He is a 'Friend' in the sense that he is on my 'Friends List'.
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Boat321 (NA)
: How does one lane against Annie as Orianna?
I feel like you wrote that question backwards. Ori can keep Annie shoved under tower and Annie will never get a chance to all-in her.
: So is Wukong a Vastaya?
Honestly, the whole Vastaya thing seems like an easy way to retcon a bunch of unique champions.
o Eon O (NA)
: Does Riot Ever Ban Boosted Players?
To the best of my knowledge, Riot likes to think they're getting away with it then they punish. Same with bought accounts and powerlevelled accounts. Riot likes to make these sorts of punishments as devastating and time-consuming as possible. Why ban a bot at level 5, when they could wait until it finally hits lvl 30 and ban it?
Glorrick (NA)
: Declining Queue pop - Does it result in punishments?
Yeah, you basically just end up with a dodge penalty.
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: Rakan's voice is... not what I expected.
wtf is this shit? Did they just recycle Wukong's VO's and slap on a filter effect?
: How on earth do you play ADC?
It's honestly pretty easy to play ADC. It gets a bad wrap because it's so easy to lose a game before you ever get the chance to make an impact.
: Why is AD/bruiser Fizz even allowed to exist?
Fizz effectively has 2 Auto-Attack resets so whenever an on-hit item becomes strong he's going to be one of the first champions to abuse it. imho post-nerf, pre-rework fizz was the most balanced he'd been since I can remember and Riot shouldn't have touched him
gh God (EUW)
: No he's right, no one plays it
Nobody plays Fizz full-stop. I pretty much ONLY played him last season Top, Mid and Jungle (even occasionally support) and he was super healthy (post-nerf). Good Fizz players were rewarded, off-meta Fizz builds were somewhat viable and non-oppressive.
: I get your pain buddy, I hate that thing as much as you, with the recent rework I thought it was gone forever, I guess I was wrong... I hope something is done about it and it doesn't harm AP Fizz players such as me.
bruh I'm still praying for a revert of the rework. Fizz was healthy for such a long time and Riot decided to ruin it.
: how do we prevent it tho only thing I can think of is removing the AD scaling on his Q
: Why is AD/bruiser Fizz even allowed to exist?
Remember how Fizz was broken with TriForce last season? Then Riot fixed that issue and literally nobody complained about Fizz while he simultaneously maintaining a healthy Win Rate? Fizz was actually super versatile, post-nerf, for pretty much all of last season without being OP or weak with any specific build. Yeah, well Riot decided to fucking rework his W and R like morons and ruin all of that. His reworked W is stupid, as is the R. Riot gimped the R. Now his W, an AA reset, is being abused with TriForce. Surprise fucking surprise. Just revert to pre-Assassin update, Riot, and never do a class update again. NEVER. FUCKING. AGAIN. RIOT.
: Can I main 2 champions in mid?
Not Fizz he's not worth the effort to learn atm. An actual monkey could play Talon right now and do well. Fizz isn't bad per se, but the effort-to-success ratio just isn't that appealing.
: In my opinion it's just Fizz's E that makes him so frustating.
Fizz is shit right now and has one combo R -> E -> W ->Q I'd argue that he's FAR less versatile than he was pre-rework and far less healthy. When a champion has one combo, it's either too strong or too weak. It's why you can nerf someone like Ahri pr Zed and there's still outplay potential.
Escheton (EUW)
: Full crit Jinx is becoming a thing with crit W anyways. Why not make her say nothing but pew pew pew all the time. Sure.
Because Jinx loads into game with 100% Crit...
: A Quick Follow Up on Criticism in League
Yeah, I'm pretty much at the point where I have to blanket-mute pings because people use them in an _extremely_ toxic manner and Riot refuses to allow us to mute pings by player. I generally just don't say anything in-game aside from positive things - not even suggestions because it's so easy for some tilted/toxic player to use you as a proverbial punching bag.
: So why consistency is a sign of balance?
She's no more deserving of a nerf than Caitlyn or Janna or Orianna or Fiora. They're balanced champions with high _potential_ strength.
: I do have a job. haha. But just want to know, really curious.
Well, your best bet is getting skin codes from live events.
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