: So HOW exactly this is balanced?
Riot should reduce the _range_ of the traps. It makes sense; then she has to go in in advance and prepare. Make it something like the range of Noc e, or go shorter and make it like melee aa range. Just because she is ranged doesn't mean everything she has needs to have range.
: League of Legends after New Honor system hits Live
Can say that this is not how it is. OCE has it already, and people are not much better.
Targon (NA)
: I am a Diana main too, and I too enjoy all of the characteristics that you listed - especially the fact that Diana is a strong counter to most assassins and hypermobile carries, which I think should stay as one of her special niches.
Rather than that being one of her niches, I think that is more the byproduct of her niche - the tanky assassin that has large mobility around enemies. I just really hope that riot doesn't try to change that, or try to push her more into the diver subclass at the cost of her assassin playstyle.
Rioter Comments
: Exploring Icathia - The Lost City and some Void theories (no tl;dr)
> but it never is specified how he resisted the Void. Yes, it is. He let the void inside him: > The power of the place threatened to consume him forever, but Kassadin took the only route available to him in order to survive - he let the Void inside him. (quote from his bio on universe) The other thing you might be referring to is this: > Miraculously, he was able to overcome the alien urges that went with it, and he emerged as something more than human. He _overcame_ the urges, by force of will. (Shown through the context)
: Here's the problem(s) with Bronze players.
Thanks for posting these tips/issues! I'm in bronze II and these have helped me realise what I'm doing wrong. I think i do 1,2,8, 10, and 12 okay, but the others i need to work on a LOT. Especially paying attention to the minimap - I suck at that. Once again, thank you for helping me work out my big mistakes. Hopefully I'll be able to climb a bit now :)
: NA Boards!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!
What's normal draft? Sounds fun, is this another of the game modes that OCE never got (like dominion)
: Diana has her AoE knock up. Eve has her slow cleanse with mobility, but since when is Eve a mage? Or Kog? I don't wanna be that guy... ohh wait, yes I do. Can you please stop using the bullshitty categories as an argument?? It's beyond stupid.
For {{champion:131}} it's not a knock up its a pull... Thats not disengage.
: How can they be the one to flame when they're the ones that go 0/10 95 percent of the time ?
They blame everyone else for them feeding, and say things like 'trash jg no ganks.' Basically, they don't accept their own mistakes and try to blame everyone else for them.
: Dominion was shut down everywhere.
Yeah but we never had it in the first place...
: Why did you main your champ?
The first time I played {{champion:131}} , I honestly had no idea why I picked her. She was free week, and for some reason I called toplane (don't judge I was only level 10, still a noob) and picked her... The weird thing was, I disliked melee champions at the time and the only reason I played her was because I thought her theme looked kinda cool. Then I just loved her playstyle, I got fed and eventually a doublekill under their tower which almost no other champion could've gotten because I chain ulted them (used Q on the closest one and ulted, then used the reset to kill the other one.) Then I saved up IP to get her and played her a lot, when I learned jungle she was pretty much the only champion I played for my first 10 games in that role, and practiced her and got good at her. I liked the assassin like playstyle, but also liked that little bit of extra defense in her W, and how she still had sustained damage through her passive, so I just started maining her, and the practice made her my best champion.
: Ekko to me isn't a full assassin. Assassins don't have hard CC, and he has one- a stun. Riot just messed up with him. I think he's a battle/burst mage with assassin capabilities.
yoshi2790 (EUW)
: {{champion:84}} I can't stand it that you didn't include her. But for those 3, Ekko. I doubt it but he's broken.
Not ekko. He will probably get smal changes to further discourage tank builds and make him a little more assassinish, i.e. Removing shield on W
: Are you intending on touching onto her Extremely amazing pre-25 minute gameplay versus her extremely harsh late game fall off? By perhaps distancing her powerspikes or anything of the sort? Or will she continue to be a champion you pick to end games pre-25 minutes?
What harsh lategame falloff? She falls off a little but still oneshots anyone who doesn't have more than 1 mr item
Cinnamon (EUW)
: The LeBlanc tweaks sound interesting, cannot wait to see them! ^^ I know this is also pretty irrelevant/off-topic, but if LeBlanc is getting a Snare-Indicator, shouldn't Karma also get one for her W?
Why does everyone always forget Nocturne {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
GerAvos (EUW)
: You got it wrong for rengar you idiet. Didn't you read his direction post? Basically it's this: Talon: Teamfights. Rengar: Vision control. LB: Deception. Katarina: Also teamfights? Fizz: Slipperyness. Ekko: Utility. Actually this is stupid lol.
Talon is being taken in the direction of roaming though, and they are reducing his AOE in exchange for more mobility.
: Really anxious to hear whole the last assassin is. Really hoping its {{champion:84}} age is really starting to show on her though i have a feeling its going to be either {{champion:55}} or {{champion:245}} especially with the way people try to abuse tank items on him. Fingers crossed for Akali tho.
It wont be ekko, and akali is confirmed to get a VGU - meaning only small changes for her in this update. I think it will be kat as they have already said they will at least be changing Q and W in some way.
: And then you dodge his Q. : ^)
: Rapidfire cannon works with hecarim E ( 573 range dash )
Youmuus make a video of AD nocturne, here is the build: Warrior (red smite) Tiamat Youmuus CDR boots Death's Dance Ravenous Hydra Insert situational item here (duskblade for more damage, hexdrinker against heavy AP, dead mans against heavy AD, Maw against a mixture) Remember to Q just before ult lands for extra damage Skip buffs on first clear to speed it up and help you get 6 faster Don't be the first one to go in If a squishy ever splitpushes, you know what to do. Ult them and bye bye squishy. Nearly forgot runes and masteries. Runes: Standard AD runepage: AD reds Armour yellows MR blues AS quints Masteries: 12/18/0 or 0/18/12 with thunderlords. Take precision over intelligence for better oneshots. Have fun!
Arkatra (EUW)
: Even as a guy who never ragequit, i have something like 4 games in total (with all account together 500+ ranked this season) where i did ragequit. I bet there is not a single person who did not ragequit at all. Sometimes the stupidity is so much to handle and then just be like "ok, fak it, im out, will work the lost LP back later. This is just a game overall". Brrrrr. edit: Yes, i know. everyone want to looks cool on forum with this "i never ragequited". if you check my post, i said i may did 4 times form over 500+ games, sometimes you just have to if you want to keep your sanity.
I've never ragequit, the worst I've done is started building zz'rot on Diana. And then we had no hope of winning - I had 100% kill participation and was only 3 kills, 2 assists meanwhile the other team had around 20 kills and it was 4v5 and they had gotten our inhibs while we hadn't gotten any of their towers. But I only started mid s5 so I'm still a new player
Badgrz (NA)
: {{champion:39}} 5 seasons of anonymity and now they hate me :/ Halp me Badgrz-Wan Kenobi, you're my only help. Could care less if this is being downvoted but I think it's comical a champ who's received relatively low buffs (compared to a majority of champions) and very reasonable nerfs has the 3rd highest ban rate currently. Plz no touchy myrelia she is precious to me :/
It's cus of indirect buffs such as the triforce changes - changes to items, objectives, and masteries will massively effect a group of champions even if they do not get directly changed.
: Break a Champion
{{champion:131}} P: Remove +20% attack speed and give her normal base attack speed. Now she deals sustained damage and people build attack speed rather than AP on her. And she will be permabanned because Riot made this in the first place so she didn't scale so well with AS and wasn't OP
Decrit (EUW)
: ... so you are begging riot to not make him healthy or functionable so he will not be popular so you can keep feeling like a underdog player? I can understand those who are afraid of change of a thing they personally consider part of a champion personality but holy shit you are being a total hipster prick now. Talon is shit gameplay wise now - it does not mean he is unlikeable or weak or unplayable, but is absolutely not over the "quality bar" considering other champions. Some changes are needed. Let them do their job and eventually complain later. Then accept the eventual change after a while because they can't please everyone and they will not make an effort to please exactly you, but rather the fanbase as much spread as possible which might or might not include you. And not because they are dicks, but because this is how things work if they have to. This is what gets downvotes - the harsh truth.
Talon does need changes, but not massive changes. All riot needs to do is change passive and spice up Q maybe. Dont be negative to him he is just expressing his concerns about his main.
: Don't rush when you don't know his kit yet Talon perma banned. Ryze is very fun champion right now and guess what? He got under 45% win rate for couple of weeks. Would you ban a champ with less than 45% win rate? Would you ban a Champion with 35% win rate? > [{quoted}](name=Sworeclipse,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5ZaXEQ25,comment-id=001300000001,timestamp=2016-08-07T20:02:42.997+0000) > > THEYRE GOING TO REMOVE HIS E? WTF ARE YOU SERIOUS? yep and they are going to replace it with better mobile ability. We don't know what it will be but Talon will be one of the most mobile champions
You would ban a champion with that low a winrate if your team said they would play him lol.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sciraen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5ZaXEQ25,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-08-07T04:51:39.331+0000) > > You're going to change him into some crazy mobile champion that EVERYONE is going to play/complain about > Then you'll nerf him patch after patch because he is too strong, and then he'll be useless. are {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:105}} all useless now as well? legit question (feel free to list off more super mobile champs that i missed)
You missed the most mobile champion in the game... {{champion:38}}
: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Master_Yi
[Class/subclass classification](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/gameplay/dev-blog-classes-subclasses) [Class/subclass list](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/3A5uuBw7-champion-subclass-list) IT SAYS HE IS A SKIRMISHER The old classification system is outdated.
: that plays like an assassin
But is still a marksman. Assassins tend to be short ranged, bursty champions that focus on quickly killing one person. Twitch is a long ranged champion with sustained damage.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jebsu,realm=EUNE,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=Tnfw1WW6,comment-id=0277,timestamp=2016-07-24T21:07:51.847+0000) > > Just because stupid or unexperienced people don't know how to counterplay assassins doesn't mean that you should turn all assassins into something between control-mage and assassin. Actually they should learn how to play against them, not destroy assassins. On top of ladder it's very easy to counter assassins because people know the matchups and so on. Most of the assassins are extremely weak on lane and the trick on assassins is to get to that point at which they oneshot people, right? Stop ruining the game more with your "healthy" changes. Riot, what you do is really starting to irritate me. First autofill to "improve game quality". You know what? I'm one of those few ACTIVE challenger players. I have 2 accounts in top 20 challenger and 4 challenger accounts overall and I play daily 10 + games there. Wanna know what the autofill actually did? Before I had to wait 30min for game and get my role (mid, sometimes top) Now I wait the SAME amout of time but it's less than 20% chance for me to get mid since mid is most played role and I have to play something which I NEVER play. Mostly I get support, adc, top and about the game quality.... people started to troll and intentionally feed every game even on challenger games. Double mid, afk, 0/10 etc. Stop this madness and try to ask community opinion with votes or something. You are just ruining this game for everyone and especially for high elo players. Your balance changes will just make this boring and not worth to play. :) And how do you stop them if you're ADC? It's not about being broken... It's about being anti-fun to play against
ADC is the most vulnerable role, yes. That is why you stick with your team. Marksmen are quite team reliant. Using proper vision is a part of it - if you see them coming you can avoid them. Don't splitpush alone as an immobile ADC, or you put yourself at risk. Build literally just 1 defensive item (steraks, maw, GA) and you will not get oneshot. You do rely on your team and vision a lot, but that is part of being ADC. Another thing - sometimes ADCs can be anti-fun. Their damage tends to be point and click and when they get enough damage items (this is for specific ones such as vayne and cait) they can easily 2 shot you. And when they have an escape like the ones mentioned before... Well you have to oneshot them or die. Assassins need to get into close range for most of their damage, and with the exception of Zed, Fizz and LeBlanc, cannot simply disappear. Assassins as a class specifically counter AD and AP carries. They burst them down. If an assassin doesn't have enough burst to kill the carry, they are just about useless to their team. AD and AP carries however have RANGE and can deal damage from a safe distance.
: Minion block is getting ridiculous this season. If you are a melee champion you have to choose between farming with your auto attacks or being able to dodge skill shots. Because if you ever get in the middle of your own wave to last hit a minion you're not getting out of there that quickly.
One of the reasons I like playing {{champion:38}}
Mikkeru (EUNE)
: Yeah I know, Yi{{champion:11}} is more like 70% Fighter and 30% Assasin, but he is still an Assasin. They are also going to do something with Shaco{{champion:35}}, Ekko{{champion:245}} and Kassadin{{champion:38}}, which I dont find Assasin-like 100% compared to someone like Zed{{champion:238}} or Katarina{{champion:55}} (My opionen, dont jugde). But it dosent hurt to include Master Yi in the Assasin Rework, right? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
So if kassa isnt an assassin than what is he? He can assassinate just like assassins He can get in and out just like assassins But he does not have much sustained damage so cannot be a skirmisher Does not build anything tanky so is not a diver or tank or juggernaut Is too mobile to be a mage Not enough range to be an adc And has no support capabilities Yet he functions perfectly well as an assassin So why are you saying he is not assassin like? It is the only category he fits into.
Stocking (NA)
: >Assassin damage needs to not happen literally in the blink of an eye. Providing opponents with a short window (even if it is fairly brief) allows for reactions to even be possible. Currently, some Assassins deal most (if not all) of their damage in the literal instant they arrive at their target which can lead to moments that are extremely unclear and one-sided. I'm late to the thread, but can somebody explain this to me. If an assassin were to have their instant damage lowered they would need to have their tankiness/survivability increased or assassins would be frustrating to play as because once an assassin is caught in CC they're basically dead. So wouldn't a change like this make champions who exist to kill one person instantly then just kind of float around until they can do it again such as {{champion:107}} basically become the same class as Vi, Xin Zhao, Diana, etc? EDIT: Before I get swarmed with hatred. I understand Rengar is unhealthy because he has a combination of one shot, stealth, and utility. As a counter argument taking away his ability to one shot is taking away his identity. There are more ways to make an instant kill balanced to play around than just removing the instant kill potential.
They will have burst times of around 1 sec instead of around 0.25 secs.
: As a hardcore ekko mid lane lover, I would be really interested if you have any lead on what direction you think you would go with him if he was to be changed at all. To me his kit is fun to play but lacks a clear direction. The recent nerfs have hit AP ekko really hard, gutting his laning. This is how I would rework him if I was in charge :D : Passive : Marking duration increased by 3 s, lock out on same target reduced by 50% for jungle monsters Q spell : +20 base dmg at lower ranks, ramps up at same max as today W : stun duration lowered to 1 s + 0.1 per 100 AP Added : 30/50/70/90/120 + 0.3 AP dmg when stun is procced Delay before popping decreased by 0.5 at all ranks Shield duration 2s flat at all ranks Added : "BOOM" activating ultimate when ghost is in W would increase ultimate AOE by 50 E : unchanged R : Ulimate indicator blinks every 1 s instead of being continuously shown to enemies to increase it's offensive uses. I think this type of rework would fix most of ekkos issues (because he has many) in lane specially the marking duration buff would help him with not forcing him to build CDR anymore + having some pressure on enemies that have been hit by a Q for a while and so relieving pressure from ekko. The W changes would lower ekkos utility further moving him away from tanky builds + the base dmg would permit an instant passive proc buffing his late game which is pretty bad atm and a lower delay would make for a smoother use in lane. Atm ekko is pretty weak in mid lane tbh his laning is subpar and he spikes pretty late compared to other assassins, while having a bad late game (like most assassins) and the problem further increases at higher ranks of play where he can be bullied pretty hard in lane and thus rendered useless. He's pretty good when ahead tho and can snowball pretty well WHILE always having a lot of counterplay (when built AP). Hope you get my post somehow :p
I would not do the R change, and would remove the shield on W. Try him full AP in the jungle, it is pretty good and you won't do too bad early cus you will mostly be farming.
: I think Ekko need a buff because he makes to not enought damage.So his abilities are okay we have to change there nothing (new abilities like Ryze) his winrate is on top,mid and jungle under 50 percent :/ I think this is very bad.Okay you can say Oh I will play tank ekko okay but you have no chance against an other tank because you make not enought damage to kill him,you only tank more. Sry for my bad english skills xD but I hope you understand my comment .-.
Full AP ekko has plenty of damage mid-late game.
Frius (EUNE)
: ` Meddler even stated it was a terrible passive to begin with,` so what took them 5 seasons to realise only now? sad and to make his R return in death ? syndra ult still does dmg if she dies ,ahri Q ,gnar Q ,sivir Q all return talon no ,because `toxic gameplay` also laning with him is disturbing and to get poked so hard out of lane and oom at same time ,is infuriating ,how crappy laning phase it is.,
Sukishoo (NA)
: Just like many other items {{item:3033}} how does this remind us that one is mortal? {{item:3142}} how is this a GHOST blade? (spoooooky?!) {{item:3812}} how is this a dance with death? {{item:3085}} how is this a hurricane?! It's just like the "logic" behind some of the creation of items could be questioned too... Is {{item:1058}}+{{item:1026}}+{{item:1052}} = {{item:3089}} really showing us MAGIC?
I cannot answer all of these questions but I can answer 2: {{item:3033}} : When you are healing up your wounds so fast that you aren't really taking damage, it reminds you that you are still mortal (by massively reducing healing) and that you can be killed. {{item:3812}} : You are pretty much 'dancing' around death, what with the passive combined with the lifesteal/spellvamp, allowing you to save yourself from death while coming very close to it.
Ðiamant (NA)
: I'm all fine with a bad laning phase but in higher elo it becomes nearly impossible to farm while his counterparts in zed, yasuo, akali, kat, fizz, kassadin, etc all have something to help with their farm in shurikens, windwalls, kamas, knives, fizz e, kass q, being manaless, etc. In lower elo its not a problem because you dont get punished but in high elo its extremely tough.
Ummm.... Did you just say that kass has a better laning phase than talon? HOW COULD YOU Talon has W, which can be used to last hit multiple minions at once, while still using it to poke the opponent at the same time. He also can get onto targets at a much lower level than Kassadin, and can attack them, and even all in them well before kassadin. He does have a weak early game, yes, but Kassadin has the weakest of them all.
: AP Assassins can make use of the likes of {{item:3001}} , {{item:3135}} , {{item:3285}} , {{item:3089}}, and more. They don't have an answer for everything, but they have ample options. {{item:3147}} is the only true item made with Assassins in mind. {{item:3142}} may be seen on virtually every AD assassin out there, but it's a very splashable item seen on fighters and marksman alike, and was updated during the Marksman class update. {{item:3812}} and {{item:3071}} are both fighter items that assassins have had to pilfer as options for survivability and tackling armor-stacking enemies. Assassins need items _because_ of their kits. Back when Duskblade was first made out of necessity due to the changes to {{item:3035}}, Riot talked about how Assassins are the most meta-dependant class in the game, due to the fact that by having no items aimed at their class (compared to the likes of Fighters, Mages, and Marksmen), Assassins are frequently indirectly affected by the balancing of other classes. It's for this reason that Assassins have the kits they do; their kits have had to be designed and balanced for self-sufficiency, capable of operating even when their itemization options are poor. By giving Assassins newfound itemization options that give them answers to different situations, their kits can be balanced around having those options available to them. Like when many Mages and AP assassins received buffs in compensation for the removal of Deathfire Grasp, AD Assassins can be reworked and rebalanced in exchange for new itemization. The tricky thing is that virtually all Assassins scale off of the raw power stats; Damage, Cooldown, and Penetration. As we see with {{item:3147}}, Marksmen and Fighters alike are happy to pilfer Assassin itemization in-turn (hell, I think Duskblade should be made melee-only after fighting Duskblade MF). That's why I think Assassin itemization shouldn't focus on raw stats, but rather item passives and actives that give Assassins conditional or situational power; various means to stack the deck in their favor before going in for the kill. After all, the two marks of a good Assassin are that they're always prepared, and that they _never_ fight fair. Itemization that reflects that (and thus rewards catching out or outmaneuvering the sneaky bastards, says the {{champion:121}} main) would in my humble opinion go a ways in contributing to the health of the champions of the Assassin class.
{{item:3142}} did not get changed as part of the marksman updates, but as part of the preseason item changes. Similar to {{item:2033}} {{item:3156}}
: I feel like pushing Ekko towards a more assassin classed champion like he was originally meant to be really good. Please do this.
Ekko was originally meant to be a skirmisher. However tank ekko is a big problem, i agree, and i am also happy riot is pushing him into the assassin class.
etrana (EUNE)
: Is there a possibility that we will see some changes to Diana? I know that she is played as a fighter, but everybody plays her as an assassin. Could you decide either if you want her to become assassin and giving her the lore, or making her realy fighter by adjusting her a bit?
What do you mean, giving her the lore? I wouldve thought, giving her the escape needed.
: Just make kassadin into a mage instead of an assassin , that would fix loads of his problems/balance issues.
NO PLS NO. HE IS AN ASSASSIN DONT YOU DARE TRY SUGGEST CHANGING HIM INTO A MAGE! He fits the criteria for an assassin perfectly, he can get in and burst and then get out. He even takes longer to burst than other assassins ({{champion:105}} {{champion:107}} ) Which is what Riot wants - he cannot oneshot. This makes him healthier for other assassins. Also how do you propose making him a mage? Does this mean completely changing his ultimate, which is the whole IDEA behind kassadin?
Bombstek (NA)
: Ekko (Assassin Ekko) is healthy. Guys you said in many posts and occasions that AP Ekko ( Assassin Ekko) is very healthy, so why is he included in this list. i believe best thing about Ekko is his kit, it matches his lore and character. would be really sad like alot of people who plays him if you changed him. Also Ekko is very new to receive this kind of updates and changes that are made to old champions. Ekkos is only one year old so please.. :(
I think they will just be finishing off the transition from skirmisher to assassin, reducing the viability of tank ekko further, and doing other small changes (maybe removing w shield?)
: Hi, I am verry curious if u guys are planning on changing {{champion:103}} in one way or another.. As a former ahri player i always loved to play her and still do. But conpared to her other mid lane buddies in allot of cases i feel ahri s QWE dmg feels lesser compared to the most other mid laners. Could be wrong tho.. But a few people mentioned it to me. And i kinda felt the same sins shenis a mage/assassin. I just wanted to know if u guys have plans for her? Kind regards Killahkeezy
She is not a primary assassin, and so therefore not counted as an assassin. She will not be looked at in the assassin rework. Also, the reason her damage is lower is because she has a lot more mobility than any other mage.
DavorS123 (EUNE)
: why no master yi he is assasin too and he need rework{{champion:11}}
: I disagree about Eve. She is just not strong at all. Sure her constant stealth is great, but she just doesn't do enough damage
Try building damage items. It might help. I play eve a fair bit, full ap usually, and can often burst someone down as fast as other assassins.
: I honestly don't think they were that bad. Don't get me wrong, the malz rework was awful and there were of course a few others, but the mage rework brought back some mages that were otherwise unusable.
Which mages were unusable? Also, malz rework wasn't _that_ bad, it is just taking some time to balance. Once Riot has finished working out how to balance updates, they turn out better than the original every time.
: So some things I think riot needs to keep in mind. They said that they want to make assassin gameplay "healthier" by making it so that they don't do damage "In the blink of an eye" because they don't want players to think that "There was nothing I could do" but this is the point of the assassins! They are suppose to get in and out of situations to kill the glass cannons. Right now there are very few assassins that are actually balanced in the new meta. Honestly I don't think Zed needs a major change. If riot does anything to Zed it will probably be another unnecessary nerf. Theses asssassins are actually fairly easy to counter play (there are some exceptions but not many) especially in the new mage/bruiser meta! What they need to do is make assassins more viable. And a lot of the ones on this list simply are not viable. One more thing, as just a personal thing, I really hope this means that they are reworking Nocturne, because I always felt that he just isn't viable in higher elos
Rito is not removing assassin burst completely. What they are getting rid of is unhealthy amounts of burst like {{champion:107}} oneshots and changing it to something that takes around 1 second to do so there is more counterplay.
: Welp, time to rant: So, you want to know how to deal with assassins? Here's an idea: use cc and build hp!! "Huh!? What!? No way!!!" Oh yes, I know it can be a difficult idea to wrap your head around, but when dealing with high damage squishies, building something they can't shred or penetrate, and locking them down tends to stop them! I know, I know; it's almost unbelievable. I mean, sacrificing an item slot for hp, and not being able to build the same item set EVERY GAME? Heresy! Counter picks? Unheard of!! It's almost like NOT EVERY GAME CAN THE EXACT SAME AS LAST GAME!! And God forbid you actually WORK WITH YOUR TEAM! If an assassin's job is being "really good at killing a single dude" what happens when you bring 2 or 3 people to fight them? Or, I don't know, DROP A WARD SO THEY DON'T POP UP OUT OF NOWHERE!?!? And did you ever think that maybe if you give an assassin a few kills to let them snowball, THAT YOU DESERVE TO LOSE THE GAME!? If you give a tank a few kills, you can't kill them and they snowball. If you give an adc a few kills, they're itemized well and snowball. If you give a mage a few kills, their abilities are scaled well enough to burst. It's almost like ANYBODY THAT GETS AHEAD TENDS TO DOMINATE IN THEIR OWN UNIQUE WAY, ASSASSINS INCLUDED!! I mean, who knew, right? Mind-blowing. You know what happens to the people who say "there's nothing I could've done," Riot? They sit around in low elo with me. This brings me to my final, sarcasm-free point: we know this isn't about making assassins healthy for the game. This is a money move, pure and simple. Since, like, 70% of people are Silver or lower, these are the people Riot makes money off of concerning Riot points and such. (Yes, I know Riot makes money off of LCS, but LCS players are in a league of skill all their own and can play literally anything and make it look good). And we all know it's low elo that's complaining about assassins because they're so bad they can't play against them. So in an effort to please these garbage players and keep farming them for cash, Riot changes the game in whatever ways that best satisfy these toxic embarrassments to the community. Look Riot, we understand that first and foremost, you're a business; you gotta make money. The problem arises when you try to treat us like idiots and tell us that what you do is for the good of the game. Just admit that you're trying to please your cash cows; we'll respect you more for it.
Read the first 3 sentences and upvoted.
SOD Akuma (EUW)
: Please. Give talon a Escape :'D
: Will {{champion:56}} Be getting any changes? It's been awhile since you've done anything to him and he's my main
Do you play him AD or AS?
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