: I appreciate your input this is what the log said.. Game 1 In-Game what the heak: get played bb what the heak: wtf eve what the heak: kys what the heak: dumb shit get off my lane what the heak: \gtfo what the heak: kai brain dead what the heak: eve what the heak: shut you mouth what the heak: maybe gank bitch what the heak: nha i saw what the heak: just dont like u what the heak: u followed sindged stfu what the heak: bitch what the heak: cry what the heak: for me what the heak: bb girl what the heak: i like it what the heak: dont jung what the heak: again what the heak: bum what the heak: STFU what the heak: EVE what the heak: u dont own the jungle what the heak: so bad what the heak: kys what the heak: eve is garbo what the heak: it hurts what the heak: bitch bet what the heak: queer what the heak: %%%%%% what the heak: BITCH what the heak: u right cause your always bot by yourself what the heak: fiora come mid what the heak: GG Post-Game what the heak: LOLZ yall didnt know what you were doing what the heak: nha your ass what the heak: ur ass I know theres alot of toxic shit in there but the really only thing I can see that would result in a no tolerance ban is when i said "kys" but I still dont see why 1 thing like that would result in an instant 14 day ban..
> what the heak: kys what the heak: kys what the heak: queer what the heak: %%%%%% {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: From Honor 0 to Honor 2 !
Awesome dude, keep it up! {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: your quote is misleading then, lol
Well if you're going to take it that literally then OP is a barefaced liar for accusing the blitz of not doing a single thing whatsoever except chat when that's obviously not the case. You can't place 10 wards and go 4/5/10 if you spend the entire game on fountain typing. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: "**all game**"
Oh good, now there's 2 people completely missing the point. I never said he bitched all game. I said all of his logs were bitching. You act as if 2 hours sitting peacefully in a bar completely make up for 10 minutes of beating the bartender up.
: yeaaaaa again i barely talked that game, you all seem to forget there are no time stamps in any of these logs.
So? You've still posted 3 games of bitching, so it's rich of you to complain about others doing it.
: OK Seriously Riot 10 game chat banned!?!?
> Ambient Snow: you literally did nothing all game but bitch That's ironic/hypocritical considering your chat logs are nothing but bitching.
: > [{quoted}](name=PurpleYukari,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ox7Q1ERn,comment-id=00020000000100000000000100000001,timestamp=2018-09-23T20:08:42.591+0000) > > There is one problem with your analogy: league is not a 1v1 game. A better analogy would be trying to play soccer or another team sport. If teammates are yelling insults at each other, it hinders the others' ability to play because it adds additional stimuli and makes it harder for players to focus on working with the team. Theres a reason why 1v1 games often tend to be more lenient on punishing toxicity than league. The amount of players has absolutely no relevance in that analogy.
What? You can't see the difference between individual sports and team sports?
: So is their anyone that;s still sportsman like in the game anymore?
I only play a couple of times a week, but I'd have someone cool in my team more often than not.
Savunahka (EUW)
: This is why LoL is such a great game
> riot forces you to stay and watch me feed, get angry, then come online to cry about it More like watch you feed, chuckle at how sad your life is, and just play another game. I have more important things in life than worrying about how someone plays a video game.
: Chat restrictions, are they fair?
> Why am i getting punished for playing the game? There's a difference between "playing the game" and "3 games using 99% of my chat to complain about my team, call them trash, threaten to feed, call for reports, score shaming and demanding to surrender"
: > [{quoted}](name=AeroWaffle,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Y3p5EtmL,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-09-22T08:16:57.786+0000) > > Given that private messages were not mentioned at all (and that this was a punishment that spanned multiple accounts), I'm going to take a wild guess that you might know of some private messages that would lead to the ban. no chatlogs :/ also never heard of pm bans have you?:o
I submitted a report ticket once with screenshots of someone telling me in great detail how and why I should kill myself for being bad at the game, and I later got a report notification and they got a 14-day ban. Whether the two are related or not I can't confirm as Riot don't dislose the outcome of reports, but it's possible.
DrkSouI (EUW)
: banned for no reason actually no reason though
> banned for no reason actually no reason though i was permanently banned for 'offensive' language. Sounds like a reason to me.
: Riot Games Refund me and this games report system is rigged
> From my last god damn Forum/Discussion I reported someone for trolling and then talking bad You can't report people in the forums. > they never got any warnings/penalties You have no way of knowing this. > I was told getting a chat restriction or a penalty was 3 game reports Either you misunderstood or were misinformed. > I threw and trolled Sounds like a deserved punishment then? > I got banned because I was 1 level under my adc No you didn't. > I was just roaming around the map and I didnt do anything This is why. > he flamed me and didnt get a penalty He may have.
: No, the jungler was flaming and harassing me. I was just asking him to do something. It was a 40 min game, these messages were spread out. I wasn't just badgering on and on in one go. Like I wrote, he was even trolling: we were both ok and he hit the blast cone to get me killed purposely.
Read through your chat and count the lines that aren't you complaining to your jungler though. As far as your teammates are concerned you just spent the whole game whining at the jungler; I'd have muted you after about the 3rd line. Yeah it sucks if your jungle isn't helping, but if he hasn't helped after asking a few times he's never going to change - continuing to harass him is just going to tilt your team and drive him to become toxic and troll, which it did. All you achieve is encouraging him troll and forcing your team to pay the price for it.
: Chat restricted for this? Is this a joke?
Chat restricted for **literally **spending the entire game harassing your jungler, seems about right
: > [{quoted}](name=CharDeeMcDenniz,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=gWFPLTyh,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2018-09-21T01:26:10.958+0000) > > it takes all sorts to make the world...dbags included funny how you can flame me and not get banned the only dbags here are the people flaming me for standing up for injustice
> standing up for injustice Lol that's like getting arrested for speeding, paying the fine then walking down the street keying all your neighbours' cars. You're not standing up for injustice, you're just looking for an excuse to troll. You're like one of those kids who put on anonymous masks and think they're hackers because they logged into 4chan once.
: > [{quoted}](name=Aneirin,realm=OCE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=gWFPLTyh,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2018-09-21T01:23:00.344+0000) > > "I'm angry at the cops, so I'm going to take it out on my innocent neighbours." > > That's not tit for tat, that's just making up excuses for being a dick. > > I'm gonna assume spending all of your time making everyone around you miserable in game is just art imitating reality. it's tit for tat i employ any others who are tired of riot being nazis to help i can assist you in setting up so you won't ever be perma banned vms and proxies are amazing :)
Repeating a lie doesn't make it true. Sorry I'll have to decline your offer; I have more interesting things to do with my life than waste my free time griefing innocent players.
: > [{quoted}](name=PurpleYukari,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=gWFPLTyh,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-09-21T01:12:12.328+0000) > > So you are going to take out your grief on innocent players who aren't involved with your behavior? Seems a little petty to me. not as petty as league removing my earned rewards for words so tit for tat
"I'm angry at the cops, so I'm going to take it out on my innocent neighbours." That's not tit for tat, that's just making up excuses for being a dick. I'm gonna assume spending all of your time making everyone around you miserable in game is just art imitating reality.
Blitz (NA)
: Because to me, being banned over an argument isn't something I can change. I think that the ban system prioritizing arguments as a way to decide if someone gets banned is ridiculous. I have been banned on accounts where I has not insulted the individual once but because I instigated the argument I was banned and nothing happen to them even though they cursed me out. An the reason I am able to know this is because I can see them playing games a week later.
> I was banned and nothing happen to them even though they cursed me out. An the reason I am able to know this is because I can see them playing games a week later. That doesn't mean they didn't get any chat restrictions.
Jaydooh (NA)
: um ok but therer being dumb and it makes me angry when i cant even play the game because i get teammates who are just being dumb and making me lose.
> when i cant even play the game because i get teammates who are just being dumb and making me lose. Losing isn't the same as not being able to play. Statistically you're likely to lose about half of your games - if you can't do that without flaming your team you're in danger of losing your account. Yell out loud, hit a pillow, call them names in your head - find whatever works for you to release those emotions outside of game. Nothing your teammates do excuses flaming them, and after a 14-day ban even minor toxicity could see you permanently banned.
: LOL "Im quitting cause of the bad community. Dying game anyway."
"Riot refuse to do anything about feeders and trolls, yet I got banned for literally nothing"
Bijeesny (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Aneirin,realm=OCE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Pzy1U5Ft,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-09-20T03:35:47.312+0000) > > It's called self-control. > > It's not a problem you're likely to run into with the new ranking system next year if I understand it correctly - people getting autofilled will be matched lower than people on their mains. Maybe not. Fresh lvl 30's who are going in ranked for the first time get matched against silver players. If Riot doesn't tweak that so 1st time ranked players start from at least bronze there will be issues for low-mid (or even high) silver players, since some1 can get a free pass if they're playing a role they don't care about.
Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if there's some teething issues, but hopefully it'll settle down fairly quickly
Laura ß (NA)
: I dare anyone even a rioter to check this
> how the fuck am I supposed to be chill and not rage at people It's called self-control. It's not a problem you're likely to run into with the new ranking system next year if I understand it correctly - people getting autofilled will be matched lower than people on their mains.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheSnowyLeopard,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=GWE847zx,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-09-20T01:42:49.694+0000) > > I have heard of those, Riot now has a stance that you cant ban people for doing these things anymore. Both of these players were unbanned and now i believe their policy is if you are clear in your intent and clearly not trying to lose, you can do soraka jungle, or jhin jungle. Requires a bit of communication sure, but you cant be banned for it anymore Except that there's no proof at all that you can't be banned for doing such things, since the precedent still stands and stealing allies' roles/ forcing allies to play around your troll pick, ESPECIALLY if you're being a total jerk and picking something like Ezreal support because you don't like the fact you were autofilled, is still against the rules. You most certainly can still be punished for it, since no amount of communication makes it okay to break the rules. Are you about to try and tell me that telling your allies you're going to run it down mid makes running it down mid okay, or telling them you're about to go off on a racist rant makes that okay? Yeah, right.
> You most certainly can still be punished for it, since no amount of communication makes it okay to break the rules And what rules are those? Quote them here if you would.
: yeah well, having 6 people in game tell you you are wrong (the enemy team joined in on it) does make you question what is true or not
I had 3 people team up and try to tell me that zilean bombs did friendly aoe damage and that I was killing my team off in an ARAM once. Just because multiple say something doesn't mean they're not just all idiots/trolling.
: it might be right, but think of it this way: everyone who says the game is dying and is bad, is toxic, and then they leave, making the playerbase drop. so yes, the player base is dropping, but no one should be complaining xD
Like killing off the pharmaceutical industry by curing disease
bokimane (NA)
: same here. i got a reconnect bug where the loading screen never pops up and i lose. happened twice in my promos and i lost. i quit. games dying anyways. and ranked is gonna get more toxic.
> games dying anyways Oh this again
Xidphel (NA)
: Y-yes. It's well known that the IFS is automated.
Just wait till you see my shocking new evidence that grass is, in fact, green!
: Banned for no reason
While that's certainly odd, I either want your autograph or applaud your taste in women.
Skyb0rn (NA)
: I mean... I'm not wrong either. Most liberals are of that sort: "overly sensitive"
People instantly lose all credibility when they turn non-political arguments political. Come back when you're capable of holding a discussion without throwing political labels at anyone you disagree with.
: Okay go supp and take cs. See what happens. Go jg and take ur lanes cs while they are their. Experience ur mid laner feeding who then proceeds to take all your camps making u go behind while you are the only one to bring back the game.
> Okay go supp and take cs. See what happens. He's pointing out what the rules do and don't say. No amount of strawmanning and covering your ears and screaming will change what the rules say. Come back with a quote from Riot saying creeps belong to certain players.
: Stay salty kids
> I will continue to tell these kids that theyre sad and trash because thats what they are. And you'll continue to be banned for being toxic because that's what you are. /thread.
Lawlliet (NA)
: racial slur was not a racial slur tbh its just numbers and letters
> its just numbers and letters You'd have to be a dumb455 to think we'll fall for that. Don't be offended, it's just numbers and letters!
: Riots an absolute joke when it comes to their banning system. It's so beyond fucked up, because noone moderates it, and if you ticket support, they don't care, Riot are in it just for money nowadays. I literally got chat restricted for my first time on a smurf, because I was nice in game, didn't flame, but my teammates were trolls, and they all reported me. The logs literally proved I wasn't toxic, it was in ONE game, when it normally takes two for something to go through, and I had to play through a restriction, thus damaging my account. When literally the only way to not get restrict/suspension/banned is to not even talk in chat, there's something wrong with your game. Trolls dont get banned, feeders dont get banned, but people who are chatting and trying to pull their team together to get the W get banned. I legit hate how ass backwards Riot has become. Bring me back to Season 6 if you're not gonna ban the people who deserve it, and let me be toxic again so I can just play through 500 game chat restrictions, cause your system, and your entire team is absolutely bullshit. I've been nice, I've been toxic, I've been everything in the 8 years I've played this game, but never once have I been banned unless I typed in chat. I've fed, I've built stupid, I've done all of that, yet chatting and saying things to pull the team together gets me chatted. Fucking absurd, you're all a joke.
> literally the only way to not get restrict/suspension/banned is to not even talk in chat Odd, I talk in chat all the time. Been playing for 5 years, yet to receive a punishment of any kind.
: So just curious about suspension poliicies.
> Your report gets flagged as a false positive so that your next reports are taken less seriously. This hasn't been a thing for a while as far as I know - now invalid reports are just ignored, there's no blowback on your account. > But god forbid if you say anything back to them in retaliation, boom, instant ban for you. No warnings. No "everyone is allowed to have a bad game" leniency. Just an instant suspension. You don't get an instant 14-day ban for saying just anything back. To go past chat restriction straight to ban almost always requires you to either be inting or using zero-tolerance words. > when the system identifies players as Asian, the system allows these players to get away with anything they want I need a thicker tinfoil hat to follow this. There's no reason why the ifs would guess at someone's nationality; nor is there any way for you to know if "asian" players get more or less punishments than anyone else.
Smoochy (EUNE)
: Dont listen to those fucking %%%s and sjw's who are sucking riots ass thinking that they'll gain something out of it. Yes, riot bans quite easily and it's a scheme from the higher ups to get more money out of us, I had a 14 day ban 2 YEAAAAAAAARS ago and only recently I was banned for retaliating to multiple offenders AND MIND YOU I DIDNT USED A SINGLE SWEAR WORD. I just took one sentence a spammed it a few times , I also made a post about it and linked the whole chat. Truthfully the guys bellow are pieces of shit and there is no way to reason with them, tell them to fuck off and get away from this game as soon as possible, dont waste your good money on this fascist SJW-like company, every1 is a piece of shit I assure you. I had a riot employee telling me that he knows judo and he'll kick my ass and things like that .
Pretty sure fascist SJW is an oxymoron. Looking at your history it looks like you hate riot games and you much prefer blizzard and HOTS, so why are you still here?
: ***
Ignoring the necro for a second... you do realise that bolding your entire post has the same impact as not bolding any of it right?
zoliking (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Naymliss,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=KdiZ33xA,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2018-09-18T00:56:14.363+0000) > > Horse crap. If you have an issue with your comp, YOU PICK TO CHANGE IT. It is not your team's responsibility to pick what you want. For example, whenever I have an ad mid with no ap top as adc, I pick a hyperscaling mage bot. If I have plenty of damage as a mid laner I am fine with playing someone like galio or lux and playing a supportive/Frontline for them. Sure, you can ask your teammates to play someone, but at the end of the day it's their choice, just as it was the rest of your team's choice to pick damage. Utter, fetid bullshit. This is exactly the wrong attitude. Everybody has a job on the team. There are times somebody else might be able to do theirs and yours at the same time which frees up additional optionf for you, but not doing your job to cover for somebody else is the second most annoying thing thing I encounter after somebody just plain refusing to do their job. If you got adc, your job is dish out sustained ad damage and take turrets down during sieges. If you ended up with no magic damage, then it's on the mid laner and you can report him for assisting the other team at the end. If you bail him out, your team ends up with no adc and that's on you. You didn't help, you just took the mantle of trolling on yourself.
> If you got adc, your job is dish out sustained ad damage and take turrets down during sieges. I for one enjoyed this season of pro bot laners who apparently have no idea what they're meant to be doing and are just trolling their team. If only you'd been there to tell them how much better you are than them at the game.
Lurantis (NA)
: Getting Banned Just because I dont want to play with 2 augment.
I'd like to see the screenshot of the punishment card that says "You were banned for not playing with 2 augments" please.
: ***
Citation needed, as always
Arammus (EUW)
: even with an answer from tantram himself, this still is hard to believe. just cause it takes soooo damn long. and i mean if you get enough valid reports for it to take several months, im pretty sure you also get a punishement.
Why ask if you've already made your mind up on the answer?
: "I own every champion in the game. Please pick \_\_\_\_\_ for me." -> am last pick. -> Everyone else picks their own champion, most of which are not highly contested picks. -> Enemy team last picks my champion I'm probably gonna pick something fun and non-meta and not take the game seriously, since no one else seemed to want to take it seriously. Am I gonna int? No. Am I gonna potentially get rekt cuz I'm jungling Garen? Maybe.
Maybe they don't own your champ? Maybe they don't believe you own every champ? I've had people tell me to pick them something before and then turns out they don't actually have the champs I want; or refuse to trade and leave me stuck on support Lee Sin. Just because people don't bow to your demands doesn't mean they're not taking the game seriously.
: Yup! Heimer had like an 80%+ win rate in that game mode. The game mode had been out for a couple days already, so anyone picking heimerdinger, was literally just using heimer to farm wins. Its like theres a massive water balloon fight at the local park.. and all the town folks are going to show up to throw water balloons at eachother.. Then some dude shows up with a fire truck and start blasting people. are you going to stay there and throw water balloons at the dude with a pressurized water hose? or are you gunna wait it out till they leave and continue playing with people NOT being douchebags?
Or maybe they'd never played Heimer in one for all and wanted to give him a go? Maybe they hadn't played it at all yet? Some of us have lives outside of league. You don't know what their motivation was. Maybe they were being douchebags, maybe they weren't; but your team definitely was. At best you stooped to their level.
: i just tested spellthief's edge, and that gives you xp on minon deaths now. i swear i've seen it several times in the last few months where it doesn't give xp on nearby enemy minon deaths. i bet it's an intermittent bug. how many people really watch their xp bar when a minon dies and they haven't hit it within the last 10 seconds? i do. i know i've seen enemy minons dying nearby and i wasn't getting xp. i always take an income item, so i'll have to do further testing to see when this is the case. i thought it was only ancient coin, but may be all income items or only in some modes.
What? You automatically get XP when minions near you die. That's not related to items.
: The way I see it is in ranked, there is no such thing as try hards, or sweaty people. You should be trying your absolute hardest to beat the enemy as fast as possible. In norms and rotating game modes though? have some fun.. don't play whats strongest, just because its strongest.. Don't camp a lane into the ground or afk split push all game. It's just boring, and you get literally NOTHING for winning like that. One of my favorite memories involving this is the One for all game mode.. We picked something like udyr, and the enemy picked heimerdinger (who is nearly impossible to beat in One for All). So all 5 members of my team sat in base and let them push towers until the game ended. No one had fun that game because they went try hard in champ select of a rotating game mode lol.
> So all 5 members of my team sat in base and let them push towers until the game ended. No one had fun that game. So your team decided to ruin the game for everyone involved because you couldn't be bothered trying? Congrats.
: You can't follow a simple list? Let me quote the key point you missed: > During that time, some players have entered a game and started playing.
You're still yet to show any examples of someone being kicked out of a game in progess for punishment.
Saezio (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=SoullessFlunky,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=AscWsXWK,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2018-09-18T00:19:45.123+0000) > > That sounds like you get salty after throwing a game lol. Throwing? Like, if I cared that much about winning an aram I would hit the nexus instead of spaming my team to back off. What is the difference between winning and losing if it's not ranked anyway? xD I'd rather play for the fun. Others value the blue banner above all else, that is a tryhard. I call my team tryhards too if they just focus nexus when I haven't enjoyed the game enough yet. I'll only focus nexus if the champion I am playing is one I do not enjoy.
> I call my team tryhards too if they just focus nexus when I haven't enjoyed the game enough yet. Is it fun being the centre of the universe?
: > [{quoted}](name=HellawhiteIII,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=t7ixULpn,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-09-17T22:20:24.039+0000) > > inting and flaming are in nearly 50% (give or take depending on the time of day and day) of my games. > > its a real sick joke, match making is so bad, and players are so toxic it just creates a hurricane of uncivilized behavior that riots robots dont usually pick up on, > > and if a player is inting, refusing to group, but farming all game, they legit wont penalize them. > > sorry u had to play with this person, ive been asking for post game lobby chat to work with blocks and bans since season 5. they just wont implement it, so you are forced to see what some flamer is flaming you about while u try to write a report ticket. Post game chat do work, i've been banned, and when I got the chatlogs it included postgame chat
I think what he's saying is if you mute someone in game, you shouldn't see their chat in post-game lobby.
: Since when are you to judge if my conversation with the enemy Lissandra, who asked a lot of questions, is useful or not? Like others mentioned already, since when can you report people for talking to much? Also, a chat restriction? For what exactly? I didn't flame anyone. Only thing that happened here is that someone who got trolled by 2 players, who even said in chat before the game started they were going to troll, got punished with a permanent ban. Altough he never even flamed the 2 trolls in his team. As you are moderator and all, with a opinion as you posted here, please enlight me with what rule exactly was broken by chatting to the enemy Lissandra? And yes, sorry for my reaction on you, but I would like to see yours if you get banned with your account that you had since season 1.
> Since when are you to judge Since you posted this thread literally asking for people's opinions?
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