: Coo idea! Things I like: I agree it fits the theme really well. And would definitely give them a niche, and could help emphasize wolf (wolf is more of an after though). Concerns: Its a little bit of a [False-Choice](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=293417). But only a little bit. There are probably still plenty of times to activate {{item:3157}} even when it would proc the damage. Its a pain to have to check what effects can be {{item:3140}}'d. I don't want to start doing that with {{item:3157}} too. Another way to do it would be like Illaoi vessel thing, where if they run to far way then it activates... but that has the same concerns.
I agree completely, there are several ways that i think the general idea of a wolf's punishment to be added, and I understand that my idea might not be the best. In reference to the False choice thing, i would think of it as a bit more of a punishment, for example, you can dodge this amount of cc, but you will instead have to take the damage of Kindred's **E**. With response to the Illaoi reference, it could definitely be done that way, however i feel it doesn't represent the metaphorical side of running from death as much.
: I'm not totally sure that's a good idea considering Kindred's ult grants enemies invulerability.
True, it untargetable would be better, and since you mention it, it would actually make more sense for this passive to activate on untargetable opponents.
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