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It's been 8 months and this is still happening...
Ætheist (NA)
: Honestly, I'd be fine with it if you didn't have to win the games for it to count. Just placing 8 wards a game for 3 games seems fair, especially since its partner SSW mission just needs you to get 40 takedowns.
> [{quoted}](name=Ætheist,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=lAK0nkeO,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-10-06T06:37:29.498+0000) > > Honestly, I'd be fine with it if you didn't have to win the games for it to count. > > Just placing 8 wards a game for 3 games seems fair, especially since its partner SSW mission just needs you to get 40 takedowns. So true, whenever a mission says "win X amount of games" there's a significant element of risk involved, so I don't understand why Riot would cram this into a 2-3 day period. If it takes 6 games on average to finish the mission, you're expected to spend 3 hours of your weekend on one mission. And that's just the average. LIke come on, people have their own lives too...
: Its intentional... the page was typo'd to give hope and in the end they just want you to buy the pass
I thought of that possibility too... {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: I kinda just washed my hands on this whole event, if you can even call it that.
I feel like doing that myself, the Odyssey event was great but the next one turned out to be so {{champion:32}}
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Bisaknosp (EUW)
: most balanced? no idea dont think there are many champs left that are not bullshit in some way most forgotten is prob ivern as you said
I actually think Riot did a good job with Ashe, because she's a relatively stable, albeit slightly weak, champion. This suits her role as a beginner-friendly champ, and potential go-to ADC if you're out of options. I know there's some champions at the other end of the spectrum, but let's not go into that for now.
RekSett (NA)
: Alright. I've had enough. The Issue with Quests needs to be resolved.
Depends on the community. I'm from OCE, and in 80% of my games, all 5 players decided on a mission in champ select. I personally like working together with randoms, and teamwork makes the gamemode much more fun to play. But if you're in a more toxic community, I can only wish you the best... hopefully you'll find decent people that you can add and do missions together.
warlordekko (EUNE)
: Not trying to be mean or anything but WHY IS GRAVES SO DAMN STRONG?
Maybe they make him stronger because ADC jg champs are unique. The only other ones I know of (like legit ones) are {{champion:145}} and {{champion:203}}. Then again, this isn't a proper reason to create imbalance, and they shouldn't focus on Graves over the others because he is more accessible to meta--abusers.
Noobs OP (EUNE)
: More team colours
If it's too hard to change the colours of minions and everything, then how about just the usernames? This should have minimal effect on the players because no one pays attention to their own name, it's just for the viewers to see.
: Am I the only one who thinks Karma W is bland and should be completely reworked?
Yep. Karma combos are bland alright. *presses W* *walks around awkwardly for two seconds* *target is rooted, fires mega Q point blanc* "Gotcha! Outplayed."
: A game mode where everyone gets to ban 2 champions.
Banning 20/140 champions would get rid of some meta/annoying picks, but it wouldn't make enough of a difference to call it a new game mode. Banning 50 champions tho... {{summoner:14}} {{champion:115}} {{summoner:14}}
: Too long seasons, hard decay and rewarding players based on final ranks makes me wanna smurf
Can't they at least remove decay for the last month or so? Why force people to play when there's already a shitstorm of players scrambling to climb before the end of the season.
: There really needs to be a change in what is considered unanimous in surrender.
There's a reason why the vote has always been 4:1 at 20 mins. Consider how unsatisfying a surrender feels, not just as the loser but also as the winner. Having players surrender all the time when the win condition is so simple (to blow up the nexus) is the mark of a shitty game. And I can imagine the rates of surrender at least doubling by changing the vote to 3:2. That's why Riot was so hesitant to implement early surrender. Also, using your system, it's entirely possible for 3-man parties to manipulate the vote, which totally ruins the game for teammates and the opposition.
: Well I mean what would you do other than remove them? I find the whole idea of playing around stealth traps that can kill me repugnant. I can't clearly see a middle ground from my end. Also would you say that the people you beat with shrooms alone were good at all aspects of the game, particularly vision control? That's something that needs to be looked at in this conversation.
To be honest, I don't think his ult is a big problem. The counterplay is very simple: * If Teemo falls behind, he's unlikely to do much damage. * Don't let Teemo get control over the map in the first place. Or: * If trying to regain map control, sweep for shrooms. * If Teemo has passed by an area, sweep for shrooms. I'll admit there's not much complexity involved. But that's just how he is.
: Can we discuss Teemo's mushrooms and how completely terrible of a design they are?
As a {{champion:17}} main (don't crucify me pls), I'll admit that his shrooms feel separate from the rest of his kit. Sometimes I can carry with shrooms alone, and sometimes I barely have a chance to use them. That said, one reason I enjoy Teemo is because there is really no other champion that has such a strong trap-placement mechanic. So while his kit might be all over the place, I don't agree with scrapping his traps entirely.
Jbels (NA)
: Reasons why you are not winning in Onslaught
Although it can't be helped if some of us are too slow to juke the Vel'Kozs {{item:3151}}
: You're doing Nasus all wrong, Riot.
So basically, reducing his skirmishing power and increasing his team fight power? Surely there are many ways for Riot to do this.
: I hate that syndra is only a burst mage
In most cases, she can still nuke an ADC without being ahead. She also has a lot of CC, so she isn't completely useless when behind. I'd say assassins have it far worse.
: GAME BALANCING ISSUE About Invisibility and Oracle Extract in ARAM
I love to play Teemo in ARAM (don't judge me), because I have to be creative with my shroom placement. For example, I can put shrooms in the path of minions, or throw them in the middle of team fights. I imagine that it would be very difficult for Shaco, so I feel for ya there.
: > [{quoted}](name=BananaSlayerAMO,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NoE9557X,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-09-17T04:17:56.728+0000) > > Master Yi is meant to be a starting champion _for_ noobs. Are you expecting a champ to be relevant in all elos? Or just converted into a "high-elo" champion, hence neglecting new and low-level players? This is a terrible design and balance point for roster based games. The point of roster is that all of them should be relevant, otherwise why have a roster when it's tiered and that there are better and worse picks? Balance can not be pitch perfect so it may be better and worse picks _as a result_ of non-perfect balance, BUT if you actually _use imbalance as an actual approach_ then it's just really, really, bad.
It is unreasonable to expect a champion to be relevant everywhere. Do you expect a frequent pick in eSports, typically a mechanically demanding champion, to be a favourite amongst new players? A champion can be considered "balanced" in low elo but useless in high elo, so there is an _inherent imbalance_ in the game.
: Star Guardian Invasion - My impressions
1. The point is _not_ to go for the generic ADC or mage build, but to improvise based on limited gold (e.g. buying on-hit items). 2. If you are dying immediately after reviving, the problem lies with how your team played the round, not the game. Did you let monsters accumulate until they totally overwhelmed you? etc. 3. Traditional RPG games have mobs with very simple programming, which is what the gamemode is aiming for. I would rather have swarms of these mobs than "more intelligent AIs" (a.k.a. bot games 2.0). 4. I feel like the final stage needs the most teamwork, and if you're losing it often then this is what you need to work on. It's not absurdly hard; if you kill the mobs as they spawn it's actually very manageable. The wacky skills that the boss uses look OP, but have very simple counterplay.
: Can anything be done about Master Yi?
Master Yi is meant to be a starting champion _for_ noobs. Are you expecting a champ to be relevant in all elos? Or just converted into a "high-elo" champion, hence neglecting new and low-level players?
Kayge (NA)
: Why is ARURF not even random?
People have been saying the same thing about ARAM for ages. Many don't realise that the chances largely depend on how many people own each champ, and the reroll system.
TopKnite (NA)
: Shields in URF too obnoxious?
In the patch notes they said shield scalings are down by 50% (whatever that is).
: Kayn is gay
That strategy only works if he is really close to his tower, and it's not OP at all. It's like saying that Jayce's range is disturbing, or Mundo's regen, or Nasus' stacking, etc.
: Why "URF" is not fun at all
I feel like ARURF is pretty similar to ARAM (which I love) in terms of the RNG involved, so I think the hate is a bit excessive. But I did enjoy regular URF more, so I would side on bringing it back. 6 bans isn't enough though, it should be 10.
: bring back normal URF mode please!!!!! not this AR URF crap
Ziggs and Ashe are harmless enough, but what about people who spam {{champion:28}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:23}} (just to name a few)? Unfortunately, these players greatly outnumber those who genuinely love their champs.
: i'm glad i can't just buy these "hextech exclusive" skins
I think Riot just wanted some skins to be luck-based rather than open to everyone, which is pretty interesting when you think about it. They just didn't anticipate people to pay $500+ upfront, turning them into "rich kid skins".
: Can we not be forced to equip icons for events?
I think it's about spreading awareness to other players, and making a sense of community (like "wow, almost everyone in this match is doing the event") or something like that.
MysterQ (NA)
: New Mode: SMAR-URF
Trying to work out how rerolls would work tho...
He'll have to get in line behind {{champion:163}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:136}} :'(
Rude Name (OCE)
: Is Riot's skin team biased? WITH EVIDENCE!
: Anyone else want a Dapper Urgot Skin?
Mob Boss Urgot would be amazing. Maybe they could revamp the outdated mafia/gangster skins while they're at it ({{champion:21}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:29}} )
: Opinions on who will get the Victorious skin or who deserves it
They haven't made one for a mage yet and Syndra got a skin recently, so I think champs like LB have a good chance
: > [{quoted}](name=Yellow Herb,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=h3URI6vf,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-08-08T21:29:49.509+0000) > > the fact that Riot themselves said "We don’t want these to be _too_ tilting." worries me, they know it is tilt fuel and know it will encourage BMing, but are still going through with it, only reason i can see considering their normal stance against BMing is that the want to try their hand at yet another new micro translation cash cow. It can also be reasoned that Riot would rather people BM using emoji spams than them dedicating their brain power into the worst and offensive insults in the chatlogs. Directing toxicity from the evil to the lesser evil may also be the intention of this, which if so, I can't blame Riot for trying to do it this way.
I just don't think that toxic people would be nice enough to vent their anger through cartoony emotes. If anything, it could motivate (usually bearable) people into using a new and easy means of tilting others.
: I don't really care so much about the risk of it tilting me, I don't tilt very easily. What I'm really worried about is how it will clash with the more dramatic "war-like" feel/theme of the game, just totally obliterates any seriousness.
This is exactly what I felt. I'm a big fan of better gameplay visuals (like in the mid-season update), but cartoony/childish emotes just don't fit with the slick game experience that Riot's going for.
: I don't play Yasuo... but why isn't he just balanced around having charges on his E?
Maybe give him the {{champion:55}} treatment? Introduce a short delay before E can be cast again, so that there's more counter play to his multiple low-cd dashes? It would also reduce his ridiculous chasing ability through minions.
: If Riot nerfs/ reworks everytime we complain.. what will become of this game?
This is actually very accurate. Think back to when this game first started (or any game for that matter) and look at all the fun players had without 'balance' or 'fairness'. There were so many wacky possibilities - we would always find a bit of joy in discovering strats that were new and OP, or just plain funny. Now that it's grown so large, people are so serious and focused about what's 'fair', it often takes away from the overall enjoyment of the game. Maybe the game needs to be professional for eSports and all, but for regular players, there really isn't a need to get worked up over it when the aim is too have fun.
: Yasuo's passive and windwall
The crit passive doesn't turn him into a glass cannon. It lets him do large damage with minimal items, giving him the luxury to build whatever the hell he wants later on. I don't think the duration of Windwall is the issue; it basically forces people to walk around it. But they _could_ nerf it by decreasing the size, or increasing the cast time so that getting the timing right is not so easy.
: Xayan and raken chicken skin
Riot doesn't like making more skins for new champs, but April Fools is ten months from now so that should be about right XD
: PSA: Divers and Assassins are two completely different classes
The line becomes a bit blurred when you look at champions like {{champion:131}}, who are classified as Divers but often played like Assassins.
Moon Mom (NA)
: Diana - One million Mastery one trick. RQ combos montage
Well this definitely wasn't an intended function. Luckily it requires a great amount of skill to execute so it won't be heavily abused.
Kryptone (EUNE)
: Rengar R vs Twitch Q.
Technically his R gives a gapcloser too. But that's still pretty weak for an ulti so maybe they assume the rest of his kit is strong enough...?
: Ramp-up dmg: A replacement for crit
There's always a question of how much RNG is 'too much'. Obviously, it would be less fun to play in a fixed environment that always stays the exact same. IMO, I think crit is an interesting and important RNG factor, and it's classic in this genre for a reason. To get a better idea of this, I'm trying to think of what RNG already exists on the map (apart from drakes). Also, I don't know if adc's outbursting other squishes is common. I think they'd have to be super fed to do that. If they reach that point, they deserve the ability to 1v1 anybody (it doesn't always have to be assassin > squishy).
Qlox (NA)
: Cho'Gath base damage
Usually they build a {{item:3027}} or something but that's still a lot of dmg for someone that's so hard to kill
: Those are other examples, yes. They're in the bunch too, like you read, I put an etcetera. And the fact that alot of champions don't get skins doesn't make it less bullshit and frustrating, actually you just frustrated me even more. those champions are so cool too! just like Heimy or Yorick. but they don't get shit.
Design team has a lot cut out for them aye Also, pacing might be an issue because they want every skin release to have an impact, but there's so many skins on demand
: So what DO you want junglers to be able to do?
They're supposed to be exerting pressure around the map / adding a sense of mystery, and capitalizing on advantages with positioning. It's really all about getting the balance right, so jungling is interactive and has an impact but doesn't solely dictate games.
: Can we get an actual good new Talon skin
You missed the blood moon skin?
: Let's celebrate the fact that Heimerdinger didn't get a new skin in 3 years!
{{champion:39}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:101}} :(
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