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Novalas (NA)
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.3
Thoughts on Swain? I suspect he is a bit strong with those numbers. Where do you think he is best? Struggles against who, good against who?
Pinkaj (NA)
: Where do you find the info for nerfs/buffs on PBE?
Surrender @ 20 is ofter the go to place.
: You summed it up pretty well, but I'll throw in my two cents from the perspective as one of the team leads. From a process perspective: When we're working on a patch, we have about two work weeks to choose our targets, dig into a shit ton of data, come up with a few paperkits, implement said paperkits, test them, get feedback, iterate, test again, finalize iterations, and get in for actual bug testing and localization lock (for things that are changing tooltips and need to be translated). What this usually amounts to is that we have from ~Wednesday afternoon to the following Friday to get our changes through the various development stages and into the next patch. After we lock on the Friday, we have the following Monday/Tuesday for any final power tuning and bug fixing before the entire patch gets "locked" and no more changes can be submitted. From there it goes into extensive bug testing internally, at vendors, and in partner regions to ensure all big bugs have been caught and fixed before we go Live the following Tuesday-Wednesday. This means that from the time we start working on a task, it takes 3 weeks before that change will actually get shipped live (which is one of the factors in it feeling like it takes a long time for things to get changed). Now, not all of our work is targeted on a 2 week cadence, there are times where we have some larger work on our plates for a few sprints/months before it ships, but the bulk of our work gets run through the rapid two week cadence. When we're already working on a fast schedule, one of the things that can drag down any team in any organisation is having too much work in progress. It's something you need to be hyper aware of, as having too many things on the go at once is likely to lead to a lot of stuff falling through the cracks, or burnout because of people trying to deal with the overhead of each individual piece of work they have on their plate. What this means at Riot is that the specific designer may have 4-5 tasks of varying sizes on their plates for a given patch, and each of those tasks requires investigation, ideation, implementation, playtesting and gathering feedback, iterating based on said feedback, fixing bugs, writing patch notes etc. Anything that bleeds over to the next sprint adds to the overhead they need to manage the following sprint (including adding another testpoint to playtests that are already crowded with changes from all the teams in core gameplay). While breaking things up as you suggest would lead to smoother releases, it also just doesn't scale well in a real world development scenario (that's not intended to sound condescending). What this means from a product perspective: One of the things that we try to aim for with our larger changes is offering interesting and compelling gameplay that alters the way players may think about when to pick a specific champion, how to build them, or where they could play them. Things like; what if you could take Nunu bot lane with an Azir or Kayle instead of just in the jungle when you have a hyper scaling adc? Or what if you could take Morgana or Zyra in the jungle if you got autofilled jungle as a support main but your team was entirely physical damage? These types of changes tend to err on the riskier side of the equation because we're trying to balance for a lot of factors. Things like what will this look like in pro play? What about Diamond? Will this be pubstompy in Bronze? Would this be something players find exciting or interesting? The list goes on and on, but at the end of the day, sometimes we have to take our best guess which is informed by the few playtests we get, trust our gut, and go with it. Can this result in us having some releases where we sit back, see the results of a change and think "damnit we did it again". Yep. But does that make me question whether we should have held onto a change for an additional 2 sprints to try and eke out even a tiny bit more value from playtests to give us the confidence in a direction or present tuning? Very very rarely. When all is said and done, the data that we get from our changes being out in the wild for even an hour gives us far more information than we can get from our playtests. This means that we can adjust a champion to be right around where we're happy with a day or two after release as opposed to holding onto them and carrying the overhead cost of managing the task through the various dev stages for another month to get us to the same result (maybe). While people tend to look at them as massive misses on our part (which they are), I'm fine accepting that cost as long as we're willing to own up to it when we do and hotfix them when necessary. At the end of the day as a lead I'm accountable for the results of my team, and if needing to do hotfixes was causing players to churn from the game or completely lose all faith in Riot then I'd definitely revisit this as a philosophy, but as that hasn't materialised so far my tendency is to lean towards iterating quickly as opposed to drawing changes out over a long period of time. @OP: To be entirely clear, your thoughts aren't wrong. If we wanted to go for the smoothest releases possible, we could easily adjust to releasing changes the way you suggest (1/4 or 1/2 at a time). The primary benefit there would be we'd have less egregious cases like Nunu crop up, and the primary cost would be that we'd be able to do net fewer changes as we adjust our workload to account for carry over tasks. It could be that the trade-off is worth it, though for now I'm not convinced. In my mind the worst case right now is that we end up having champs like Nunu be strong for a day or two, people get to see them pop off with some fun synergies, and then we get him to a spot we're roughly happy with - which is ideally far better than he was before. That being said... One of our hopes with changing our patching cadence to be a large patch followed by a small patch is that we get additional breathing room to work on larger projects rather than trying to bundle everything into a standard patch. By changing our small patches to have significantly fewer changes than what players are currently used to, it grants us significantly more bandwidth to work on the larger term stuff that hopefully has a larger impact on the overall state of League. Hopefully the above reasoning makes some amount of sense. I have this awful tendency of writing fucking bibles on the boards :P. Let me know if anything needs additional clarity.
Why not have an alternating patch cadence? Two teams, each on a 4 week cycle releasing two weeks apart. We still get a patch every 2 weeks, you have more time.
: I'm so confused...
There is 600 from the initial purchase. If you don't use the active then there is a bonus 300 gold off the upgrade as well.
: I thought stopwatch cost 600 though...?
It saves you 900. 600 from the initial purchase and 300 from the upgrade. Plus 15% CDR on that item.
GigglesO (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dr Mercy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E9LHWiwv,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-11-18T21:57:53.708+0000) > > > Some champs are inherently toxic in their kits, that buffing them leads to oppressive one-sided fights. So you are saying that it is easy to outduel a good lee sin or yasuo, and by extension hyper damage hyper mobility champions in general? That also means that you don't think champions that are hyper mobile are at all in any way opressive to enemy champions that don't have these tools... Yea right... > > Secondly, I'd just want to clarify this, but do you think that there is no correlation in Character design and Popularity Yea bull shit, go look at the data, all of the consistently popular champions have extra mobility > > Some people absolutely love Monster-type champions, or themes. My friend hated Dark Souls 2 (amongst other reasons) because it's enemy design was just a bunch of human/humanoids. Yea, but balance still dictates in whether they are playable, think back two seasons when reksai and elise were popular, literally everyone played them > rests at a 22.% playrate when he barely scratches a 50% winrate. That does show just how dedicated a playerbase can be to a champion. But thats the thing champions that are played by only OTP's should have a higher winrate. Champions that are that easily playable by the whole community shouldn't be looking at a 50% winrate because there should be bronze players that have a statistically low winrate playing him.
>Yea bull shit, go look at the data, all of the consistently popular champions have extra mobility Which is character design, no? >Champions that are that easily playable by the whole community shouldn't be looking at a 50% winrate because there should be bronze players that have a statistically low winrate playing him This reasoning is not necessarily true. Bronze does not bring the win rate down for all champs. Consider Yi and Darius where they are much stronger in lower levels of play.
: I hate that you need to heal 20 points to even use the 2 runes that grants immediate armor or mres at their maximum, also conditioning is seriously too strong to pass and toplane matters less in this meta anyway so you better just play safe
You don't. The flat increase is there regardless. You need to heal 20 hp to gain access to the second part of the runes, the percent increase.
: Thanks for the kind words, bud. If you've got any questions, we're here for ya.
I believe the question was 'do people still say kudos?'
: @Rito: How hard is it to just add an "in game lobby" status?
: Yeah, for sure E sucks. Q is really bad too though since it requires no skill test to target champions. Swain is hell for any melee champ to face due to the auto-targeting AoE kit. Swain is just never fun to fight; just stat-checks. Of course, the opposite is true too. Swain feels TERRIBLE when behind (especially useless once they get Grievous in any way shape or form).
To me though, the core part of laser bird is there being a leash to some static point. To me that is interesting and does have a reasonable amount of counter-play. There are parts where I think it does need changes though. It really ought to have some cast time/set-up time so it's not soo guaranteed. > Swain is hell for any melee champ to face due to the auto-targeting AoE kit. Swain is just never fun to fight; just stat-checks . >Swain feels TERRIBLE when behind (especially useless once they get Grievous in any way shape or form). IMO that's mainly the E and R. The W has some utility and is dodge able, but it's just a little boring compared to the new kits. The E and R though, they need some serious changes.
: It'd be nice if they keep a _type_ of laser bird, but the current iteration+E is super toxic. I'm really excited to see what they do.
E is imo, the word spell in the game. But I don't think q is bad.
ChunLii (NA)
: The Swain teaser image speculation.
I want Swain to have sacrificed an eye, to have two birds (Beatrice and Memory), to have a spear/staff/stick of some kind and to have a weekday named after him (Swainday). Basically, Swain should be Odin except he turns into a battle birdie (even that I'm malleable on tbh). The one thing they should not remove is laser bird.
Meddler (NA)
: Every player will have access to all the runes. We'll be limiting your ability to customize them at really early levels while players are still learning the basics of the game, no planned restrictions other than that though. A level 5 player might pick from preset pages for example, rather than customizing each rune individually. They'll still have the power of a full set of runes, but won't be exposed to the complexity of the system until they've played a bit more LoL and have a better handle on what stuff does. Full customization would then open up at a higher level (still figuring out exactly when, pretty early on though).
The approach that Call of Duty used for perks and weapons was one I think works well. 5 or so 'standard' layouts and then a couple of customisable layouts that unlocked as you levelled up. That gave a nice progression and potentially some side goals. I think the progression part plays nicely into the experimentation too and keeps things fresh during the levelling period.
: me me big boy?
Meddler (NA)
: Probably more something like Bard chimes - an alternate way to demonstrate skill leading to power that isn't necessarily funneled through the item system. Not necessarily something that external to the champion or that impactful, but that sort of alternate thing to do you can be good or bad at. I can't see removal of Soraka's W health cost happening without her being an extremely different champion. She's designed around being a premier healer and the health cost there's pretty important to making that more acceptable. Replacing the W then demands some pretty substantial work across the kit.
I agree, supports do need some kind of additional currency. In particular, it needs to be something that benefits support champions rather than support roles. Assuming you make support role more agnostic to gold or more tied to team gold, support champions become increasingly pushed out by more mage-y champions. Those that bring damage to the team fight. To prevent this and to keep traditional support champions relevant, I think the new currency needs to be more focused or in tune with what they want rather than what a support MF or support brand wants. Things like shields, heals, buffs and debuffs rather than damage, movement speed, increased actives (that will be more champion agnostic).
Statikk (NA)
: There will be some adjustment to Tank itemization, but we're not sure yet to what extent. We don't want to kill iconic items like Sunfire Cape, but we know that it's dangerous to lump too much of a champion's damage output into ambient AoE damage with no play for either side.
Well Sunfire only needs to exist to give tanks wave clear, the damage done to enemies is a side benefit (even if it does become non trivial over extended periods). There's no real need for it to hurt enemies. Not even a need for it to exist if you can give tanks other means to wave clear more effectively.
: Vladimir should get a WW level rework.
Vlad's MYMU made him significantly more healthy and less binary. By no means is he good now, but in comparison he's much better.
: Only if he gets a fox tail. :3 #######Kappa the only reason I said this is becuase everyone loves WW's fox tail. Don't downvote bomb pls.
You want him to be like Ahri, don't lie.
: I don't have an issue with Lee Sin being able to do it. I'm wondering why he is allowed to Flash to reposition the knock-back while the target isn't allowed to do the same.
My guess would be because one is pro-active and the other re-active.
: Is new ww passive on-hit or not?
Rozair (NA)
: What is the point of Liandrys
The point is it acts as a release valve to a meta that isn't in favour: High health low MR.
: This is literally like the biggest shitshow I've ever read. We got 1 guy getting mad because another guy doesnt get the OP, people bringing up legit points and following it with an insult, and some guy who should really just quit while he's ahead, because he's done nothing but derail a clearly salty OP.
You sir, have enticed me to read this thread. I'll be disappointed if it doesn't live up to the expectation. Edit: ....+1 for you.
: so like the true damage can only proc once on her ball?
I think he is saying the ball does not follow her if she flashes into it. If the ball doesn't follow then the damage can't trigger twice.
: Is Season 6 really the worst season?
The earlier ones were worse. Part of what happened is peoples expectations rose as the game got better. Another reasons is while the other seasons tended to be an improvement, people felt like this season either stagnated or got worse (ranked in particular).
: **TLDR BELOW** thunderlords works on bonus AD, I beleive. Will look it up. From memory - 10-180 +30% bonus AD damage +10% AP damage. EDIT : yeah its bonus AD, AD/ level does not count (Again an assumption im making, because I see triforce damage go up/level so it must be considered base AD.) For example lets compare an adc, and any champion that builds ap. the adc will probably get these AD items, in no particular order -> Blood thirster, Infinitey edge, runans hurricane, boots, GA, last whisper thats around , 195 bonus AD. So, at levl 18 thunderlords decree will do 258 damage. An AP champion will probably get -> Morelonomicon, Ludens echo, death cap, void staff, sorc shoes, zhonya. around 634 AP. thats approximately 243 damage. TLDR; Full build AP champions deal 243 damage. full build adc's deal 258 damage. Almost the same, BUT BUT BUT, ap champions tend to build magic penetration items, including but not limited too runes, sorc shoes and void staff, so thunderlords will end up doing MORE damage when used by a full build ap champion. FINAL VERDICT : AP champions deal more damage with thunderlords.
Yeah, it's bonus AD. That means that the scaling from levels is not counted. Scaling level AD is considered base AD
: I'm waiting for a champs who's passive swaps AD and AP. 1000 AP makes autos do 1k :-)
Foucz (EUNE)
: @Riot Meddler what is going on with hybrid champions ?
TL:DR: They end up being better as either AD or AP. I'll copy an earlier red post. Sauce: >To me, that is where the flaw existed in hybrid itemization design. I don't think any special consideration should be given to these items just for being hybrid. The catch should be that they are good only if you can actually use all of the stats on them, but if not then you should be shooting yourself in the foot because the item should not be efficient for those champions. If they're not better than other items - why would you buy them as a hybrid? Because they exist? Furthermore - if this item is good on you and not particularly efficient - what does that say about your AD or AP ratios and your ability to use other items? We could easily make a 1800 gold item that gave 40 AP and 25 AD. For this item to be equivalent to 80 AP or 50 AD - your AP and AD ratios have to be equal to other character's high AD and AP ratios innately. Which means that you scale equally well with this item as any other item - regardless of whether it had AD or AP. Which then boils down to - why do you purchase the hybrid item to begin with? In what way is it stronger than others? Because if it provides you a non-stat but still a damage spike - it is guaranteed that you will be balanced around said spike and the same damage effects would occur. You can sidestep this dilemma by stating that hybrid champions would buy this to get access to some other form of utility or sideways benefit that the other items don't provide. However, in this world - hybrid champions can already use literally every item in the game outside of penetration items well. Penetration items don't carry a ton of utility - due to their natural advantage of murdering squishy targets. Penetration is also a form of damage spike which I'll address later. Going back to this hybrid item existing as a form of utility - They can already pick and choose the best actives and passives out of the categories - so then it wraps straight back to - why does this need to exist? Why isn't the strength of a hybrid champion already the ability to pick the best items in every conceivable category and use them well? Compound this with the damage efficiency curves - You'll want to also have a look at the multiplicative items in AD and AP. AD has Crit, AS and Lifesteal - as well as other neat things like Hydra. AP has Deathcap as well as other items with AP Ratios on them. Therefore - what you'll tend to see is that, because other paths have delayed multiplicative synergies to them - that usually going straight down AD or AP will be highly preferable to getting a mix of the two statistics - due to the multiplicative power of other items in their ecosystem. The real crux of this problem comes down to the fact that skills have linear - rather than exponential ratios. Thus - unless the hybrid item is primarily utility centric - it's not going to have a strong place in either of these builds - because a build full of hybrids with no late multipliers is going to suck - that's not even getting into the problem of defending against hybrid champions innately sucks in the mid-game. You could try to solve this by giving all hybrid characters scaling AD or AP ratios - but again - that lowers their midgame and early-game power spike potential dramatically as in the current case. >In the late game, tanks are likely to have ~130 magic resist and ~180 armor (at least, I always tend to have more armor than MR). At that point, hybrid itemization isn't as useful because you have no way to effectively cut through the resistance of your opponent. This heavily presumes that the role of hybrid is to be able to cleanup and sweep through teams. This assumes that hybrid characters end up as carry classes - rather than either Assassin or Utility classes. But let's brush that aside, while it is true that your damage potential falls off - you ignore the fact that you've been incredibly hard to itemize up till now - as all your opponent's purchases have had half effect on lowering your damage thus far. Then you introduce guaranteed late game damage for these characters - opponents' itemization options will be inefficient in the early, middle or late game. Since you are most likely guaranteed a late game and early purchases have minimal effects - I'm not sure what the effects that would have - but I would assume that you're either going to keep a poor late game - or your mid-game will have to be nerfed to compensate for the fact that you'll never really fall off in the damage curve. (Which then brings you back to exactly the same outcome as introducing a high spike item and lowered ratios would do.) Edit: Note that there is actually a fairly reasonable answer to the 'why should hybrid characters get a special utility that is only good on them' than other characters - if their kits are so constrained that they need a specific hybrid utility function to be able to function. This becomes simply a analogue to the damage case - just in utility.
: If we're giving assassins new items and reworks, why not Trickster's Glass
The passive 'breaks' some of the rules and expectations we have about the game. Sure it would be something really fun for the people who can do this, it would be pretty shitty for those playing against it though. It's a really game warping item in terms of playings decision tree. It's no longer 'I see lux bottom we can can do X'. You don't _know_ it's Lux and that widens the decision tree substantially. How you react is normally contingent on the information of who is where. By introducing dis-information they can't react in the same way. It becomes a game of trying to play each others minds (like poker). Is it lux or is it not lux?- do you want to call the bluff?
Chalizard (EUNE)
: The hardest mid champions
: Serious Question: Why can't we post links to our games?
My understanding is that those are removed because of the other 9 people in the game. They didn't consent to it and may not want it. That leads to potential abuse cases. Let's say you link it and say 'the jungle fed like crazy and add was terrible'. That's basically naming and shaming people for being bad.
: Akali's "Small" Update
I disagree that Alkali ought to be a generalist and prefer a more narrow approach. Having said that, I'm not sold on this particular iteration yet.
: How about they actually do their jobs and start aggressively responding/helping people instead of posting in a thread where someone is praising them for doing the wrong thing. At this point they're helping spread the fire instead of "leaving it to die". there will always be people with problems that need solving, and Riots often the only people who can help. Its horrible that they're nowhere to be found anywhere on this board except the echo chamber thread.
They do their job. With support tickets. If people aren't happy with the result there is unlikely to be anything left for them to do. Aggressively responding with what? We've checked your ticked? Or we will get to your ticket? Or they could trawl through the posts for the ones they can help with in an inefficient way? Much of the time they are limited to saying that without giving away details that should be kept confidential. Those are all worse solutions. If you expect them to be able to make everybody happy and do whatever the player wants I don't know what to tell you other than that's not feasible.
: People come to these boards when they feel that support didn't do their job properly. One guy out of an entire company, and hes the sound guy, really puts things into perspective.
I just linked you to a different guy who has posted within the day. You're kind of right, people do tend to come to boards if they feel support is doing what they want. Support isn't going to be able to resolve everything though and that does make these forums a bit of a echo chamber of complaints. Often hands are tied at that point and it's better to leave it to die than fan the flames.
: >This is not how the system works. It is not a keyword based system. It also isn't that black and white. It is a machine learning system that learns from the community what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. It doesn't just say, 'they said a word on a list, they get punished.' The system is black and white. Every player here has been told many times that the situation does not matter nor excuse anything. Even if the whole team is harassing you, you can still get reported if you dare saying anything back and you will likely get punished if you AFK. There is no lee way or consideration for the situation. This is why many people feel that **it is more dangerous to react to a troll than to actually troll yourself.** >This is not entirely true. The amount of time it takes to be back in good standing is related to how severe your behavior was, what your last penalty was, how often you've been penalized, and you current behavior. Why is this information not published anywhere? The best we got was here: and another post that I can't find right now from a Rioter that said 2 week suspensions require 6 months of good behavior to clear up. And then what exactly is good/bad behavior? Riot has no clear postings of rules or what is really allowed, aside from some general things. **How can people possibly obey the rules or accurately report people who break the rules without a clear understanding of what is or isn't allowed?** Most users don't know that asking for reports isn't okay and I'm not even sure if "GG EZ" is reportable despite playing 1000+ games and frequenting this forum.
The situation and context is taken into account. I guarantee you I say things that are bad, but I don't get reported because the context and the manner in which they are said means I do not get reported. What you mixing up is 'understandable' and 'condonable'. We consider it understandable when somebody who was abused as a child breaks the law. That doesn't make it condonable and they will still be punished for it. Same thing here. Everybody understands that people get upset, but that does not make the behaviour acceptable. 8 >Clarity of rules Again to make a law analogy. Not many people know the _letter_ of the law, yet they don't end up in prison though. They know the _spirit_. You also aren't told in advance what sentence you will be given for, say, murder. How can people accurately report? With how the system works (it really is like law in so many way), both mimic society, in this case the league community. People can report whatever they want and if enough people agree with them it will be held valid -like changing a law. If 99% of people reported GG EZ as being negative it would eventually register as being negative. It sounds like you are reporting on what you think is breaking the rules as they currently exist rather than what you feel shouldn't be allowed. If you feel GG EZ is acceptable, don't report. IF you think it's not acceptable report it.
: I see many of the same problems people bring up on the board, and none of them have been addressed by a Rioter. Yet the ONLY Red post I see is in a discussion where the person cheated out of an account is openly praising Riot for having subpar support regarding something completely out of their control. Absolutely abhorrent of a company and their employees to stick their head in the sand when there is SO much wrong with your support staff and your board moderation.
Only Riot post? Check the red tracker. There's a bit of cross-over with 'player behaviour' and 'help and support' because some times people will ask for help with support tickets. That dude posts every couple of days at least. There is one from him in 'player behaviour and moderation' from 7 hours ago. That doesn't seem like sticking their heads in the sand, especially when one recalls the boards are not support tickets.
Sciela (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=BloodyTompon,realm=OCE,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=tW7NeURJ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-11-04T11:58:26.077+0000) > > You dating ads would be failing because you don't know the rules of the game. You don't write what you think, make that shit up. You think all those people on those things like long walks on the beach? They don't. What they like is the idea of liking long walks on the beach. That seems a little backwards to me. I have a feeling that's why people say they don't work very well. : / > Anyway that aside... > Ask the therapist* for mindfulness techniques. '..though the feelings are there if I look hard enough' that made me think you'd >benefit from some of those... I'm not going to the therapist anymore. They never help me at all anyway, and I was only going because my parents were forcing me to. But, he was talking about the whole wall thing, and was talking about mindfulness. He tried and tried, but nothing really happened. He said that I'd need someone to be a kind of guiding light, and to help pull that wall apart, but a therapist can't be that. Eventually he came up with a story about how he was going to a mental center in Japan and all that because he gave up. > Make sure you venture outside of your comfort zone. Start with the therapist, move on to somebody else. Try joining some extra curricular things. Sport, some kind of arts and craft, a book club. Anything that forces you to interact. If you are in a lager town there will be support groups for people with anxiety and depression to meet. Ask your therapist about those. You don't have to like the extra curricular activity, that's not the point. It's a stepping stone to something else. I'm not in school anymore. Been out for years now. College is off and on depending on if I can afford it, so I can't really just up and join clubs or anything. : / > *Aim for a therapist with a masters degree in clinical psychology. Also try to see a psychiatrist if you haven't already. Ask about seeing them for checkups, say once a year or something. In particular if you are on medication -- Do NOT go on medication without seeing a psychiatrist. I've been to psychiatrists, therapists, people who did both, and all that. Medicines always just made me sick and have awful side effects, even on low doses, so they came to the conclusion that my issues weren't because of chemistry. > Most importantly, don't give up. Funny thing is I gave up when I was little.
To a degree, the dating thing is hyperbolic. Make it up might have been poorly put. It's about showing the best side and masking the worst. If you open your dating thing with something like 'I'm here because my therapist said I should' that is going to send alarm bells ringing and make people avoid. If you have a whole heap of negative stuff, people will move on to somebody else. It doesn't matter if they were better or worse, they presented themselves better. >I'm not in school anymore Those things I suggested don't need school or college. >I'm not going to the therapist anymore. ... I was only going because my parents were forcing me to. And that is a large part of why they never helped. >Funny thing is I gave up when I was little. Then what are you doing here? If you gave up why are you still asking for help and trying to deal with it?
Sciela (NA)
: So, I have a weird question.
You dating ads would be failing because you don't know the rules of the game. You don't write what you think, make that shit up. You think all those people on those things like long walks on the beach? They don't. What they like is the idea of liking long walks on the beach. Anyway that aside. Pretty normal to feel subdued from chronic depression. That's a well documented phenomena, not sure if it helps knowing it is normal or not. I'm actually more surprised that games will bring you to tears. That makes me suspect there's a large element of sub consciously learnt masking of emotion. If you're in a situation where they aren't acceptable (and it kind of sounds like it) that would make sense. The first thing is realise you're probably going to need years if not decades to tackle it. There is no easy way unfortunately. Ask the therapist* for mindfulness techniques. '..though the feelings are there if I look hard enough' that made me think you'd benefit from some of those. Make it crystal clear with your therapist what you want to achieve with it. You want to improve paying attention to emotions. I'd also ask to learn some more sophisticated emotional language and ways of expressing yourself. Make sure you venture outside of your comfort zone. Start with the therapist, move on to somebody else. Try joining some extra curricular things. Sport, some kind of arts and craft, a book club. Anything that forces you to interact. If you are in a lager town there will be support groups for people with anxiety and depression to meet. Ask your therapist about those. You don't have to like the extra curricular activity, that's not the point. It's a stepping stone to something else. Why do things to push your comfort zone? Because it's likely part of you finds comfort in the way things are, they're known and familiar. That's part of many peoples internal conflict. You want to be who you are _and_ change at the same time? Sure sounds to me like comfort in the negativity is part of your issue. Most importantly, don't give up. You will fail and regress at some point in this. Everybody does. Have a little tanty for a while, a little whinge and cry. Just make sure you get back out and trying again. This is the biggest trick to breaking the wall: perseverance. *Aim for a therapist with a masters degree in clinical psychology. Also try to see a psychiatrist if you haven't already. Ask about seeing them for checkups, say once a year or something. In particular if you are on medication -- Do NOT go on medication without seeing a psychiatrist.
: Yes, yes I am still making grammar _jokes_. I take them very seriously though. In order - No, I cannot spell Latin or Greek. The image you get of me is entirely irrelevant but thank you for sharing! You seem like an intelligent individual so I assume you'll appreciate my candor when I say this; Poor spelling frustrates me, so much that I tend to call it out. Hope you at least cracked a smile reading this, being uptight on the internet is a waste of energy. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I don't know why you're hating on this when some words use the s for the sh sound. E.g., Tissue, assume (depends on accent- I think all American's say tissue with sh, but only some say assume with sh? I could be wrong on that). Anyway, the point is it's not that far from the realm of possibility to spell it like that.
Owlery (NA)
: Does anyone in Riot read the reports?
As far as I know they're used to calibrate the AI.
: Riot is suddenly fulfilling all our wishes
When was replays announced? I missed that
: SSW did not do that nor did SKT
Didn't SSW wait a while to bring out the Jayce? It's been a while so my memory is shady. I recall it was a surprise pick though and wasn't meta before worlds at all.
: This is so witty that it's actually sickening. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
How is this witty? We must have very different definitions of that word!
: > [{quoted}](name=MunchCrunchLunch,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4Aene717,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-05T23:50:37.921+0000) > > are you challenger? How is that at all relevant to the point being made? If someone proved 2+2 = 4, would you demand they be a mathematician instead of examining what's being communicated?
: Biggest suspension conspiracy in the history of LoL.
They must be specifically targeting you. What is that you know that the government don't want you to spread? You have to speak quickly before they silence you!
: well tyler1 really was banned for no reason, he's been working on his behavior and has been reformed. nobody is perfect, let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
I have my handy dandy rock ready. Show me the sinner and I'm good to start if off.
Rebonack (NA)
: When Kog was first released his Ult did 200/300/400 damage to champions
When league was first released they had no concept of counte-rplay and the game was very different than it is today.
: > [{quoted}](name=BloodyTompon,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ei7FLV87,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-10-05T09:03:18.681+0000) > > As much as I love the idea, I think it would be better suited to somewhere else on him or on a separate kit. People do seem to hate playing against him and this would only exacerbate that. They hate playing against him because his kit revolves around outsmarting his opponents. It's not even remotely close to an "overloaded" kit where certain champions deserve hate because they just out-sheer force you. Shaco out-wits you, out-maneuvers you, and makes you afraid (even though he's very easy to counter with and without pink wards or Oracle's). Annoying in its own right, but not worthy of "OP champion" hate. In my opinion, Shaco is a champion that has a great deal of very visible counterplay. The trick is paying attention and using critical thinking. It _is_ a strategy game, after all. There's a reason there aren't a whole lot of Shaco players around.
Oh, it's far from an overloaded kit. I'd disagree with the counterplay. As far as I can see, there aren't many options for the opponent. There's a huge amount of variance in Shaco, but it's mostly in his hands. It's often not you outwitting Shaco, it's him failing to outwit you. I can see this falling into that pattern. It provides more options for Shaco, but doesn't provide anymore for the opponent.
: Yeah they made his jungling significantly harder and less safe but in return upped his teamfight capabilities. So is Graves the new Lee Sin now?
Actually his team fighting was nerfed too. He can't enter into a fight with it already prepped. He has to go in naked, with no stacks. That makes him much squishier.
hogwarz (NA)
: Wtf is Matchmaking?
Matchmaking and rank are slightly different. Everybody has some hidden matchmaking numbers that they use for matchmaking. For unranked people there is often an overlap of this and silver/bronze. i.e., before some people even play ranked the system thinks they belong roughly in silver.
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