: I dislike the changes to Shurelya. Previously I would buy it if our team had an enemy Singed it was struggling with or something like that and we needed all the movement speed we could get. The removal of the 5% movement speed is disgusting and trash stats like base mana and health regen are utterly useless. I'd rather have 100-200 more max hp than those nonsensical regens. Heal and shield power cannot stack. I cannot imagine any universe in which a supports buys this item and not another item with heal/shield power, which would make this purchase feel bad to make. Overall I consider this change a HUGE downgrade to the feel of buying this.
Heal and shield power stacks, so long as it's not 2x of the same item.
: Itd be really nice if we could see the cooldown of abilities in the death recap or just straight up see the exact text the person casting them sees
I agree with @hak1995 here. Learning cooldowns is part of the game -> also this makes the UI more cluttered than it needs to be.
MLundgren (EUW)
: I know it's hard to implement, and probably a bigger feature, but it would be very nice, if you could get a replay of the last 10 seconds before you died, in order to quickly evaluate your mistakes, while waiting for the respawn timer anyway.
Probably better off using a third party software for this -> things like this already exist. A feature like this requires a large investment in time and resources which would require some research/analytics to support working on this feature.
: @Riot: Please let me reopen death recap after I respawn! (Its own hotkey and UI button.)
Actually pretty good idea, especially early on when death duration is very short.
: @Riot, Please show which spells added to the CC Length Stat, including no damage ones. Maybe... 1. Show "CC" centered on top of spell and rune icons. 2. Show golden border around CC icons. 3. Show "0.9s" above each CC icon in the same font size as damage. (Requires adding empty space between the bars and icons.) 4. Held Hotkey to replace damage below icons with "0.9s". (Only display 0 damage icons when held.) 5. Checkbox to replace damage below icons with "0.9s". (Only display 0 damage icons when checked.)
I don't think this is necessary. You only need to know the total cc length to determine if you need merc treads for tenacity or not. Champion cc duration should already be memorized to some extent. E.g. morg and lux snare duration are higher than leona's shield of daybreak. I think adding more superfluous information clutters the UI unnecessarily as no useful information can be gathered.
: Death Recap Update on PBE!
Is the damage shown on the death recap pre-mitigation or post-mitigation? I'd assume it'd be post-mitigation (the exact value of health lost to that damage). I assume that is the case because it notifies you how much damage you are taking relative to your damage reduction. That way, even if you have 150 armor and 25 magic resist, if you still lose 300 health to physical damage and 250 to magical, it'd be more useful information. It means that despite having significantly more armor you still require it more than magic resistance. (That said, for the more advanced player, gold-efficiency scales differently here -> if I have 600 gold, would I be better with 2x cloth armor or 1x null magic mantle, or should I just buy more health? In this scenario, magic resist is provides more effective health per gold than armor).
xUnRavelx (OCE)
: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/8JEIeAoE-pandoras-actor Pandora's Actor :)
Hi again, but you're only allowed one submission per CCOS per person. I'd also suggest concentrating on one concept, and refining that one so that you can submit it into a future CCOS. Just a friendly reminder to check the CCOS guidelines before submitting next time.
xUnRavelx (OCE)
: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/XAJOpEEZ-damion-hunter-of-realms i would like to enter Damion :)
Hi, please read the submission guideline. You submitted after the deadline, and did not include a CCOS review of another champion concept. There will probably be more CCOS in the future, so keep working on your concept and submit it in a future one :) Just make sure you read the post next time.
: Asdain, the Champion Hunter (Champion Concept)
Hey there! Firstly, I must say that everything I say is strictly my opinion only. Also, I think there are some things regarding wording that you may need to fix. For example, you use "in 2 seconds" instead of "for 2 seconds". Also instead of "additional AD" use "bonus AD", this is the standardized format that riot uses. I do like your character concept and lore overall, however both have some issues in them. The lore mentions a cloaked woman with a staff - alluding to Le blanc I assume? However, she never gets mentioned again later in the lore, although they would have had to come into contact at least once more given their faction allegiance. Although, you could also use this as a opportunity to introduce Le blanc while under an illusion as a second character in the lore -> you just need to allude to this without being direct either. Onto the kit! Firstly, I must say it's very unique. His overall kit is that of an assassin/tank buster. You listed him as Fighter + Assassin despite punishing him for building tanky, I think you just focus on making him an assassin. Passive His passive does too much damage on basic attacks against champions. 10% maximum health per auto is a rediculous amount, even if it is reduced by 5% of Asdain's health. His base health is fairly low, meaning that effectively, every basic attack would deal at least 5% maximum health against targets of the same level. Furthermore, AD and AP scaling in league functions differently, therefore you should not utilise a 50% AD + 50% AP damage for basic attacks, as people would only build AP due to AP items granting larger numbers. Also how does his basic attack funtion? Does it deal physical damage? Magic damage? Both? For the most part, assassins mainly utilize one type of damage, Zed, for instance, uses completely physical damage, with the exception of his passive. Q I think the cooldown is way too short for an ability that grants 2 seconds of invisibility. At 9 seconds, with 40% cdr, the cooldown would be 5.4 seconds. The invisbility duration is 2 seconds, leaving only 3.4 seconds of opportunity for opponents to see you. I suggest increasing the cooldown, the numbers I would use would be something like 16/15/14/13/12. Or 13 seconds at all ranks. Also, having % increase in damage, increases the % health damage, on the passive so keep this in mind. W Passive is extremely frustrating to play against. It's similar to the aatrox ultimate, except on a significantly lower cooldown. I don't think making him untargetable is a good design, even if it means he does not use the active component of his W. It just leads to an extremely frustrating experience for opponents to play against. Once again, 35 second cooldown with 40% cdr = 21 seconds. This essentially means he has to wait only 21 seconds, in between his passive. E 5 Charges is way too many for a ability that grants mobility and deals damage. It's actually extremely unbalanced. Keep the charges to 2 or 3 and the non-targettable dash to consume all charges. I don't think you should be able to dash to get into range -> into another dash into an enemy. This seems extremely unfair, especially since his Q grants invisibility and movement speed. I'm also not sure why you mentioned "Dashing Speed depends on Asdain's Attack Speed." That actually seems a bit odd and random as normally dashes scale with movement speed if they had a scaling. Even more strange is that Asdain does not build very much attack speed. R It's mostly fine, however the part where it says "After a brief delay, Asdain swaps position with the lowest max HP enemy champion marked by the ability." I think this is really odd to include on a character like this. I don't think it suits or complements the rest of his kit. I do like the ability itself, just that it doesn't work with this kit. Overall, granted how squishy he is, even if his role is a tankbuster, he'd probably still lose against a tank in a 1v1. You should probably include some form of armor reduction or armor penetration. I like this champion concept, so I hope to see another iteration of him when you've worked on him some more. As a creator myself, I've had to go through several iterations myself, so best of luck! P.S. I hope I didn't come across too harsh, it's just the way I do feedback :(
: I am happy that I could help with something and also glad to have a "wall of incoming text". Every creator has their own reason for what they are providing. And I'm not the exception, too. I'm kind of like to bring a champion to their unofficial role. So I see his potential at mid whilst currently there are many teams use supporting mage in mid lane counted as Karma and Zilean. Also to mention that if he uses the whole kit on enemies he wouldn't be different to a primary mage even he builds HP or AP, would he? Oh, this point forgotten from the previous comment. That is about the first part of his Passive. As I see Riot have changed the way a champion deals damage through basic attacks. That considers to Vek' La (and all AP related champions) he would totally deals AP on his attacks, not separate damage like before. Therefore, the reduction of AD on his attacks seems to be useless ??? Awaiting to hear from you.
Hi, thanks for replying :) While I do like champions that fit into multiple roles, I don't think it suits Vek' La. There are always trade-offs. Being versatile and able to play in different roles is always an interesting prospect to me, but it also makes it more difficult to balance. Creative champion kits are already diffifcult to balance, so when making a champion, it's usually a triangle thing where you would focus on two aspects, (in this case, creativity + balance). While you can achieve all 3, it's pretty difficult to pull off and end up with a remarkable result. I have considered putting Vek' La into both mid and support roles but decided to focus on support. Anyway, regarding why he cannot play roles other than support. He has an extremely low base attack speed, which makes it difficult to last hit. Furthermore, he has very minimal area of effect capabilities, and lastly, he lacks any form of self-mobilty. If you put him mid, he becomes very vulnerable to ganks, particularly due to no mobility and having delayed cc. Furthermore, his lack of wave clear would pose a big problem, particularly later in the game. Regarding his passive, I do agree that right now it serves little purpose so I may remove it in a future patch. Right now as it currently stands, it's just there for a thematic purpose more than anything. His basic attacks deal physical damage. So if he had a base damage of 100, it would deal 85 damage. The passive was there to deter building AD items, but given how the kit has changed, even if I removed this and decreased his base AD, it would have very little to no impact on him. Actually, originally, this passive affected his basic attack damage in general including magic damage, however given the way I have changed his Q to now empower his next basic attack, it was changed to just physical damage. It's just an effect that has been there since the start. His new Q deals bonus magic damage, therefore isn't affected. However, with the empowered attack, it deals his base attack damage as physical damage, and does bonus magic damage, so it still deals physical and magic damage, much like how Jax's W empowered attack works. Once again, thank you for your response, if you have a champion concept that you're working on, if you'd like, I'd be happy to give your my feedback on it as thanks.
: I admire your meticulous work. It's impressive. Every background information is enthusiastically completed. The art works are professionally done. The lore filled with charming words and an enticing tale to tell. The quotes are basically fulfilled. I can see that W is a good way to reduce damage taken. It's new and needs to be encouraged. How could I say, yours is exciting to play as. Then there are some points I have to disagree with you. Bard has a portal and a healing ability. Nami with two healing skills. Even Soraka has only (countable) two (Q & R on herself, W & R on allies). And most of Mages don't have any health restoring resource. Why does this guy possess such many healing abilities? All 5? And every of them could be cast on himself and his allies, right? That doesn't make sense from my point of view. I guess you would like to bring him to bot lane (support), mid lane and even top lane. He is primarily a support but the damage from the 3 abilities is still high. Doesn't he seem too powerful? I would say that we couldn't help much with the numbers without testing them. So the numbers are not a big issue. I understand every time he uses abilities, he must choose to be offensive or protective. But after all, he is too perfect. That is the problem. I think you should make your choice, too. btw, I still cannot see how INVIGORATE can be activated.
Hi there! Thanks for providing feedback, I highly appreciate it :) Also, I apologize for the wall of incoming text in advance. I'd like to address some of your concerns with my reasoning behind some of the decisions. Firstly, regarding the amount of healing spells he possesses. I understand that it is quite odd to see a champion that potentially has up to 5 sources of healing, however I'd like to think that this in of itself should not be a problem if done correctly. I honestly dislike restrictions and really like creativity, but I do understand that sometimes you have to compromise otherwise you might end up with something like zoe. Also, I intended this champion for support only, while you could argue it's viable elsewhere, I wouldn't state that he would be particularly good at it. His passive is a means of providing healing for himself during laning phase and team fighting, but only if he puts himself at risk by moving into auto attack range as he possesses zero mobility. I think a misconception is that he cannot cast his Soul Link (E) on himself, it is purely an enemy/ally cast only. Combined with his low base health regeneration during the early levels, it is a requirement to utilise this passive to stay healthy in lane. During teamfights, the amount healed would vary vastly based on his missing health, and even if we assume that he has 4000 health and currently at 1 health. At max level, his passive would heal him for 63 every basic attack ~ which is approximately 47 health per second if you assume he is attacking optimally and ignore attack animations. There is also a big difference when comparing Vek' La with other healers such as Bard {{champion:432}} , Soraka {{champion:16}} or Nami {{champion:267}}. Whilst they all possess heals, they offer varying levels of utility or damage. Bard for instance has a high amount of burst damage and cc, he also provides other forms of utility through portals, healing and movement speed buffs. However, comparing with soraka or nami, he has less healing and nami has more cc. Now, if you compare this with Vek' La, he actually heals less than Soraka, both instantaneously and per second wise. His kit also requires specific conditions to utilise. Vek' La is highly dependent on landing his skillshot on his Q to be able to "spam" heals, and even then if he chooses to heal an ally, it's at the cost of his own life. During the laning phase, he does not offer "free sustain" unlike the other supports. Even worse, if he misses the skillshot, he does not regain the health cost. His kit is a lot more punishing and skill-reliant than other healing champions. His entire kit revolves around delays to utilise them, apart from basic attacks, he does not have any instantaneous effects. Also in comparison to other supports, apart from his Q, his abilities have much longer cooldowns. Overall, my point is that there is a there is a trade-off for everything. Also when you mentioned bard, I think you were referencing that in terms of utility bard also possessed a portal, however I think that it's more accurate to say that Vek' La's E functions more similar to a Thresh {{champion:412}} lantern. Creating the portal also requires a delay, and it can be traverse only by the tethered ally champion once. After which the portal would disappear. Regarding how to activate invigorate, it's basically a tool for more skilled players to utilise. For instance, if they predict incoming damage, they can pre-cast Soul Link (E) on an allied champion to grant them bonus health, also decreasing the delay on second activation and reducing it's cooldown. Furthermore, you can think of it as using it in a co-ordinated environment where you might use it on a vladimir just before he flashes into the enemy team. Overall, I do not think he has an extremely high amount of damage, as he is a champion that does not build an extreme amount of AP. His base numbers are not particularly high either, particularly if you factor in his long cooldowns. If you compare his damage numbers with nami: Across Vek' La's kit he deals 620 (+ 170% AP) (+ 12% bonus health) (+ 4% max health) (+ 6% current health) Across Nami's kit she deals 780 (+ 160% AP) If you factor in her ultimate, she would deal 1130 (+ 230% AP) Also note that her cooldowns are lower on average and would further increase the difference if we calculated in damage per second. Do I think he's strong? Yes, I do think he's a bit stronger than he should be, however that could be balanced with numbers. But by no means is he a perfect champion, he has zero mobility himself, he has delays in his kit, and he is skill-shot reliant. With that said, I may lower his tankiness or healh scaling in future updates. Again, I highly appreciate the feedback. P.S. I did lower the self-healing from Life Infusion (Q) at later ranks after reading your feedback. If you disagree with any of the points I've made, do not hesitate to point me out on them :)
Echoing (NA)
: Post the lore and kit on the thread, not the google doc, and I'll confirm the entry.
Ok, thanks for the heads up. I've posted the kit and lore in the thread, and tried formatting it as best I could. I hope it's still easy to navigate.
: Mechanics/Aspects ideas that should be in league of legends.
Hey there! :) There is a League Creative Community Discord for creativity regarding things like this. You can post design ideas such as this in the discord, and perhaps people might make use of some of those ideas, or adapt them to their champion concepts.
Stacona (NA)
: Attack speed and Base AD values is for jungling. Her resistances are just average, they are not important to mention so I don't bother, she basically gets one-shot without mana. Mana = Health in this case, as long as she has mana to spend still then 90% of the damage depletes the mana instead of the health, damage type does not matter, but since her actual health is always low means % damage sucks against her. Q - will treat her to be slightly resourceless, but that is why it is balanced with removing her passive for awhile, cannot simply mindlessly use especially since she is a short range mage. She has no easy way to clear waves if she is laning since one AoE spell exposes her to death while the other uses her mobility which then could get her killed with no escape left. She can slightly fast clear jungle like Olaf with high-risk, high-reward of getting low by taking damage to get your mana low and then use your Q in those moments for more damage, the non-champion stun helps her out, but its risky because of invades. Q - Range is short. She is not a melee champion. W - Quick Silver Sash does remove debuffs actually. The counter play is that it is single target on a longer cooldown, it also gives reason to not try to duel her or wait out the debuff before going all in, fight in numbers. Maybe some changes however. E - Helps clear the jungle, only can cast on large units though, state the duration because Epic Monsters are immune to crowd control so stating while stunned does not work. R - Grants a way in to use your abilities and the stun helps the damage land (otherwise they are walking away). Pre-6 the extra range on stun allows it to be used as a gap closer, but the enemy heal grants a trade-off, if you are already in your attack range then you can delay the stun with a projectile from your W, wait for it to land, then stun and can heal yourself in the process without healing the enemy.
Hi again! Good to hear back from you and get some of your thoughts behind your decisions. I thought she was a support/mid laner, so the attack speed and bonus damage + stun against monsters makes a lot more sense now. I should also mention that perhaps you should introduce a conversion rate for the passive instead of a 1:1 health-mana ratio. This will introduce more opportunities to balance the champion better. The reason I suggested lowering the base mana pool in favor of health was to reduce to effectiveness of Seraph's Embrace's mana scaling. I think that because building health = building mana = more ap, is a problem in and of itself, and lowering the base mana pool will help reduce this problem a little bit. With that said, her Q still gives her basically infinite sustain in the jungle as restoring 30% missing mana = restoring up to 240 health at level 1. Yes, I do realize that it removes her passive temporarily, but you can kite jungle monsters super easily, and a 3 second window isn't long enough of a duration for invades to do much without having prior knowledge through vision. Also 650 units, in terms of projectile range might be short, but in terms of the radius of an area of effect, it is extremely large. For comparison, amumu's ultimate has a 550 unit radius. I feel like the damage reduction on W is either too huge or unecessary. It removes the risk of having your passive being removed from her Q, furthermore from a gameplay perspective it is not fun to play against. I also dislike the fact that you cannot miss this ability, despite being so impactful against enemies. Regarding QSS, it only removed debuffs that are considered to be crowd control, so debuffs in and of itself does not classify as crowd control and is not removed. Abilities such as Trundle's ultimate applies debuffs, which are not removeable by qss, much like other debuffs such as grevious wounds. I also re-read the E, and realized that it healed the enemy. I feel like this is out of place in League of Legends and is more of a concept in Dota 2. I initially thought that targetting an enemy would do damage equal to the healing instead. Even if it does CC enemies, I don't think that you should be able to heal enemies as it also opens up opportunities to troll. I also think that having a point and click cc is rarely a good decision, particularly if it is combined with other factors such as short cooldowns and other abilities which also function as a deterrent. For example, if you have 40% cooldown reduction, the cooldown on the W and E are 4.8 seconds. The damage reduction lasts for 3 seconds and the stun lasts for 2. You see the problem that arises is that You stun the target -> Afterwards you activate a 3 second 90% damage reduction which is basically a big nope that prevents them from doing damage, and after that is over, you can stun them again and repeat the process. And like I said, because these abilities are point and click you can't play around them. And furthermore, even though the champion has a lot of damage, they are also extremely tanky while their passive is active. The reason I don't agree with the R is that she already has 3 damaging abilities, and there aren't many champions where all of their abilities deal damage. Furthermore, because it's duration is only 1.5 seconds, and the champion can move over terrain, it basically functions as a 1-way dash as the duration is only 1.5 seconds. Furthermore, with the amount of damage it deals and utility it provides, the cooldown is way too short. Also 650-750 units of range is actually more of a mix between close and middle-range mage, as it outranges basically every marksman in the game. Regarding the wording, you could also state that it increases the damage dealt for the same duration. Overall, the kit is very interesting, it does have a few flaws, and the balancing is off, but the balance can always be adjusted so I would focus on looking at the gameplay of the champion from all perspectives; that of the player, their team mates and enemies. I think if you manage to resolve these issues you could have a really interesting champion.
: ***
This is a champion concept thread, not a skin concept.
Stacona (NA)
: Emilia, the Mana Guardian
Before I start, I have to mention that whatever I say is strictly my honest opinion and I'm not trying to be harsh but provide positive criticism. I must also say that I love the concept of using mana as just more than a resource and have considered something similar to you in the past. Regarding the stats, it would be a lot better to judge the durability of the champion if you could also provide the armor and magic resist to calculate the amount of effective health. I think her attack speed is quite high for a support/mage champion, there's no reason to have this high of an attack speed. Also, how would true damage interact with her passive, I assume that it would just remove more mana rather than deal the full damage to her health. I do think however, that you should increase her base health a little while nerfing the base mana pool. Why? I think that it's synergy with Seraph's Embrace is too strong as it currently stands. Furthermore, items like Rod of Ages doubles down on mana gain as it provides both mana and health. While I think that a champion building both seraphs and roas is fine by itself, I think the synergy there would be too overpowered on this champion so hopefully you can figure something out. Just an idea, but perhaps further increasing her health and lowering her mana, but lower the percentage of damage conversion to mana to something lower like 75%. Her Q is mostly fine as it is, however I think the numbers need some tweaking. Restoring that much mana effectively means she has free lane sustain, especially if the ability does not require landing on any targets to activate. Furthermore the cooldown is too low and range is far too huge. A 650 radius ability is extremely large, and is one of the (if not the biggest aoe in the game). Make this a skillshot instead, and keep it's range at about 650, I would even say to lower this value to 600. Her W is also overtuned, 70-90% damage reduction is significant, especially since it prevents enemies from doing anything for the duration. Doing damage during this phase is wasted, therefore it effectively acts as a 2-3 second disarm + silence. Honestly, I think that changing how this works would be better than tuning the numbers, perhaps something along the lines of blocking or reducing the damagfe of the next X attacks/abilities. Furthermore the cooldown is way too short on such an overpowered ability. It's also a point and click ability (unless you mean "blasts a thorn at the target location" instead of "blasts a thorn at the target enemy". This leaves no outplayability for the opponent if they don't have an ability that can deal with this. Furthermore, because it's a debuff and does not count as cc, they cannot use QSS or cleanse to deal with it either. It's best to make an ability like this a skill-reliant ability rather than a point and click. It's another point and click ability that applies cc to a target, which is frustrating to play against, especially since the range is 750 units which is huge. There's also no reason to have double damage against non-champions as all it does is help her clear jungle, unless you want this champion to also be viable in the jungle. With that said, 100% is way too much, I personally think 50% is a much better value. Additionally, I think you should word it something like "non-champions take 100% increased damage while stuned from Emilia and 20% increased damage from other sources." instead of listing the same duration twice. It just makes the tooltip more clean and easy to read. I'm not too bought on the ultimate ability, as it does not provide a lot of synergy with the rest of the abilities. Furthermore, it's also extremely overpowered considering it's extremely low cooldown and large radius. Overall, I like the concept, but in it's current state it needs work, especially regarding it's balance. I hope I'm not coming across too harsh, I just want to provide some criticism that I think would be useful for you. Good luck with working on this champion :)
Echoing (NA)
: [CCOS] September CCOS Entry Time! (And April CCOS Results!)
My entry: The Forsaken Thaumaturge https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/E5GA0nuG-champion-concept-vek-la-the-forsaken-thaumaturge The concept itself is not on the thread but instead is a link to my google drive, so I hope that's ok. Can't wait to see other entries!
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: 💬 C&C Discord -- [Information & Verification]
: Community! Tell me your skin ideas.
Mecha Zed please ^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HYJcGPLybo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ar_1CcAdRsU
: Yep! We are actively working on a lot of "needs love" type champion updates. They are a much bigger undertaking because they usually need multiple new mechanics and often a complete visual overhaul. We hope to treat these projects with the same TLC as a new champion. They may take longer to complete, but they're hopefully worth the wait.
{{champion:112}} I'm curious as to how the Viktor rework is coming along. There hasn't been any news for him in ages regarding his rework. The skin was nice and all but I don't know why its taken so long. I understand that fixing a champion is a lot of work and time but Viktor just seems to be one of the most neglected champions I have seen. Other champions have had their rework started long after Viktor and despite being a much larger rework overall, it's been completed and Viktor's rework is still somewhere in the dark. From what I heard, the main changes viktor is getting is related to his passive. I believe his release date was on 2011-12-29 and his scheduled rework came about a year after that, so even after all this time we, the players are still left in the dark about the progress of him. It just makes me wonder if they are even working on him at all.


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