Meddler (NA)
: Q is still an AA reset yes. Let me know how you're feeling about ability to access the heal once you've had a chance to try it in game? My thinking around not adding additional CC was that there was an opportunity here to keep Wukong more distinct from other melee damage dealers while still making him more effective in some circumstances. If this direction doesn't work out we'd be open to considering more standard CC approaches, worry that makes him more generic though and undercuts our ability to offer other tools. Revised Stoneskin on the passive is intended to give him better burst resistance in teamfights. Going with Armor and MR for now rather than DR because that gives better hooks into the item system for both Wukong and other players. He can itemize to strengthen the passive, with Stoneplate especially looking really strong in some circumstances, players really struggling against him can prioritize % shred. DR by contrast's a flatter mechanic that removes some depth from the game. It's got its place certainly, but think there's value in avoiding it where possible unless extreme consistency is really important (e.g. Braum E). Been seeing some meaningful trickster increase with a single clone. Again, lemme know how if feels post play though.
Instead of giving Wukong cc, I believe giving him a small movement speed increase while invisible and possibly cc resistance (while invisible) would help him survive in lane vs Riven, Darius etc.
Meddler (NA)
: Prototype Wukong Changes on PBE Context
Feedback: **I like all the changes**, but I would like it more if: I would prefer is if **Q** could have the **armor reduction instead** of the bonus magic damage and also I wish the **R** would **scale with attack speed**(because building all AD is best for R synergy but if he is a bruiser he will probably build some attack speed thus it would be nice if that scaled R tick rate and DPS) The **build** I would probably use with this kit would be: Triforce, Black cleaver, DD/Ravenous, Tabi, Spirit Visage, Randuins or Triforce, Black Cleaver, Titanic, Tabi, Merc scim, Mallet/Rageblade/DD or Triforce, Black Cleaver, DD, Beserker Greaves, Ravenous, BT **Playstyle:** I used to play old wukong as a bruiser because i found it more fun and easier, especially having mana from triforce and the extra HP and tankyness would allow me to make riskeir teamfight engages and make it out alive. And I think my playstyle on new Wukong will be basically the same.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Is this thread a troll thread? Riot intentionally made it this way.
Why would riot intentionally make a hidden mechanic
Dynikus (NA)
: >Is riot aware that one of the absolute most famous champions that uses animation canceling uses animation canceling? Gonna go out on a limb here and say yes, they're very, very aware of this, and they specifically balance riven around that. >What other champion has the ability to do this a _lot_ of champions have some form of animation canceling. >is this not going to be fixed? no, there's nothing to fix.
So click on ground to cancel an animation is part of the champion? This is by design I assume? Weaving autos in q is part of her design but that is not an auto attack reset. Please let me know as you are very smart and your comment is appreciated.
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Telebro (NA)
: Wukong has been left out to die.
I like the idea of bruiser Wukong rather than Assassin but i think his W is too weak as a disengage/escape and his E is too strong at late game having a point and click gap closer on a low cooldown which is why I think they have to nerf Wukong into the ground.
Kalikain (NA)
: Wukong
Lethality Wukong is quite weak early tbh, Triforce gives u similar dps but mana and HP as well.
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