Nobio (NA)
: Bring back Honorable Opponent
I also like how you can only honour one teammate now, so many teammates are without a thumbs up after a tough game. Morale is really tough to foster and I know that frustration is a design choice because it keeps people invested in free games they can keep paying for. People don't have the headspace to say "hey you did pretty ok" so honour was a good way to convey appreciation, when there are less and less systems to make this available people think about it less too (where's your teamplay now). Small things mean alot, bring the small things back
Naalith (NA)
: When the boards are absolutely shitting on CertainlyT but you kinda like his champs
I just like to make fun of other people to cover up my frustration over my inadequacy in a community I'd like to be recognised in That's what I'd say if I were being honest, but fuck zoe 4Head
nelogis (EUW)
: How to design your own CertainlyT champion 101, THE POST!
Passive: After casting a spell so you should be on cooldown, do another thing so your opponent is zoned until your cooldowns finish Q: high ap scaling skillshot with 3 different points of impact you have to be aware of (just dodge it noob) W: Hard cc, make it a stun but call it sleep so people don't get triggered lol xd (btw if you can't dodge q now ur a fucking potato) E: Idk what this will do lol, just make it a damage cantrip so you can get free comet proc (maybe an aoe slow so they can't dodge the ~~stun~~ err sleep) R: Free flash w but with an escape xd, remember ur q range is absurd and can reach past flash range Good idea right guys? {{champion:142}}
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: Why am I, a Bronze 2 player, being matched with 3-4 plats every game?
Game wants you to get gud (aside from the shitpost, it may allow some room for serious improvement via learning from them. Especially if they are your enemy laner)
: Why I don't like playing support
As thresh, you must always throw your lantern on an enemy minion while you let out an evil s%%%%%% (edit, apparently sn-igger is an offensive word)
: I dont think any person actually likes fighting yasuo, Except yasuo mains.
Yasuo LUL, he has so many tools while you kinda just sit there wondering when you get to play
: See you in a few days. Or maybe weeks, if you're determined. One does not simply quit league....without returning soon after. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
You sir are a prophet, I played the game for the first time in these 6 months today. My confidence is high that the game is to be enjoyed as just a game, my skill does not matter
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: We want 42 back :c
gawd dang it, it's on 43
: Great one and really authentic!
it's true, just doesn't mean he is op. People hate him cuz he is gimmicky
nami tf (NA)
: Noob things even pros do sometimes
{{champion:7}} trying to full combo {{champion:12}} in a teamfight over baron
shyv (NA)
: being banned has made this game more fun
: Give ridiculous reasons why things are OP.
{{champion:157}} is op because he has a 150% ad scaling potential 5 man disable that he only has to push one button to use
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: > [{quoted}](name=Samus72,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=jteMJY6w,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2016-01-02T08:42:03.746+0000) > > Uncalled for? Duuuuude. YOU posted here in the hope of getting responses. I won't be insulting or call you names. But I'm not going to sugar coat it for you. > > Only you can control yourself. Unless you want to hire someone to follow you around and whack you with a mallet when you start acting irrationally, you'll have to fix that part of yourself...yourself. I game to relax and have fun too. And I've had my fair share of negative experiences because of jag off players. But when I got tired of reading their crap, I turned chat off! I didn't ask the developers to permanently block MY chat. And in League, you CAN turn your chat off. The option is there. So, use it. Asking the developers to do it for you is neither necessary nor wise. > > The alternative is for you to let loose your anger on everyone and have the developers remove you from the game as a result. All because you didn't want to turn off chat which you say you cannot stop from abusing. But hey, what do I know? I'm in control. It was uncalled for, mostly because you put words in my mouth that I never said, and were needlessly antagonistic. Tell me, what's the difference between "self-control" (something that comes much easier to some than others, especially over something like a videogame, without having the advantage of human reaction to assess how far you're going) and just getting a permanent chat ban? One way or another I won't be using chat again. And again, I only lose control when playing League. When off hours, I play other things. Some MPs here and there, all with voice chat, or at least easily available written chat, and I don't flame nor lose control. Hell, until recently I played DotA 2 for god knows how long and I haven't flamed there once. Something in League makes me resort to anger and rudeness (and in some cases complete and total jackassery) much more easily than in other situations. I'm not blaming the game, it's something that I react badly so it isn't LoL's fault, but is it so wrong to ask for help to control my anger issues? Doesn't even have to be permanent. 20 games without chat or something would be a nice way of seeking alternate ways to channel my unjustified rage.
: If he has already gone through 3 punishments, then he is, by definition, immature. It is not hard in the remotest sense to not be toxic - all it requires is the basic maturity that is expected in daily life
Here are some things I would like you to take on 1: Don't believe for one second you are superior to anyone else, your tone and matter of fact condescending attitude reeks of it 2: People who choose to leave their old ways or at least attempt their best do not in any way deserve to be heaped shit upon as if they never attempted change in the first place. 3: Please for god sake don't be this narrow, there are many ways to be adamant on strict beliefs but this is CERTAINLY not one of them... Before you go boldly making claims as if they were law, have at least a small amount of empathy to whom you speak about
Woook3r (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Chicken4dinner,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=f86Auw0r,comment-id=000200010000,timestamp=2016-01-02T03:21:06.586+0000) > > They removed it, unless rengar is snowballing he lacks the power he needs when he needs it. And when you are snowballing you might as well build him as an assasin heres a quote from another post by another player. "I see a in almost every single match lately. I've went with on top against him, easily destroyed him during lane phase. My score 14/5/10 , his score 4/9/3 (or soemthing similar anyway), and he still one shots me , the adc or anyone who is squishy enough. (He had only 3 and half a item) The '!' mark certainly gives you 0.2 secs to react... He might be designed to do that, but there should be a counterplay as well." Talon is the same way. He only needs Tiamat right after the laning phase. There is definatly a window of opportunity at around the 12-14 min mark for an afk Talon to get a kill on the ad carry.
I am talking purely bruiser Rengar not snowball hypercarry Rengar doing snowbally hypercarry things
Stiv1234 (EUW)
: Invent an Aghanim's Scepter upgrade for your favorite champion
{{champion:107}} Gains true stealth and is immune to cc while jumping
: They also "Fixed" bruiser Rengar. Because reasons.
They removed it, unless Rengar is ahead he lacks the power he needs when he needs it. And when you are snowballing you might as well build him as an assasin
: If you were able to remove 1 champion from the game who would it be?
: It doesn't matter how good you are at the game. Even LCS level players have awful, downright unfun games. This was OMG vs IG. iGKid did 443 damage as Vayne. He only auto-attacked other champions 3 times in the whole 20 min game.
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: Keeping Zed and Talon in their current state with the upcoming AD assassin item isn't a smart choice
: As a diamond level rengar main..i got to say..he has dmg,but against good teams and good supports, he is useless..have you seen him in LCS?Nope:)..he is strong in solo que..bcs he takes advantage of noob players that overextend and don;t respect him:)
> [{quoted}](name=GamblerOfLives,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xsr24E55,comment-id=0011,timestamp=2015-12-27T04:27:20.923+0000) > > As a diamond level rengar main..i got to say..he has dmg,but against good teams and good supports, he is useless..have you seen him in LCS?Nope:)..he is strong in solo que..bcs he takes advantage of noob players that overextend and don;t respect him:) Why bother presenting arguments to the circle jerks? Hating Rengar is all the new rage.
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: You should put replace RoA with liandry's... but more seriously Man, I think this every time I play sion. I end up reaching 4-5000hp, and have about 250 armor and 250 MR(70ish% reduced Damage), but still get melted. Like I built no real dmg, i should be able to altleast survive as a tank!??? isnt that the trade off? Build full damage, your a glass cannon and won't survive any burst. build a mixture, you deal less damage, but can survive longer to deal the damage. Build full tank, deal no damage but should be able to survive whatever the enemy throws at you. It was like that about 2 years ago, not anymore apparently...
I can survive for a decent amount of time like that, it just depends on the amount of focus you are receiving and how the damage is being delivered to you (burst, dot... ect)
: See this video about the relationship between Tencent and Riot Games.
R00d, but everyone has their own opinions I guess. I can see that passive investment is a thing but find it hard to believe that Tencent won't try and use league to expand on their own market gains. (use us a guinea pigs ect)
: Well, looks like armor and MR is worthless...
Just stack health, everyone deals true damage now
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Lycanoon (NA)
: Your Fiddlestick's Life Drain is OP'd! #NERFNEEDED *coughs* I found no pleasure in draining a stacked Cho'Gath's HP to almost nothing in 3 seconds... Just Sayin'
Because the Chogath failed to do two really basic things to interrupt your only reliable damage output does not mean it needs a nerf
: The Direction Of LoL
The rift herald is just another headache to look out for, especially when not bot as I like to roam alot yet I dont want to think about the fact that tp'ing bot for drag will cause us to lose top tower cuz of the enemy getting herald buff and turbo farming the waves
: This is hilarious once you read it in Veigar's voice
Someone should make a LoL translator that speaks everything you type like in google translate but with character voices from LoL
LankPants (OCE)
: >Why do people do that? jackass Yasuo Pretty much answers your question doesn't it?
What if I genuinely like playing Yasuo and don't care what people say? Does that make me a jackass?
: You know, the weird thing is that I hardly even notice it anymore.
It was the same for me before OCE had a server, the game is so fluid that your brain just adapts to the delay
: I'm 420MCYOLOSWAG on my OCE account, so why not go for something similarly stupid?
: My Only Complaint About Miss Fortune's Ultimate.
Random crits suck tbh, I wish rito removed them
: Congrats, some of us did :x
Just giving my opinion, balancing the thread so its not one sided like circlejerks are
: People that are telling others to kill themselves has to stop! Please help me get this noticed!
I have wanted to do it, normally I am a very calm person but I can be tipped over the edge... I understand you have depression and you are not in a great place but neither am I and if I lose my cool because it is just too much to accept then I dont think it is ok to say "Well I dont like the fact you are also human and you also have emotions, fuck off" Stuff like this > [{quoted}](name=Warpather,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=sz7shtdB,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-01-04T01:11:57.218+0000) > > I would like a better system to help remove some of these particularly nasty and harmful people. makes you as insensitive to them as they are to you, understand that before you play all righteous. Here is a solution, understand that everyone is human and league is a very stressful game. You cannot think it is ok to cull people from the game like they are sharks as a solution, it will not help anything. More restrictions lead to more resentment and overall a more negative experience, instead emphasis needs to be on reforming and having these players feel like they are heard in the community rather then the normal apathetic bullshit most players express. Think on both sides of the issue
: Let me give you a few key elements at what the good old days were like. I know these things. I guess you could say I am one of these 'legends of old'. Just a rambling old man in the tavern that no one believes. One thread that is still going today, updated to the boards when it first started, Unprepared Garen. Give it a search if you like. Anyway, to the OP question. The good old days. For me it was a lot of Player Concept and Fan Art. The Player Concept forums was a much better place where a large group would come together to give each other feedback and ideas to create champions and kits that we would like to see. It was a true community. Review for Review was a courtesy and helped to improve concepts. There were even community creation contests where people would constantly update threads and hold structured events where other forum goers would vote and the winner won, well, pride. Pride in the knowledge that other players liked their ideas. The map Torrents Pass / The Flood Line was a massive community thread along with the aforementioned Unprepared Garen skin. Not just me, but a lot of good people helped out. The Fan Art was similar to what it is today, but there was a time when people would go onto this forum to ask artists if they would draw their concepts for them. What did they earn in return of this service you ask? The satisfaction of helping out on a concept and see peoples responses. The forums of old were often read and discussed and not just buried. Riot staff were very active during this time too. But no one would believe this crazy coot. Hope that was a little insight of my experience anyway. EDIT: Here are the links to the mentioned "old threads". The text is there, but the images are lost unfortunately. [Torrents Pass 5v5 Map]( [Old Unprepared Garen Thread]( [ This here is the New Boards Unprepared Garen thread I still maintain today.](
That was terrific, I can see why you guys talk about it on every few shitposts
: Are we really already done with the Snowdown Login Screen?
: I used to browse forums but hardly participated. All the conversations threads were usually either really funny or really constructive. Plus have you never read Shyvana's anatomy? H O L Y F U C K
Nope, no clue what that is
: usually at this time of day, lots and lots of hentai threads like way too many and the moderation was extremely slow back then so they tended to stick for a while. also none of this reddit-circle jerk against specific champions. (which is probably what most users miss the most)
> [{quoted}](name=flibitydoo,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=kXqlYbA6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-12-16T07:34:45.677+0000) > > also none of this reddit-circle jerk against specific champions. (which is probably what most users miss the most) I would
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: Or you could have both, or better yet, actually use your Youmuus for better initiation?
The point is you do get both, I'm not sure how that meaning could be confused
: melee only needs 4 attacks though
True That makes a bit more sense but still, adc's probably wont take it
Azteryz (NA)
: i applaud you riot on how you dealt with thunderlords decree
> [{quoted}](name=Azteryz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0v6iGsAh,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-12-14T23:56:58.728+0000) > > Stormraider's Surge (Cunning, Tier 6) > Movement speed bonus increased to 40% from 35% > **_Now also grants 100% slow resistance for 3 seconds_** > _Time frame to deal damage increased to **2.5** seconds from 2_ Hey this will be good on Vayne
Durzaka (NA)
: Except they didnt fix Fervor of Battle or Warlord's Bloodlust at all. They still have the exact same problem as before, and people will still take Thunderlord's decree over either of them.
Who is going to get into an extended fight in lane for over 8 attacks? Jax maybe...?
: Is BROKEN on Rengar. Now that they are buffing it, Rengar is gonna be even more cancerous.
Not really, most Rengar's who know what they are doing will delay their youmuu's till about 700-800 units away allowing for _that_ movespeed to help them escape
ybuR (NA)
: considering how baddies consider decision making a skill then yes, Yasuo/rengar/vayne takes lots of skill to play. the only ap champs that takes actual any skill to play is tf and kassadin
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