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: The light is dim so that's city torches, you can't see massive pillars of smoke like in the video, that seem to be coming from random places in the streets.
Pretty sure it's actually fog/mist.
: Uh...Aery's niche is supposed to be for aggressive enchanters. Aery has a niche, but its low cd makes it pretty generally applicable beyond that niche. Also, reading the thread, you don't know what a niche is. Niches aren't functions of a thing. Niches are *the point of a thing.*
The real issue is that Aery has an intended niche, but the way Riot went about appealing to said niche left the keystone far too general and accessible. Stop arguing over semantics. For that exact reason, the keystone probably needs a rework. For the exact opposite reason, Grasp probably needs a rework because it is far too niche.
: On a scale of 1 to 10, how hyped are you for the Swain VGU?
To provide an accurate rating I have to ask one thing - does CertainlyT have anything to do with it? I don't think I could hand't a Swain with 5 blinks and a 2 second Q cooldown.
: I don't quite think release schedules work that way. Project was routinely released around July - August over the past few years, but then last year we got them late. I frankly think that the skins team attempts to regulate things, but it's never a guarantee + we already have a lot of stuff coming out this feb.
The team working on the Project game mode might have dictated to the skins team when they wanted the skins to be released.
: "There is so much ** that needs nerfs I can't believe they didn't nerf anything"
Meanwhile scripters have figured out how to code Tristana W buffering for incoming hard CC.
GreenLore (EUW)
: I still kinda doubt this. Bloodmoon simply seems like a popular skin series to me that coincidentally got skins in the same month 2 times in a row. Before that we got the Bloodmoon skins at random times of the year.
I mean, by the end of February we'll know for sure. In the meantime I'll have a bit of faith in Riot and start theorising what the next Blood Moon skin could be.
GreenLore (EUW)
: You mean 2 years? Like how pool party came out in 2012 and 2013 and then didn't come out in 2014? (and it also got only chromas in 2017,even though the previous years had multiple skins). I'm not saying it is impossible for bloodmoon to come out in febuary,just that it isn't guaranteed.
How about I rephrase this - Riot seems to have made an effort to normalise the point in the season when their Blood Moon skins have been and will be released over the last 2-to-3 years.
GreenLore (EUW)
: I wouldn't count on bloodmoon returning in febuary. The only 3 events that always return are lunar revel,harrowing and snowdown. Even pool party gets sometimes left out.
The last few years they've consistently come out by February.
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: Sweetheart Rakan needs some.... polishing.
Much better. The Rioters churning out these steaming hot piles of shit at the moment should be sacked.
: If CertainlyT Had Designed the Death Star
If CertainlyT had designed the death star it would have had an omnidirectional laser that fired instantly with no cooldown.
: Can Jade Dragon Wukong get in on the chroma action?
{{champion:64}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:254}} More annoyed that not a single Jungler got a Lunar Revel Chroma.
: Yea, considering they also gave some of the older ones texture updates, a lot of older Lunar skins could have used one just for the sake of a texture update alone.
I'm more annoyed that not a single Jungle Champion got a Chroma for their Lunar Revel skins.
: Can we get a Taliyah skin?
: Come on. The nasus comment is unnecessary since they work on them far in advance.
I mean, it's year of the Dog. It's not like they're gonna turn around and do Lunar Guardian Sion or whatever this guy mains.
: > [{quoted}](name=It Hertz When IP,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=AffZ4ZzL,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-01-10T04:12:29.291+0000) > > Why play Lux then? She's the epitome of feminine princess. She feels to me more like Wonder Woman
GreenLore (EUW)
: Yeah J4 might not be perfect,but I agree that he fits better than Gragas.
Eve, Heimer & Shen all make for good candidates tbh.
: Are Aaatrox and Rhaast friends?
I mean, I'd assume they're all on the same side - obviously not enemies. Individually, though, I believe they would all have different relationship dynamics with each other. Some might resent Varus as the leader; Varus might be condescending; one might be the beta; one might be the omega; two may be 'bash brothers'. (I'm just rattling off generic tropes over here).
: Lunar Revel 2018 (Lunar Guardian Warwick, Lunar Guardian Nasus, Lunar Empress Lux)
Just looks like a discount Elementalist Lux tbh. Keen for the Warwick skin though.
: There are now 12 champs that have gone over 1000 days w/o a new skin
I feel like Riot should make (re-)release skins for champions when they give them a VGU. Just a simple 975 RP skin.
GreenLore (EUW)
: I doubt that being a freljordian has anything to do with that,especially since the demacians are said to be the most elite soldiers of the whole continent. Though you do have a point about Braum being potentially iceborn,so we'll just have to wait and see.
Most elite soldiers =/= Strongest Olaf jumped into the freezing-cold ocean and soloed a giant serpent. We also know that he and Sejuani then fought to a stalemate. That makes at least 2 Freljordians from the Winter's Claw Tribe incredibly fucking strong.
Barkley (NA)
: just happened to be the ones I clicked on, man. You'll notice they're in semi-somewhat alphabetical order.
The fact of the matter is that there really aren't that many champions with True Damage - and most of them have fairly negligible amounts of it or have to work to get it off (Darius Passive Stacks, Rek'sai Fury, Ahri's True Damage is on the return portion of a Skillshot). Then you have champions such as Fiora and Vayne who have very clear trade-offs for having meaningful True Damage (Fiora is a Pure Melee Champion while Vayne becomes far less effective if she isn't allowed to focus a single target). I've been on the forums since Season 2 and I'm finally fucking sick of these sorts of threads. I might have to change my Bookmark Link from the Front Page of the Forums to 'Story, Art & Sound' because that's the only place you can enter a reasonable discussion nowadays.
Barkley (NA)
: True damage is a pretty awful mechanic.
"True Damage used to be a pretty niche stat. Now it's everywhere..." Proceeds to list 6 champions that have had True Damage in their kits for over 6 years.
RayFrost (NA)
: A clearly formatted, well-written post opening the discussion regarding Shaco and his place in the game.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
> [{quoted}](name=RayFrost,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YI24bqy2,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-12-27T20:30:27.188+0000) > > A clearly formatted, well-written post opening the discussion regarding Shaco and his place in the game (or lack thereof). ftfy {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Plz, Riot!! Warring Kindoms Quinn.
It looks more like a Valkyrie. Pretty bad concept for a Lunar Revel skin.
Swarovsko (EUW)
: I have never believed people in the boards when they said stuff like "League is not fun anymore"
Eh, I've been playing since Season 2 and I have always gotten bored. It's just what happens when you overplay a game. The only exception to this is when a patch just doesn't fit any of my playstyles.
: NoLife.exe started.
What am I looking at?
: > [{quoted}](name=DarkSoul1994,realm=OCE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=E8wwkjYz,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-12-27T07:06:14.480+0000) > > This means one of two things: > > 1. All Yordles have to wear a Visual Transmogrification Charm when they leave Bandle City. > > OR > > 2. Whatever Rioter that wrote Poppy & Kleds Lore needs to be sacked. > > > There's no way that Yordles could be feared, hunted & eliminated all across Runeterra if their perceived appearance changes to blend in. > > Yordles were never meant to be magic - that would contradict all but Lulu's Lore. It seems that you missed some updates, all the yordles are now magical creatures that have innate magic, not only Veigar and Lulu... This is actually mentioned in the lore of Poppy as well: _While **yordles used their innate magic** to fashion extraordinary things, these humans achieved equally astounding feats through coordination and discipline._ Is not that they wear a "Visual Transmogrification Charm", the "Glamour" (no idea where the name came, but is the name used to describe the magic that the yordles use to be seen as humans) its something natural that they do without even noticing, maybe the one that Heimerdinger made has something different than the one used naturally, but is a fact that all the yordles have this "Glamour". We dont know the exact reason of why yordles are feared yet, but maybe it has something to do with the the "Mega yordles" from prehistoric times or the demon Tahm Kench (Because ALL of the yordles have meet him, not only champions) or Veigar evil and insane or Kled or even Teemo (no joke, he is a killer)... In fact the comic even makes a mention about the crazy noxian yordle... Maybe the reason of why yordles have "Glamour" in first place is because they were being hunted and feared. PS: And about Amumu being a yordle... did i mention that his music video shows Bandle City when it mentions his "home"? PS EDIT: Oh, and it seems that Bandle City and The Glade are in the same place with the new lore...
I guess Riot just felt like ruining Yordles in the Lore then? It used to be that they had to work twice as hard because they were so tiny (either through immense strength and courage, or with their brilliant minds). Now they're all just vaguely 'magical'.
: > [{quoted}](name=DarkSoul1994,realm=OCE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=E8wwkjYz,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-12-27T01:47:09.051+0000) > > In the Ziggs-Jinx comic he and Heimerdinger actually had a device to make them appear human. I don&#x27;t recall Poppy, Trist or Kled ever appearing human though? > > The only reason Heimer &amp; Ziggs appear human is because the people of Piltover actually don&#x27;t like Yordles. > > From the lore of {{champion:78}} Poppy: > Even with her keen yordle senses, Poppy could barely hear the man's words. He was talking about the monster hunter, and how he had saved numerous farms and villages from wyverns, rabid wolves, and bandits. He said that although this revered warrior had chosen to remain anonymous, it shouldn't stop them from celebrating his deeds. The slayer had been spotted several weeks ago near the town of Uwendale, leaving the first eyewitness accounts of his appearance. With that, the speaker pulled off the veil to reveal a stone statue. > > Poppy grew faint with excitement as she saw the hunter's likeness for the first time. He was the paragon of a Demacian warrior - seven feet tall, armored in heavy plate mail, and rippling with sharply defined muscles. Beneath him lay the corpse of a wolf he had presumably slain. > > Just as the image had begun to settle in Poppy's mind, she heard the sound of a child's voice a few yards away. > > "Look, Da. It's the slayer! The one from the statue!" declared the wide-eyed girl. > > Poppy saw the girl was pointing in her direction. She whirled around to see if the slayer was standing behind her. But no one was there. > > "No, lass" said the girl's father. "That one's no monster slayer. Too small by half." > > The girl and her father quickly lost interest and strolled through the village to partake in the various amusements. > > As the crowd in front of the statue dispersed, Poppy moved in for a closer inspection. Now she could see the fine details of the hunter's marble depiction. His hair was long, fair, and bound in two separate side knots. His hands were gnarled from a hundred battles, and in them, he held a massive battle hammer not unlike the one Orlon had given her. If there was a truer hero in the kingdom, Poppy had never seen him. This one is the least clear example of all, but as you can notice humans have a vague idea of how does Poppy clearly looks... because as i said, each human see the yordles in a different way... you can see a yordle as an old man, but the person next to you can see the yordle as a child. This was mentioned in one of the QaA that Riot does everytime that they release something new... they said that Garen would see Poppy diferently than Lux for example. -------------- From the short story of {{champion:240}} Kled: > ((A Noxian High Commander says this:))"You and your pony best be moving on, while you still can." > >((Then, Kled thinks this:)) **I forget sometimes humans don't see us like we see them.** It's the last straw though. Here the message is clear, yordles are seen as humans by humans. ------------- Here is the part of {{champion:18}} Tristana > The man took a step forward and said “Many thanks, old one, but we are not hungry.” > > “Old one?” said Tristana with a playfully indignant grin. “I’m a young slip of a girl!” The man blinked and she saw what might have been a look of puzzlement cross his face. > > “The old crone’s insane” said the woman, looking sidelong at her,** as if not quite sure what to make of what she was seeing. Whatever it was, it certainly wasn’t her true form…** <more text from her lore> > Tristana fired two blasts, and both humans cried out in pain as they each took a wound to the rump. The woman fell flat on her face, beating her britches as powder burn set them alight. She managed to pick herself up and flee into the bushes with her backside on fire. The man twisted as he dropped to the ground, scrambling away as she cranked Boomer’s loading arm. > > He was making hand gestures he probably thought were some form of magical protection. > > **“You’re no old woman”** he said. > > “I kept telling you that” said Tristana. ....................... So, yeah, its not something that only Ziggs and Heimerdinger have... maybe the "version" that they use is to appear in a singular form for everyone... because it would be weird if one person sees them as young humans and other person see them as old persons. And as you can notice in the lores that i mentioned, most of the yordles are not even aware of that "magic" that they have... So, Amumu could be unaware of it as well, specially considering that he doesnt remember his past, so, maybe even Amumu thinks that he is human.
This means one of two things: 1. All Yordles have to wear a Visual Transmogrification Charm when they leave Bandle City. OR 2. Whatever Rioter that wrote Poppy & Kleds Lore needs to be sacked. There's no way that Yordles could be feared, hunted & eliminated all across Runeterra if their perceived appearance changes to blend in. Yordles were never meant to be magic - that would contradict all but Lulu's Lore.
: Share your Champion mastery! (And judge others) There are more MR6 and like 4 rows of MR5 below that.
: I know that this may get downvotes from the ones that think that Amumu is a human but... I think that its pretty clear that Amumu is a Yordle Boy considering the magic that the yordles have: They are seen as humans by humans, due that it makes sense that people from Runeterra thinks that he is a human, because most of them see Amumu as a human being even if he is actually a yordle. Just look at the lore of Poppy, Tristana, Kled and the comic of Ziggs and Jinx... In all of those stories they are seen as humans at first, but in the end they are seen as yordles, just like the lore of Amumu does. ... and the fact that he has 4 fingers like all the yordles is hard to ignore.
In the Ziggs-Jinx comic he and Heimerdinger actually had a device to make them appear human. I don't recall Poppy, Trist or Kled ever appearing human though? The only reason Heimer & Ziggs appear human is because the people of Piltover actually don't like Yordles.
: > Riot's solution was actually quite genius. His current lore, to settle the argument, is to take the argument out of our hands. Amumu's story is now a myth within Runeterra itself - so ancient that not even the Runeterrans themselves can agree on his true origin. > > What does this mean for us, the players? We get to believe what we want and nobody can tell us otherwise. We can throw him in with the likes of Azir and Renekton. This is actually pretty clever, when used moderately. The problem is, this is how most of the new champions are now. Most are so mythological, they literally cannot be understood of comprehended (official Riot opinion on Bard specifically). So you end up with a bunch of mythological/god beings like Evelyn, Tahm Kench, Kalista, Kindred, Aurelion Sol who have really distinct personalities, 'meh-out-of-nowhere origins' behind them because they're all essentially "hurr hurr, godlike being here" This is like, a modification of the "dark and mysterious" past people joke about. Like, even Jinx, a decidedly human character isn't safe from this whole 'myths and rumors/dark mysterious past' sheningans. > **No one knows for sure exactly where Jinx came from, but many urban legends and folktales have sprung up around her.** Some have her as a young gang member who fell in with the wrong crowd and was either traumatized by one too many killings, suffered too much at the hands of an enemy or was simply driven insane by sump fumes. A few of the old timers in Zaun remember a young girl who might fit Jinx’s description, but the girl they speak of is a far cry from the one who became Piltover’s bane. This girl was sweet and innocent, a tinkerer with big ideas, who never quite fit in and came to a bad end. Some even whisper that Jinx isn’t even human, that she is some kind of avenging spirit of mayhem, come to wreak havoc upon Piltover in revenge for the thousands who died when Zaun sank into the earth.
Yeah, I never really liked that part of Jinx's Lore. Jinx is allowed to be a fairly binary chaotic human - there's actually no other human competing for that title. On the other hand, I'm actually cool with Riot adding Celestial beings and the Demon Champions if you think of them as ancient beings. You just need to consider them as extremely ancient beings - they were there before any other life so there's no need to question their existence. The only difference between Runeterran religion and our religion is that their Deities definitely exist (they've been physically seen throughout history) whereas ours are speculative.
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: we ever gonna get league of legends back?
I feel like most of the people posting here started mid-way through Season 4 a the very earliest. Like, they're asking for shit people spent the first few seasons begging Riot to fix/remove.
Nekres (EUW)
: [CLIENT] Saved rune pages gone after every relog! Unable to save rune pages!
I don't wanna be 'that guy' but the rune system basically just requires you to have 1 rune page that you change every game. Having multiple rune pages (in addition to the stupid default one Riot won't let us remove) is actually just a hassle.
: What's your ideal game length?
I just get mad in long games. Usually it's a sloppy shit-fest that could have easily been won 20 minutes earlier if my team wasn't full of selfish pricks who think they need to AFK farm until 6 items and they'll suddenly be able to 1v5.
: I'm never putting money on League of Legends again
I spent like $150 on various Hextech loot boxes for 10 Gemstones and i know full well that it's completely RNG. You win some you lose some. I rerolled most of the garbage skin shards and got mostly garbage back. Then I got DJ Sona and Elementalist Lux right near the end. Then during Lunar Revel I got 10 Gemstones from about $50 worth of the Lunar Revel Loot Boxes.
: Soo, I've gotten Grey Warwick from an honor capsule..
I mean, it _was_ one of the Rarest Warwick skins. It was never really meant to be - it was more of a case of the OG players actually having people to refer. Nowadays with the Honor System it's just a matter of time before every non-toxic player in the game will own both Grey WW and Medieval Twitch (at which point the Honor System would become worthless again).
: POLL: Where do you put your potions?
Usually 2. 3 is for QSS/Zhonya's, 4 is Trinket, 5 is Sightstone/Tracker's Knife. After finish potions/sell flask it becomes Randuin's or Righteous Glory.
Su1c1de (NA)
: S rating questions...
idk man I generally get an S whenever I want one (For example, I got Maokai from MR5 to MR7 in exactly 5 games).
: I hate how some big streamers don't appreciate what they have.
On the one hand, they owe you nothing. On the other hand, if you sub to them and they take an unannounced break for 4 weeks the day after I'd be pretty fucking pissed off. Pro Tip: Don't subscribe to channels - just occasionally donate if you want to support them.
: Hm, I dunno if we've said this publicly or not before but we do plan to grow & change the current runes system more than we have in the past with the old runes & masteries. This could include the addition, removal or reworking of slots, Path bonuses or individual runes and even the possibility of adding new Paths. I don't know that the specific goal of "4 keystones in every tree" is the right one necessarily, but the core of your post (making sure there's enough keystone coverage for the huge variety of champions in League) is one that I agree with and the Runes team is hyper aware of.
It really couldn't hurt to rework Overgrowth in to something more like what Strength of Ages used to be. Tank Junglers who used to run HP/level Seals lost quite a bit when they were removed.
: Share your personal Snowdown shops! The secret is to actually main a Primary/Secondary Role then you get shit you'll actually buy.
Warios (NA)
: And if someone kills a ward, what happens to the marker then?
If a Ward gets killed within X range of a Marker it is removed. If there are multiple markers, it will assume that it is indicating multiple wards and therefore a second marker will only be removed if a second ward is killed. Markers will last for a fixed duration. If a ward expires near the marker, the marker will stay for the remainder of its duration.
Beastrod (NA)
: All I imagine is a scenario where you get someone trolling who fills up the mini-map with ward markers and is completely distracting.
: Am I the only one who thinks ketchup is disgusting?
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: Where's the J4 Love?
He was played pretty consistently all through S7 I'm quite surprised Riot hasn't released a skin for him already (Perhaps he's slated for an Ultimate skin? We still haven't got one for Top Lane).
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