: Just won like 5 games in a row, let the losing streak begin!
This sort of shit is why I stopped playing Ranked. I get Gold V for the rewards and then I just play with friends. It's not worth putting myself through stressful 40+ minute games just for someone to int my next game and force a 20 minute /ff. Not to mention the annual buttfuck I receive from Riot every year when placements take me from Platinum to mid-Silver.
yingwai (NA)
: ***
Read up. That's outdated Lore.
: What's that? Is it oficial? looks pretty darn good
Someone's fan art. I'd credit it if I could find the original.
: Is that supposed to be an Elderwood Fiddlesticks? Cause that would be really fuckin' cool. I also love the Elderwood line but unfortunately none of them are for my champs =(
Yeah I saw this a while ago. It's also based off the Overgrown Bastion skin from Overwatch. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/1XjB51eUiPY/maxresdefault.jpg
: > [{quoted}](name=Zoli Ben,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=m8XAOyfn,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-20T12:03:55.850+0000) > > Only Swain got new skin, because it was meme skin and promised years ago. Nunu will probably not get new skin on launch, but all his skins, including his legendary Nunu bot and Zombie Nunu will finally be price worthy! Nasus got Infernal Nasus with his VU, although I suppose that was smaller scale. They said that making a new skin with a champion re-release was really awkward in the case of Swain if I remember correctly.
Honestly most champs tend to get a new skin within ~6 months of their VU. It's just a shame that they don't come out right as the champion VGU is being hyped up.
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=DarkSoul1994,realm=OCE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=m8XAOyfn,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-04-20T12:07:25.534+0000) > > That's a bonus I guess. We should all make Disco Nunu meme great again, then we will get that as his first skin.
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: Only Swain got new skin, because it was meme skin and promised years ago. Nunu will probably not get new skin on launch, but all his skins, including his legendary Nunu bot and Zombie Nunu will finally be price worthy!
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: Wot? Nunu and rammus are not the same niche at all, nunu is a support jg his job is to make sure every dragon/rift/baron goes to your team, and otherwise be an annoyance in teamfights, nunu ganks are notoriously crappy and easy to escape (unless he catches you w/ the long channel ult from an unwarded bush). Rammus is the opposite, he's a teamfight CC tank that can engage (more tanky vs AD), and rammus is definitely NOT slow lmao that turtle can fly.
Outside of his Q, he is incredibly slow. Especially with how his R works now.
Rioter Comments
: Some champions take years to develop. They can't just tease something and make the champion after that first.
I'm not saying they have to make and release it right after they drop the bait. Just do a false concept art leak, remove it after a couple of days and spend a few months turning it into a champion.
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: No! The boards are 100% rational and not at all a giant circle jerk that avoids half the data presented to make bold claims
My only issue with these Boards is the high concentration of Janna/Lulu mains.
: @Riot, Honestly, can/should we help you with things like these?
It's more of a combination of priority and whether or not a Rioter has a sound concept for a VGU. It wouldn't make sense to slate, say, Quinn for a VGU when the Champion team has no idea what they want to do with her. At the same time, they might have a really solid concept for a Rammus VGU that they're ready/almost ready to put into production.
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: League Displays using the old version of Lotus and Infiltrator Irelia splashes
KagenoOu (NA)
: Personally ive always seen entering a game to be like entering a contract, you have made a commitment, a commitment to do your best, to not leave the game, and to create an environment that is not toxic for your team. I mean the environment part is typically as simple as just not saying anything but it can certainly help to be a nice guy...
Sadly its become increasingly rare to see people with this mentality in Normal games. It's like Normal games became the new Custom/Co-op vs AI/Practice Tool where nothing matters because 'it's just a normal'. I play a couple of Normal Games to warm up for Ranked, but lately playing a Normal Game is so off-putting that I just close the client after the game and watch TV or something. It's like the game suddenly got a huge influx of toxic players or something.
: Zed Players Throw Games Like DBZ Villains?
This applies to several champions who appeal to players for their outplay potential. The issue is that all these players want to do is 1v1 all game with little-to-no regard for what's best for the team. {{champion:92}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:236}} (there's another 5 or so champions in addition to these) It's not even that these champions get out-scaled. It's more to do with the fact that the longer the game goes, the more volatile the team fights are. If a fed player AFK farms for 20 minutes after they win lane, team fights go from having ~80-20 odds of them winning to 50-50 odds and much longer death timers.
: Damage. Too. High.
I have one big gripe with this sentiment I've been seeing on here lately. A couple of seasons ago people were saying damage was too low and that Tanks were busted because nobody could damage them while they whittled away at you with their % HP damage.
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: I dont see the problem , they already have diferent patch, remenber how heal of ardent censwer was removed, but on proplay they were on the patch before, so the meta was completly diferent
Pro play gets 2 weeks per patch just like the live servers. The only difference is that the patch release is delayed by a week to allow teams to adapt. That is completely different to having two completely different iterations of the game existing. Not to mention that Pros actually don't get to play-test the game before LCS.
Onecimus (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=DarkSoul1994,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IPQzFwzR,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2018-04-13T12:23:37.971+0000) > > Hard-stuck Silver Janna/Nami main lmao You... didn't actually make a point? You just stated an irrelevant fact. Nice try at trying to play at people's insecurities instead of actually having a intelligent discussion. It was cute.
It's okay, buddy. I'd be salty too if I was stuck in Bronze/Silver for three years.
Lapis (OCE)
: How do you one-tricks do it?
It depends on the Champion. I'm a Jungle main and coming into the start of the Ranked Season I was really focused on mastering meta champions. That got boring. Lately I've been spamming a bunch of Udyr, of all champions, and I'm still not bored.
Wuks (NA)
: Boards PSA - Hovering over thread votes will show vote breakdowns
If you break it down further, you discover that 100% of down votes on threads criticising AD/Supports come from hard-stuck Silver Janna mains.
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: > [{quoted}](name=DarkSoul1994,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IPQzFwzR,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-12T13:16:04.762+0000) > > Just remove them from the game for a year so so-called 'Support mains' actually have to earn their rank next season? *implying they do nothing* laughs in support main
https://i.gyazo.com/d282f9e76c940452452906a296160190.png lmao Your account literally proves my point. If press-E shield bot Supports didn't exist you'd probably be sitting somewhere in Bronze with that win rate.
Onecimus (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=DarkSoul1994,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IPQzFwzR,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-12T13:16:04.762+0000) > > Just remove them from the game for a year so so-called 'Support mains' actually have to earn their rank next season? So remove the supports that... support? You clearly demonstrate having no idea how the support role _actually_ works if you think all they do is "crap out wards". That was maybe the case in the early seasons. Maybe watch some updated youtube videos or something. Sure the support wards, but they also help the ADC survive and scale, roam and get other lanes ahead, provide engage, provide opportunity for engage, cc, DPS, area control, and micro and macro things. All this while getting all the blame for a loss and non of the glory for a win. But sure, why not make the roll that is already autofilled more than any other even less desirable. /s
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: Janna is 54.59% winrate
I really wouldn't mind seeing Janna & Lulu be unplayable for a season. Support mains might actually have to earn their Rank this year.
: About Frostblade Irelia
Honestly, with the rate Riot has been pumping out Mythic Skins lately we might end up with a Hextech Irelia anyway.
: Just uninstalled League
lmao almost typed my obligatory 'see you in a week' comment that I usually reply to 'I'm quitting LoL' threads.
: Is the Blessed/Cursed Isle anything like Ionia? Something that was thrumming with magic but which was destroyed and ruined by human intervention? **Is this why the Vastaya are concerned about humans abusing magic in Ionia? Could it happen again?**
I feel like if the Blessed Isles was a 10 in terms of magical potency, Ionia would maybe be a 6.5-7.
: My first S+
: Look. If you want to switch to Fortnite, just go.
I honestly enjoyed Overwatch far more than Fortnite. I spammed Overwatch for a couple of months after it came out, but I couldn't get through more than a few weeks of Fortnite. Ultimately, LoL is a better game and Riot actually does a pretty decent job of paying attention to what we, the players, want when you take into consideration how massive the playerbase is.
: I'm pretty sure ToU says that you don't own it and it's pretty much "lended" to you. http://prntscr.com/ixt5m1 Which makes the entire argument completely and utterly pointless in the long run. I love every bit of Arcade Ahri and if they decide to just remove / change it, what point is there to be mad? It's their choice to which I agreed, the best I can do is comment or go elsewhere.
I thought that was the case, but it doesn't make Riot's business practices any less shifty. Frostblade Irelia isn't the same skin that it used to be - Riot honestly may as well call it Snowday Irelia.
Rioter Comments
: True, but at the same time there's many who have played longer that will gladly say I'm wrong because bandwagon (ie Remove Ahri Q movespeed. I said it should be removed many say it shouldn't be. It's removed and suddenly it's the best thing ever)
I mean, that's gameplay which is very different to skins. Skins and Chromas are purely optional content. The simple fact of the matter is that people won't buy the skin if they don't like it, and people probably won't like it if Riot ignores their suggestions. The real issue (and this is almost a legal issue) is that they're changing or effectively removing content that players have already purchased. Riot can't sell me a hula hoop then one day take it away from me and replace it with a tennis ball.
: Also her scalings, her jungling potential, also "why not morde / wukong / shen / aurelion sol". I mean, cool she's updated, don't care too much since I don't play her, but let's be real: I'm taking a jab at people because they're taking this far too personally and seriously.
I mean, if you played the same champion for several years I'm sure you'd take it personally if Riot made a change you didn't like.
: Academy skins. Still want pl0x
Konotori (NA)
: At this point, just make a Neon Strike Irelia skin.
I'm honestly fine with this idea. Neon Strike Irelia + Winter Wonder Irelia. Release Winter Wonder temporarily when the rework comes out, then put it away until Snowdown at which point Riot can permanently release it.
: I'd much rather they scrap the entire rework and start on Mordekaiser along with an Ultimate skin for Annie given how hard people have been complaining lately. EDIT: Downvotes, I win
The rework is perfectly fine. Even IreliaCarriesU is happy with the update. The issue everyone has is either with Frostblade Irelia or with Aviator Irelia's weird hair.
: Not Playing Ranked/Normals Until Matchmaking Is Fixed
It's been going on a lot longer than just this season. I was Platinum in Seasons 5 & 6, did my Season 7 placements against High-Platinum/Diamond and got placed in Silver III for going 6-4. Riot is just bad at matchmaking. They don't deal with scripters and boosted accounts nearly quick enough (I know for a fact that one of the people on my friends list is getting boosted, have reported them twice via a Support ticket and they still have their account). **And there's no way to punish SoloQ heroes who AFK farm until full build at the expense of the rest of their team so that they can _maybe_ win a 50-50 teamfight 45 minutes into the game and end.**
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Ant (NA)
: I wanted to say thanks for making Zoe
I still think all Rioters involved in the creation of Zoe should be fired effective immediately. Riot spent so long getting rid of Mid Lane Nidalee only to re-release her.
Rioter Comments
: Mechs, basically. Possibly sentient? I like the idea but in a game where we already have horrific monstrosities (that are scaled down in-game for the sake of simplifying lore vs actual gameplay mechanics), I feel it difficult to imagine since you'd think there'd be a natural dual nature to this kind of skin in the form of 'kaiju' skins as a possible future concept. Except...y'know, we call those actual champions and not skins. Like, how can you make something that's supposed to be a colossal-sized monster into a monster and not just lose a lot of its original luster if you try to tie it into the Lancer line as a direct opposition? Or, alternatively, how do you make a skin line to oppose the lancers by making "monsters" of traditionally non-monster class champions? Two different kind of mech lines seems pretty lazy and out of place so I don't expect them to take THAT route, either. At that point, might as well make up a story about how all the Battlecast skins grew because of Rita Rupunzel's magic power staff and call it 'Mighty Morphin' Power League'.
I honestly just keep thinking futuristic Galio.
: > [{quoted}](name=KestrelGirl,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Fyw10gWy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-17T22:05:41.014+0000) > > You're pretty close. Check out the art that's already on the region page. those arquitectures are actually kind of like ancient Greece since Ionia is from greece in real world.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Why the downvotes? He/she's referring to the picture below and pillars are very distinct Greek architecture. https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_AU/region/ionia/?mv=image-gallery - Entrance To The Great Monastery At Hirana Riot seems to have taken the oriental influence back a touch and make Ionian architecture somewhere between Japanese architecture, and that of the Na'vi from Avatar.
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