: I love everything except the teeth. I think she could do with more spikes, though.
Maybe the teeth ARE spikes jk maybe on her boots or heels? Change the gauntlet to a spiked glove?
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: I like this. I'd want something really striking and different for her next skin after the Thief skin. Beyond thematic concerns, her animation rig and model are really old and quite limiting when it comes to making skins which is always a consideration. However without a rework on the horizon I certainly hope we make another skin for her soon >:D
I'm so glad you like it! I think Eve is definitely a champion that needs a bit of a cleanup, maybe ill join the hundreds whove tried and have a stab redesigning her.
Solideus (EUNE)
: Cool design dude! A light-themed skin like this one would be really neat on Evelynn, and I imagine this concept really makes her animations and abilities fit a light-theme. It's an especially great idea to mimic the shape of the original's strands with a short cloak, which gives it a new but recognizable silhouette.
I'm glad you noticed the cloak! I wasn't sure how to incorporate the stringy things so I tried for an alternative
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