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: Rotating Game Mode Idea: League of Legacy
: RANKED: The Silver 5 and Bronze Curse that cannot be broken.
I cant get wins. I am stuck in a pit of retards who cant listen to commands. I say we need high damage with tanks and cc and what do I get? a master yi, sivir teemo,zed and I am a cho gath. fuck this game{{summoner:3}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:63}}
: I cant play a game of lol right now AT ALL, i tried to play ranked it crashed, i try to play normal it crashes....wth
BUG SPLAT BUG SPLAT BUGSPLAT don't bother going riot support for bugsplat, cant do nothin{{item:3617}}
: [NEW] Having issues Patching 5.18? Click Here!
Oh heres a bug BUG SPLAT BUGSPLAT AND MORE................................................. BUGSPLAT{{summoner:3}} tired of it{{champion:32}}
: Kalista {Skin Idea}
> [{quoted}](name=FallingMeteor,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=ePBlKYyU,comment-id=,timestamp=2014-11-29T21:44:51.968+0000) > Not sure if anyone has thought of this idea, but a "Heartseeker" skin for Kalista would be a nice twist to her concept. > Her spear could be replaced with a rose, and her whole outfit could be turned into less grim and "dead" to something more cheerful and bright > (so you must be saying it wouldn't make sense, well i would make sense, because "she, they?" are beenig a heartseeker, also it's not like other champions have skins the don't fit their theme{talking to you firefighter tristana, officer caitlyn and vi}) > Her "q" could be her throwing her rose. > Her "Sentinel" could be anything following the theme > Her "E" should be her removing the roses stuck inside the enemy > And her ult should be the same but coloured differently and when the soul bound champion reaches Kalista the soul effect should be replaced with a heart. Well it has to be released in 2015 because valentines day has already passed. Heartseeker Ashe and Vayne were released in valentines day 2012? was it?


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