Meddler (NA)
: Noted, and thanks for the feedback. We'll be considering all the points brought up in this thread, so please, do keep them coming!
Minor bit of feedback: the new Viktor animation looks very badass with the exception for his third arm. It just looks like its hanging limply, which rather kills his imposing image. And Alistar's looks great.
Meddler (NA)
: Yeah, similar to Maokai saplings, though they slow while moving, rather than on the explosion. Won't be in the next patch. Still trying various speed adjustments (start faster, end slower) with Liss E. I've been having some concerns it removes too much response time, especially over walls, recently though, so have been toning the difference down. It's now getting small enough I need to decide whether it's meaningful enough to matter, whether it could afford to go back up a bit etc.
Are the Frozen Thralls untargetable like Maoaki's saplings? I'm wondering if you can CC the or destroy them before they reach you.
: Best story in LoL?
If we're talking actual short stories, then Rek'sai's "Sai Khaleek" has got to be one of my favourites. Followed closely by Maokai's "Nightbloom". If we're talking about champion's life stories as a whole, then my vote goes to Taliyah or Ekko.
: I can't say "Fun" in my item sets -_-
We also can't say "assassin" or "critical strike".
: Ahh sure let me give a superficial theory... > Sabator of Jandelle, the slayer of the hideous deepwyrm that woke every hundred years to feast. Perhaps there's a connection between Nashor and apparent _deepwyrms_ ?
That is definitely plausible. If Nashor only wakes up once every century or so, then it would sort of explain the lack of lore around him. Interestingly... > Its fangs were hung in King Jarvan’s throne room, next to the newly-mounted dragon skull brought by his son and his enigmatic companion. This would be the item Nashor's Tooth! So maybe Sabator fought Nashor and was thought to have killed him, but did not quite finish the job. Sometime in the future, Nashor will come back with a vengeance. I like this theory.
: NSFW Unclothed Bombshell
Did the mods make an entire new sub-board just for these April Fools jokes? That's dedication. I respect that.
Rioter Comments
: Well, trypophobia is a thing, and while usually it manifests due to clusters of holes on a surface (and could more accurately be described as causing disgust rather than fear) who's not to say that a single hole couldn't cause a reaction in particularly sensitive subjects? This is just the first stages of us fixing this terrible problem (trying to get ahead of it before global legislation comes into effect) where we will be removing all holes - including but not limited to: * Bard's face holes * Battlecast Illaoi's boob window * Yasuo's flute holes (so that much like _some_ Rioters who play Yasuo, the flute will also be one note) * All nostrils If there are others you'd like to list then please do so. It's all in an concerted effort (starting 32nd of March) to help the sufferers of this particular affliction, and not at all about saving a surprising amount of polygon count in a model.
Please don't forget to remove the huge hole in Sion's torso. The lack of exhaust port on Sion's soul furnace may result in him building up unholy soul energy and eventually exploding, but this is a necessary price to pay so that Sion avoids detection from the draconian anti-hole movements that may possibly be introduced in the not remotely near future.
: I figured nami was a stretch, but I though why not. Still, I thought this would make a fun discussion.
It does make for an amusing headcanon. It would be quite fitting for her character if Xayah slept with one or both eyes open, just like Gandalf does in the Lord of the Rings films.
: Question about some Vastayan
I seriously doubt Nami and the other Marai need air to breathe, and the Lhotlan don't actually fly. So that eliminates a lot of the evolutionary need to have such an ability.
: Yeah, I had a feeling that Steel Legion would have a nice place in the universe. And all of your ideas are stellar, too.
Thanks! Steel Legion would make the whole alternate universe a bit more cohesive: Dreadnova would be the rogue pirate organisation, and the galactic antagonists. Steel Valkyries would be the individual mercenaries and bounty hunters, using experimental weaponry. Steel Legion would be the official military and law enforcement, at odds with both Dreadnova and the Valkyries. Put them all together and you have a lot of awesome story potential.
: What other champions would you all like to see in the Steel Valkyries line?
Arc Angel Aatrox, as an exosuit shock trooper. Dreadnova Nocturne, in a faceless suit of power armour with chainsaw arms. Something for Diana. Her mobility and ranged Q would translate well into an exo-suit. Rocket Girl Taliyah. Rockets for Q, mines for E. Not sure about W. This skin line is shaping up to be really cool. I personally don't like PROJECT very much (too many unnecessary particle effects) so its cool to have another Sci-Fi skin line in development. Also, it would be interesting if Steel Legion was part of this universe as well. It seems to fit, and doesn't have a whole lot of story on its own.
: Nautilus lore - what's most important to you?
Well first of all, I want to say that it's awesome that you guys are consulting with the community on this. Nautilus is one of my favourite champions, and it warms my gaping chest cavity to be given the chance to share my thoughts. A lot of the other commenter on this post have made excellent contribution, but I'll state my opinions here too. An important part of Nautilus' story to me is that he was once an ordinary man. His new bio on the Universe describes him as something of a mythological figure, haunting Bilgewater "since time immemorial", and this really doesn't feel right to me. I'm fine if this is how he is seen by the other people of Bilgewater, but to us reading the lore I really want to Nautilus to be remembered as the poor unlucky sailor who was dragged down into oblivion. Another key part of Nautilus: his mystery. Fans have speculated wether the "black oozing liquid" that caught Nautilus was something to do with the Void, or with the Shadow Isles, but the honest answer is that we don't know, and I like it that way. If we ever got an explicit answer to the question "what is Nautilus" then I think a key part of his character would be lost. After all, Nautilus himself doesn't know what he is, so why should we? Lastly, I like that that Nautilus, big and scary as he is, is not an evil character. Nautilus to me is like a shark: sharks are not evil monsters that only exist to kill people, they are just animals living their lives and for the most part want to be left alone. But if you're swimming in the water and see a shark, you're going to get yourself out of the water as fast as you possibly can because if the shark does happen to be interested in you, you know that there is nothing you can do to stop it from tearing you to pieces. I think Nautilus should have the same aura of dread that a shark has, but likewise not be a mindlessly violent killing machine.
: > [{quoted}](name=Epicurus,realm=OCE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=uwHerngX,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-03-28T00:23:44.916+0000) > > Now that's interesting. > For ships to cross from one side of the other there would need to be quite an impressive contraption capable of lifting and lowering them. > Is that what this is? > I believe so, yes!
I wonder how such a machine would be powered? Hextech? Chemtech? Hundreds of Zaunite orphans in hamster wheels? The amount of energy required to constantly carry ships over such a distance must be immense. Although knowing Piltover ingenuity, it would make sense if ships being lowered down the lift simultaneously acted as counterweights for ships being carried upwards.
: > [{quoted}](name=Epicurus,realm=OCE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=uwHerngX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-27T03:42:24.148+0000) > > The landscape of the area is dominated by enormous gaping chasms and towering cliff faces. Piltover is on ground level at the tops of the cliffs and on the edges of the chasms, while Zaun is built at the bottom of the cliffs and deep inside the chasms. > Zaun is below ground level, but it's still open to the sky. Most of it is likely below sea level as well. > > This picture is a pretty good depiction of how it works: > > > The canyons are tightly filled with Zaun buildings, whilst above them bridges lead from one Piltover district to another. Also useful to know (if a bit counter-intuitive) is that 'sea level' is different on one side of the channel than it is on the other. This happens on Earth in places too, but not to the same extent as it does across Piltover. So what is below sea level and what is above can vary.
Now that's interesting. For ships to cross from one side of the other there would need to be quite an impressive contraption capable of lifting and lowering them. Is that what this is?
: How does Piltover fit into the land?
The landscape of the area is dominated by enormous gaping chasms and towering cliff faces. Piltover is on ground level at the tops of the cliffs and on the edges of the chasms, while Zaun is built at the bottom of the cliffs and deep inside the chasms. Zaun is below ground level, but it's still open to the sky. Most of it is likely below sea level as well. This picture is a pretty good depiction of how it works: The canyons are tightly filled with Zaun buildings, whilst above them bridges lead from one Piltover district to another.
It's simple really. All of the champions in the game are actually Le Blanc is disguise, with the exception of Le Blanc herself, who is in fact Shaco.
: You know it's true
Zilean, Zoe, Brand, and Veigar are all in fact Le Blanc is various disguises.
: Having said that his current lore would benefit from a re-write, just to add a fair amount more nuance.
Sure, a rewrite would be good to fix some discontinuities, but he still has more solid lore than some other Noxians like Vladimir and Talon.
: Post-Noxus lore update, what is the plan now for Sion?
Is there really anything in Sion's lore so broken that it can't be fixed with some small edits? Nothing really stands out to me as a glaring discontinuity. The only real problem I have with his lore is that it implies that Demacia had at one point besieged the Immortal Bastion, which is quite out of character for them, as well as quite unlikely considering how deep in Noxus the Bastion is located. If Boram Darkwill is no longer an ancient warlock then he can't have know Sion personally, but that doesn't really impact the story too much. It could just be changed to another Grand General of Noxus who failed to resurrect him.
: > [{quoted}](name=Epicurus,realm=OCE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=YmdA20lp,comment-id=0012,timestamp=2018-03-26T02:19:09.734+0000) > > {{champion:516}} to {{champion:78}} > "My hammer is better." > > {{champion:6}} executing {{champion:420}} > "Of all the people to fail a test..." > > {{champion:28}} to {{champion:67}} > "Have I told you how your parents cried with their final breathes?" > > {{champion:50}} to {{champion:69}} > "I admire your commitment to... metaphor." > > {{champion:136}} to{{champion:16}} > "Twinkle twinkle little star, do you wonder what you are?" What does Swain mean when he says that to Cass?
Metaphorically speaking, Cassiopeia has always been a snake. Following her misfortunate trip to Shurima, she is now literally a snake. Swain finds it amusing that out of all the animal forms Cass could have been cursed with, she was cursed with the one that perfectly matched her personality.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: What are the most brutal champion interactions?
{{champion:516}} to {{champion:78}} "My hammer is better." {{champion:6}} executing {{champion:420}} "Of all the people to fail a test..." {{champion:28}} to {{champion:67}} "Have I told you how your parents cried with their final breathes?" {{champion:50}} to {{champion:69}} "I admire your commitment to... metaphor." {{champion:136}} to{{champion:16}} "Twinkle twinkle little star, do you wonder what you are?"
: Item Set Improvements
It would be good to able to rearrange the order of different sets as well. I like to organise my item sets alphabetically and by map position.
ChuShoe (NA)
: You've earned an A+ on your submission. Thank you for your contribution to science.
Yay! Science! {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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: There is another claimant to leadership in Shurima, remember - 'Emperor' Xerath rules out of Nerimazeth, and it's at least player-facing that he has significant military force backing him (willingly or otherwise). From [Bloodlines]( >Nasus turned and looked to the horizon. A cloud gathered there, dust kicked up by the feet of marching men. Nasus saw the glitter of sunlight on speartips and armor through the dust. He heard the beating of war drums and the skirl of battle horns. Lumbering beasts emerged from the dust clouds, braying war-creatures yoked with knotted ropes and directed by groups of men armed with barbed goads. Protected by calcified skin plates and armed with curling horn-tusks, the beasts were living battering rams easily capable of smashing down Vekaura’s already ruined walls. >Behind the war-beasts, a host of tribal warbands advanced on the city beneath a wide variety of carved totems. Five hundred warriors at least; light skirmishers, whooping horse-archers, and fighting men bearing scale shields and heavy axes. Nasus felt the touch of a dominating will upon them, knowing that many of these tribes would normally tear each other’s throats out on sight. >Nasus felt the presence of ancient magic and the taste of metal flooded his jaws. His every sense heightened. He heard the babble of hundreds of voices from below, saw every imperfection in the bronze disc and felt every grain of sand beneath his splay-clawed feet. A sharp smell of blood, only recently staunched, stung his nostrils. It carried the faint trace of elder days and distant echoes of an age thought lost forever. It called to him from somewhere in the east of the city, at its very edge where the ruins merged with the hills. >The bearer of this awakening magic floated above the host; a being of crackling energy and dark power bound by chains of cold iron and the shards of an ancient sarcophagus. A traitor to Shurima and the architect of the ancient empire’s doom. >“Xerath,” said Nasus. Also a pretty good description of _some_ of the weapons available to the highly varied Shuriman forces. The Nerimazeth 'capital' reference is from Nasus's color story, [Ouroboros]( >“Emperor Xerath sends offerings. We are to be your servants. He welcomes you to his new capital at Nerimazeth.”
VaVahik (EUNE)
: If you would like to expand on anyone else, I am willing to listen!
Well ok then... **Leona** We get a good picture of what Leona is like in combat from her colour story [the Light Bringer]( She organises her forces into a strong shield wall, and lets the attackers come to them. Once the initial shock of their charge has passed, she uses her magic to eliminate their leader, and then routs her foes while they are leaderless and disorganised. For the sake of your game, it would make sense for Leona to specialise in defence rather than offence. **Mordekaiser** Mordekaiser's key strategy is enslaving the souls of those he has defeated, so maybe he can have the ability to steal from his opponents deck? Lore-wise, Mordekaiser is just about immortal, so he attacks his enemies head on knowing that there is nothing they can do to stop him. Hecarim is similar to Mordekaiser, but isn't so big on the soul stealing thing. **Sion** Sion is Noxus' shock trooper, and Swain's secret weapon. He rampages unstoppably through enemy forces, growing stronger for every weakling he crushes. Even if he is "killed" he would have done so much damage that the rest of the Noxian army can clean up easily, and then stitch Sion's pieces back together so he's ready to be used again in the next battle. The major downside of Sion is that he has a habit of killing his own soldiers if they get too close. There are other champions in the game who could be seen as "leaders", but I don't think the lore gives us a clear enough picture on what they are actually like in a leadership position, or they don't have a well defined faction. If you want clarification with anything, just ask. This has been a fun discussion.
VaVahik (EUNE)
: Thanks for help! Yeah, lets focus on the factions that have well-established leaders. Let's assume for the sake of simplicity, in my game you can lead freljord as each of Ashe, Lissandra and Sejuani. For Noxus, it will be Swain or Darius (unless I get some info on who the Guile one is) For Demacia, i have trouble as there is not enough info on J3, so J4 and Garen are probably good choices. Maybe Galio as this game is more about battles and less about long-run politics? So, what do you think those champs would do if they were in charge of a battle against any other faction? What tactics would they favor? How would their personal abilities affect this? What could be their ace-in-a-sleeve against others? > tl;dr Tactics for Swain, Darius, Ashe, Lissandra, Sejuani, J4, Garen, Galio (?)
TCG is trading card game isn't it? I don't play any games like that myself, so I'm not exactly sure how this would work. **Swain** Swain is a master planner and strategist. He will make full use of any resource he has as his disposal, wether that be magic, assassins, warriors, or terrain. The short story the [Black Powder Plot]( is a good example of what Swain is like at his command, carefully considering all the possible paths he might take to victory. The demon Swain is bonded with has an affinity for collecting secrets, so Swain has a lot of tactical intelligence at his disposal. He can also sprout big demonic wings and blast people with force-lightning. **Darius** Darius leads the Trifarian legion, which is the most elite military force in Noxus and possibly in all of Runeterra. Darius knows how good his men are, and he knows he can probably win most fights through brute force. That being said, he's not a bloodthirsty barbarian, and will use strategy when he has to. He has been known to use Warmasons, Noxian spies who infilitrate enemies cities weeks or months in advance to learn all they can about possible weaknesses. Darius personally also commands a lot of personal respect from his troops. Under his command, soldiers will keep fighting when they otherwise might have retreated. You might also want to consider including Kled in your game. He's not a leader from a lore perspective, but he has been known to lead Noxus to victory just by virtue of his sheer insanity. Sion too. The Faceless is often thought to be LeBlanc, but we don't know for certain. If you want LeBlanc in your game, then her strategy will always be to win through deception and betrayal rather than through combat. **Ashe and Lissandra** Sorry. There's not really enough modern lore about these two to say what they are like in combat. **Sejuani** Sejuani on the other hand, is a very bloodthirsty warleader. She always chooses to solve problems with violence. However, I imagine she is also practical and realistic: she knows the Winter's Claw can't win against the Trifarina Legion on equal ground, so she would most likely ambush them when they are unprepared, and then withdraw before they can mount a counter attack. Personally, Sejuani rides a monstrous drüvask boar, so she's quite formidable in combat on her own. **Garen and J4** I'm doing these ones together because they are quite similar. Both Garen and J4 are believe in honorable combat, so would prefer to fight opponents head on when they can. But their not stupid: they won't charge heedlessly into an obvious trap, and they would retreat if it's obvious they can't win. But they would never, ever surrender. Like Darius, they both command a lot of personal respect from their troops. **Galio** Galio is very big and likes to squash things. He only comes to life when there are mages nearby (and Demacia doesn't have any in their own military), and turns to stone again when the mages are dead. So he's quite a situational fighter. He's probably also immune to magic, being made of petricite. **Others leaders** Just some other champions I think might work in your game who you might want to consider including: Azir and Nasus as leaders of Shurima. Hecarim and Mordekaiser as leaders of the Shadow Isles. Maybe Karthus too. Leona, as a leader of the Solari and the Rakkor.
VaVahik (EUNE)
: Rioters, tell me more about Factions at war please!
Ok I'm not from Riot, but I'll have a go at this. **Noxus** Noxus is led by the triumvirate of Swain, Darius, and an unnamed third person known only as "the Faceless", respectively representing vision, might, and guile. Previously Noxus was ruled solely by Boram Darkwill, but Swain decided to share power so that different values could be represented in Noxian rule. Regarding military tactics, Noxus' armies are made up of the united warbands of all the nations that have joined Noxus over the years. Their greatest strength is their diversity of tactics, so just about every strategy would be represented somewhere, including large animal cavalry, mages, espionage, or brute force. Likewise, they would use any technology they could get their hands on, but it's worth noting that Hextech and gunpowder weapons are technologies that Noxus has only recently acquired, so their use is still rather rare. **Demacia** Demacia is led by King Jarvan III, but we don't know much about him. Jarvan IV and Garen are also both highly respected by the people of Demacia, so in times of crisis either of them could serve as a motivational leader. Demacia is fairly straightforward with their military tactics. They are very uniform and organised, and rely on the superior training and displince of their soldiers to achieve victory. However unbeknownst to the common people, there are also organisations within Demacia who covertly use magic to protect their nation, which is quite signigcatnt seeing as magic culturally tabooed. Also they have a giant magic statue that occasionally comes to life to squash enemy mages. Regarding technology and weaponry, Demacia has been slow to adopt new technologies and still rely on their traditional weaponry. Demacian steel had magic negating properties, so that's pretty useful. **Freljord** There is no single faction leader of the Freljord, because the Freljord is not a single nation. It is made up of dozens of individual tribes. Ashe leads the Avarosan, and Sejuani leads the Winter's Claw, two of the largest tribes, but there are other tribes that follow neither of them. Each individual tribe probably has their own tactics, but for the most part the Freljordian tribes favour ambushes and raids over open warfare. Ashe's Avarosan might be an exception. Freljordian steel weapons are considered to be good quality, and some warriors wield True-Ice weapons. There are a few Freljordian mages, but they're probably not as powerful as Noxian mages. Some tribes use tamed monsters in battle, such as Sejuani's boar. **Shurima** Like the Freljord, Shurima is made up of many different peoples, some of them located in cities and some of them wandering the deserts. Individual groups have their own leaders, and they tend to be religious leaders, including Malzahar. Some Shuriman cities are under Noxian control, and so ultimately answer to Swain, though I doubt the people living there have any idea who that is. The recently resurrected Azir is trying to re-establish the Shuriman empire, and is gathering people to his city, but he's still got a long way to go before he becomes the official faction leader. Mercenary companies are quite common in warfare. Sivir used to be in charge of one. Not really sure about what sort of weaponry Shruima has. **Piltover** This is a fun one. As far as I know, no-one is in charge of Piltover. There are several powerful clans who control a lot of the businesses of Piltover, and they tend to keep the balance by virtue of trade and economics rather than with politics. In a time of crisis, I'm not really sure who the Pilties would turn to. Maybe Jayce, as he's quite popular with the people. But they are not a military culture, so in the event of an invasion I suspect most of the clans would just surrender and try to negotiate a profitable compromise. Piltover has the most advanced weaponry in Runeterra, but it is not mass-produced and no one is actually being trained in how to use it. Honestly it's hard to say how Piltover would cope in a war, as it's something that they've never had to face in their history. **Zaun** Mostly the same as Piltover, as the two are pretty much different districts of the same mega-city. Notably, the people of Zaun are used to oppression and violence, so in the event of an invasion I doubt they'd roll over so meekly. In a time of crisis, the people would liekly turn to Janna, assuming she decided to show up. Ekko, Urgot and Viktor each have their own groups of followers, and Vi is something of a street legend, so any of them could also have an influence. **Ionia** Let's just wait for Irelia's lore before we try to answer this, shall we? If any of this is confusing, or you want to know more about something in particular, feel free to ask.
Wygol (EUW)
: Wouldnt your stance be a compromise of what I suggested? In that it's about when they're most appealing (in their prime), but not necessarily at the height of their strength (Gangplank anecdote). Granted, the explanation you've given seems more plausible than my idea. Thanks for the insight!
I think we're agreeing. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you mean by "in their prime". There are several champions who are not represented by their peak of physical strength: Gangplank of course, but also Nasus (who was much more formidable when he was younger) and Kayn (who could potentially become a lot more powerful in the future), but I don't think these champions would be as interesting from a story perspective if they were any different.
Wygol (EUW)
: With Irelia's Re-release, I Have a Question About Timelines and the Representation of Champions.
> To be specific, are all the characters in the League representations of themselves within a fixed point in time, or are they all taken from their prime? I doubt it's the first, and Gangplank proves it isn't the second. I believe the champions are representative of when they are the most interesting from a narrative perspective. Skarner for example: in his story, he was awakened by the theft of his fellow Brackern crystals, and is now searching for his missing brethren. But we know from Camille's lore that Camille's great-great aunt was involved in their theft, and Camille herself is the great aunt of the current head of Clan Ferros. So either Skarner has done literally nothing for the last five human generations, or Skarner's story is set further in the past compared to Camille's, and we are yet to see what Skarner is doing in the "present" time. Aurelion Sol, also, doesn't fit in the "present" Runeterra. The last time we say him in the lore was so long ago that the Shuriman sun disc hadn't even been built yet. All we know about Aurelion Sol in the present day is that he's apparently on his way to Runeterra.
: they released the bio and the entire champ page
Well please share it, because all I see on the PBE is a single paragraph, and the Universe website still features old Irelia.
YuGiHo (NA)
: nunu update is gonging to be iceclimbers riding a yeti.
No no it will be one Nunu leading an army of yetis.
: Forget about feather boy and bird girl, there's only one champion that knows true love!
GreenLore (EUW)
: Actually I think the quotes are spelled out by by the skinspotlight team,they aren't offiical spellings of her lines.
Oh that makes sense. This would make the theory a lot more plausible.
: Irelia Related to Kai (Varus)?
The two being related doesn't really add much to either one's story, and why spell it differently anyway? I'm curious about O-Ma, however, as this person gets mentioned in a few other lines. I wonder who they were. And Zelos is apparently dead. Rest in piece Zelos.
: Irelia gave me the feels
Me too. She has some pretty powerful quotes.
: Riot; Why did you tease the Trinity Force in Irelia's rework then not innclude it in her lore?
Skelenth (EUW)
: I can mathematically prove that Swain is part of a Love Triangle
> Since the hand is obviously Swains and can't be anybody elses at the same time, due to the nature of hands. Objection. This postulate about hands is false. Swain had his own hand cut off by Irelia, and is using Death's Hand as a replacement, but the hand does not in fact belong to him. So while Deadpool and Thanos are both vying for the other hand of Death, Swain's holding Death's hand tightly like a nervous child clings to his mother on the first day of school. If either Deadpool or Thanos had a hand fetish, then the love triangle would hold, but for the moment I believe that the situation is closer to a love quadrilateral, with Swain, Deadpool, Thanos, and Death at distinct vertices. How can this murky quagmire of an affair ever be resolved? Maybe we need death to cut itself in half to become two entities, so that then there would be at least four hands to go around. Just an idea.
: I like this idea a lot. Zilean being split in time allowing him to see other timelines from the old LoL.
Yay! Someone read my post! {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: Skin bios in 8.4 2: Return of the Bios
Hey this confirms that Gun Goddess MF and Bullet Angel Kai'Sa are in the same universe as Dreadnova. That's pretty cool.
: Star Guardian Stephen Hawking
The man who discovered Black Hole radiation should probably be tied to Darkstar, don't you think?
: > Anything you can share about the "Gates of Mourning"? _"Dark of hair and keen of eye was Diadoro, the bearded swordsman who’d held the Gates of Mourning against the armored host of the Trifarian Legion for an entire day."_ Other than that the _Gates of Mourning_ literally means nothing. Which goes for a lot of the lore's details. There's intriguing stuff out there it's just so minor, blink and you'll miss it. > I think there's enough information on this page about Bilgewater. Oh true cuz! Geez, it's been 3 years since Bligewater's update. I can't even recall what the Isles are called anymore, was it Serpent or Blue Flame Isles? Regardless, so glad to be revisiting there soon.
Ah, that's one of the dudes from "For Demacia", isn't it? Shame we don't know what they're mourning about.
: "They know so little of the world they traverse."
Anything you can share about the "Gates of Mourning"? I don't recognise a lot of these places, but that one in particular stands out as interesting. You said that you're not including regions without known landmarks, but I think there's enough information on [this page]( about Bilgewater. Pretty sure it's canon.
: So Shyvana is a near unstoppable all powerful Half-Dragon.
*reads post* This is a RaptorKarr post isn't it? *checks user* Hmmm *upvotes anyway 'coz I've been wondering the same thing*
: Kai'Sa!
Kai'sa's champion icon even fits the meme. +1
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DVA545 (NA)
: Anyone found all the references for GGMF in her VOs?
"Daisy... Daisy..." references Hal9000 from a Space Odyssey. "I shot you down" references the song "My Baby Shot Me Down". There's bound to be more but that's all I can place. Exo gives me a very GLaDOS vibe with his deadpan snarking and death threats.
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