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: What Do I Build On Kai’Sa?
Did you ever at any stage of the design have the ult upgrade? I was thinking it would have been kinda cool if you had 100 IAS, AD and AP if the ult upgraded to do something cool. I understand that it might be busted or too much power but I was thinking it definitely causes you to have to build a suboptimal DPS build to achieve it.
: This is merely my personal opinion, but I'd really prefer if supports didn't have to buy Sightstone as a first rush. With the nerfs to Ardent Censer shipping this week, we'll likely see supports going back to getting Sightstone as their first item, but is that world really better? Firstly, it's an item that doesn't offer much excitement for the support - and yes their role is to multiply their adc, defend from ganks, peel etc, but is buying an item that grants more vision something that a support is super pumped to do? It's certainly valuable, but having sightstone be an early purchase also means we're likely to see less agro bot lane fights due to it being harder for a jungler gank, it being harder for the laners to use FoW to their advantage to scare you into thinking their jungler is there by playing more agro in the lane etc. If we were to somehow do away with sightstone, or at least make it so the support didn't need to buy it, we'd likely see satisfaction in the role increase across the board as players got to make more exciting decisions in the item system. That world is harder to solve for, as the continuous narrative of how do we best support supports goes on. I think this year was a pretty marked improvement, but there's still some issues that need to be ironed out. If a support is intended to multiply the adc, giving them more gold and powerful items means their adc will be that much stronger. There's more to figure out than I can go into here, but it's a constant discussion that we're having on how we can improve the situation. EDIT: Adding a small disclaimer to the bottom of this since it got cross posted to Reddit. My first sentence should have read as "didn't have to buy Sightstone as a first rush". A world where the support doesn't need to build it all because of other means to gaining vision is an exciting world. What if there were other ways of establishing vision that weren't based on an item purchase? Things like Zombie/Poro wards in runes reforged come to mind when I think about it, but maybe there's more that we could do. I certainly didn't intend this as an official stance on Sightstone and it's place in the game. This was just my personal opinion on something KempyreanPirate was curious about. Sorry for the confusion!
What about if each support gold gen item allowed your trinket to hold more wards/shorter cooldown. Then when you upgrade it you still have the option to go towards the item with combat stats or the "Sightstone" varient.
: I've heard it mentioned as something to check out for preseason, but I don't know or have any details on what any changes may be. Anything you guys would like to see in particular from the item?
To be honest I think the core problem with Essence Reaver is the two different scalings on the mana restore. Since it's 2-8% of the damage based on missing mana. I would much prefer something like "You gain X% of your missing mana per auto attack (this is doubled against champions)" This does not require the secondary factor of your damage and also rewards you for trading as opposed to autoing champs. This was my rough ideas on how to make ER a better niche item. Siphoning Blade Vamp scepter (800) + faery charm (180) + 220 gold = 1200 15 AD 8% lifesteal +25% mana regen You gain X% of your missing mana per auto attack (this is doubled against champions) ESSENCE REAVER Siphoning Blade (1200) + B.F sword (1550) + 650 = 3400 80 AD 10% LS 10% CDR +25% mana regen You gain X% of your missing mana per auto attack and deal twice that as added magic damage (this is doubled against champions) The 1st item allows a way to sustain both mana wise and hp wise while not adding a lot in terms of combat stats. The ER changes are mostly for the mechanic, the numbers don't matter and can be lowered or whatever accordingly. I just want proof of concept. I think this is a really good idea because not only does it encourage you to trade but it rewards you by using your spells in trades and then following up. It gives trade offs between using your mana for more damage and keeping your mana for opportunistic times. Early game with 400 mana pool and you at 200 mana if X was 1% then you would restore 2 mana against minions and 4 against champions and deal 8 added magic damage. Doesn't seem too oppressive. I'd love to discuss this further. Thanks.


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