: Please stop cutting runes in half because certain champions abuse them
playerbase: damage is too high rito: lets nerf sustain
wobaji (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Forced Abortion,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ok0NrVF8,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-10-31T20:14:42.820+0000) > > Well balanced > *getting oneshooted by the character/whole jung calss which not even supposed to be strong in late* This is almost never a result of DH and is virtually always due to a fed carry champion whose kit revolves around exactly this. You should expect counterplay through your positioning, itemization, teamplay etc. not through somehow surviving when out of position. *ADC walks right next to their front-line or without side wards and gets one shotted by X DH champion*. "SO OP!!!!"
i tried simplifying what u said to the other guy, just wanna check that was the message u were trying to display, i told him it in an iq more befitting to him, see ya and hope i explained it in the manner u were trying to
imagine how fucking pissed we would all be if next year riot re released urf for halloween skins
: I feel like we don’t talk about both minion block and random minion AI as much as we should
on this topic i thought i might as well put this out here, why doesnt riot make cannon minions worth 2 cs visually to better indicate gold leads / gold value, hell 3 or 4 would be accurate, but on the scoreboard missing a cannon is as bad as missing a caster
: > [{quoted}](name=zaire90,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LaLtHadb,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-10-31T05:43:04.916+0000) > > Honestly feel like it should be for 2 weeks but during this time period the champ cant be banned in norms. This is something I could agree with
but then i would have to play blind picks to avoid playing with cancer irelia rework or zoe or akali (i actually did this upon that shit happening)
Manxxom (NA)
: Who else thought of this
: Haha don't do it! I love shielding a teammate as Lulu as they're about to finish off an enemy for that sweet sweet assist :D
u dont even soraka ult when ur entire team is full hp, pathetic
: Just another ADC shitpost
as someone who has mained adc for a small bit, as well as kinda mains adc when i feel like it atm, and someone who has mained support, i can say this is true from all 3 perspectives
: Yup, indeed. They should make it so that if you take both Red and Blue Orbs during the fight that makes you able to choose sides, then you should be able to go Rhaast or SA. 4 minutes is a long time to wait when you get screwed over.
or maybe just make it if you get both in a single fight you have to wait 2 minutes but then you can choose from both
: I neither downvote nor upvote this thread... you know there are many lurkers who frequent this board that normally don't comment right?
ik but a lot of people are just insta downvoters without leaving their opinion or thoughts, which is why i thanked you for doing something the boards dont often do
: why stop with swain, nunu, and fiddlesticks? Toss in a karthus into the mix, have him ult while getting teleported into them. You have to send a message.
: Toxic is toxic, context or not. You are judged base on your individual behaviors, not others. You don't do "he made me do it" excuse here. > like if people joke around, reference something, or other situations like that, a lot of things can look more evil out of contest The IFS does not peek into people chatlog nilly willy every single game to look for toxicity. You only get reviewed by the IFS if there is at least one person who reported you. If your "jokes" are of crude or offensive nature and someone took offense to that and report you, then you deserve the punishment. You are in public space, not your private space. You must take into account of everyone in the game before making such "jokes". If your "jokes" are harmless enough, first of all, no one would report you for it, secondly, if the "jokes" are not offensive, the IFS would not punish you so you have 2 layers of security there... > it would even allow people to have the benefit of self defence in rare situations self-defense.....from what? Are you or your properties in physical harm? That's the only time you can ever claim "self-defense" in the eyes of the laws. You have a mute function. That is your self-defense. Counter-flame is NOT self-defense.
that is also a valid point and i thank your common decency to insta downvote this idea because i disagree with it, as u can tell im kinda triggered from the other post u saw me make and ima make one more about the fact of chat restrictions enforcing toxicity but ill put that off until tommorow
: you said you don't have the report card so I won't ask, but there is no chance in hell a single "fuck you" would get you chat restriction... I don't think just one "fuck you" would even get you perma-banned even if you are on danger zone after 14-day. There are more to the story, but I've lost interest. Even if you don't flame him directly, making passive-aggressive or indirect flame still count as flame by the way.
i logged out and logged back in just to be sure of what i actually said and to get the chat log, if u dont care u dont care, but u made me bothered enough to stop playing ranked to go get it here u go Game 1 Pre-Game FatedSaviour: y FatedSaviour: well im break that expectation then FatedSaviour: dw FatedSaviour: idk FatedSaviour: but calm down for now FatedSaviour: focus on the current game FatedSaviour: try to untilt FatedSaviour: it helps ur elo a lot FatedSaviour: ik, fume for the lobby chat FatedSaviour: but once we get in game just focus FatedSaviour: i should know, i do this all the time XD FatedSaviour: ur playing draven FatedSaviour: that adds up FatedSaviour: shaco is a pain, but as long as i avoid him in the jungling phase i should be alright FatedSaviour: nasus FatedSaviour: bait them with no skin FatedSaviour: make them think ur bad FatedSaviour: dont be like that FatedSaviour: just unwind FatedSaviour: dont focus on us FatedSaviour: dont be toxic In-Game FatedSaviour: our team has a lotta late game FatedSaviour: if i can take out kai sa late game nasus can just pop off FatedSaviour: dont invade FatedSaviour: just do the 5 point FatedSaviour: yeah FatedSaviour: im hoping to avoid confrontation with him FatedSaviour: dont ward it FatedSaviour: just check hes not their FatedSaviour: then block off points of entry FatedSaviour: GJ FatedSaviour: just run FatedSaviour: ill intercept FatedSaviour: nice FatedSaviour: i gotchu bro FatedSaviour: although ur toxic as fuck ur draven is clean FatedSaviour: ima unmute u now FatedSaviour: well played FatedSaviour: ye FatedSaviour: shen no r FatedSaviour: unlcuky FatedSaviour: u dont tyler FatedSaviour: yeah ur sweating hard enough for it FatedSaviour: draven u ok FatedSaviour: u missed that FatedSaviour: draven wtf FatedSaviour: u literally just skipped a free kill FatedSaviour: NASUS FatedSaviour: RUN FatedSaviour: HES AT TOP FatedSaviour: he was in the bush FatedSaviour: red FatedSaviour: i thought he was ganking top FatedSaviour: hes a pantient one FatedSaviour: hes counterjungling me so hard im really behind FatedSaviour: RED SMITE BIO FatedSaviour: ye FatedSaviour: shaco baited him self into my red smite FatedSaviour: im glad draven was here this time FatedSaviour: true FatedSaviour: fuck im so behind form that counterjungle FatedSaviour: lol FatedSaviour: im so unlucky to vs shaco this game, the countejrungle is too real FatedSaviour: yeah FatedSaviour: Lol FatedSaviour: yi is my main jg FatedSaviour: counterpicks happen FatedSaviour: Maybe i should ban u more than graves FatedSaviour: wait nasus has 5 kp with 0 on his lane opponent FatedSaviour: it happens draven FatedSaviour: im going to try and afk farm enough to get kai sa out of ur way FatedSaviour: even tho u were an arse, you are our win condition and we need to play for it FatedSaviour: u reckon FatedSaviour: i dont have any damage yet FatedSaviour: ok ill try FatedSaviour: omw FatedSaviour: perfect time for this draven FatedSaviour: draven we need u top FatedSaviour: they have herald and 4 ppl FatedSaviour: we need u top FatedSaviour: viktor got the recall FatedSaviour: nvm FatedSaviour: because shen FatedSaviour: and her ult FatedSaviour: yeah a bit FatedSaviour: but at least they nerfed it FatedSaviour: im going to farm up enough so u dont have to wrry about her FatedSaviour: we had 4 top and herald FatedSaviour: we had to contest that FatedSaviour: dont go in yet FatedSaviour: ur making urself a prime target FatedSaviour: yeah FatedSaviour: u can FatedSaviour: but there is a difference between aggro FatedSaviour: and telling the enemy to kill u FatedSaviour: wait for us to be able to come FatedSaviour: league isnt won in 20 minutes FatedSaviour: its about patient FatedSaviour: draven not being afk is more important than drake blitz FatedSaviour: not inting FatedSaviour: u gotta choose ur fights better FatedSaviour: i cant FatedSaviour: or else draven will ragequit FatedSaviour: report this draven toxic af and threatening to afk if we dont act as his servants FatedSaviour: i literally havent farmed since trhe last time i was with u FatedSaviour: wtf FatedSaviour: ok FatedSaviour: here is the thing FatedSaviour: if u want me to do something FatedSaviour: u have to let me farm FatedSaviour: or else i wont be able to do something FatedSaviour: but u guys want me to be able to do something FatedSaviour: and not farm FatedSaviour: so u have to choose one FatedSaviour: im not FatedSaviour: just waiting until guinsoos FatedSaviour: ? FatedSaviour: i know FatedSaviour: but i need guinsoos FatedSaviour: or im nothing FatedSaviour: not even a distraction FatedSaviour: muting u FatedSaviour: only if u want to win and stop trolling FatedSaviour: fuck u FatedSaviour: draven FatedSaviour: make up ur fucking mind FatedSaviour: or just fucking afk now FatedSaviour: and stop wasting my time FatedSaviour: iff u wanna troll us FatedSaviour: then just do it FatedSaviour: dont give us a false sense of u not trolling us tho FatedSaviour: report draven please, hes the oce tyler1 FatedSaviour: we cant do m uch in teamfights so we are farming FatedSaviour: we cant keep bumrushing and throwing FatedSaviour: that part is true tho nasus FatedSaviour: guinsoos FatedSaviour: ill start trying to remove kai sa from the game now FatedSaviour: fuck u FatedSaviour: apologize or else i wont FatedSaviour: honestly me sticking up to this draven was worth him being afk FatedSaviour: lol this draven FatedSaviour: I wish u guys could see this its so cringe FatedSaviour: lol FatedSaviour: gg report draven please and thank u FatedSaviour: U played well this game shaco FatedSaviour: thanks FatedSaviour: Honestlyn FatedSaviour: If he gets banned FatedSaviour: It will be worth losing my promos FatedSaviour: I wish u could see the chat longs FatedSaviour: cringiest thing ever FatedSaviour: u talking to draven FatedSaviour: I muted him FatedSaviour: i can split top as long as lb or shaco dont come FatedSaviour: gg FatedSaviour: yeah FatedSaviour: Kai sa was the better adc this game tbh FatedSaviour: she knew how to play LOL better FatedSaviour: actually u guys dont FatedSaviour: u threw it so hard by wanting to non stop mid FatedSaviour: yeah FatedSaviour: hes actually trash Game 2 Pre-Game FatedSaviour: hey can u last pick for me jungler FatedSaviour: they tink iim swapping with u FatedSaviour: and that ill be sion top FatedSaviour: muwahahahahaha FatedSaviour: 200iq counterpick FatedSaviour: dw im still swapping with u FatedSaviour: no FatedSaviour: its just 200iq counterpicking FatedSaviour: im still swapping with u FatedSaviour: wtf FatedSaviour: uuuh FatedSaviour: anyone seeing this FatedSaviour: I JUST DC'D FatedSaviour: WTF FatedSaviour: ok FatedSaviour: gimme sion FatedSaviour: HOLY FUCK LAG SPIKING IN CHAMP SELECT IS SCARY In-Game FatedSaviour: they have better invade FatedSaviour: dont invade FatedSaviour: theirs is better FatedSaviour: told u so FatedSaviour: no FatedSaviour: no FatedSaviour: if u just didnt invade FatedSaviour: and listened FatedSaviour: let me tank FatedSaviour: ill smite FatedSaviour: wp lb FatedSaviour: love the lag spikes FatedSaviour: boop FatedSaviour: cool FatedSaviour: worht FatedSaviour: none of them have flash FatedSaviour: lee also no flash FatedSaviour: Lol FatedSaviour: ? FatedSaviour: wow FatedSaviour: Ur acually going to live to lag spikes FatedSaviour: when FatedSaviour: ? FatedSaviour: and im not fucking inting sion FatedSaviour: dont fucking call me that FatedSaviour: you fuck FatedSaviour: sorry yi, but u can see my point, as a splitpush sion main FatedSaviour: when people suddenly start calling me an inter FatedSaviour: yasuo mia FatedSaviour: i love this lag FatedSaviour: wow FatedSaviour: i just lost another free trade due to lag FatedSaviour: gj FatedSaviour: pop it fam FatedSaviour: we couldve done that without u dying FatedSaviour: if i didnt lag btw FatedSaviour: dont call me fucking inting FatedSaviour: as a sion main FatedSaviour: anyone that calls it inting FatedSaviour: is a fucking normie that doesnt deserve it FatedSaviour: im actually going to lose 15 lp to lag FatedSaviour: feelsbadman FatedSaviour: stop using that word loosely yi FatedSaviour: yeah FatedSaviour: and domination FatedSaviour: yi muted anyway that doesnt agree with him FatedSaviour: lul FatedSaviour: can we report this yi plz FatedSaviour: this lag tho FatedSaviour: there goes half my health in one frame FatedSaviour: feelsbadman FatedSaviour: no point me going top where the fed yasuo has been the past 5 minutes without any help FatedSaviour: no point going mid into the impossible to dodge skillshots when u cant dodge with lag FatedSaviour: and might as well go bot to stop lucian joining teamfights FatedSaviour: so why let him return mid FatedSaviour: no point fighting lucian FatedSaviour: ^ FatedSaviour: yi stop trying to fight without guinsoos FatedSaviour: it wasnt even close FatedSaviour: hey i wanna test something FatedSaviour: can someone other than kai sa or i disagree with yi FatedSaviour: i wanna see if he mutes u FatedSaviour: your welcome yi FatedSaviour: yasuo lives to lag FatedSaviour: Perfect FatedSaviour: i was in it FatedSaviour: but that redemption FatedSaviour: was in the middle of death FatedSaviour: who is lagging on ur team FatedSaviour: raka most your plays are perfect FatedSaviour: that redemption was not FatedSaviour: rip FatedSaviour: how long has it been like that for FatedSaviour: Because he seemed perfectly fine in laningphase FatedSaviour: how consisten FatedSaviour: huh FatedSaviour: then how did it not effect you at any time u were in danger FatedSaviour: Luck i guess FatedSaviour: i would rather be useful than useless FatedSaviour: i woudlnt do a thing mid FatedSaviour: they dont understand FatedSaviour: that me being mid would do nothing FatedSaviour: and me being top does something FatedSaviour: So that makes me inting ok apparently it happened game 2 (which chronologically came way earlier), maybe that game i was toxic but game 1, come on man
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=FatedSaviour,realm=OCE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=JFbAFLfl,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-10-26T08:03:28.890+0000) > > turns out some kind of stupid ass bullshit read below thread to see what happened, but from experience in all 3 times ive been punished including this one riot has always favoured people bullying others, show me proof riot doesnt like bullies in their games "maybe this toxic guy reported me for not being his bitch" Welcome to the club. You probably got ban baited by these people.
this time was different tho, this time i wasnt annoying and had the all chat support of the enemy team, unlike the other times i got punished by bullies
: You thinking of that specific game is the one that triggered your punishment tells me you remember you had some choice words for him yes? You can ask support to give you the report card or the chat log of the games that got you punished.
i said fuck you once because i didnt want to be his bitch when he was slaving me around and threatening to troll, the enemy team even agreed with me to report him and that i was honourable there, shaco and i laughed around so did shen and i
: oh no they got you.
turns out some kind of stupid ass bullshit read below thread to see what happened, but from experience in all 3 times ive been punished including this one riot has always favoured people bullying others, show me proof riot doesnt like bullies in their games
Voldymort (EUNE)
: did you try submitting a ticket and asking riot personally?
ok turns out they punished me and gave a chat restrict without any heads up whatsoever for i have no idea what, not in the slightest, maybe this toxic guy reported me for not being his bitch
Rioter Comments
: I don't think it's unpopular, it's just low elo players hear how infernal is the most important (since it scales into late game) so they assume the rest aren't as good, as ocean and cloud are not the greatest late game (I honestly like cloud late but w.e.). Just the case of players being not knowledgeable about stats, your opinion is right.
as a low elo player i can deny this, people just deny the mountain drakes unless either team has a splitpusher
: Which is why I believe that each section of the tower effectively will act as having separate health. This would mean he could "execute" each section at the % threshold of that section's health. Which would mean he could only execute the tower itself if the plates were all gone and the actual health of the turret was within the threshold. > [{quoted}](name=FatedSaviour,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RqN8hFkW,comment-id=0001000000030000000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-25T13:17:00.427+0000) > > each section is a hp shield, its not its own unique tower, u cant satchel charge its shield There you have it.
each section is a hp shield, its not its own unique tower, u cant satchel charge its shield
: Damage isn't that big on champs that aren't tanks, since it has bonus Health scalings, and shield amount scalings. Which means it'll be a nice extra bit of poke for tanks, since most shields on tanks scale off of max or bonus health.
i can confirm, once this hits live oce, i will be one shotting all of the fucking adcs in the game as full tank sion
: Repeat after me...
Awoof (EUW)
: I cannot unsee this as an astounded face
: > [{quoted}](name=FatedSaviour,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VHR8WryG,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-24T02:00:51.811+0000) > > agreed, but it would be hard to find where to put it in the client Just have a series of 5 colored dots across the top middle of the screen during champ select to represent them.
Tennousu (NA)
: Not sure who decided to create or add this new rune, but.....
: Can Pyke's Heal have a slight activation delay?
maybe instead of a delay, it heals slower, like the same amount, just slower
: 3 Champs that NEED to be addressed come 8.22
as a sion main i can say if you were to nerf his w, it should be early a little, or if not just reduce his max hp by another 10 or 20, or maybe even nerf grasp, ive been a sion main through the good and the bad and he is a bit strong at the moment, so those are nice ways to nerf him
: If Riot wants to add more strategic gameplay, add the dragon spawn order during pregame
agreed, but it would be hard to find where to put it in the client
: Buys Stormrazor, Duskblade and picks DH. Appears from fog of war and oneshots in 0.1 seconds. ,,Perfectly balanced, as all things should be."
: When you're worried about Tahm Kench ulting behind you
: {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} I gotta see this replay...
: Share your OWN thoughts on how you'd nerf Kai'Sa, Graves, Irelia, Aatrox, Urgot & Akali
urgot, slightly increase his w slow, i dont know specific values but thats the direction i would take, akali, increase the timer before she goes re invis from her shroud, graves, lower his e armour and about another 2 base ad, kai sa, less shield, more range, and less passive damage, aatrox, if your q doesnt hit a champion (in any area) it stops the 1/2/3 cast and goes back on cd at 50% cd, aatrox gets about 3 base ad more and 5 more base damage on his q, irelia, lower the magic damage on her passive a little and increase her q mana cost by 5
: Pls bring back "Honorable Opponent"
back when honorable opponent was a thing this game a lot less toxic lol, at least in my experience, bring back honorable enemy carry plz
: See, it all comes down to damage being too high
circlejerks damage being too high
: > [{quoted}](name=weasley009,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=gp9ZV7qV,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-15T15:44:28.007+0000) > > Goes on a rant about how this is why the game is bad without actually giving any objective evidence or proposing and inkling of a solution, but I get kneejerk upvotes anyway. Complains about Jax being OP without understanding why he's meta now.
complains about a weak champion i always lose to because i dont know how to play against them
: Daddy hashinshin giving us the facts
and older meme, but funny nontheless
Terozu (NA)
: Statement that agrees with you despite your downvotes but somehow has been upvoted.
completely unrelated point to start an argument
: If Hashinshin would scream into Meddler's face about balance...
: > [{quoted}](name=elo trash,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=hvn8TtRb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-10T16:13:18.311+0000) > > why is riven there? I really hope this doesn't go over everyone's head, otherwise, you might end up drowning in downvotes {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: but clicking the lamp takes it away, so he will never click
he will just hug the lamp but never click it so thresh will stay afk as to make the lamp not tp away followed up by thresh dying cuz hes waiting for moth to take lamp
: They could, but that does start other things as well. Like the Lee Sin being blinded by a Teemo Q. Would be interesting to see what sort of bugs came from that checking code though.
what about yi's alpha, could they just not use the same kind of coding for else e, so you are actually untargetable and all that, so graves w wouldnt ruin it, unless im mistaken and graves and do the same thing to yi's starting location
Vexilus (NA)
: But their kindred flash ults him before your ult connects
out of all the ones i knew i forgot about (me dying, soraka ult, bard ult etc.) i never thought about kindred, well played sir
: Actually reductions and pen scale with each other, and both make falt pen/lethality MUCH stronger. Reductions go first, then percent pen, then flat, which is basically the most optimal set up for increasing damage, particularly against high armor targets. Squishies will take basically true damage regardless.
yeah, im just saying, its only black cleaver, that makes ldr and mortal reminder somewhat less effective, total effectiveness is still up from buying these, i just dont usually think a champ should have black cleaver and ldr, maybe mortal reminder if you need it, but if you have bc you could get away with thornmail, im unsure of the order of % pen and lethality in terms of calculation but ima take your word on it going % pen then lethality
Vexilus (NA)
: Game: Make an awesome play, commenters derail it
as pyke i ult the enemy jhin whose flash and heal are down has no tahm kench support and whose stopwatch is broken whilst they are at 50 hp
: Don't AD champs have more Penetration (UPDATE: Options)? {{item:3036}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3814}}
to be fair, for chipndip1, 2 of those dont stack with one another and black cleaver makes the %armour pen less effective in a sense
Subdue (NA)
: If you don't want to be treated like a child, don't act like one.
is pointing out that someone is toxic and trolling being toxic?
: Master Yi
conquerer is their team has a tank that you think will be an issue, lethal tempo other times, bloodrazor into guinsoos into either tankyness or more on hit, use q to dodge stuff, engage with flash not q so u can q over important skillshots e.g. i flash onto brand auto him and when i see him go to w q i alpha where as if i alpha'd in it would be harder to dodge that skillshot while keeping my dps high try to avoid fights if you dont have highlander, if you feel like u can splitpush and destroy up to 2 people who come to stop you at a time remember to use e when clearing camps use e right before your passive
: Banana Wand {{item:1026}} Banana Boots {{item:2422}} Ancient Banana {{item:3301}} Banana Guardian {{item:3026}} Runaan's Bananacane {{item:3085}}
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