: TFT - Glacial and Elementalist need some help on some counterplay.
Yes, a tricky problem this one. I believe the best solution is wait till they nerf it. Seriously, its just stupid.
: Removing aram bans will make it less diverse than what it used to
Have to disagree. Some champs in ARAM are annoying, but its meant to be all random. Its how people learn the game, its not meant to be fair or even.
: The Client Update Alpha Ending Soon
I wonder why about 90% of people use the Dota in game item set maker. Probably because it allows you to look at other peoples builds and up/down vote them. Basically in Dota, you pick Tortedelini's "Standard (HERO) Build" and away you go. Think outside the box fellas, there's a reason why no one used the item set creator, and it's not because it's not a good idea. This is the kinda thing that enhances gameplay, but don't go off a statistic that '1% use it so it must be bad'. It's a good thing, I believe because creating the guides is such a pain, that no one uses them. Also, I was under the impression that using a 3rd party client would possibly get you banned, am I wrong? How does that stop cheaters then!?


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