: Do you guys think the new Mordekaiser is OP?
In my last 20 games, I have come against Morde 13 times. Of those 13 times, he went on to completely and utterly carry his team with less than 4 deaths six times. I've laned against him top as a tank, and he sustains better than a Shen stacking health regen (and at times faster than people with upgrade boots even without a single pair of their own). I've tried to gank him as a fed ADC, and every time he has smacked me twice and killed me outright with only a single item. I have seen entire games surrender because he's able to casually pentakill an enemy team by ulting someone with good stats. It's legit to the point where I'm don't want to play for a week because it's become unfun to have a one champ single handedly win games, whether I'm with them.. but more often or not against them. I usually don't complain about 'OP OP OP', but I am nothing but frustrated


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