: Riot, I'm begging you. Do something about Karma.
http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Karma -> history -> patch history if you're gonna complain, do it right. dont just embarass yourself with this cringey clusterfuck of entitled whining >Watching your favorite champion since Season 4 deteriorate and progressively get worse and worse with no help from Riot feels awful nobody played her in season 4. you liked her since then because of her changes....................
Elohaven (NA)
: You're way too toxic on the boards recently. You have a good point but the way you're expressing it is really poor.
> [{quoted}](name=Elohaven,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=a4TqaAej,comment-id=001c,timestamp=2018-03-25T23:52:19.871+0000) > > You're way too toxic on the boards recently. You have a good point but the way you're expressing it is really poor. thought i was the only one that noticed. dude needs serious help, but unfortunately none of these types of people ever get it, and so continues the cycle of toxicity
kargish (EUW)
: Remember that time Malicious Metal said he'd quit Mordekaiser?
lmao and hes duoing with that other boards poster. they have a discord where all the boards regulars know each other and upvote absolutely everything that each of them comment, no matter what it is. kinda pathetic though, and they only embarass themselves. but they dont care, they're anonymous
: > [{quoted}](name=GigaPube,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MjWXpkaw,comment-id=002e,timestamp=2018-02-10T11:05:16.993+0000) > > just so you can avoid conflict for the future, a hard leash is when you stay around to help finish off the 1st camp with the jungler, usually so he doesnt smite that camp and he can use it on another one, which helps his clear and early jungle pressure a lot at the small sacrifice of a player or 2 staying a little longer outside of their lane Pretty sure they just use the fact that he didn't give Amumu a hard leash as an excuse to troll, if that premade wanted to int they could come up with anything to harass and tilt other players.
yeah they can come up with anything. so for future reference, give them one less possible reason that, tbh, isnt a totally farfetched excuse to get tilted in YOUR game. this isnt "dont negotiate with terrorists", this is "getting robbed by a hobo but hes ok with just a dollar". do you understand now?
: So I just left a game at 6 minutes for the first time in ages
just so you can avoid conflict for the future, a hard leash is when you stay around to help finish off the 1st camp with the jungler, usually so he doesnt smite that camp and he can use it on another one, which helps his clear and early jungle pressure a lot at the small sacrifice of a player or 2 staying a little longer outside of their lane
Barkley (NA)
: Since riot obviously embraces the current snowball....
what people wanted - games to not snowball out of control too early on what people didnt want - snowball meta what people got - worse than snowball meta how riot are dealing with it - "now you can surrender at 15 minutes!"
5050BS (NA)
: End of Game Stats Can we change Largest Crit to Largest Hit and let AP champs see their biggest Hit?
i like that, but hopefully nobody is encouraged to kamikaze a squishy just to maximize that statistic and brag about it in a more toxic manner than the damage to champions stat
Barkley (NA)
: League is in a critically bad state right now.
you've been playing since season 1 and you cant even comprehend that the biggest changes to league of legends thats ever happened is going to have the biggest ramifications for gameplay imbalance? and you've decided to make this post in early december with still nearly 2 whole months left until pro play starts? its pretty much a whole different game thrown out just a month ago, and you've correctly identified that its volatile, but then whats the point of stating the obvious? do you have any actual suggestions or did you just come here to mention you've played this game for so long?
rojo4 (EUW)
: Please stop making URF all random
>The enemy team has a Zed onetrick on their team who managed to get Zed? then you're playing the wrong gamemode cos you cant get fuckin zed in this iteration of urf.... dont feel privileged enough to slap a lazy complaint onto the butt of everyone elses legitimate complaints on the boards just because you think since everyones doing it, it doesnt matter and maybe nobody will notice. not having zed and sona is a BIG difference. most of the tip top highest, and the.... bitty bottom lowest winrate champs are not in this version of urf, and riot have miraculously found a great "excuse" in the winter/snow theme skins to have found such a goldmine of a potentially great balance change for the urf gamemode. its also NOT all random, since you can only play like 40/50 champs that are middle of the pack in winrates
xhydn (EUW)
: saying "gg ez" made me get perma banned
of course someone that thinks gg ez not being a form of toxicity is this delusional
Eedat (NA)
: Alright stacking 5 Cleavers gives me.....
cos anyone who watches redmercys gaming content will always believe his shitty clickbait titles lmao
: I don't understand this difference between AP and AD items.
i just disregarded the 200 AP as an exaggeration, but nope, those 3 are the only real worthy items with AP and CDR for vlad lmao
: You know you can bookmark site's since 1998 right? Just save the vod site link. I thought you would have learned this years ago.
what years ago? why does he have to have been playing league, let alone using the internet, years ago? he can be 18 and still not even be born by the time you expect him to know what fuckin bookmarks are. not like kids these days would even use them, they can just go to google or check their history, bookmarks in 2017 lmao who are you to say the onus is on him to avoid spoilers by magically knowing where all of them are and avoiding them because the voices in your head or your crystal ball tells you the exact addresses to go to. thats about as redundant as saying "if you dont like X movie/song/tv show, then dont watch/listen to it", gee thanks ill just hop into my time machine to go tell my past self to do that. as if people go on the 1st page to see the singular sentence of who won, then just fuck right off, continue living their lives, yeah thats rational are you gonna tell the next batch of worlds viewers who dont watch or havent seen the game besides that tournament to fuck off back in time to learn something years ago?
FNC Jinx (NA)
: Here's what you do: - **DO NOT LOG TO TWITTER OR REDDIT** - Do **NOT** go look for the game on YouTube - Go **STRAIGHT** to twitch.tv/riotgames and browse the latest video, which is usually the recording of the series you want. Across several years, this method for me has had a **100%** effectiveness ratio.
lmao that epicskillshot channel putting the champs in the thumbnails, but if its a new pick he enlarges it to half the picture size and you instantly know its that champion thats been picked. as if the results being spoilt elsewhere isnt enough :P
: Riot should probably solidify Varus' identity as an artillery marksman
if it werent for ardent censor, those random ass attack speed buffs would be easily top 3 worst changes riots made all year
: Where is Hexakill, and One for All?
"we'll be able to work on everything faster" how much faster considering its what, 4 months after forced new client for everyone? and a whole year since new client came about? its not even just the game mode of allowing 12 people on TT, its just a conversion of that very game mode from the old client. literally every single other thing to do with league of legends has been brought over just fine.... i can only hope they really are saving it for halloween
: "My mechanics are bronze but my game knowledge is diamond level."
: Genuinely, why does anyone give a shit about Tyler1?
this reminds me of the sanjuro discord circlejerk. bunch of pompous pricks thinking they're better than others, being butthurt about why someone gets so much more viewers and money despite not being a typical calm, gentle, meme-spouting streamer, all while not even streaming league
: Is there a way to explain to my parents that one can not pause a online game
obviously they dont care either way. they know that leaving the game wont result in you getting arrested or killed
: Daily reminder that people put "daily reminder" in their title & never post a reminder the next day
theres a ton of those awkward title starters. you can tell when people don't know what they're talking about when they type their entire intended statement in the title following one of those title starters, then put "title" in the actual post description, with nothing else to support their claims
: Look at it this way: the Immortal Journey skins are not aimed at western audiences.
how dare they not make a 420th futuristic exosuit skin line that i genuinely love every time despite this sarcastic comment
: The most hideous question since "Flash on D or F?"
i dont care, i just wish somehow we could stop calling it first brick. le cringe overload
Damodar (NA)
: PSA If 40% of your team is doing bad, you shouldn't be surprised when you struggle
top rated threads like "this meta is whichever botlane wins lane wins the game". yeah real original bud.... 2 weeks before "the better jungler wins the game" and in 2 weeks time its probably "whichever mid laner clears the lane and roams faster wins the game". all the same generic shit. nothing is ever to be learned from those posts. props to them if they dont just put "title" in the description at least
: playing league just isnt fun right now
i can tell you've been in games where your stubborn teammates wont surrender and you've become extremely bitter and resentful. i know dat feel
Skorch (NA)
: The "Protect the ADC Meta" Is just basic gameplay of role-based games.
if you want nothing but upvotes, its important to only make 1 point at a time, and then dont trail off on the discussion too much. i didnt read all of this because its boring af, even though i can agree with the title, so you lost me because its too long AND because theres a bit more stuff for me to disagree with that i skimmed over
: Bye bye boards
you made a whole post about how some people are annoying you cos they upvote themselves and downvote you and you cbf doing so yourself and all that. you care about the votes, you care about the people, the arguments, the game and its discussions. so you're not fooling anybody when you say you "wont be reading comments", so hi there. im sure you've figured it out to just make another account and start fresh, instead of lurking and feeling the need to reply but you cant because you made that oath that you wont come back
Sw4de (OCE)
: https://gfycat.com/gifs/detail/BewitchedCautiousBanteng http://imgur.com/ceuG1Od Is riot ok with a jungler 3 levels behind, 2300gold behind, face tanking q, 2 e's 2 passive procs, and half a second of my ultimate, and still 100-0ing me easily? Combat smites were introduced during a time where junglers were both xp and gold starved, thats not true anymore, this is low level game, where the jungler hasn't farmed or pathed efficiently, and is still winning 1v1's against a mega fed midlaner really easily, that doesnt seem healthy for the game when a role with the highest map impact by far is also the strongest 1v1 role in the game.
this is an inappropriate place to post this and all you've done is embarass yourself http://matchhistory.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/OC1/183324409/202477024?tab=builds&participant=6 thats the match in detail. we can see everything so i won't even bother getting into it. but just in the future, dont get salty in some random boards post about how the game didn't provide an outcome you were hoping for. hopefully you learn from this and from all games you play and watch in the future to see where YOU'VE gone wrong in your predictions or plays, and understand how you can improve in the future
: I really dislike Jeff Khaplan.
when the shitposts become so bad/(good?) that they make you cringe
Dasdi96 (NA)
: So, burst>dps, dps>tank, and tank>burst.
>That is how the game is supposed to work damn, this guys figured it all out
: Message to all players no matter the elo:
>1st picks mord in d1 >complains about team comp you win some you lose some. if you wanna be more coordinated, communicate in the lobby or make your own 5 man in flex. im sure your team didnt want you to pick mord either....
: > [{quoted}](name=GigaPube,realm=OCE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=96e8p7G5,comment-id=0012,timestamp=2017-08-15T08:13:07.156+0000) > > awkward moment when OP happens to not have proof then plays 13 games on the account hes posted on and he gets nasus and xin twice and then unique champions every other time. anivia 8 out of 30 times lmao, who do you think you're kidding. dont get excited about the upvotes btw, if you had only twice as more you'd have been called out long before i saw this as a top post Awkward moment when you didn't read the post carefully enough -- you know, the part where it says "the initial champ, not post re-roll or trade", as in the champs I got first and not actually played -- and sounds like a jerk. At least fact check before you decide to leave snarky comments next time? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Even if you don't believe my data then the number of upvotes should be telling you other people have experienced similar results and that is is not, in fact, bullshit.
awkward moment when OP tells ME to fact check then says that the number of upvotes in a boards post means that something is factually correct no matter how unreliable the content is despite the only proof of actual match history point to OP's clams being highly exaggerated. also despite already being told not to get excited about the upvotes and thats exactly what happened {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Can we at least make ARURF actually random
awkward moment when OP happens to not have proof then plays 13 games on the account hes posted on and he gets nasus and xin twice and then unique champions every other time. anivia 8 out of 30 times lmao, who do you think you're kidding. dont get excited about the upvotes btw, if you had only twice as more you'd have been called out long before i saw this as a top post
: Kog Maw's ult needs a better ground indication of its AoE
>3 to 4 times larger than the indicator really dude.... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Eedat (NA)
: Is it time to break "Marksmen" into subclasses?
>{{item:3135}} >{{champion:42}} core build oook bud, i see what this is. you make a bunch of great posts and ideas then try to sneak in a little teaser to see if everyones kissing your ass unconditionally. ill kiss it alright. but im not building void staff on corki, and neither is anyone else. barely bought at all as a 5th item is definitely not core. come on now as for the "important" stuff, naaa too many classifications already. this isnt music genres with millions of songs with such a rich history and endless possibilities, we just need 1 name for ranged autoattackers and people will get it. they all have 4 abilities and a passive, they can pretty much all be casters. vayne is the least caster-y, but she does more with her autos and less everything else than, as you put it nicely, AA based hypercarries like kog and jinx. or maybe in the future you'd build full crit on a caster ADC and all they'd do is auto and not waste time with other abilities unless its life or death (like current jinx. lowering W CD? but nobody wants to use that so frequently anyway unless for very rare specific situations like 800-900 range disengage on a much faster bruiser???) anyway, its just too much trouble. people are already arguing here about those current classifications. people have always argued about riots classifications, past and present. just leave it as is and hope that new players can figure out how unique every champion really is for themselves its a great idea though, and maybe they can make it work in some other way
: "If Stoneplate/Cho Ult is such a problem, why wasn't it meta before his small rework?"
: If it's the same stasis ad Zhonya,he would't be able to move or attack. Removing stasis/invulnerability would be a debuff,not a hard CC Hmm,would be interesting having a supp that removes all buff from enemies. :O
oh na i just meant tryn ult takes precedence above everything just like how zhonyas and stasis in general does. nothing kills tryn during his ult just like zhonyas/bard ult is unpreventable and uninterruptible, and thats probably necessary in the game removing stasis/invulnerability, yeah that would be called a debuff but i would complain that its OP and im sure many people would too. if zhonyas and tryn had as much a fanbase as many toxic assassins, those people would lose their minds, and it would eventually just become rock-paper-scissors for which abilities cancel what effects and take precedence for damage/crowd control and all that. its nice to have some sort of consistency for minor gameplay elements like these a supp that removes all buffs seems kinda like this new zac. hes a huuuuge impact and just does way too much, while still being a tank....but the way riot are trying to "control" him is that hes not allowed to do that much damage. like supposedly a large majority of champions with only small stat advantages through items/levels should be able to outduel most of the other champions if they're 1v1'ing, but i would think zac right now probably couldnt beat many other champs 2 levels or 1 full item behind him. but thats just speculation idk
: Except that it was hotfixed BEFORE this person made the post. ATTEMPTED RETORT FAILED, TRY AGAIN? [Y/N]
http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Sivir no really, the ability does hit twice, and it really is a potentially 51 damage buff at level 1 the timing of this post and the hotfix has nothing to do with the criticism. that buff should never have gone out in the first place. we all know this now. if it was hotfixed after this post, the buff is still bad. if this post was made after he saw the hotfix, he can still legitimately criticize the buff for ever reaching live play. please do some research before being cocky on the internet and still getting destroyed. what now then? ad hominem?
: Y tho? I mean,you can't kill Trynda during his ultimate,would be nice having a few abilities that actually allow us to kill someone who can tdie under normal circumstances.
tryn ult needs to be a 0 stipulation ability. its the same as stasis (zhonyas+some abilities) being unbreakable and unpreventable. if there was 1 ability that broke tryn ult, or zhonyas or bard ult, then it just becomes another hard crowd control urgots ult already has multiple stipulations like needing to land the skillshot, needing to be in range, needing the opponent to be 25% health or less, needing to not get completely negated by windwall. theres all these factors that come in before you can finally press a button to end an enemies life. with tryn ult and zhonyas, you press the button, and its, i believe, a 100% chance of being unkillable or being in stasis, no matter the circumstances. so instead of 1 ability that already has all these requirements that you need to fulfill, finally becoming the 1st ability that actually goes through tryn ult and/or zhonyas, we have tryn who relies so much on this simple 1 button press, or this item thats only completed from seekers for this 1 button for absolute immunity, to continue to be as trustworthy and reliable as its always been i guess long story short the way i see it, urgot ult killing EVERYTHING breaks too many rules that creates way too many imbalances instead of it just not working against the strongest gameplay mechanics that already take precedent over every other form of damage/crowd control already in the game
Finikksu (NA)
: Mirror Map Mode
reminds me of nemesis draft, with surprisingly less effort. EXPECT TO SEE IT SOON, SOONER THAN HEXAKILL, WHICH IS GOING ON NOW TO 9 MONTHS OFF ROTATION.....all because 6 players in champ select and the loading screen takes 9 months to implement.....even with the legacy client gone and riot are supposedly more efficient with the new client stuff now :(
: "Ekko fares pretty well against mages..."
these robots that have analyzed all the previous patch notes to write the current ones in a similar style to scarizard since he left havent been doing a good job of keeping them fresh. im so sick of reading "Welcome to patch 7.15, the one where we X". if you feel like you've read that line before, or if you think im kidding, thats exactly how they started these patch notes, again. why even bother with the introductions and the formalities if they're just gonna be as cookie-cutter as the essays i wrote for class when i just started learning about them at 13. i can see why scarizard is a streamer now, im sure he'll do well, he's got that x-factor, that pizazz
: I see you are still afraid of cooties, get in line with a few others lol. Tyrek is one of quite a few people who enjoyed my post before I devolved into raging at the stupidity and petty bandwagoning of the boards. That has nothing to do with his post.
comment ratings before you came 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 comment ratings since you commented 0 3 0 2 0 2 0 2 so nice of you to follow him around to protect him. looks like they're not getting taken down by reports though. so sorry :( hopefully whatever people are still reading 3 day old posts can see the immense influence you've provided to guide those uncertain of which sides argument to believe by guiding them to the side of righteousness against those dastardly whistleblowers
: > funny how you know exactly what im talking about Becuase I know what Reddit is. > its almost as if It doesn't. I just know what Reddit is. Now pls cut thr snark
you told your internet gf to cut the snark, then you let her walk all over you. how are you not embarassed that after saying something about it you didnt follow up? then you STILL tell other people to cut the snark. the nerve.....
: This isn't reddit. There is no karma to grab.
thats what its called. funny how you know exactly what im talking about and you wouldn't have known if i'd called it absolutely anything else. its almost as if, it doesnt just apply to reddit, it applies to every forum with a post rating system
: The OP is Hallbuster, his thread title is the same without the quotation marks. Here's the definition of "cringe" if you're interested : When someone acts/ or is so embarrassing or awkward , it makes you feel extemely ashamed and/or embarrassed.
welp you sure showed me. i guess my only further justification is that you should've replied this to his post, and that responding with an entire thread about something that is certainly not the popular opinion as its made out to be here, is unnecessary and seems like just an easy karma grab
: "Stop penalizing us for dodging in ARAM"
who exactly are you quoting? why even write your title like that? pretty cringey tbh. its like you're saying everyone whos ever dodged an ARAM feels strongly about their patriotism for trolling
: TF and Ekko don't need buffs are you serious right now Riot
>Stop trying to force shit into worlds holy shit >"im so sick of champion X always being meta" {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Ñaofumi (NA)
: Midlane diversity keeps shrinking and shrinking it used to be {{champion:1}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:42}} Now its {{champion:103}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:43}} At least top lane is still refreshing
: Stop saying "ggez"
: Who's the worst champ to get in ARAM?
i couldnt answer knowing theres stats on this. heres some winrates lee - 37.2% evelynn - 36.6% rek'sai - 36.5% ryze - 36.3% ..... leblanc..... 33.0% leblanc is the only champ in the game who wins LESS THAN 1 out of 3 arams. it must be those constant nerfs, it cant possibly just be all bad bronze players could it? i probably wouldve gone with reksai. no more ap reksai viability. eve still has invis going for her. udyr can be a stunbot. shyv is still an amazing duelist for late game no matter the build. aatrox is better than a lot of champs, especially with a better knockup and even poke compared to reksai
Langhof (NA)
: So my real life best friend was just Perma-banned
leveling a new account is apparently easier than ever. just play normals and dont take it too seriously and hopefully your teammates wont either when you're playing with a non-level 30. if hes been given all these chances its up to you or himself to come to the realization that HE HIMSELF fucked up and nobody else is to blame but himself for his behaviour
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