Nea104 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Morgana Deus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XUEFeAMQ,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-05T08:39:26.396+0000) > > I'm starting to get really fucking bored being one shot by things like a 1/4 malphite because he built one item and you gave his ult 100% ap scaling. Did it take you only 2 years to? :P And what does it make you think that something is gonna change in S10? Did you see their last "support"?
Riot Pls (NA)
: Future Stories
Anything on my girl Jinx?
: This is an absolute disgrace, it's a rushed production based on false allegations against Vic Mignogna in a attempt to destroy his career. By doing this, Riot Games are actively supporting a "cause" (#KickVic) who is trying to destroy a man's reputation, led by liars who lie in front of a Judge, and people who are actively falsifing evidence in order to destroy Vic's reputation (and on top of that, the new voice sound horrible compared to Vic) Let's not forget that there is a Lawsuit led by Vic Mignogna against the ones who destroyed his career for defamation. If I were in your shoes Riot Games, I would cancel the new voice "update" and leave Lee Sin's iconic voice in the game, but until then. I will no longer buy anything in League of Legends with real currency.
Go ahead, i will buy the share you are not buying.
Nea104 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Phreaktastic,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=kcE6UyGj,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-07-05T00:56:55.942+0000) > > Yep. And the [...] > The logic that Tencent won't tell you is simple. Dice rolls appeal to more casual audiences by making the curve less steep. If 100% of the game relied upon efficiency (and thus making the right decisions), casuals would stand very little chance at winning. Therefor, RNG (and some could argue pseudo-RNG, which favors those on a loss streak across multiple games) is implemented to ensure that even playing at 100% efficiency does not inevitably win every game. That's it, they want broader appeal to allow those without the time/interest to be given a win every now and then in order to keep the interest flowing. Interest = money in the form of cosmetic purchases. I definitely agree with your whole comment, expecially the part I quoted. TFT is a cheap simple game intended for the mobile market, as I've often pointed out, and I'm pretty sure we will see it there soon (if these coders have any competence at all, in the end).
What does coder have to do with balance? Da fuck you on about, ift's the balancing team that is the one choosing to do shit.
Naalith (NA)
: PSA: don't buy Little Legends when TFT releases, this pricing model is scummy even by Riot standards
: I'm talking about a minor champion update similar to Ezreals. It was already planned but then was scrapped because of of...well incompetence.
No wtf you on about, people complained to oblivion thats why it was scrapped, it's because of people like you thats why she didn't have the rework.
Haziv (EUW)
: I want to make a petition : Give Shaco a mini-rework like you did for Wukong!
: ~130 cs nasus = 500 stacks now
Häxel (EUW)
: I mean it is kinda cool that adcs get their {{item:3508}} back, but holding on the current Essense Reaver and fullfilling the promise to implement Spear of shojin into the game by simply renaming it and giving it it's icon feels realllly cheap. Now i would have hoped even mroe you would have just simply added {{item:3161}} and {{item:3005}} at Patch 8.12 instead of withdrawing the changes cause Critchanges shaked up allready to much the players. Cause now Crit gets mostly just reverted with little changes (Ie and Er) and all what Skirmishers, Divers and Juggernauts got out of it over the last year on Items and keystonerunes fromt he new System are the current Essense Reaver and Conqueror. The item without Defensive Stats or abilities is only godo if you snowball allready on champs like {{champion:58}} & {{champion:24}} (with Conqueror it kinda breaks Jax) and Conqueror feels also not balanced: Fighters who do not go PtA have the weaker early Game but just blatantly make Tanks feel useless in the lategame. Like i know some Rioter said that Atmas felt to much competing with Titanic and spear with Steraks, but then they come to the point that Spear was more diffrent then Steraks but atmas would not come. And i felt allready there the opposite as Spear looked far much more like a Hybrid between {{item:3053}} and {{item:3812}} :Reducing strong Burst but also lowering the impact of Burstcombos in extended fights. And we got recently a nice Buff to DD too that remvoed the item a bit out of beeing a nicheitem. But {{item:3005}} and {{item:3748}} ? Maybe Titanic was once designed as a Tankitem that increases the Damage of Health stacking targets, but it completly failed to do so as Tanks and more then half Juggernauts just get Items that make them far more tanky as Titanic and if they want Damage, they also get other Items. Like Titanic is an AA-reset - Onhit Item for {{champion:39}} & {{champion:98}} and gets sometimes used as waveclear whenever Ravenous Hydra just feels worse on Tiamat Champions (current meta seems to favor far more Ravenous but whenever you see Shaco building Titanic, you could feel both Hydras get not used correctly when a full Ad Assassin favors Health scaling item instead fo the High Ad item). And even on Titanic Metas (like whenever the Basestats are just better or Grivious Wound Items get meta favored so Ravenous feels worse) you just rush Tiamat and finish Titanic as one of the last Items most of the times as it is just not worth to upgrade. A champion like {{champion:75}} sure could use another Damageitem and Autoresets may seem cool, but it is just far more effective to build after the 20% CDR Sheenitem just full tank. And do you see Titanic on these Champions?: {{champion:266}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:6}} (Urgot can't get neither Tiamatitems nor Steraks and if by no crazyness he starts now getting the enw Phantomdancer , he will remain with the samelimited itemchoices). You have here either wacky Lethalaty/ad builds that seem only to work good on Aatrox at high elo, Phageitem into Fulltank builds or just Fulltankbuilds. Or do you see Titanic on these Vanguards {{champion:150}} (limited too) {{champion:54}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:78}} (yea her w/extended R let Riot call her a Warden even if she mostly just charges in with e anduses short r ) ? Their idea of going Damage is Sunfire/Cinderhulk, Thornmail and either Iceborn or Abyssal - these add good Damage at the Laning Phase and can make Tanks even feel to strong sometimes (nice sunfirebuff lul) but Lategame you add nearly nothing on damage and just are a meatshield that Adcs and lightier Bruisers can easily blow away (ofcourse critchanges can change the metapriorities again). And {{item:3005}} would be a great addition that theoretically any of these could use as a coreitem or a situational item. Thats why i wished it would have been added with Spear 8.12. so that even now with the Critchanges atmas would have stayed as a more stable item as the last new Items (current Essense Reaver, Stormrazor, Spear) and Spear for beeing to close to be the same with DD and Steraks could easily be removed for the sake of gettign old ER back while holding on the current one. I hope people at Riot rethink again their desicion they have made about Atmas and/or start also thinking again what will happen with the Balance of Bruisers/Tanks when the Critchanges land, as a PtA Lategamebuff and/or a Conqueror rework and/or a new Fighterkeystone for the sake of every Toplaner and Junglefighters may be appropriated.
dude volibear use titanic. the vanguard doesn't needed it because they have a thing called sunfire cape to wave clear...
: > [{quoted}](name=Bondy,realm=EUNE,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=HUr1rqAo,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-10-19T15:21:18.361+0000) > > The real problem is the gameplay design. Not the balance. It's not like they buff a certain champ when a new skin come out {{summoner:13}}
they literraly nerfed everlyn, kaisa and akali when their skin come out..... wtf you on about?
: Shields don't feel too overbearing imo, I just randomly remembered both of the things I mentioned above somewhat recently and was curious about what happened to them. Thanks for the response!
Irelia is pretty anti shield tbh
: Until season 9 comes, i ain't playing. But i doubt that season will be anything better. Fuck this game.
: Patch 8.19, the patch no one asked for.
You are fucking retarded brah
: even from a balance for worlds standpoint, alot of this is rather questionable... Kaisa remains the most dominant adc, closely floowed by varus and ez and other than eventually adding kog to the meta, nothing will change here for pro Darius getting buffed is fine, but why on his W damage and passive pen? there would be far better ways to buff him that wouldn't be as opressive for lower elos. Kassadin will be a champ to watch at worlds, expect him to be rather contested. Akali remains a power pick Thalia remains absurdly strong Alistar and braum remain the most dominant supports, with thresh rakhan and pike for certain players There are many oicks that dominate in pro and hardly got tuched at all and some of the buffs for sleeper might go over the top...
Dude the LPL and LCK havn't been using Kaisa all that much. Darius will never be seen in a team oriented meta because he is garbage. Kassadin is fun to watch unlike shit like Azir. Akali havn't been contested in pro only in solo. Who the hell is Thalia? That's why they are buffing Pyke so it will be fun to watch, unlike Braum vs Tham Kench.
: Please stop saying he's cute, Riot messed up big time for the Kled mains, and we want our Justice.
nobody give a fuck
: @Riot Meddler, You & Reav3s Don't Understand (Karma Argument)
Who give a fuck about shitty ass Karma, please just focus on the good champs.
: 8.19 Fail Notes
Salron (NA)
: You made Singed automatically laugh when casting E and the same for Veigar when casting R
I just realised this emote look alot like one of the maplestory emotes
: If Nothing Changes In Season 9, I'm Leaving For Good
Get the hell outa here, don't come and ruin games for other ppl
: Rito... As long as you keep making Jinx skins, i will continue to throw my money blindly in your direction! {{sticker:sg-jinx}} Oh and does this skin also look like a Overwatch character to u guys too?
> [{quoted}](name=THE475,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=M3WEZX3K,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2018-09-09T14:02:37.115+0000) > > Rito... As long as you keep making Jinx skins, i will continue to throw my money blindly in your direction! {{sticker:sg-jinx}} > > Oh and does this skin also look like a Overwatch character to u guys too? same
Sw4de (OCE)
: Power creep of the supportive roles has to be addressed eventually if this game is ever going to be fun again ["the game is not fun anymore"]( - rekkles ["i think the reason why soloq is so tragic, is bc i dont think you can carry alone anymore, i think you have so much less power as an individual"]( - rekkles ["i think support role is more important than adc role"]( - rekkles ["as opposed to notcurne who literally just point and clicks you down when hes doing well"]( - rekkles "i think adc should be late game oriented, i like the idea that every role should excell at something, like the support should excell early game and then slow down, **but she doesnt really slow down anymore bc she gets too much gold**" - rekkles ["**jungle should be kind of similar, super strong early and then slow down later**"]( - rekkles Here's a jungler with the most gold in the game at 10min in a pro game Rekkles also mentioned hes not sure if its just an adc specific thing, rest fucking assured, i never play adc, this is not an adc specific feeling, this is a laner feeling, the power budget in the game has been spread too thin and has skewed way too far into the supportive roles that the laners who are the ones with the disadvantage and 0 agency in the early game are not sufficiently outscaling the roaming/supportive roles anymore, **gold is being given, not earned** [**"jungle is really important right now, its a really snowbally role and its generally just bullshit, i think its just a bullshit overpowered role"**]( - bwipo [**"better jungler wins has never been more relevant"**]( - bwipo jungle and support are providing more damage than they ever have in the past and its extremely oppressive to squishy carry roles The Jungler on the winning team, and often on both teams is ending up with both the highest gold on their teams and the highest level on their team, this role has the highest impact in the early game and as a drawback to that unmatchable early game impact, **in earlier seasons would get heavily outscaled**, this has not been true ever since season 6 and has sky rocketed the roles impact from consistently 1-2 or 3 to without a doubt the strongest role in the game and its not even close Proof, this is just my past 6 games, i look back further and it is true for every game in my match history, go check your own and see These are games on a low elo smurf(gold) account where in the past up until high plat, junglers would not know how to path efficiently and would fall so far behind a fed laner, this is further proof that the role is not just overpowered but far too forgiving and far too easy to succeed with if thats not good enough for you, here are games at the highest level or korean soloq, taken from fakers' [1]( - [2]( If you can have the map impact of a jungler and still scale like a solo laner, whats the advantage of playing a laner? what advantage do i have as a player who is locked to 1 section of the map for the majority of the game and have to fight much harder against another person for my gold and xp? why do i then still lose 1v1s to a role that has the freedom to affect the map throughout the game? when the game was first released, jungle and support were roles that supported their lanes, in recent seasons laners are tools to help facilitate what the jungle and support want to do, its completely backwards and illogical, laners need to have push so jg and support can invade/gank/roam and get vision as they please, its no longer playing around laners or getting laners ahead anymore, because getting yourself ahead is so much more valuable now that you dont get oustcaled anymore when you're ahead on these roles **Heres how much damage a fed 3/0 jungler did during season 4**, it took 2 full rotations and multiple auto attacks from one of the strongest jungler at the time (lee sin) to be able to 1v1 a laner that face checks into you, nowadays lee can r/q/q e and actually 1 shot you from 100%, nocturn presses R and can literally 100-0 you in 0.2seconds, etc, **by and large junglers are stronger 1v1 than most solo laners for the large majority of the game**, compare that to your games now when even in low elo where junglers dont know how to path efficiently you have junglers who can literally 1 shot you in the blink of an eye like eve nocturne khazix, a tank jungler like sej can 1v5 your team from ahead and still kill your squishy carry, i had a game recently in low elo where i was mercilessly camped mid lane, literally ganked over 10times in a 5min span and never died once, **you would think after such inefficient play that the jungler would fall incredibly far behind right? well you would be wrong**, later in the game the same lee sin 100-0 me with a single combo and went on to finish 5000 gold ahead of any other player on his team - [proof]( it has become so oppressive and nobody is talking about it, i dont get it, how is any role except jungle having fun playing this game? this is by far the biggest problem in the game right now, the reason its hard for squishy carries to feel impactful isnt because other carries are doing too much dmg, its because there are now 5 players on the enemy team that do carry levels of damage, i remember playing when fizz could wq 1 shot you, talon and zed could e-autocrit 1 shot you with IE, gragas could q r 1shot your entire team, carries are not doing more damage now then they did in the past, so why does damage feel so much more oppressive now? its because roles that shouldnt be able to 1 shot you are doing so now when they couldnt in the past, jg and support are contributing to how difficult it is to teamfight on a squishy carry, **how perfect your positioning must be to not get blown up in 1 second from 5 damage dealers**, why is everyone in competitive playing carries that provide both durability and damage? swain, vlad ryze, all the bruisers and tanks, nobody is playing a glass cannon role anymore except adc b/c they are forced to how many seasons was jungle 1 of the most impactful roles in both soloq and competitive?, does anybody even remember season 4? kakao hard carrying KT, spirit and dandy on the samsung teams, pulling out rengar and overall having unbelievable impact over the game, my video above is a 3/0 lee sin during that season 4 worlds, they literally didnt do even **HALF** as much dmg as they do now yet their impact was through the roof, **nobody could say jg was a weak role during s4**, so i dont understand why they have been buffed for so many seasons straight now riot decided that for people to have fun there should be no team roles and everyone should be a carry, because in football we have 11 strikers and no defenders right? just the way team games are meant to be played the game can never be as fun or balanced again as long as jungle and support scaling is not addressed, back when gold was earned and not given, people enjoyed the game a lot more, who would've thought, if this is fixed, carries will feel more impactful when they get ahead as the supportive roles will not be able to shut them down alone, and the supportive roles of jg and support will feel more impactful because the carry they manage to get ahead will actually be able to impact and win the game for their team on the back of their work, this is how it was, this is how it always should have been, it is more fun to watch and it is infinitely more fun to play, people seek out that rush, the adrenaline of being the god of that single game, where they got ahead and carried, thats what brings them back and that is something they dont have anymore, not on any role except jungle. How many pro's and streamers have exclaimed that the game is not fun to play anymore, its been happening for 3 years, what was the fucking catalyst, what happened in season 6? the absolute monstrosity that was the s6 jungle, both the supportive roles were buffed beyond comprehension, and in the years prior, the number of nerfs to carry potential is mind boggling, if you go through the patch notes since pre-season 4, theres xp changes to nerf how far ahead of the map you can get, gold income changes, passive gold income buffs, all of these diluted the power of carries and spread it across the map, **power is being given, not earned**, that is the primary fucking issue for years now, no matter how much better you play then your opponent, there are artificial systems in place that hold you back from getting to the god mode state that gives people the dopamine kick that makes them crave more
Dude nobody got time to read this crap
: Daily Reminder NOT to buy RP
Thanks for notifying me to buy RP.
Arrsenic (EUW)
: Make separate balance for 1-pro play [worlds] 2-flex queue 3-solo queue
: Shouldn't the four be separate? Why is it that Yasuo/Malphite CC are designed to be more satisfying than Anivia/Lissandra, have more powerful CC, AND counter mobility harder when they're supposed to be CC heavy control mages? (ofc ignoring other strengths like range) The exception is suppression and suspension (coincidentally they sound pretty similar), and it shows that it doesn't *have* to be this way, so why should a wind thematic champion be uncounterable by tenacity while an ice themed champion be forced into having a knockup (even when it makes no sense, like with nunu W) so they aren't affected by tenacity I understand the comment addresses this but it just doesn't seem to be reflected in the game, unless there's a CC pass soon(tm) Or is it mostly coincidence and otherwise intended (malzahar & nami are exceptions to the rule), which is completely fine, because it makes sense that harder to access CC like yasuo Q can be more powerful, especially since he doesn't focus on CC very much anyway
Because Malphhite's cc is on his ult and a shitty ass slow, and Yasuo have a very easily dodgeable cc on his q or he have to get really close to use it, compare to Anivia a ranged champ with aoe stun and a wall or Lissandra who have 2 lock downs and a ranged slow with a blink.
: I don't get the Kayn/Rengar/Irelia/Fiora/Kassadin buffs.
Dude wukong just got buffed, tf you on about?
gubigubi (NA)
: I don't think I like those turret changes as a top laner. Stuff like {{champion:126}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:133}} are going to get buffed quite a bit from turrets giving gold just from taking damage. While all melee champions are going to get punished because of the increased tower damage. Also even worse than that I can easily see this turning into just another lane swap meta where the duo bot wants to start against the solo laner just so they can break the shields ASAP and then lane swap to the next lane to do it their as well. Also late game melee top laners are getting triple hit because not only is their going to be more value on the early game but in the late game minions are going to be harder to wave clear against to push up to objectives slowing down their split push as well. Looking forward to seeing what you guys bring in the preseason but these are just my concerns.
thats why gnar is getting nerfed
: I think Players have to come together and be harder on the Balance Team for the greater good.
Aseraan (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Beatrice falls,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hhQy0GYh,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-08-13T20:07:30.247+0000) > > Riot : "we aren't forcing a meta" > > Also Riot : "we want people to kill each others asap because it's boring otherwise" REVERT FKING SCUTLE CRAB
: Why Even Play Anymore?
maybe, just maybe because people are actually having fun, what a surprise in a FUCKING GAME
: => simplistic and efficient guide for riot to improve the game <=
: Since Nexus Blitz is going to be a permanent alternative to Summoner's Rift...
Meep Man (NA)
: Correction: "Mobile Bruisers" Completely immobile Bruisers are only decent right now at most. Edit: Hey deny all you want, but are you guys gonna sit there and say {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:83}} are OP right now? No, I think the group of characters you are talking about is closer to: {{champion:164}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:157}}
udyr is op what are you talking about, they nerged shyvana because she is op, and most of the other ones are juggernaut.
RH Venom (NA)
: Uninstalling this game for the first time in 5 years (no joke) Peak rank: (Diamond 2 100 LP)
echorev (NA)
: "None" needs to be removed as an option for ban-phase, there is too much stuff that's toxic+broken
koshkyra (NA)
: When ignite was heavily buffed they said it was because it was being "outshone" by teleport. This wasnt even true, at least for midlane. Now teleport it being even more outshone by ignite and guess what? They're nerfing it heavily! Im fucking positive that riot wants to lose their playerbase at this point. Nobody likes this retarded damage meta.
I do, so deal with it.
: ARURF Is cancerous
No, urf was cancer on cancer, forbid if I can play a champ that isn't op.
Naon (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Raw,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=TRWEEQcm,comment-id=0028,timestamp=2018-06-28T15:51:10.722+0000) > > Vote with your wallet. I bought 185 skins in 2013 and only 2 skins in 2018. > I bought skins so much before. I would buy 3 a month on average. Now I don't even bother anymore because everything just keeps getting more and more expensive but the quality isn't that much more impressive. When you include them putting Icons behind a paywall and justifying it by "but you get a gem hur dur", IDC, I have 25 of those already. Why do I want to pay for another one? I only want the icons, wth are they not available in a separate mini icon package like older events? Ever since Riot sold out to Tensent the game has done nothing but go downhill. Balance is a joke and the events are just as laughable.
> [{quoted}](name=Can NOT Support,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=TRWEEQcm,comment-id=00280000,timestamp=2018-06-28T17:30:36.362+0000) > > I bought skins so much before. I would buy 3 a month on average. Now I don&#x27;t even bother anymore because everything just keeps getting more and more expensive but the quality isn&#x27;t that much more impressive. > > When you include them putting Icons behind a paywall and justifying it by &quot;but you get a gem hur dur&quot;, IDC, I have 25 of those already. Why do I want to pay for another one? I only want the icons, wth are they not available in a separate mini icon package like older events? Ever since Riot sold out to Tensent the game has done nothing but go downhill. Balance is a joke and the events are just as laughable. 'Riot Games was majority-acquired by Tencent in February 2011 and subsequently became part of their Tencent Games division' are you fucking kidding me
: Greed kills games. Remember that.
> [{quoted}](name= CURSEÐ REVENANT,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=TRWEEQcm,comment-id=002a,timestamp=2018-06-28T16:02:37.559+0000) > > Greed kills games. Remember that. greed created the game wtf you on about.
: Riot's (Bad) Philosophy is Damage = Fun
I think it's totally fine, if people find it fun then why the hell not, I think it's super good.
: Can Order vs Chaos stop being Totalitarism vs The Cool Guys?
Anarchist the cool guy, what are you a 12 year old cringe boy?
Yenn (NA)
: This season has completely neutered skill expression, can we get a new balance team?
Yenn (NA)
: This emote bubble thing adds literally zero value to the game
: Aatrox just isn't the same
: 100% Honestly if this game doesn't revert to more like it was before, then this is definitely going to be my last season. State of this game is total garbage and I've only been able to enjoy this game this season as something to do while drinking and listening to music.
: When the fuck are you gonna get a clue and reduce damage? Maybe the game wouldnt snowball as much when all it takes is a single item for many champions to 100-0 you instantly.
because people are fucking whining every single day for the past year and half for snowballing now they are fucking contradicting themselves and wanted less snowball.
Eyesack (NA)
: Give me one good reason why Graves should be allowed to remain in his current state.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Removing Runes: Yay or Nay?
: I honestly think League is broken beyond repair
Dude I love the game and I hope they have more changes to it
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