: Late game AFKs are just as much of a douche like those early AFK
Feels good man i've had 5 low priority Queues now because my computer has crashed, 2 games i've joined back under 4 minutes and the other 3 roughly 7-8 minutes. But %%%%s that always leave that i report never get any Afk bans.
: Can someone from Riot please explain something to me?
If these people didn't like him spamming chat they could just just muted chat so i deem this rather fuckin stupid.
Arammus (EUW)
: simple things could improve the behavior soooooo much.
Or maybe use the mute function so you don't see their text? Nah but by all means perma ban people that say things you don't like? :Edit: you're a F***in sook here comes my perma.
: http://www.quickmeme.com/img/38/38f5c05211ec177cab73ccd415fbd4c5c0490de03260c758d58c6a3f9277e43e.jpg
RayRexi (EUNE)
: Blitzcrank grab counter
: you must be one of those cave-dwellers
it just doesnt look like him
: Riot Please, One favor.
Yeah you play shaco, uninstall ...
: I Found Knock-off Ziggs Pop Rocks
i dont see the resemblance Are you blind?
Fafhrd (NA)
: Can we get an Honor animation?! 4 ways to insult an opponent but none to congratulate them.
Apparently dancing is an insult? Wouldn't like to be near you on a bad day.


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