: There are counters though. . . . Items, {{item:3102}} {{item:3026}} Champion abilities, {{champion:266}} Passive. {{champion:103}} Charm. {{champion:34}} Passive, Stun. {{champion:1}} Stun. {{champion:22}} Stun. {{champion:136}} Stun. {{champion:432}} Ult, Stun. {{champion:53}} Silence, Knockup. {{champion:201}} Stun. {{champion:69}} Ult. {{champion:31}} Silence, Knockup. {{champion:9}} Silence, Fear. {{champion:114}} Parry. {{champion:105}} Troll Pole. {{champion:3}} Ult. {{champion:39}} Stun. {{champion:10}} Ult. {{champion:203}} Ult. {{champion:7}} Clone. {{champion:89}} Stun, Another Stun. {{champion:127}} Ult. {{champion:54}} Knockup. {{champion:90}} Ult. {{champion:11}} Alpha Strike. {{champion:25}} Spell Shield. (May be wrong about this one. {{champion:80}} Stun. {{champion:78}} Stun, Knockup. {{champion:33}} Taunt. {{champion:92}} Stun. {{champion:35}} Fear. {{champion:15}} Spell Shield. {{champion:72}} Ult. {{champion:16}} Silence. {{champion:223}} Eat. {{champion:44}} Stun. {{champion:67}} Impale. {{champion:8}} Pool. {{champion:19}} Ult. {{champion:154}} Passive. {{champion:238}} Ult. {{champion:26}} Ult. Everything listed has something that blocks the damage or prevents him from doing anything completely.
i like how you put cho gath in there... nice
: Yeah but he has 0 mobility, melee, sorta high mana cost, generally high cd, squishy early and stack loss on death. EDIT: And just from the top of my head, Diana's E is a knockup (sorta) that also gives slow, same with Fizz and Braum's ulti.
mate, who cares about mobility, hes has a knock up with a slow and a silence with a slow, he has mana AND health sustain, he has an ult that does ridiculous true damage, this also makes him SUPER TANKY and hes a tank just care and your stacks are fine, the cooldown isnt bad at all and he can jsut build cdr... i agree... unbalanced...


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