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My post has brought up 3 'concerns' which are being consistently mentioned by the comments. I'll summarise them here, but before that, let me state a couple of things which I didn't think I needed to, well, state. **Firstly: nothing in the OP is fabricated.** **Nothing in the OP is exaggerated, to the best of my knowledge, or to a meaningful extent toward the points I was trying to make.** **Nothing has been purposely omitted from the OP.** **I'm here to state my concerns, but also my case. I have nothing to hide, and will provide any further details on request.** **Secondly: as was stated in the OP, I have long since quit the game. _I'm not trying to ever play again._** Obviously, I'm here to point out the facts and reintroduce an issue that has long since been the elephant in the room. At the same time, however, **my account was a trophy on the wall. I may not ever have touched it, or moved it, but it was there to see, and it was something I would be proud to see. Now, it's simply a stained piece of metal that I'm ashamed to own - and the stain was not even of my own doing.** One of the biggest concerns I have, separate from the issue of account security offered by LoL, is how certain Riot Broken Blade stated that "exploits were used with no signs of ever being compromised." Actually, in saying that, it is honestly related to the issue of account security. Why? Because I did **_NOT_** use any exploits, or cheat in any way in the course of my account lifetime. **I openly challenge any rioter to prove me wrong; to show the evidence that allowed Broken Blade to essentially say that I was lying when I claimed to have my account breached.** >...it does seem there were exploits being used by this account with no signs of ever being compromised. With me being 100% sure that I did not cheat given that I haven't played a single game since the 10/8/2015 (that's the 10th of August, 2015), clearly Riot's detection on account access is heavily flawed. Either that or something shady is going on, but that's really just silly given my inactivity. I cannot prove that my account was breached with certainty. Less so, I cannot begin to even give a backed argument for myself because I do not have any data showing logs of access, IP comparisons, etc. These are all kept internally, and as shown by my chat with Broken Blade, they are not willing to give this out. Frankly, all I have are the witness testimonies of every single person who might be on my FL, and the hunch that I have never been near wherever the IP of access was at time of breach. _________ All that being said, here are the two main points. 1. **Riot is justified in not lifting the permanent ban, because at the end of the day, their rules are logical - your account is your responsibility. What happens on your account is your concern.** I agree with this stance, on the assumption that account security is genuinely under control. Obviously, if everyone had complete control at all times over their accounts, there is nobody else but you to take responsibility for actions stemming from your account. Unfortunately, this is most certainly not the case. Which brings me to: 2. **Riot's account security systems are horribly lacking.** There's nothing much else to be said. Given the size of the game, the range of its capability, it is no better than irresponsible for developers to ensure that account security is at the very least kept up to the same pace as the rest of the features of the game. The state of security needs to change, now.
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