Kazaragho (OCE)
: Bilgewater awards act 1 TF
Ohh ok it works now just needed to wait a couple of hours thanks.
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: Okay what if we take out the dress and have him wear pants or something. Shirtless, though. This is Mantheon we're talking about.
: What's wrong with it? Mantheon can bake too ;~;
Nothing is wrong with it but not exactly the same as Leona.
: Only if Pantheon can have a partner skin of basically the exact same thing.
Maybe but no the exact same thing.
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: although im probably gonna be downvoted too i agree, there no way that leona cannot be balanced in a way to also be able to jungle.
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darkdill (NA)
: So... any Leona skins coming down the pipe?
I know how you feel i am trying to get riot Leona to work see.
: i agree buff her ap ratios want my ap leona back
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