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thefance (NA)
: I've done some EHP (Effective Hitpoints) calculations using Ashe. I've ignored other sources of stats, such as items. N.B. Some players are analyzing the runes in terms of Gold Efficiency. Such a method is less useful than analyzing EHP because items don't usually scale with levels and therefore their effectiveness fluctuates depending on the stage of the match. E.g. Conqueror often makes HP items more attractive than armor items until about level 13. Gold Efficiency calculations can't account for interactions like this. At level 1, Ashe will receive -- (18.9) physical EHP and (19.5) magic EHP from 15 additional HP. -- (27.0) physical EHP and (0) magic EHP from 5 additional armor. -- (0) physical EHP and (32.3) magic EHP from 6 additional MR. At level 18, Ashe will receive -- (165.4) physical EHP and (124.7) magic EHP from 90 additional HP. -- (99.2) physical EHP and (0) magic EHP from 5 additional armor. -- (0) physical EHP and (119.0) magic EHP from 6 additional MR. Observations: -- In the lategame, the HP Rune is strictly better than the Armor Rune or MR Rune. LDR and Voidstaff will magnify this difference. -- In the earlygame, the Armor Rune and MR Rune are stronger than the HP Rune. But this assumes that you're laning against a single type of damage. -- The HP Rune outscales the Armor Rune in terms of Physical EHP at lvl 5. -- The HP Rune outscales the MR Rune in terms of Magic EHP at lvl 14. -- The HP Rune isn't as bad as Gold Efficiency might lead us to believe. Miscellaneous thoughts: -- The reason armor is lower than magic resist is probably because armor is more versatile since it reduces damage from the environment. E.g. Jungle camps, minion waves, and towers. -- Sources of HP Regen such as potions will magnify the strength of Armor and MR in the early game. -- In the lategame, items become more important. Which means runes are comparatively less important. -- Lategame is a stage which isn't always reached. Conclusion: 1) Junglers need Armor. 2) Counter your lane opponent with resistances if you can. 3) HP rune if you can't.
you make a compelling case. i might actually pick the hp rune once in a while now
Vucina124 (EUNE)
: I got an S- and didn't get a chest. Help !
im having the same problem but its for a different reason to urs, never had an s-/s/s+ game on xin zhou {{champion:5}} , in fact it was my second game on him and i kinda threw game one. s+ and didnt get anything. i played him in the jungle and the only thing i can think of that might influence it is that i got and s+ the game before on nocturne jungle{{champion:56}} and got a chest. is there an s-/s/s+ chest cooldown?
: How does Future Market work?
so would it be strong on champs with weak early games? i feel like {{champion:38}} would be able to duel much better pre-6 with an item advantage {{item:1058}} over his opponent or would it not be worth it on these champs if it would hinder their late game scaling potential?
LeBeanus (OCE)
: Owned Champions All Shown as Unowned
EDIT: It tells me that I own these champions when I click to unlock them from the collection but continues to show them as unowned everywhere else.
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