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Jorbee (NA)
: How do you take this so lightly, i was banned today with about 1k hours and 300+ dollars in skins, im literally dying rn. By the morning im probably dead by mental stroke, or a heart attack
I feel you I had 2.5k hours and 1000+ dollars in skins
gottrjr (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=LittleSauce2000,realm=OCE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=AAhduEEA,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-16T13:52:11.377+0000) > > Started league of legends 5 years ago, I use to never be toxic but the longer I experienced salt from others it started to rub off where it then escalated. My first ban (14 days) was when I typed "kys" in the chat (literally the only thing I said negative that whole game) and fair enough I was hit with the consequences. After experiencing this I came to realize that OCE's tribunal is actually doing their job ;) so decided to not let others get to me. But the one fateful ranked game after coming off a win with Azir a fellow summoner playing Kayn comes into my lane and dies. I then fairly state "please don't come back to my lane" which led to a not so happy Kayn response and the negative exchanges carried on till my nexus exploded at 32min and 28 secs. > > I am in no way saying what I did was not wrong I just want fellow summoners to know that the second they press enter on that message sprinkled with salt there is no going back and to just mute the Kayns of the world. > > I've lost the only account I have that was first created in season 2 and since then scrapped up a $1000+ inventory with over 2.5k hours. > > I'm going to take this Ban and learn from it. I will not attempt to appeal the ban till I feel I have become reformed which can take anywhere from 3 months to 2 years +. > > Thanks guys, > LittleSauce Bans, and Riot for that matter, are fucking stupid. I pay thousands of dollars and have my account banned because people want to talk shit. One day litigation will catch up with virtual purchasing so that companies can't take items you paid for. The best course of action is get a smurf and don't pay for a fucking thing which is what I am doing. Keep releasing those skins, I ain't paying for shit.
I know what I did was wrong but this guy legit provoked me and was incredibly more toxic. Still no reason for only my slightly salty comments. Panhil was his name.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: It's not even Rito Gems anymore. They sold out to Tencent Holding, a Chinese company. A company famous for milking the hell out of something before letting it slowly die. Must be why RP sales disappeared, 1500 IP/BE icons went away, nothing really reasonable to get with BE, and the Early sales is just a joke to rake in more money. _When Millions and Millions of players obviously don't bother to wait 6 months to save ~2 EUR on a skin, that obviously yields a lot of money for corporate greed._ That's the sales bit. Then there's LCS, aka £€$, which is the one true thing that this game is balanced around. It was rather boring to watch, so to spice up the entertainment value, they made the game more fast-paced. Neglecting the fact that they pretty much ruined it in the process.
They banned me because they know i'm going to be spending the same amount to get it all back haha.
Xcion (NA)
: i went 3 years without getting a ban. I called someone a " fa**ot" and got a 14-day ban. So i had to change... I just type out an acronym that only i know what it means and they don't. You cant get banned for "sfbihdb"
But then they cant feel the punch haha.
: i just type out a really long and toxic post in chat while in deathscreen , read it and delete it - this is my medicine and ive dodged bans thus far profesionally. i feel like hitting the enter button 100% of the time correcting peoples bullshit when its their fault , when its my fault i hit the enter button when its not i re-read it and think to myself (this isnt really helping me and my bad KDA doesnt make it any more impactful even if i had a good one). then when i get uncontrollably angry (usually mute all after 1 death or one tilting comment from enemy or team) then unmute 10-15mins later.
This is so relatable why are you doing this.
: Good for you. Glad to hear of another player trying to reform from toxic behavior. It's hard. I still have trouble with it, mainly due to people learning the system and being able to tilt you without triggering the automated system and getting punished. Just focus on winning. :)
Thanks man, It's so easy just to flame someone when they're in the wrong or the cause of something so I find it hard to withdraw from typing. I've decided to make a new account and only play to have fun Im talking kindred mid (pretty all g actually) lulu ADC etc. When it comes to ranked I'm very competitive (hate losing haha) so is a really easy place for me to get triggered. Just need to watch more Imaqtpie he's chill as (think I watched a little too much tyler1 haha).
: You cant appeal that ban. You JUST recovered from a 14 day ban for being toxic and what do yo do? continue to be toxic. Stop trying to act like some saint
Yeah, its hard to just break away from flaming like that (over time it just came back) and I'm far from a saint. I did state that what I did was wrong and there is no reason for it but wasn't aware you couldn't appeal a ban like that. Thanks.
: >I will not attempt to appeal the ban till I feel I have become reformed which can take anywhere from 3 months to 2 years +. permabans dont get lifted unless riot made a mistake. if you were toxic and got the ban for it, it's gone. appeals are a waste of time
Sorry wasn't aware :'( -$1000
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