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: Yeah, this isn't actually true. Granted I usually need the free win from failing promos once to advance, but once I have that it tends to work out fairly well. Even better is when you get demoted and have to go through promos again. You're all but guaranteed to get through it seems.
> [{quoted}](name=BlackKnightJack,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TxrGbZkU,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-28T03:07:20.754+0000) > > Yeah, this isn't actually true. Granted I usually need the free win from failing promos once to advance, but once I have that it tends to work out fairly well. Even better is when you get demoted and have to go through promos again. You're all but guaranteed to get through it seems. That's part of the problem. You're one of 9 players. The other team would feel like crap because you're supposed to win this series. When I say Riot stacks the odds against the player, I don't mean just the player in promos, but just in general. Promo games are just more frustrating, more stacked, and more unpleasant than normal games. And not just by a bit.
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: So rather than fix any problems, Riot instead decided to split eternals into two separate purchases
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: Yuumi Is Not Weak, This Is What Yuumi Newbies Are Doing Wrong
been playin yuumi in lower elo. Is fun! Shes actually pretty good once you get the hang of it. Her Q hurts quite a bit once u get a few levels onto it, and at times difficult to dodge if you learn to hide your projectile in walls and bushes. In lane, if ur adc learns to walk up a bit when u Q, its very hard to get away from it because u just keep chasin, until it hits. The heal isn't the biggest, but using both stacks at the same time is a pretty hefty heal, and the movement speed can often get your adc out of a skillshot if u time it right. detaching to tank skillshots, confuse enemies, or simply to add some extra damage takes some getting used to, but could really help in a pinch. No matter how low u get as yuumi, as long as u stay alive, you will always be in the fight. This is important, use your health pool as a resource, learn to take hits, and attaching back onto ur adc once u are low. Early game the stats on ur W are tiny, u can ignore it. But later on, it can make quite a difference, especially if u built ap. The ult is especially good when ur on a bruiser, or someone mobile. Yuumi is still new so ppl often dont expect her to jump from the adc to the frontline garen and ulting, this has netted quite a few kills. Yuumi is very good in smaller skirmishes and chases. Her slow on the Q is really big if u put a few levels in, and coupled with the speed on the heal, u can really help someone chase. just remember not to use her q in a straight line, make sure u get the 1 second wind up, more dmg, more slow. ppl often forget they are fighting two ppl, and in a chaotic teamfight, u can oftne land ur Q onto an unsuspecting target like an adc or a mage, and if ur team is smart they can switch targets and turn the fight around. Unlike other enchanters and big healers, yuumi can usually stay in the fight until the very end. She doesnt bring the most power or presence, but her dmg, slow, heals and cc adds up in a long fight, and is often unnoticed by the enemy. While soraka brings big heals, she is often targeted, and very vulnerable against assassins and face dives. But yuumi will ALWAYS be able to get her heals off. u cant stop yuumi from doing what she wants to do, u literally have to kill the entire team before u get to yuumi. this flyin cat is fun, well balanced and very satisfyin to play, and she really encourages team based thinkin. what a great champ.
Xonra (NA)
: "Ranked is about skill and not at all a coinflip"
60% to 75% of games are coin flip, or very close to being coin flip.
: Game is now more than ever about picking broken champs.
Damage is 100% too high!!! I get that some champs must one shot, like a veigar or something, and adcs should be able to pull off big dmgs. But the overall amount of damage is way too high for anyone to handle, to the point where its all about how much dmg u can deal and very little about the unique mechanics and utilities of ur champ. tbh things would be much better if they just nerfed all dmg by 10%.
Keyru (NA)
: It sounds like you had some rough games there. Looking at the match too, you did super well to help carry your team to victory and definitely deserved the win. Many players have already said this in comments but what I do want to mention here is that many players use third-party sites to psych themselves out before a game even begins. Visual rankings are *NOT* 1 to 1 to MMR, which is what matchmaking looks at when creating a team. The system is never actually against you. It works to try to match you with and against players so that you have as close as a 50/50 chance of winning every game, including promos. Looking at the stats for the game (might be a little off since some have played games since then), the match was fair and even on both sides. The system actually matched that game with your team having a higher % to win. I want to share this because matchmaking is always a frequent inquiry we get in support where players feel it is unfair but the system works as it is intended to.
> [{quoted}](name=Keyru,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bcQt4yeV,comment-id=0012,timestamp=2019-03-26T18:03:06.887+0000) > > It sounds like you had some rough games there. Looking at the match too, you did super well to help carry your team to victory and definitely deserved the win. > > Many players have already said this in comments but what I do want to mention here is that many players use third-party sites to psych themselves out before a game even begins. Visual rankings are *NOT* 1 to 1 to MMR, which is what matchmaking looks at when creating a team. The system is never actually against you. It works to try to match you with and against players so that you have as close as a 50/50 chance of winning every game, including promos. > > Looking at the stats for the game (might be a little off since some have played games since then), the match was fair and even on both sides. The system actually matched that game with your team having a higher % to win. > > I want to share this because matchmaking is always a frequent inquiry we get in support where players feel it is unfair but the system works as it is intended to. Perhaps you need to do a little data gathering on your end. Pull a player's game history. Look at all of his games, separate the normal games from the promos. Get a human to look at the teams and players on both sides, look at things like winrates, win streaking loss streaking, previous season rank, whether they are currently spamming a champion they know or playing a new champ in ranked, look at whether they are duo or not, etc. If you do all of that, you will find that normal games and Promo games DO NOT have the same players. Odds are stacked against the player in promos almost 80% of the times. Yeah maybe one out of the three promo games you get a fair one, but as players have experienced over the years, the promo system is always stacked against you. This isn't tilt speaking, this is basic research and data analysis. I'm not sure if you can talk to the team behind matchmaking, but it is kind of obvious that the system works against you. They have designed it that way. Please do not tell us it is working as it is. It's insulting.
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Naneroh (NA)
: Zed is one of the most op champions in the game.
Zests does too much damage to tanky fighters, who are generally immobile. He should be able to one shot squishes but I’m not sure about killing a Darius in one combo 30 min into a game.
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: Can we seriously just get rid of promos?
Promos are currently really anti-fun to play in. I'm not against the idea of kind of having 2 games that's more important than the rest, as kind of a test of your abilities, to get you into the next rank. However, it just seems that Promos are fixed matches. They are not the same as the rest of the games, in the sense that the system is intentionally making the matchs more difficult by giving you worse team mates, forcing you to perform very well if you want to win. I understand that on a conceptual level, however since the system is automatic and your team mates are not selected by a real human being, the disparity between your team and the enemy team is often so drastic that the odds of you winning the promos are extremely slim. I feel like this is more relevant for low elo players. In a number of promos from S3 to S2, as a jungler (the role with most imfluence imo), I could have done very well in all my games, with a KDA averaging 6-7, and a kill participation over 70% every game. We could be very behind early game, but I would manage to somehow gain us an advantage in mid game fights by smart ganks, good vision, and in general staying ahead. But in promos, and this has happened a few times in a row, I get team mates that are impossible to work with. They would be 0/6 by 10 minutes, cannot last hit, keeps on trying to fight people who's 5 kills ahead, has zero map awareness, cannot play objectives, and has the reaction time of a sloth with downs. A bit reason why I think this happens is that in low elos, we get a lot of 1 trick players (not good ones) and players who only has an average knowledge of their champion/ role, but not the game as a whole. If they fall behind early game even a little bit, they go on a feeding spree and hardcore carry the enemy team. I've had many games over the past month or so where I could go 10/2/2 as Eve jungle, but my team would have 12 kills in total, 0 towers and dragons, with a full enemy team at our inhib by 20 minutes. WIth a team like that, even a Diamond player would have a hard time carrying the game and winning, let alone a player who is in silver. I may say I'm above average, somewhere in low gold, which is where I think I belong, but that isn't enough to win a game that is more or less lost in the first minute. While I understand its inevitable to get games like this, the promo system makes it so much worse since these games happen so much more frequently in promos. I've never had to work my ass off in promos, since its either my team feeding 20 kills in 10 minutes and then spend the rest of game flaming, or we stomp so hard that I have a 23/0/1 game with 150 cs by 20 minutes. The latter being 20% of the case. Promos are 70% luck, 30% player skill.
: to all the people saying the swain rework is trash
Swain just has a lot of trouble earlier in the game for me, when he's still a bit squishy even with his ult. He is quite weak to big bursty damage, as he doesn't have the Vladimir pool, but at the same time need to be close to the enemy to be effective. But in lane, he's actually quite easy to play as, since he always puts out a lot of pressure since the enemy is never quite safe from your E. You also have a W to peel, and if the enemy wants to all in, Swain's close range Q can dish out insane damage that can win fights. When he gets his 3rd or 4th item and he's not behind, that's when he becomes nuts. Enemies can't kill him, he's got insane damage, can make picks and has a team wide mass damage burst. And the thing is, he's actually not that hard to do well with in lane, since his passive gives him easy ganks. If your jungler has some form of hard CC, its almost a guaranteed kill. When I played with a friend of mine who did Rammus jungle, and it was quite easy if he comes ganking. Whenever he shows up, its either a flash or a kill, since I use my passive pull/ E combo to have an extended CC chain and walk right up for that 5 bolt Q and the W slow. It's a bit like ganking a lvl 6 Cho'gath, where if you land a hard CC the enemy laner is almost 100% dead.
: Pro League players claim that elo hell doesn't exist...
I see Elo Hell as the ranks where you believe you have surpassed, but are still stuck in because of how bad everyone else is and how they are making it impossible to climb.
: What people don't get about tanks in League...or gaming in general
There are many different tanks! Some tanks do lots of damage because of their kit while some do very little. For example, if you are a Tristana going against a Rammus, chances are you are going to kill yourself. But another tank like Sion probably won't be able to kill an ADC by himself, because of how long his CDs are and how little damage he does if he builds full tank (Its another story if he hits his max range ult). Many tanks will be able to kill the ADCs given enough time, but mostly they are there to enable their teammates to have access to the enemy squishies, while contributing some damage (usually non-lethal) on their own. Besides, there is always incentive to kill Tanks anyway. If you are against someone like Malphite, you should really consider taking him out, because otherwise you will have next to none attack speed. If the enemy has a Chogath, you should also consider taking him out because of how many stuns and silences he can throw your way. If you are up against a Mundo, you should probably deal with him somehow or otherwise he will be dealing very high consistant teamwide damage while slowing you down. Tanks keep the enemy squishies away from their own. The team whos frontline survives longer tend to have an edge in teamfights. The game is set up so that its very difficult to completely bypass all the frontliners and go straight for the backline. So technically, tanks should be able to do damage, depending on how they are built and what style of 'tank' they have, but they are not generally the ones who can easily take out squishies quickly.
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Jikker (NA)
: I don't know too much of her kit, but to me the idea that a champion can just "pick up" an extra flash to follow an enemy that just flashed is kinda broken and pretty sure that wasn't the balance team that made that decision since that's just part of her kit design. Yes, the numbers are off, but that doesn't mean parts of the kit in and of itself aren't pretty crazy. Riot seems to have this problem in general lately of making a kit be problematic to balance innately so either they break the knees of the champion so it does no damage or allow it to remain in a broken state. Just my observations
> [{quoted}](name=Jikker,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ANvnijpJ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-01-31T18:21:11.656+0000) > > I don't know too much of her kit, but to me the idea that a champion can just "pick up" an extra flash to follow an enemy that just flashed is kinda broken and pretty sure that wasn't the balance team that made that decision since that's just part of her kit design. Yes, the numbers are off, but that doesn't mean parts of the kit in and of itself aren't pretty crazy. Riot seems to have this problem in general lately of making a kit be problematic to balance innately so either they break the knees of the champion so it does no damage or allow it to remain in a broken state. > > Just my observations I actually don't see the summoner spell part of her the problem. If we increase the potential range of the summoner spell drop (so the pickup orb might float a bit further away when someone uses it), then Zoe's ability to use more summoner spells would be a bit more conditional, but I think its a cool gameplay feature. But the E across the fog is the part that is the most problematic. If I had to pick, I'd rather have Zoe's closer range playstyle amped to 11, and have her use flash like 3 times in a row with ghost and ignite on the side rather than what we have right now, with the insane E-Q combo killing everyone in oneshot when they can't even see it coming. Even the feeling that you CAN in fact outplay is better than having your character frozen, waiting for that 1500 damage Q, thinking 'how on earth could I dodge something that I didn't even know was being fired'. She's not even that strong, she's just painful.
: Some harsh words to riot regarding the honor system
I don't know why you have a problem with this. If you get free skins from the chests and keys then great! If you don't no bigge. The chances of you actually getting the skin that you want from the system is minimal, and that is not the purpose of this system anyway. I've never felt 'obligated' to buy keys or chests just because I have more of either, because they are probably gonna be something I don't want anyway. If there is a skin I really want, I'll go buy it. The current system of chests and keys gives people the chance to have more skins on more champions, while not necessarily the best ones or the ones they want, it definitely saw to the increase in variety in games of skins. Nowadays we are see a lot of champions with skins in game, which I think is great! We already have a system that rewards players with chests and keys independent of the honor system. You get an S or your teammate gets an S you get a chest, and you have a chance of receiving key fragments every few days. The honor system is more the cherry ontop more than anything else. The honor system isn't all about the rewards. It feels good to have those, but its not core. If you consistently act honorably in games, you will definitely see your honor levels go up a lot faster than someone who's toxic all the time. The rewards aren't much but they are still there. The system isn't made to make money by Riot, because there are far better ways to net them more cash. Besides, you're not supposed to play for the honor system. It just nice to get something every now and then and feel like that your behaviour is noted and rewarded, even just a little.
y0r1ck (NA)
: What's your top 5 animes/mangas?
1. Stein's Gate 2. Eureka Seven 3. Gurren Lagann 4. Gintama 5. Kotetsujou no Kabaneri 6. Fate Unlimited Blade (Budget) Works/ Fate Zero Just to name a few off the top of my head. These four are all very good although you need to be a little more patient with Gintama since there are so many episodes. I'm someone who watches pretty much ALL the anime genres, but you seem to enjoy action and adventure, so these would be really good. Even now nothing beats Stein's Gate. It is just such a masterpiece!
: Where the fuck is my S
Maybe have a look at your vision score? I often miss out on an S as a jungler because I don't CS enough or don't have enough wards. Also how much damage you deal to objectives also matters a lot.
Kinkoh (NA)
: What is fun about playing tanks.
Have you played Mundo with 5500 health and Gargoyles? You go in, with like 11000 health, 300 armour and MR, regenerating 1000 hp per second, while burning everyone around you for 150 damage, as well as being 90% immune to CC. Ignore all the damage, just go balls to the walls in the middle of the biggest fight you can find and just keep throwing cleavers like you have no care in the world. Trust me. Its soooooooo much fun.
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Jaspers (EUW)
: Urgot R. People don't seem to get this and I've moaned about it before but he presses R and you die because of a 25%hp threshold. That's it. Screw all the armour and HP you built up to survive and out trade him with the rest of his abilities which are all pretty fair, your 25% or less HP? Well you lost because you stayed in the fight, you should have left when you were perfectly healthy. No clutch fights coming out with just 10hp left, not allowed. 25% HP = Dead. I thought this ability was bullcrap before too, then they made is faster and with a larger window.
His ult is kind of like the Smoker in L4D. You can still kill Urgot before he completes the reel in. But of course that's a bit hard.
Orbv (NA)
: I think the same thing for Morgana. At least with Lux you know you're going to die quick. All of Morg's abilities take so long, you know you're going to die, but it takes 3 - 5 seconds longer. It gives you an ounce of hope that you'll live, you can even fight back a bit, but you are definitely dead.
You know when you are in a fight, and your brain slows down time kind of, and abilities seem to last much longer? That feeling when you go all in for the kill and just get rooted in place by Morg for like 200 seconds, while taking slow but lethal damage. I would just scream the entire time.
: Yeah ;_; ...and fizz E, and Eve ult, and Vlad W, and Xayah's get out of jail free card ontop of giving her a ton of feathers (and any others I can't think of). I mean at least make that one un-castable while CC'd x_x
But that feeling when you Eve ult, and that 10% health Ez just happens to pop his E out of range... It sucks! So much!!!!
: Vayne is not a template upon which you should design new ADCs
I feel like Vayne is such a frustration to so many people is because of how many people main the champion and have achieved a high level of mechanical expertise on her. She is an extremely demanding character to play, because her high-risk high-reward playstyle meant that you must always be moving around, kiting, assessing the relative positions of you and your target, dodging skillshots, and constantly hitting those autos. I really enjoy playing Vayne but it is very rare that I get to execute a fight properly and not get shut down. Very few Marksmen put themselves into the dangerous situations that Vayne tends to get into, which is right in the enemy's faces, constantly having to dodge skills and cleanse targeted CCs, rather than being behind tanks and not having to actually protect themselves too much (Kog'maw is the best example of this). But I've also noticed a trend in many Vayne players that they often have great mechanical and outplay skills, but overall game knowledge is lacking, since they are too focused on getting the movements right. I tend to do worse in terms of vision and macro in general when I'm on Vayne compared to say MF, and you needed to get into the 'I'm playing Vayne' mindset rather than 'I'm playing League' mindset. So I understand why you feel like a high-risk high-reward champion is a bad idea. However I will tell you this: These champions are sooooooo fun to play!!!
Vectros (NA)
: I mean, obviously we can't have damage so low that no one can kill each other, that'd be obsurd. I'm fine with ADC's having sustained damage-enough to be the best at killing the tanks. I'm not ok with A) it feels like burst damage to a squishy and B) They tend to reach this insane level rather quickly-and safely to boot. Compared to many melee champs, ADC's have a much safer lane phase. So they're safer+stronger late game=why even bother with using these melee champs? This doesn't always happen-there are some melee's that can stomp ADC's, but as a general rule, the ADC will outpoke and out farm the melee. Hence why some ADC's, such as Vayne and Quinn, are now top lane, because they can. Hell, jungle and mid aren't safe-that's when you know you have a problem. A class can literally go to any lane and feel at home. Can't say that about anyone else. And yes, some non-adc's *can* out damage an adc-but you don't take them due to risk factor. This doesn't apply as much to low levels, but there's a reason that the likes of Master Yi and Yasuo don't see high level play; the instant they are in range to start doing damage, they get wrecked. I agree the game has been out for a while, and I'm not necessarily asking for ADC's to hit like a wet noodle. Rather, they need to take longer to reach that point/not be so safe in the early game. Make it somewhat of a risk to play ADC's, so we can actually see Ziggs or other champs bottom to attempt to shut down the ADC. I wouldn't expect it to work every time-but it should be a viable pick, much how literally every other class can be shut down/countered during laning by another role. Haven't actually played Dota, though from what I've heard, melee ADC's are actually a thing. Wouldn't disagree, but the ADC doesn't need to deal nearly as much damage as it does so quickly. Basically, they need to either deal less damage late, or be more vulnerable and do less damage early. I don't care how they do it. Also, Your'e wrong on them never calling them ADC's, that used to be their official term until maybe 3-4 years ago, when Marksman became the official title. Prior to that, ADC *was* the official term. I'd love to see APC's actually be a thing. It has happened from time to time, like Ryze used to do it. I'd also love to see melee bruisers become late game carries. As is stands, they not only have the most expensive itemization, but often struggle in laning vs other classes. Not always, but it is an issue. To me it'd make sense for them to actually carry late game, at the expense of dangerous early game-and it'd be easier to get focused.
ADCs are hard to play, that's for sure. From my experience playing all the roles, ADC is by far the most difficult mechanically, it requires you to constantly maintain a high APM while keeping in mind all of the other aspects of the game like vision, positioning and target priority. In that sense I feel like they are already a risk. Right now, I do think that the early safety of the ADCs might be a bit much at higher elos, since people understand trading better and can keep themselves safer. In lower elos its not much of an issue I think, since people make mistakes so often and do dumb stuff so even the slightly superior ADC will be able to get a few kills off of the other one (of course matchup matters). I think it would be healthy to nerf fleet footwork a little bit, and give ADCs more incentive to use lethal tempo and Press the Attack, which I think are such cool rune choices, and would be so fun to play with more. I used to love taking lethal tempo on say Vayne or Varus or Kog'maw, and just have a ridiculous attack speed at an early level, and out duel people with that surprise damage. But right now its just not as viable, not because people say it is, but from my own experience as well. In lane especially, if I don't take fleet footwork, my health is just always lower than the enemy laner since I don't get that sustain, and they are generally smart enough to not get into a drawnout fight with me if they see my lethal tempo up.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wrecked Wrecker,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E5yHBsGP,comment-id=000800000000,timestamp=2018-01-30T23:14:13.608+0000) > > Yes, Blitz feels very little more than a hook machine at this stage. But I think in a game like League it is hard to balance the hook to keep the core mechanics while making blitz more about his overall kit rather than the hook. > > I mean the hook is an overbearing feature, it outshines all his other abilities. If we nerf his hook too much he loses his identity, and the hook already has a lot of restrictions as is to balance the power he has, with the long cool down and his mana issues early game. > > It’s hard I think to re balance it, whether you reduce the range and the cool down or tune the damage. > > One thing I might suggest though is maybe adding a slight pause on connecting the hook or maybe slow down the reeling back a tiny bit to give people more of a window to react, either cleanse or mercury out of it. In return we could give the hook AD scaling or just flat out increase the damage. Instead of focusing on his hook alone, spread some of its power across his kit. As of right now, his W is mainly for landing the hook, his E and ult are there to prolong the Cc from the hook. Alone, these skills are very lackluster comparing to the rest of the champion pool. Your suggestion is neat, but doesn't that make it too similar to Thresh's Q? Even if it is cleansable, there are only 3 source of cleanses, with 2 gated by golds, and one being a summoner. And since Blitz are usually play in the botlane, does that mean both laners have to pick up cleanse? The fact that it can be removed doesn't remedy the hit-or-miss nature of Blitz, and dodging the hook is still an issue Just giving it a slightly longer delay would make Blitz's hook a little bit more balance, while enabling rooms to expand his kits.
The delay may help a little in lower elos but it will also mean that Blitz gets absolutely gutted a bit higher up in rank. Lower Elo players like myself know the importance of dodging the hook, but simply haven't done enough dodging and predicting to effectively move away when we see the animation begin. When I watch high level plays, dodging skillshots is almost second-nature, an instaneous response. I've always wanted to be able to do those quick sidesteps to dodge things but I just can't seem to do it in the heat of the moment. The rest of his kit could be expanded a little, but I can't think of how they could be, without infringing on what Blitz is supposed to be. A the end of the day, the signiture spell for Blitz is always going be the hook.
tseihei (NA)
: Lets talk current balance (bot lane and top lane)
I sympathize with the issue that Supports fill the heal-bot role. Lulu is a bit ridiculous right now as she just spam all of her skills and items on an ADC and give another 200% of his HP in the fraction of a second. You're right, it doesn't reward skill. What I suggest as a balance change, now that face of the mountain is removed, is to change the locket, for example, lower the shield and the cooldown, and change it from a team wide barrier to say a 2 man or 3 man barrier to the closest allies, so that the support needs to watch the positioning to make sure that she can shield who she wanted to shield (A bit like the guardian talent, which I quite like.) This way, the item becomes something that can be used multiple times during a fight, and takes a bit more thinking. Another idea could be is to give the items some form of mechanism that a shielding/ healing/ defensive item active will get a say 3 second CD reduction if the support uses an offensive spell, or cast a CC on an enemy. Conversely, we give a cooldown to Offensive/ Crowd Control items when the support uses a defensive ability. This way, supports have a little extra utility outside of what their original role is supposed to be, but not as much as a specialist. For example, Leona will be able to use smaller shields and heals during fights to support her Carries but cannot do it as effectively as Lulu. But Lulu can bring a little more CC and Damage to the fight as she uses her shields and buffs. Depending on how its done, it could also promote Supports to weave spells together with item actives instead of mindlessly spamming all the abilities at once. We could also, alternatively, add a health cost to some of the defensive active items, such as locket, Crucible and Redemption. This way, Supports are making themselves slightly more vulnerable while helping out the team, which first makes them a little bit more of a higher priority target in a teamfight, as it would give incentives for the enemy to take out the support, because leaving them alive would allow them to continously bring more utlity and CC to a fight. This system might bring Supports away from ADCs a little bit, and make them more a team support, since their abilities and items have a higher impact to the whole team instead of one person, because they can change the focus of their support as the battle field changes. Another idea, with items like Knights Vow and Zekes, they could use a little change to make them more interactive. Instead of an item that you chain to your ADC and just leave alone for the rest of the game, make them items with an Active. So you pop the Knights Vow on a team mate as the fight starts and it lasts for a few seconds. Of course mostly its going to be on your ADC, but if you see the enemy trying to engage on your Mage, you could pop knights vow on him to shield away some of the damage. For Zekes, we could give it an Adaptive Damage bonus rather than something that strictly benefits Marksman. WIth the same Active concept, you could use Zekes on your midlane Ahri as she goes in for her burst, giving her some extra damage on her spells and a slow so she would be a bit harder to kite. Then as she retreats to safety, you could then redirect the bonuses to your Twitch who has just come out of the shadows. This requires supports to think more strategically about who it is that needs the support right now, and putting your Knights Vow on the wrong person could mean that the vulnerable aren't receiving your help. I really like Supports like Soraka and Nami, who fills the fantasy of a support really well. They really shine in their roles, with Soraka boasting some of the best clutch healing in the game, but at the cost of her own safety. In a fight, there is a strong incentive to try and take out the soraka, or otherwise she will go on to heal 100000 points over the course of the fight. However, she isn't simply emptying her mana bar, she is making herself weaker and weaker at every turn. This makes her feel powerful but gives her a weakness. Nami on the other hand is a good mix of both offense a defence, CC, and a powerful Ult if used correctly. She feels like a champion that could work really well if she could weave items into her abilities, by having a mechanism that rewards spells interacting with each other or used in a chain rather than all at the same time. A champion like Lulu is not so well designed in my mind, that just straight up denies all kill potential by pressing all of the buttons available. I like the concept of her ult, which is a clutch defense (a heal really) and a knockup that could interrupt Assassins. But the shield and everything on top of that just destroys all potentials of counter play, which meant that it is frustrating to play against. If a Rengar/ Khazix is jumping onto a Kog'maw, Lulu could just spam all the skills and make sure Kog has the time to murder his assassin, with little counter play. But what if Khazix is really good, and manages to dodge the knockup, and then proceeds to burst? What if Zed ults onto Vayne, flashes away to dodge the knockup, and then warps back in for the kill? If the assassin could do that, then they should be rewarded with higher kill potential, rather than having to face a another mountain of shields. Perhaps if we change Lulu's ult so that the ADC gains Max health boost depending on how many enemies are hit by the knock up, it would promote more strategic use of the spell. If the knock up didn't hit anyone, the ADC does not get a boost and is still vulnerable. We could then change the shield to scale to Max health, so that shielding after a successful knockup is more meaningful, and that the ADC has more survivability if ganged upon. We could give Lulu a new mechanic around our beloved little fairy, Pix. Just like Orianna's ball, Pix needs to be on the target first before spells can be used on them. So Lulu cannot instantaneously buff the ADC and Polymorph the enemy, or Ult the ADC and speed herself up at the same time. Of course this would be a bit of a nerf but we could make it up in the strength or CD of her spells. Another way to do it is give Pix a 'energy' system, so that Lulu can only use 2 of her spells instantaneously, so that Lulu needs to choose the best spell for the situation, and make each spell more effective to make up for the wait. That way, Lulu needs to decide, if she needs to lock down the ADC's target with a slow and give your ADC a little extra damage with the passive, or if she needs to save her ADC using the Ult + Shield Combo. All in all, I feel like that the game's supports could use a reimagining of what they are and what they can do, along with support items that can alter their playstyle.
Sanngriðr (EUNE)
: Is there any weakness to Xayah's kit?
Her snares are surprisingly hard to land, at least for me. She takes more positioning skills than many other adcs to play since you need to be able to put the feathers where they can snare effectively.
: "Can't Dodge Zoe's Bubble? It's a skill shot NOOB"... Silver V btw
The problem is unseen bubbles. The mechanic for the bubble to travel a lot more distance if it hits a wall is just so annoying to deal with. To be honest, unless you are a very high elo player with a very fast reaction speed, it is almost impossible to dodge the bubble if you don't know its coming in the first place and just suddenly pops out the wall and hits you. I mean I won't complain if I was laning with Zoe and I get hit by the E. That's me failing to dodge a skillshot. But getting hit under a turret by a bubble that came out of a jungle, and then getting instantly bursted without even seeing Zoe is a bit too frustrating to deal with! The worst thing is the bubble remains on the ground for so long and its such a big puddle. It restricts you too much! People like to compare her to old Nidalee. The truth is though, her long range abilities are even more difficult to deal with than Nidalee's. The damage is probably higher, since she could quite often one shot, which Nid cannot really do. Of course as a champion Zoe is very different but her E-Q combo design is just so damn annoying!
: I'm not usually one to call out stuff like that, but I think this is pretty funny
Zoe is only super dangerous early game to mid game for me anyway. I think it's rather hard for Zoe to kill her lane opponent using only Q and E anyway, since there are so many minions blocking both spells, and casting animation for both skills are pretty obvious if you can see them. She is cancer when you can't see her though. A good Zoe will stay in the shadows and snipe you out of nowhere with an E and then kill you outright. Or she could pop out from her ult and E into your face followed by doom. She isn't strong or overpowered to me, not at this stage, but she is just a pain in ass to deal with. She doesn't need nerfing, but she needs a rebalance to make her kit healthier.
CLG ear (NA)
: Camille's decision to turn her legs into swords really wasn't a well thought out idea
What else would she choose though? Sword arms? First of all that would be even more impractical as now she can't open doors very well, she can't buy groceries since she'll just cut everything, she can't even m******** because you know. Legs on the other hand, is still a stupid as hell idea, don't get me wrong but at least the legs still do what they are supposed to do, mostly. Though she will no longer be able to indulge, or rather, to allow others to indulge, in foot fetish. That would get bloody. But aside from that, if they are wearing dresses most of the time, as I imagine they would be in a Steampunk Victorian age of a city like Piltover, legs are actually surprisingly easy to hide. As for the balance issue. Video Game logic. Fuck physics.
CLG ear (NA)
: Please do not make a champion like Zoe ever again
Not saying that I feel Zoe's ability to one shot people is misplaced. She is a squishy mid burst mage, so she should have that level of damage. The frustrating thing is how the damage so easily comes out of nowhere and does so much with one ability. She has so much cool stuff going on for her, like the Summoner spells and active pick ups, her dashes, teleports and so on. She needs more of that, force her to take more risks for damage. I'd rather see a Zoe come up to me, spam 5 Summoner Spells and hit me repeatly with her passive, while dodging skill shots, and then killing me. Being hit by an E out of nowhere, when you simply weren't expecting one (Since the range is so large as it goes over walls), and then get instagibbed is simply not fun! Let's look at other high skill ceiling champions (which I feel like is what Zoe is designed to be), Zed, Yasuo, Azir. These champions have potential for incredibly high damage and have the tools to navigate incredibly dangerous situations and come out on top. However, in order to do the damage that they do, they need to get up close and personal a lot of the times, obviously for Yasuo and Zed, since they are assassins, and for Azir, he needs to dash in and out and wall people to keep himself alive while pumping out the damage. Zoe has incredible potential to do just that. Right now, she isn't doing any of those things because the most effective way to play her is to somehow land the E-Q combo and just stay the hell away. Why can't we change the E ability from a bullshit sleep to a crippling slow? If you are playing say Ezreal, who is known for being a mobile, safe ADC, why is it that you have a way to dodge the burst combo of most other mages, since you can see them and you can dodge them, but not Zoe? Since her 'Surprise' combo is much harder to deal with than what a Veigar or Ahri could put out. You should not be punished with death or almost lethal damage if you are hit by something you cannot see, and therefore can barely dodge. What I suggest is to orientate Zoe away from being the annoying (not overpowered by the way, since she isn't nearly as strong in a teamfight) Nidalee 2.0 that she is now, more to a AP version of Zed, that can dash around, make big plays and chase people down. So if your E hits an immobile ADC like Jhin, you will be able to do a good chunk of damage to him from long range, but then have the option to pop say ghost and flash to get up close and finish off the job. TL:DR, Significantly lower Q scaling with range. Reduce E puddle duration and size, change from sleep to 90% slow for 3 seconds. Increase Item Active drop rate from minions, allow certain Summoner Spells to drop from minions. Signficantly increase Passive Damage and W passive damage. Alternatively, add another three hit passive (I know I know), so you need to hit E-Q and something else to hit the full damage potential, so E-Q will not hurt nearly as much but she will still murder you if she ults in your face and hit you with another ability. I want Zoe to play like the version they showed in the trailer. Not what shes playing like now.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wrecked Wrecker,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E5yHBsGP,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2018-01-30T02:01:40.175+0000) > > I'd say leave the hook as it. > > In every game, and I mean every game, LoL Dota 2 HoTs Overwatch and a whole of bunch of other games, the hook, is always there. > > The hook is satisfying, it is rewarding, it a total pain to deal with, but the game would never be the same without it. > > And keeping it simple isn't a problem to me. The main different is that in Dota 2, HoTs and Overwatch, the hooking characters have their power spreaded across their kit. Pudge has a super strong slow, a warwick ult, and his hook can be used to save allies. The hook in turn is slower comparing to Blitz. Stiches is also similar to pudge, but he can act as a strong frontline, unlike blitz. He has sustain, and also two powerful ults to choose from. Roadhog has a shotgun that can kill almost any squishy in connjunction with his hook, and since the game doesn't have scaling, he remains relevant throughout. Blitz on the other hand only has his hook. The rest of his kit is only useful when combo together, as individually, they are lacking. Which kinda is the case for a lot of champion, but for blitz, it's either he misses the hook, and becomes useless, or lands it, and wins the fight instantly. Hence why it is so frustrating.
Yes, Blitz feels very little more than a hook machine at this stage. But I think in a game like League it is hard to balance the hook to keep the core mechanics while making blitz more about his overall kit rather than the hook. I mean the hook is an overbearing feature, it outshines all his other abilities. If we nerf his hook too much he loses his identity, and the hook already has a lot of restrictions as is to balance the power he has, with the long cool down and his mana issues early game. It’s hard I think to re balance it, whether you reduce the range and the cool down or tune the damage. One thing I might suggest though is maybe adding a slight pause on connecting the hook or maybe slow down the reeling back a tiny bit to give people more of a window to react, either cleanse or mercury out of it. In return we could give the hook AD scaling or just flat out increase the damage.
: An example of a good person in the League would be Nami. She's going on a dangerous quest to help her people (Benevolence) and is trying to solve things through peace. She probably could've drowned the villagers in her short story, but instead she PUTS OUT THE FIRE that would have killed them, even after they were waving it in her face trying to burn her. Braum, too. He's just an awesome guy. He goes out of his way to protect the innocent and is pretty jovial and lighthearted all-around. Sure, he likes fighting, but he never instigates fights unfairly. He's probably the most morally sound character in League. Ekko, Lux, Taliyah, and Ryze are all pretty good-hearted with noble goals. Honestly, IMO Garen would be LN with tendencies toward good, because despite his anti-magic C R U S A D E S he's a pretty decent fellow. More Benevolence than Universalism, though. Darius is a little shadier because he's trying to take over the world, but he's still not bad guy. I'd say LN too.
I think so long as a character aligns with not a faction but more of a simplistic value, say benevolence or being helpful then they have more potential to be actually ‘good’. Otherwise it could go many different ways.
: 100% agreed! I had so much fun running 65% item CDR on thresh and putting a 1.5k shield on my adc every like 25sec. (face of the mountain, gargoyle, locket, W)
A lot of people are complaining about that on the board. The truth is, if you want a shield you have locket. If you want the speed boost you still have righteous glory. But I suppose if you liked using Frost Queen's... too bad.
: Morality in Runeterra (Theory, Discussion, and an Example)
This is interesting. The alignment of a champion, or any character really, depends on who's perspective you take on. If you are a moral relativist, then each character could appear very differently to you than to other people. There is the generally accepted perception of morality by society, which generally categorizes the characters. In League of Legends, Demacians are depicted more as the heroes while Noxians as villains, but the reality is that according to the law there are plenty of questionable traits about Demacia's ideology, although often overshadowed by their shiny and positive narrative. Noxus follows a darker ideology but is often hard to see why it is that they are wrong. Demacia claims to stand for justice, honor and duty, while also posing traits of hypocracy, absolutism, Zealousness, and a state of perpetual Martial Law. Noxus is much simpler in fact, operating on jungle-rules where strength is all that matters, regardless of your current status, if you display strength, you can move up. They do what they believe is necessary, even if it leads to cruelty and maliciousness. Although there are plenty of inherently evil people in Noxus, the nation in general seems to learn towards Amorality rather than immorality. In that sense, you cannot classify either of the Empires as good or evil. Demacia is more polarised while Noxus is more consistent. If you compare two of the leading champions from these two nations, Garen and Darius, I would consider them to be both Lawful Neutral. They do very similar things, and strive for similar goals, which is the prosperity of their nation. Although nothing is written about it, I'm sure if Garen was a character in a novel, he is the sort of character to make decisions questionable to us, the modern people, but is unaware of it because of his blind faith in Justice and the Demacian way. While Darius would disregard the 'standards' and do whatever it is that is necessary to win the day. An unknowing hypocrite and a ruthless pragmatist, neither are good nor evil. Someone like Draven may drift closer to Lawful Evil, since he derives pleasure from pain, and that's a bit messed up for all standards. As for someone who is considered 'Good' I can't seem to think of a good example........
Vectros (NA)
: ADC's are ADC's (or at least supposed to be) because they can deal consistent damage in a fight to kill the front line. They should *not* be shredding the entire enemy team in 3 seconds flat. Much how assassins and some mages are meant to kill squishies, juggernauts are meant to waddle in the thick of it and deal lots of damage-while taking quite a bit-at the cost of mobility/utility, and tanks are meant to protect/initiate/be a protective wall, ADC's should be a damage threat-but not the sole purpose of the team. Think of it this way. What roles can you think of that have been played since the games iteration in greater than 99% of games? The only answer is ADC's, and this is an issue. No other role gets the privilege of being REQUIRED. Yeah, it's' nice to have a tank or two, and in some metas they thrive-but they aren't always around. There have been times where they were 100% useless and picked rarely, if at all. The same can be said for any other class except ADC's. We had a brief stint a year ago where they were "trash"-except even in this moment of weakness, if you didn't grab Ziggs, people were still opting for ADC's. The combination of safe farming/poke, damage, and often times mobility meant that even if Ziggs could wreck them in lane, it was still worth taking one. They didn't get dropped off or anything-which is exactly what WOULD have happened to any other role in a similar situation. You talk as if ADC's *have* to be a missile. Why can't they be the Sniper, while the tank is the Support (machine gun), Bruisers use assault rifles, etc. and together, they equally take down the enemy, instead of "we MUST use the ADC to win. No ADC on our team=loss" that this game has had for ages? I feel as though your statement there really points out the problem of league-the value of an ADC is too damned high. There is absolutely no reason any one role should overall be considered more valuable than all the others, yet this is exactly what ADC's are.
I think I understand your position a little better now. I cerntainly get why you would feel like ADCs are Required and that no other class in the game are as important. What I'd like to think though, is that the thing that is absolutely required is very high sustained damage that is enough to take out an entire team. Of course ADCs are not the only role associated with the capacity to do it, and mind you I mean associated, because for example a full-build crit Yi or a full-build Azir could dish out similarly devastating damage. But its just that the way these champions work meant they cannot take up the responsibility of being the core damage dealer. So the evolution of the game has dictated that we needed something that could reliably deal tonnes of damage and that damage is self-contained in a way (so Azir's damage would be too conditional, since he needs to be where he put his soldiers at). That turned into the Marksman class, champions that fulfill that role better than anyone else. In terms of pure damage capacity, I think a full-crit Yi would be similar to a full build Vayne. Anyway, the game has been around for too long and the model of gameplay is quite developed that it is very hard to try to change the core design of the game, because that would mean they need to change everything. But its certainly not impossible, if you look at a game like Dota, where carries comes in all shapes and forms. But Dota is, however, very different in how it plays despite being the game that spawned LoL in the first place. At the end of the day, it is the 'Carry' in the ADC that matters. If the Marksman can't carry, they are not the ADC. If the midlane is so strong, they are the APC instead. This is why Riot never explicitly called Marksman ADCs, because that is technically not their categorization, it just tends to wind up that way. Perhaps with some changes, some of the mages could potentially fill the late game hypercarry role? For example Taliyah, who has a decent range spammable spell that deals consistently high damage? Obviously right now that's not how she is tuned, but her concept could potentially work towards that APC role. Ziggs is another one, with his spammable and high damage capacity. So I don't think its the problem about ADC's design in general, instead, they are the 'necessary evil' if you will, and filled the Carry role which brings with them a lot of significance and of course, frustration. I wouldn't mind to see Riot implement something or tune other champions to be Carries, but I understand just how difficult that would be.
: Yeah, but in pro play overall the game, when played at it's maximum efficiency, IS slow and sluggish. This year's pro play has seen an INCREASE in game time and a DECREASE in game time is only applicable to soloQ. The reason I listed points 4 and 5 is to say the way snowball is inherently added to the game is unhealthy. There's nothing wrong with snowballing if you have it in a healthy enough way for it to feel fair and balanced. I already said my point 5 would counteract point 4 as stated above. The idea here to to introduce a more healthy snowball that doesn't turn into a complete stat check late game. Season 5 was a perfect example of how you can have high damage to take out priority champs without it being too unhealthy. ADCs had to position well and rely on teammates to properly peel assassins so they didn't get instagibbed. But dragons for gold was a little underwhelming, so I got the need for change. As an ADC player, I can see how that feels unfair. But now the shoes on the other foot. You get instagibbed by adcs and there's no amount of peel or correct positioning to fix that. If assassins don't try to kill an adc, then whose going to? Your ADC is forced to sit back peeling the enemy assassins/tank. With the way supports are set up now, they just have too much say in the matter and too many fall back options. There should be a finite amount of things you can do and have to wait for, but this game just lets you spam everything with no consequence. I just played a game where I tried to kill an enemy Vayne, and she literally killed me in 4 shots before I could finish my entire combo as zed. I have to play that matchup so bloody scary that I can't sit in her auto range and literally try for lucky shurikens to outplay her as zed since my damage is "delayed". But there's nothing "sustained" about adcs damage. It's more like taking a mac truck hit one after the other. This is inherently flawed gameplay design as league was suppose to be closer to a rock-paper-scissor game which I had absolutely no problem with. Plus part, if you're good enough, you can play around it and still beat scissors with paper. Now, it's all about who has more frontloaded damage than anything else and I just feel like it's lacking in the game. As with junglers, how will you STOP a Nasus from farming up if the enemy jungler baby sits up, stays up in exp and levels to his counterpart as WELL as you? That makes NO sense and should not be allowed. And to follow up on that, some times junglers simply won't be on par with each other. As with other laners. Some times people will simply be better than you. That's just the way the game works. However, being unable to work around the fact that your jungler < their jungler or their bot laner > your bot laner just makes the game an overall frustrating experience. The game may be faster pace, but it's at the cost of fun. Which this game simply isn't at the moment.
Yeah I feel you. What rank are you by the way? I'm in Silver but I always feel like the experience in Ranked may be a little more cohesive once I get into Gold, since people would have more of an idea what they are doing. RIght now, in lower Elo, early game is so crucial, its about who gets to control the flow of the game. As a jungler, if I can control the map I can force the enemy lanes behind. The late game teamfights are more about the accumulation of everything up to that point. And if say a Vayne managed to stay relevant up to that point then she has already done her part and is very likely to win. As hard as it is to do, and as much as it frustrates me, everything that happens from minute 1 to minute 50 all contribute to the final result, not just the fights that occur. I believe that right now, there is a counter strategy to every single situation that can happen in game, and when executed correctly, you would always have a good shot. The perfect counter strategy for Vayne is very simply making sure that she is never ahead and when the teamfight comes around she is always a few items down. Her early game weaknesses gives you a window to do that. It's about playing the long game, to take into account all stages and all elements of every game, and making rational decisions at every turn and never using the exact same strategy twice. Of course doing that is really hard, but if you try to do it every game, it takes away much of frustration, at least for me. There will be games that you simply aren't good enough to carry, just like how Challengers can lose games in Gold. I'm just going to keep going at it, keep improving my skills, one area at a time, and I know for a fact that if I keep doing this, I won't be in S3 by the time the season closes.
Vectros (NA)
: Well, it definitely can feel good when you pull those moments off-but they tend to get outshined by the ADC. I get your analogy, but it only reinforces my feeling; the missile is the most important part. Without it, you fall apart and fail, and the enemy blows you up. EVERYTHING is in regards to the missile-the war is a stalemate until one side bombs the other. Ground troops cannot get through on their own. Only the missile can carry out the mission. This actually feels like a realistic assessment of how League plays out most of the time. It only gets worse when we look at a fed player. Sure, a fed Assassin can be scary-he'll pop your ADC before you can blink-but he doesn't get DPS, so he'll fall off. A fed tank is impossible to 1 vs 1-but then his team isn't doing a whole lot of damage, and you could potentially focus him down if he pulls a bad initiate. A fed ADC? I feel like I should just give up. Even without a support to back him, he'll 1 vs 1 the majority of the cast, 2 vs 1 in many cases.. Throw in a supp, and you've got no chance.
Yeah well, I suppose not much could be done about that. If you nerf the missle and it can't blow things up anymore then nobody would care about the missles. ADCs are only ADCs because of their high influence. Taking that away from them takes away the only thing that defines them.
: What kind of Lore Based/Alt. Universe-based skins would you like to see?
Demacian Katarina could be interesting! Or a light/ holy themed Karthus. If they have Arclight Yorick, why not have Arclight Karthus? Instead of a wraith he is now a holy spirit. Reverse Kindred, which is basically Lamb wearing a wolf mask and wolf wearing a lamb mask. Redneck Graves, with a Texan accent and a sawed off shotgun. Chinese Dragon Aurelion Sol, a homage to Ao-Shin, or at least I think that was his original name. Pride Rengar, a lion themed Rengar would be cool. Kung Fu Khazix, Kung Fu Panda inspired mantis skin. Kung Fu Anivia, Kung Fu Crane. Kung Fu Wukong, you know what I'm getting at. Shao-Lin Lee Sin, give him a bald head and shao-lin monk clothes, fits in with the Ionia theme. Sacred Garen, Basically a paladin Garen that uses a cross. Demon-Edge Darius, a Darkin themed Darius with a weapon attached to his arm. Corrupted Ivern, Based on his lore, if he didn't become happy man but became edgy man, he'd be a evil tree. Pre-Ascension Nasus/ Renekton/ Xerath/ Azir. Self-explanatory. Battle-Hardened Lux, so in the future of endless warfare, Lux fought and matured into a hardened warrior, so she's not so chirpy anymore and more serious. Battle-Hardened Tristana, give her a new haircut, a more junkyard looking cannon, and a more serious demeanor. Battle-Hardened Caitlyn/ Ezreal, same deal, scars, dirt and ruggedness. Battle-Hardened Taliyah. Noxian Riven, before her exile. Clown Draven, since he likes to perform so much. Jazz Bard, I dunno this just seems like fun. Attack Helicopter Corki, so basically Corki but more futuristic. Could be in line with the Spec-Ops skins. Demoness Evelynn, She is technically already a Demon, but basically make her a bit more red and give her horns. Warring Kingdoms Gragas, based on the Dong Zhuo. Look him up you'll see. Cataclysmic Galio, a Malphite esque Galio with fire/ magma as his theme. Berserker Kayle, give her broken wings, make her walk on the ground, and make some new animations to make her look more savage. This would be very interesting! High-Noon Lucian, with hipfiring for his ult. And there is one skin I want to see particularly, probably not going to happen though: Armsmaster Jax! Basically a cooler version of Jax that can switch between weapons everytime he deals enough damage or levels up an ability or something. In the lore, Jax is someone who has mastered all the weapons, so show it! It would be awesome if he has unique animations with different weapons too. Ah I wrote too much.
: Ganking akali is actually a hard business. You’d have to wait out the shroud and then hope she stays overextended afterwards. Akali top is definitely where she’s meta right now. Seeing her alot in high Diamond and the current top Challenger is once again the same Akali main with an absurd winrate (75%). It’s just challenging to maintain damage on her since she can heal it back rather quickly while constantly making sure not to overstep and get yourself killed *and* make sure you aren’t overextending for jungler. If the jungler even shows on the map top you have to back off and Akali gets to heal back everything you did to her in the past 30 seconds. It’s just a pain to deal with. Not impossible, but definitely *too much* of a pain. As for champions, essentially anyone who can’t make damage stick aka most melees. Most ranged tops and GP have a fair chance at actually winning lane and everyone else can reasonably go even but alot of them will probably be down in cs from having to keep distance due to not being able to make damage stick and therefore not being able to take trades in lane.
Ganking Akali certainly is a pain in the ass. But I think as a jungler, it is more important to maintain pressure and vision against her. Akali is one of those champions that rely heavily on either snowballing or at least gaining a lead. She can't play from behind very well, and if she can't kill her lane opponent or can't effectively roam, her effectiveness is much lower. In terms of killing Akali in a gank, it depends on her vision and position, as well as how much damage you and your toplane can dish out quickly. If you force her to use her shroud in the middle of the lane, she will have a very hard time escaping, since her mobility is low outside of actually engaging. I vaguely remember Akali a few seasons ago having an atrociously weak early game. Maybe that has changed?
: Riot you need to add some human influence to your report system for intentional feeders
This is a serious problem but I think the only way is try and make it out of Silver. At least that's how I feel, because I feel like it is very unlikely to still see players like this in say high Gold and above. No matter what people say, it does take some effort for your average gamer to make it to Gold. It's not a walk in the park, and Inters like this won't even get close to it.
Ralanr (NA)
: My problem with the support class
Well, you are in fact in botlane with your ADC. Unless that changes, you are always going be focused on the ADC more than others. But indeed, you should focus on the carry that can win you the game. That may be your 6/0/5 fed Jax jungle, Toplane 10/1/3 Darius or 33/0/0 Mid Ahri.
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