: Lag spikes without ping (ms) increase since patch 7.1
Having the same issue. Only since the latest patch. Exactly what you are describing. Have run a ridiculous amount of speed tests, benchmark tests, and sims to see if it's something on my end to no avail.
: The indefinite banning of Tyler1
I'm no Tyler1 fanboy, but this is ridiculous. There is no doubt in my mind that players like Meteos has some influence over this. If you are going to go full "think of the children!" mode then keep it consistent. Don't just ban one guy who was popular because he has a personality (and yes, he was toxic at times, but he received much more toxicity than he gave ever since he "reformed"), employ an actual tribunal that will ban the more toxic players in the lower ELOs, not just the popular streamers. Ban people like Nicktron and Kaseytron who only got popularity by purposely trolling and acting like muppet-potatoes (I'm trying to get inventive with my words to convey my feelings without incurring the wrath of Rito). So, so, so, so disappointing. If you were going to ban him, it should have been done a LONG time ago when he was really bad. Not now that he learned his lesson and showed that he was actually a decent person and player - and of course, got popular because of it.
I would love something like this (albeit probably on a smaller scale) in OCE... :( Looks awesome, GL to all.
Fearless (NA)
: Wolf Spririts and Emergent Behavior
So basically, Using it in competitive play = Illegal Using it in solo queue / everything else = accepted? (for the time being) Just want to make sure, so I don't get in trouble for doing it in ranked.
: Challenger Ahri Storms Back into Snowdown
Very disappointed Rito :( Basically the ONLY skin I have (out of 100 or so) that I genuinely love, and feel it is fairly rare (Well, I don't see anyone with it, ever, despite it being easy to get while it was out). :( :( :((((((
Bradmore (NA)
: Why we're not releasing the Ahri Statue
Have thought this from the moment I saw the statue. As a player who plays Ahri as one of their main champs, I really felt there was something wrong with the face, glad it wasn't just me.


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