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: Singed is actually incredibly strong and is considered one of the best split-pushers in the game. If you implement these changes, all you're doing is severely hurting his entire kit. What people need to understand is that Singed isn't really about damage. He's an AP tank. In a sense, he's like amumu but with more survivability and less CC. A good Singed would constantly push top and take towers, but also teleport to other lanes for ganks/teamfights. The main job of Singed is to bum-rush the enemy carries and fling them closer to the enemy team (or fling bruisers away from your carries), while receiving focus from those attempting to prevent you from doing that. His secondary job is to constantly split-push. Hardly anybody in the game will be capable of capturing Singed when he has his ult up and ghost. Even if they can keep up, more likely than not they're going to die due to the poison clouds trailing behind him. Singed is one of the last champions in the game who needs reworks/changes like this. If you feel he's too underpowered, that's something on your end.
Oh he is? I've never seen him do that well, i've never really seen him put too much pressure forward on top lane, only pressure when chased. I've seen him flip champs in a team fight but then leave and that's it, at least blitzcrank and thresh can do a similar job but safer and can hold them for longer, even though those have a chance to miss. but chance to miss or chance to get destroyed while walking up to them to hopefully throw them far enough to make them an easy kill for the team and then escape alive?
Nixtarma (NA)
: Try looking at the passive. Most of the talk I have seen in the past couple of years about Singed was in trying to find a way to make his passive more interesting, because with the current state, it mostly just makes him want to build more mana than he normally would, and it does not really make sense themeatically. The ult isn't _great_, but it does kind of make sense for a Mad Chemist. What would you do with a new passive and a modified ult?
The ult i already mentioned in my post, remove the slow(+stun if flipped onto it) and replace it with his current ult, then make his ult and AoE DoT bio chemical bomb, to reference what he did in the noxian invasion when riven called for aid as for the passive... i really don't know, i'm actually too worried to change to because i feel anything i do would actually change singed as a champion. Maybe just switch it to the same effect but reverse so he build tanky items and gets bonus mana for doing so? I'm really not sure.
: Agree with the ult, disagree with removing e. His flip is basically his only way to make you go through his poison. Maybe replace w instead or just make it give mini ult stats on cast, or maybe on successful we combo. Also, fling is too funny to get rid of.
Oh, is his fling his e? whoops i thought it was his w, my bad :P i meant keep fling and poison
Akenero (NA)
: Try building a ton of movespeed on singed It increases your q's mana:area ratio And yeah, singed is based off of pressure theory, where you force multiple people to kill you, while your team wins teamfights
yeah but i feel singed has a weird player level to skill ratio, i feel like he's only good at the low levels becase any higher level player shouldn't bothering to kill him just poking when they can, don't chase him and just push the lane, because he's not much of a threat to push forward, but at the early levels excluding smurfs, so a legitimate low level wouldn't be as good as learning how to kite with him as effectively and how to abuse his W-E combo as much,so it's basically, get good with him quick or smurf with him because, low levels may not be aware of the golden rule so free kills. I dunno what i'm trying to say is, his kit is good, but you can't play him at higher elo because no one is going to fall for your traps, and new players won't be as good at making the traps so he is looked at to be a meh champion so i wanted to give him just that little more.
: Well.... I personally think Singed is not meant to have much of a team fight presence. He's more of the sacrificial distraction. The golden rule is "don't chase singed". He's super annoying and will easily bait you into wanting to kill him. But he is just so darn hard to kill that you're wasting time going after him. Cool ideas yes, but I think it would change a lot of what Singed is about.
but would it really, don't chase singed would still be there becase his original movement speed ult and have his q to still make him risky to kill. And the new ult wouldn't change to much, except the fact he can now use an ability in a team fight without severely risking suicide, but still have the option to go for the sneaky W if you're confident. His ult would fit lore wise because past actions as i mentioned. and it is an ult so it's still only one ability he could safetly use on a high cooldown in a team fight. But yeah i took a risky choice to try to and change a champion so he'd be played more rather than mainly by trolls, but also try and change him without actually changing "him"
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