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: Hey Meddler, we the Renekton community were told W cancels would be coming back within the next update/patch. W being cancelled by R is known to be coming back as it was available before 7.8 but what about Tiamat? Tiamat used to cancel W back in early season 6 and before but this feature was removed in the undocumented W changes for Renekton sometime around 6.11. Anyways we were told it would becoming back but as you specifically state you're reverting changes to the 7.8 state will that still mean we will not get it? One of the Rioters we have talked to in our Renekton mains community Discord said it would be coming back and that Tiamat is "the animation cancelling item" he quoted meaning it is pretty much intended to do things like this for champions such as Renekton and Riven. So if this is the case will it cancel W and not just double cast it? with it being a "animation cancel" it must also remove the lock timer during the cast, I felt like I need to mention this because one of the Rioters who informed us that it was in patch 7.10 was quite incorrect as it is just a double cast which you're still locked in the W cast time. Also thank you for reverting those horrid changes but maybe you could some how give us the E QoL changes back some time in the close future? TLDR: Will W Tiamat be added back in as we were told it was coming back and with it being a "cancel" will it remove the stun lock timer too? Also will you consider adding back the E QoL changes?
What E QoL changes are you referring to? Considering I play a fuckton of renek, im embarrassed I have no clue what the changes his E needs; it feels fine to me...
: >As an example, we’ll be putting a new Armor/MR item on the PBE that is statistically very inefficient, but doubles its Armor/MR when around enemy champions. This positions it as a great choice when you know you need to get in the middle of the enemy team regularly, but not so attractive if splitpushing is a core part of your strategy. Umm, if you are splitpushing an 1-2 people come to deal with you, aren't you by an enemy champ then?
Perhaps the armor/mr increase will vary with how many champions are around you?
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: We're going to try and target Udyr changes in 7.8. Work on him in 7.7 got delayed by other higher priority tasks for the team.
Have you considered reverting the turtle stance nerfs from a while back? Thanks


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