: The indefinite banning of Tyler1
Fuck you riot you piece of sht, Tyler1 is my God, i pray to him every day and now a piece of him is gone. He is left to make shitty cooking videos and other crap. This IS A FUCKING THREAT. IF YOU DONT GIVE TYLER'S ACCOUNT BACK WITHIN 2 WEEKS, I WILL INITIATE ACTION ON YOUR COMPANY!. Get the fucking fbi, try to fucking find me, idc. Tyler1 is toxic but so is the FUcking GAME! its what the game is about and a lot of the fun on it is based of that! Dont try to act like it's some peaceful community who just enjoys only the fucking game. You fucking trash, fuck you phreak fuck you all riot members. You're jobless fucks without this stupid game,at least tyler1 has other talents unlike you guys, Yous can't even commentate properly! Get A REAL FUCKIGN JOB YOU PRICKS! This shit got 4.3 k dislikes and you guys dont do shit about it. With grossgore, tyler1. The next thing to be deleted is this fucking game. I will see to it myself if you guys dont do sht about it. Fuck you and goodbye!


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