: The purpose is to help reform behavior but they're also not going to give that opportunity to someone trying to abuse their system. There being zero stance doesn't really mean much. They might not ban for it but they also probably won't show mercy on the people who abuse it. You also already got rewards for JP which was your home server when season ended if you got platinum rewards. They're not going to switch your rewards.
I find it questionable that they waited until the day after the season ended to announce this. Obviously, I would not have transferred if I had known . Personally, I don't consider this an abuse of the system because of the following: 1) It has been brought to Riot's attention on numerous occasions that this "loophole" existed, and there was no official response given to the subject 2) The fact that it costs 2600 RP to actually transfer to a different server, then 2600 RP to transfer back. 3) It can be construed that Riot has intentionally left a paying option open for players who really wanted season rewards. It would have taken minimal effort for them to add to their Ranked Season/Transfers FAQ that transferring servers would not circumvent the honor system rewards lockout if done within X Days/Weeks/Months prior to end of season. 4) In general, it's simply not against the rules on any level. Riot have also failed to discourage this behaviour despite being informed on a variety of different media, including their own boards. "Abuse of the system" is probably a harsh way of putting it when it's clear that Riot has turned a blind-eye for quite some time. Furthermore, the coincidental timing of this announcement is unreasonable. Rather than announcing earlier and removing all incentive for players to server transfer, they waited until after the end of the season where all who were willing/capable of paying the 5200 rp transfer fees had already paid. If the goal is for player reformation, there was no reason for them to wait this long to announce this news. The only two things this achieves is 1) Generating additional revenue via server transfer 2) Punishing players for transferring servers, even when all incentive to do so would be removed if the announcement were earlier. 3) (Not relevant to my case) Discourages players in Silver to even bother for Gold Tier, since they will think they are ineligible for rewards anyway. End of the day, Riot can do what they want. It's their game and I'll just suck it up if they say no.
: Also idk why people post here with their ban appeals/other support related inquiries...what exactly do you want us to do?
With all due respect, I was on the Riot Games Player Support discord, where I was specifically advised and linked to this specific forum to post my case.
: You tried to use a workaround/abuse their punishment/rewards system... they're not going to transfer you back for free or give you challenger rewards (especially considering you weren't in challenger -- or any tier for that matter on your home server when the season ended.)
For personal reasons I am posting on my smurf account. The account I am posting about finished in Challenger Tier in Oceania. Keep in mind, I am more than willing to pay the 2600 RP Transfer Fee. I understand that it will not be looked upon favourably that I used the (known) workaround of switching servers. In my defence, there has been absolutely zero official stance on the subject by Riot despite it being brought to their attention in multiple instances. It is not as though I have broken any rules. Likewise, it is perfectly understandable if they refuse my request to qualify for ranked rewards on the Oceania server. That said, I thought the purpose of their recent post was to allow people like myself a chance to reform my behaviour. I think I have been very positive in my games and turned my in-game behaviour around significantly since my previous chat restrictions. If given the chance, I think I can demonstrate this by hitting honor level 2 within the next few months.
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