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: This would be nice considering many people put down our region of Oceania as not being the greatest however we have strict competitions being OPL and OCS and many people who are very high skill capped and not having the chance to play for a team due to hard recruitment in OCE. Upvoted
Yeah, the point i'm trying to get across is that we may have OPL but they are playing at an OPL standard with only theory on how to play LCS level. Because OCE is pretty much irrelevant in LCS not many teams get to play at LCS level of play but that's why I want an event to happen so close to home so that people in OCE will be more motivated to do well and be exposed to the high level of play all the well known teams play at so OCE and all isolated regions can get a chance to raise the bar when it comes to skill cap and become better players, but it is also very hard for recruitment too
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: I like the idea, you have my upvote
cheers man, it would be even more appreciated if you could get you league mates to give this a check out to see what they think, just need momentum for the thread for riot to take it seriously
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: Had to upvote if only because rito doing this would be a genius move. Much like what the NBA has done with their "africa games" (in which they have star-studded teams play in africa to raise $/awareness for them), something similar with league could benefit them not just to make the "esport" more legitimized, but also to just separate this game from its competitors. While New Zealand might not be their first choice, a place like Haiti or the poorer regions of China could be a prime target for something this big.
I fully agree with you man, I only chose my city just because of the announced completion of our city centres but other poorer or less exposed cities and regions would be the prime target for this event
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: ah i understand. well yeah, thats not a shield. also, kayles ultimate is not a shield. i guess rito is just inconsistent. im shocked.
Yeah, it's quite annoying ingame when it should work but because coding it doesn't matter about how it's worded. Like they could just change the wording so it says temporarily buffs or imbues idk
: are you trolling?
Nah I want to know because http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/5Q18PGzR-galio-shield-bulwark-doesnt-work-with-windspeakers?comment=0005
: I'd say, shields are anything that provides temporary "fake HP" and doesn't affect stats that are based on your HP totals (such as % health regen). http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Shield
Ty man, but I would also like a full legit Riot employee to give an explanation just to make things 100% clear
: what?!?!??!
Literally the type of comment I didn't want that has no help whatsoever to the situation
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: I believe the reason for this is Galio's W is technically coded as an actual "shield." While yes Galio's tool tip says that his W "shields an ally," it's more of a buff ability than a shield ability. Shields in this game are coded as effects that grant bonus temporary HP, as demonstrated by the different color HP bar you have when a shield is on you, and Galio's W doesn't give you that "shield HP" so it doesn't technically count as a shield. Of course, I'm not 100% certain, I'm just making a guess as to why this is. I am pretty sure, though, that it is intended by Riot for Galio's W to not work with "shield buff effects" like Windspeaker's Blessing, as they have had Ardent Censer in the game for quite a while now, and Galio's W has never worked with it since that item was released.
Thanks for the reply man, yeah I think they should either change the coding for it to be classed as a shield because of the wording and I have been aware that it hadn't worked with Ardent censer but I did message riot about it as soon as the item came out, but as long as they either change the wording or coding I'll be fine with either outcome, just really annoying (upvote).
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