Aekami (EUW)
: Same thing here. For reference my internet is a smooth 14ms to google's servers, and my pc's pretty good, so not problem on that part. Also it happened twice to me, over 5 days, so maybe 2 games in 30 or something like that. As for what happens, here's the rundown : So I select my role, launch the queue, find a game, accept, get in the lobby, pick a champion, wait for everyone to pick a champion, then when the gamer proper is meant to launch ... nothing. The lobby goes to the "try to reconnect" screen and impossible to load in, clicking the button just does nothing. Then of course the game is remade and at that moment the lobby goes to post-game lobby, for me to enjoy that warning about being afk and my lp losses. Thanks rito. You can launch a game just after that if you're not tilted by riot's incompetence and cross your fingers not to get that 1% chance of having the game not launching. Great job riot.
yeah bro i know the feels i had to wait 10 minutes for a game apparently its the low priority group but its not even my fault its the CREATORS FAULT i keep playing this stupid game cause i spend money on it in the past ill rather play better games then this one
: It is not their connection. This is a bug that has been going on for a month now for thousands of people. My duo partner had it happen twice today and lost 38 LP because of it. It happens to me about once a day. The bug isn't that people are stuck in reconnect. It is the loading screen becomes non responsive not showing the player that it even opened and the process has to be killed through either restarting or task manager to enable you to restart the load.
why has riot not fix the fucking issue its getting out of hand now if its been going on for a month whats the use of having alienware laptop if they cant even produce a game that dosent need much shit on it
EchoNatsuki (EUNE)
: "Game is still in progress" bug still not fixed?
i totally agree with this i was gonna play right at this very moment but ended up back on the reconnect screen and thus why i posted on this report a bug page its been over a week now and still riot has not fix the fucking problem
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Prandine (NA)
: First off, looking at your violation history your only two removals were back in early November 2018, so unless you're talking about a different account of yours you haven't had any removals since then. Second off, while I get that's it's frustratingly annoying to deal with trolls and inters Prisoner's Island is not something Riot ever plans on doing. That said, if you're encountering poor behaving players in every game maybe it's time to take a look at your own behavior and see if you're not contributing to that factor yourself. Third off, I would highly recommend cooling it with the caps as while I get you're frustrated, yelling in all caps is not the way to go about getting answers or discussions.
oi maybe you should watch one of my games and see how toxic the people are i play with and maybe you will understand
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: > [{quoted}](name=NORBIT1234,realm=OCE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=dHsYyEOO,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-30T09:13:01.583+0000) bloody riot needs to fix this problem right now crap team. Dont blame Riot for that, ever thought the problem could be in the actual League community? People just dont wanna adjust to the changes, constantly crying about everything. People stopped having fun playing video games. Competitive is where its at right now. Those who care about winning either suffer from low self-esteem so win streaks will make them happy and think that they're actually worthwhile or having a bad time so a win could cheer them up a little. Those who feeds and trolls have problem with mood swings, getting bored too fast or probably angry at the whole world for their crappy lives and the only way to let it out for them is to feed and troll. Riot is helpless until people will actually stop being careless halfbrained fragile slaves of emotional disorder.
bro i legit keep going up from silver 2 to silver 4 every fucking day its pissing me off literally why cant they balance teams
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: Reasons people don't climb..
bro im on an 9 losing streak this riot dosent know how to match im getting match with fuckking iron and im in silver this game so toxic
: Try a different position.
i tried that if you look at my history 8 losses in a row i cant do anything in any positions
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: Y'all need to chill out
nah its fuckking riot bruh they dont know how to match up properly im in a 5 losing streak atm and either have afk trolls or just r%%%%%s that belong in normz fuck riot
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